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Raven Feels Jun 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, in the middle the summer:]

one day
the twentieth of June knows no shame
comes back every year to call your name
breathes winds repressed in lungs forever
spits storms and yes in the middle the summer

seasons gloom
ashes are doomed
tears are pooled
in silence to float me the fool
dreams to a mercury's foot crumble
to awaken dark on a frowning stumble

a symphonious long
when hands twirl a touch
not you and me
in the song
ever alone crimed
that thing I called a one time
a sixth when parted lines

                                                         ­                                 -------ravenfeels
Babaji you are great
You meditate
I meditate
My mind
Still agitates
Life is an art of living
You're on high pedestal of wisdom
Peerless is your stardom
Online lessons and videos
Life transformation of humans
Everyone should spend five days of their life
Before they die
One day in jail
One day in school
One day with farmer
One day in hospital
One day in mental hospital
Wonderful way to transform their life
Compassion and compassion
No more prejudice
No more tendency of condemnation
I take you very seriously
I want to transform my life
To begin with
A day in jail
Talk to criminals
Transformation to avail
Who would allow me entry
I would be stopped by the sentry
Illegal and underhand methods
I refrain
I believe in right to equality
Everyone should get equal opportunity
Government should make
a policy decision
Transformation is in the interest of the nation
A day in jail be made compulsory
For making some suggestions
I reviewed the current statistics
There are 1350 jails in my country
With a capacity for 405000 inmates
Average capacity 300 inmates
Population is 1350 millions
Per jail transformation candidates one million
It's a gigantic task
My breath in isn't out
Pranayama save my life
In all probability
Government won't make such a decision
Babaji start some agitation
Staunch follower I am
Transformation is birth right of everyone!
Inspired by a video of a holy master. Best transformation would come spending one day in jail with innocent criminal like Mukhtar Ansari and talking to him! Equally good would be spend a day with rapists and talk to them. You would develop compassion to know how no woman offered voluntarily to satisfy their lust and they had to commit it of necessity! Even meeting those who took lives of their daughters and sons for honour wouldn't be bad! You would be amazingly transformed by listening to these poor criminals! Compassion and compassion! No more prejudice! No more tendency to condemn!
Serena Apr 12
All I want is a different path
Then life gets thrown in the trash
All I wanted was to laugh
Is it too much just to ask
All I wanted was to find a way out
Then life gives me that doubt
All I wanted was a different life
The price to pay is another sight
The one day
That will come
When all I wanted was a little laugh and a little smile
Without all my dreams getting thrown in the past
That one day when life lifts you up
Its time to make a change
But for now, I have to stay
And try to live a better day
Zack Ripley Feb 22
If you want the world
to know who you are,
YOU have to know who you are first.
What you stand for.
What you want to say.
Because one day, they may listen.
But you never know how long they'll stay.
Grey Jan 22
One day, you'll whisper sweet nothings in my ear
and I'll fall asleep to your soft lullabies
of stardust skipping stones and rainbow oceans.

One day,  I'll tell you that your eyes
remind me of the universe
and that you shine brighter than the most dazzling star.

One day, I'll reveal that I ask for you whenever I wish on the sun
and that when our fingers brush against each other,
it feels like the entire world smiles.

One day, I'll wake up from this nightmare
only to roll over and see you curled up next to me.

But as I finger the cold sheets beside my lone body,
I know that today is not the day.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
If the intention is good
Just be
Nothing needs to be proven
You will find the way

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Carry On
She looked at that day
that moment
in time that she felt
that one day
she could go
about her day
and truly be happy
feel happy
and stay happy
Josephine Wilea Sep 2020
one day i will finally
have the ovaries
to say all of this
but until then
maybe youll find
my hello poetry account.
A portion of a previous poem.
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