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My apologies if you thought you'd play checkers with my heart. Surely you deserve a round of applause for the biggest fool in town.
© Sonia Ettyang
October 2018
I recognized the game before you even played it.
Char Blackmon Jan 23
One day
Many moons ago
I will be here
Patiently waiting alone
For you
Mya Baertlein Jan 16
One day
That’s all it takes
To know who is the one
For me, my mind knew from one day
My heart didn’t trust my mind at first
My body wanted it to be true
My heart hoped it wasn’t
But a couple more months it knew
My heart now hopes he is the one
He’s sweet, loving, caring and, gentle
And I’m happy
He is different then all the other guys
And he is mine and I don’t plan on letting go
My mind knew what the heart didn’t want to accept
s Willow Dec 2018
They sit outside my door.
Each day it grows louder.
“Open up”
I open,
No one’s there.

They sit outside my door.
They sit and wait for the day
I’ll lower my guard.
That’s when they’ll attack.

That’ll be the day that the world will be ripped apart from the demons.
Soon enough they all will attack.

Get ready for the day we’ll breach your world.
Faith Nov 2018
I wish you could see me behind the screen
Who I really was, who I really am
If I could see you face to face
Know more than just your name
We could be friends in real life
But you're hundreds of miles away
So I'll dream of meeting you one day
Katie Parsons Nov 2018
I gently weep to the sound of silence that surrounds me
Where have you all gone?
Why have you deserted me?
The sticky flames roll down my cheeks as they start to bleed bright red pigment under my skin.
I’m not okay.
But that was yesterday

Today I got up
I swept my floor
Polished the furniture
Removed the spots of my tarnished yesterday from the silver of today.
What is today?
Today is the day I said no more
Sadness, anguish, depression, anxiety
No more
Pain, suffering, laziness, exhaustion
Today I am new

Tomorrow I am strong
I am beautiful and wise
My testimony shines through the tiny cracks of my bleeding heart
Piece by piece I will mend my broken soul
I may not be okay tomorrow, or even next week. But I know, one day, I can say:
Today, I am okay.
vanessa herrera Nov 2018
one day
your eyes will open
and you'll see
what you lost
by then,
i won't be waiting
Diana Sep 2018
You trace my lips
With your fingertips
You softly chuckle
Biting your bottom lip
To stifle your laughter
At the sound of my silent
As my eyes urgently plead
With thoughts
That would cause me to blush
If I were to vocalize them
They are soon replaced
With your lips
Flushed against mine
As your hands slowly
Begin their descent
Deftly grazing
Against the curves of my body
Which you've memorized
They said, Love at first sight is only on the fairytale.
It only ****, not love
It’s only temporary, not permanent
And it doesn’t exist
They were wrong
Till one day I met him,
And he said “Let’s prove it together””
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