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Jun 2018 · 655
Gul e Dawoodi Jun 2018
As I walk out of this door
I promise myself not to look back at you
For you have already let me go
How easy it must have been for you;
As I never was 'the one' for sure
But I did leave a note; placed it under your pillow
It's a final word from me to you;
About how once we held each other dear;
And I did care then,
But now, I'm not sorry
And I hope you read it soon enough,
Before I fade away from your memory.
Jun 2018 · 657
Mere Words
Gul e Dawoodi Jun 2018
You might just wanted to keep talking,
Just so you could pass some time
And it all made me fall for how concerned you are
But now I know I made a mistake;
For thinking about how close we are
No, I don't mind if you wish to leave
We had good times, I can cling to
But I hope in all this time;
Out of all the promises you made,
You meant to keep a few
Apr 2018 · 550
A letter to My Heart
Gul e Dawoodi Apr 2018
Dear heart, stay calm
Don't make me run so fast
Oh eyes, whom do you want to see?
Who's behind the door?
There's no one
The wounds have turned into scars
They don't bleed anymore
So why do you think;
Someone will care to come?
Sit silently and smile, as if;
There's no feeling to be freed,
No tale to be told.
Feb 2018 · 424
Gul e Dawoodi Feb 2018
I am here, breathing...
Living the days I've been promised
So as I travel from dawn to dusk,
There are countless things;
I might have missed

I carry on my chest, a burden of regrets
And run on a road full of thrones,
How I wish;
that all this pain would be enough,
To pay the price of my sins

Cause life does not spare anyone,
And now it's my turn.
Jan 2018 · 565
Counting days
Gul e Dawoodi Jan 2018
Every day is like
Falling into a deep pit,
waiting to hit the ground
Hoping to reach home safe and sound
On my way, I tell myself;
"This  void inside  needs to be filled;
Somethings in life need to be fixed"
No one near me, seems to get a hint
So I keep it that way;
hide it all behind a wall
For even if they knew,
There's nothing much they could do
I see how they complain;
Still manage to live their life to the fullest
Maybe this is an art, I need to learn
Just to get rid of this pain
Cause God knows
How long will it take,
For everything to be better again.
Dec 2017 · 512
Gul e Dawoodi Dec 2017
I am, but just another soul
Not meant for this world
So why am I here, covered with skin?
What do I've to do during this sojourn?
For I am baffled with the idea of life;
As I grow older, I capture moments
I make memories, build a home
And when I finally sit down,
To cherish what I've done so far;
All of it is gone.
Nov 2017 · 409
If You Stay
Gul e Dawoodi Nov 2017
Oh my darling,
Listen to the song of love
My heart pours out for you
The melody of winter blues

As long as we are here
Sitting beside the fire
I can tell you a thousand stories
And make you forget how to blink

Silence is the gift of night
To hear the rhythms of heart
And to explore the land of thoughts
Only if you care to understand

So promise that you won't leave
Hold my hand till the sunrise
Live these moments and breathe in
The magic of this cool breeze
Nov 2017 · 685
Gul e Dawoodi Nov 2017
You and I are on the same page
In one way or another, we feel the same
As we see them walking through the corridors with their heads high;
We stand still, deep down our hearts sigh
We look down upon ourselves
feeling like some broken, old decorative pieces, but why?
I wonder if we haven't discovered the universe inside us
Maybe there's so much more than what lies behind;
These cool outfits and daily small talks
Or maybe we really are ordinary, fading in the background
Trying so hard to fit in but still being left out
Oct 2017 · 308
What is Life?
Gul e Dawoodi Oct 2017
All my thoughts and all of my poems;
end up on the exact same line
Do we keep stumbling over the rocks till we die?
Or does everything at the end turns out to be fine?
Are we becoming who we wanted to be?
Or are we mere puppets tied to strings?
What life tries to teach us as we live?
Since all I see is struggle as I wait for time to be kind.
Sep 2017 · 1.1k
To Be Good Enough
Gul e Dawoodi Sep 2017
I wish it was easy to let go of the past
To start a new life; to live with a pure heart
Where no one could remind me of what I've lost,
Where no one remembers who I was
Letting me live and embrace new things
Where no one compares me with anyone,
And all that matters would be what is yet to come
I wish I get to live with a hope that stays in the darkest of the days
And do not let me lose my faith
I hope I get to love the ones in my life
And erase all the hatred left, before they all bade me goodbye.
Sep 2017 · 415
Gul e Dawoodi Sep 2017
In the race of likes and shares
Our minds are tangled in wires
Trapped in a network of webs
Tapping screen till our thumbs hurt
Seeking the pleasure; that we shall never get
I wish we had not become the zombies we are today
Depending on tech and calling it a need
Disconnecting ourselves from what is important;
Just to make our lives easier, a never ending greed
We forgot to look away from the white curtains
Showing us an illusion;
providing us a temporary escape from our burdens.
Mar 2017 · 930
The Wisest Men in London
Gul e Dawoodi Mar 2017
They thought that wall is hard to break,
And all their might shall go to waste
As he never showed affection,
As if he never felt the pain
But deep down he knew the secrets;
That all of them had been hiding from themselves
He with his brilliant observations,
Deduced the most onerous cases
But when he met a man of pure heart
A man whom he called his partner, his right arm
He finally found his missing pieces
His life became much more than riddles and mazes
The man whom he called his best friend
Made him see the hero he was
And that's how their adventures begun
The stories of the two wisest men in London,will never end.
Mar 2017 · 841
A Scribble for You
Gul e Dawoodi Mar 2017
What if I tell you I'm not too good for you?
And I see you not being so pleased to know me
But I say it's okay to be that way, sometimes
And what if I tell you there's no need to make the words rhyme
Translate your feelings into words; call it a poem
Because that is the only way to relief, sometimes
Heart that beats in our chests is not so different, you see
What if I tell you, it's your eyes that become blind, sometimes
Don't  appraise  my emotions, try to be  kind
What if I tell you, it's okay not to be the judge,  sometimes.
Mar 2017 · 903
You Taught Me
Gul e Dawoodi Mar 2017
Your*  ignorance   was  enough,
To  teach  me  that  silence  is    bliss
Your  self  centered  world  taught  me;
­That  caring  is  a  waste  of  emotions
Now  all­  I  am,  is  a  numb  being
As  for  you, I'­ll   never  be  the  *same.
Mar 2017 · 616
Will they Care?
Gul e Dawoodi Mar 2017
Don't we all wonder that even when we die
What will people think about us
What will they say?
Will they talk about our pretty faces and perfect smiles?
Or will they talk about how many times we lied?
Will they finally appreciate our inner beauty?
Or will they count all those years we lived by?
What have we done to make ourselves count after death?
Will they remember our names after a day?
But as I think more about this; my head starts exploding
For a person so invisible; so diffident
It's painful to swallow that even his death won't make any difference.
Mar 2017 · 568
The Old Rant of My Heart
Gul e Dawoodi Mar 2017
There are gloomy sunsets;
And sometimes even the moonlight is enough
A home far away from the place where I live
A scar from the past which I never had
"Maybe  I've  lived  through  this  feeling  bef­ore"
I say, as I try to find a way to escape the castle of my thoughts; a secret door
As much as I feel terrible;
As much as this life has become a riddle,
I wish I could do better to make everything okay
The masks behind which I used to hide, have become a reality today
Who I am now is not what I dreamt myself to be,
Or maybe I never knew what I really wanted to become
You know our lives are so preplexed,
It's difficult to guess, what comes next.
Feb 2017 · 450
Strangers in the End
Gul e Dawoodi Feb 2017
I fail to see what's hidden behind,
Smiles, and faces so good at pretending
Long have I been familiar with these names ;
But this unfamiliarity is never ending
Felt the warmth of compassion as long as we talked
Then, their shadows faded and left me thinking;
Is this what they mean by amity  ?
To be held close for a moment;
And then be left alone the other second
And as I dug deeper and deeper I found,
These memories that I hold on to
Are nothing but a bunch of  **good byes
Dec 2016 · 459
Gul e Dawoodi Dec 2016
Crowd of people suffocates me,
Chokes my throat and I can't utter
All I see is smiling faces;
Laughters and echoes are all I hear
But they fail to see my existence,
As if I'm not present there
Nor can I make a sound,
Unable to be found
Trying so hard to over come this struggle;
I cry with silent tears
Sometimes, it's hard to control anxiety and you don't even know where it comes from.
Sep 2016 · 1.0k
Thoughts turned into Art
Gul e Dawoodi Sep 2016
Have you ever tried to turn your thoughts into art ?
Like words on paper or colours on chart?
It's not that easy to tame the wild thoughts;
And make something beautiful out of them
But I know you can be extraordinary ,
You can be smart
You can make a world of your own and bring it to life
Because words can speak
And paintings can breathe
Not everyone can understand what you are trying to tell;
Through all those signs and all that ink
But don't  stop just because of that
Make these thoughts a source of your art
Jun 2016 · 568
Not Alone
Gul e Dawoodi Jun 2016
I tried to pick flowers but my hands only reached out to the thorns;
Because I kept thinking my hands are not the right place for them to belong
I tried to split my vein into two;
but could not
Because something always held me back from being such a coward
I tried to be a different person from who I was yesterday;
And someone held my hand to uplift me,
We are not alone even if we don't see anyone around us. There's someone way more close to us than we think. And that someone for me is my 'God'.
Mar 2016 · 785
Gul e Dawoodi Mar 2016
Words floating on a piece of paper
And thoughts stuck in my head
Can not find a way out
As if the poet in me is dead

Lacking all the vision and wisdom  
How can I claim to have this skill?
Losing myself now and then
Creates a hole that's not being filled

Just to get better at this
I keep wasting papers and ink
But maybe that's not who I am
As being a poet is a beautiful gift
I'm not a poet.
Feb 2016 · 684
The Little Memories
Gul e Dawoodi Feb 2016
Blur images of the good old days,
Somewhere inside my head they play
My mind feeds on those memories to be happy,
As it all accompanies me on my way
The scent of those perfumes father used to bring for us,
And the sweet taste of chocolates on early mornings was a great joy
Good old friendship with pure intentions,
That's hard to be found today
I wish I could make it all happen again,
To bring those moments back how much do I've to pay?
That's not just what we call nostalgia
That's the thing about memories, that they always stay
Jan 2016 · 509
A Glimpse Of My Past
Gul e Dawoodi Jan 2016
On a long road that led to the past,
I kept walking until I fell apart
Regrets made me bury myself in the ground,
Each wrong deed of mine hurts like an open wound
Searched for the good deeds that I must have done,
So in the hell I wouldn't have to burn
Oh but my life said it's time to leave,
Death is waiting for us in the grave
Suddenly, I woke up from my dream,
Took a deep breath and saw the sun beams
A sign that I was still alive,
A sign that I could make things right
About a man who sees a dream about how wrong he had done in the past that he can't find any good he had done and suddenly his time ends.
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Gul e Dawoodi Jan 2016
Covered with cloak of darkness,she sat by the sea
The waves,the moonlight and cool breeze she couldn't feel
And she wondered if this loneliness will go away
Or this desolation will never set her free
The world took her as a mindless flighty
Didn't let her become what she always wanted to be
How her head jumped from one thought to another
But there was no one with whom these thoughts could be could shared
That's not okay.
Dec 2015 · 507
Hoping For A Good Day
Gul e Dawoodi Dec 2015
Little did I know that this winter is going to take away all the smiles
The brightest star wasted away before my eyes
At the end of this year, life made me realize
How fast the time actually flies
This miserable life of mine has always got worse
But I promise myself to keep my hopes high
In these cold gloomy nights as I sit in front of fire
I wait for bright summers to wave this sadness goodbye
Nov 2015 · 640
Silent Scream
Gul e Dawoodi Nov 2015
Shout at me and I'll cry,
But soon this pain will die
Call me a disappointment and I wouldn't mind,
Add another regret to my life; I'll be thankful to you for being so kind
Spill out all your anger as I'm here,
These harsh words and this sharp tone, I can bear
Let me suffer from this disgrace alone
And let me question myself why I was even born?
As I sit in the dark to meet these thoughts
We share the misery that we both have brought
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
Gul e Dawoodi Nov 2015
The fading memories are all I have,
Since when you left and didn't say goodbye
Those promises you made are all I have,
They taste like poison on which my heart sighs
That pain you gave is all I have,
How ruthless you've become;here your friend cries
These words which I write are all I have,
They make fun of it; still better than your lies
The broken trust is all I have,
In this mean world and these fake smiles.
Oct 2015 · 1.3k
Gul e Dawoodi Oct 2015
Overwhelmed by thoughts I sit here alone,
Wish to be understood and to be understanding;but that time is gone
There should have been one more chance,
To make everything alright in a glance
Just like others I want to live a peaceful life,
And don't want be the one who's soul feels like killing itself with a knife
Why Should I do that injustice to myself?
And leave the ones who love, crying for help
But what will happen when they'll leave?
And I'll be left alone to bereave
This life has always been so cruel to us,
But I keep wondering how to break this curse.
Just a mess of thoughts in my mind.
Gul e Dawoodi Oct 2015
Remember how we all used to sit together for the dinner?
Tasted it equally whenever life offered something bitter
Well, I don't remember this, as it all never happened,
As the time passed, things got worse instead of getting better
The pain of each member here is individual,
No one knows how we can defeat the odds by sticking together
Elders have their own standards,
They don't let the young ones fly and cut their feathers
Ego burns within the hearts,
There is no respect and love; that matters
So, tell me how can someone find peace and comfort,
When the family gets scattered
Sep 2015 · 1.8k
Midnight struggle
Gul e Dawoodi Sep 2015
At night, when I close my eyes and try to relax
All the things I have done wrong come before my sight,
I feel suffocated and cry deep inside
"What  have  I  done  ?" , I shout
"Is  that  me  ?" , I doubt
I search for keys to unlock the doors of my mind,
But bad memories are all I find
This isn't how I thought it to be,
This isn't how I wanted myself to be
Sometimes, that's  not what we intend
But the cycle continues and the struggle never ends
Sep 2015 · 1.6k
A Cup Of Tea
Gul e Dawoodi Sep 2015
Have a seat pal and watch sunset with me
This time of the day tells a lot of  stories as you see
I am not going to talk about the gloomy side of it
So don't think this is how our conversation is going to be
Listen to the songs birds sing as they fly home
No boundaries and check points for them, the sky is free
I wonder if you want to know what I believe
Honey is sweet because of the love of the flower for bee
Beauty comes in all forms
like a garden full of green trees
But this sky will turn red as the sun leaves
And you'll leave too since you've finished your cup of tea
Drinking a cup of tea while sitting beside my window and watching how beautiful nature really is. I wish I could describe it beautifully.
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Dream Of An Imperfect Soul
Gul e Dawoodi Aug 2015
Have you ever heard the sound of dreams shattering?
Have you ever heard a person silently screaming?
I know you haven't felt that way
When it all comes to an end
And you don't know where to go
It seems like a nightmare
But that's actually happening
Lost the race
Lost the game
No less than losing life
That's what happens when
And imperfect soul experiences a broken dream
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Gul e Dawoodi Aug 2015
Everytime when I cry
I ask myself 'why?'
Why it all have to be this way?
Why I have to be a part of this play?
Why someone has to be a joke every day?
Why don't people just stay away?
Why I have to be strong anyway?
Why everybody here always says
'It's okay'?
They tell me to stop being so over sensitive
But nobody  understands what's going on in my head
They tell me to forget and move on
As they don't seem to care
Every night I give up
Give up before this emotionless  society
And close my eyes while hoping  for a good  **day
Now I know why I don't like people.
Aug 2015 · 783
The Other Side Of Pakistan
Gul e Dawoodi Aug 2015
You see me as a land of horror
A land of misery, a land of terror
But you should know I am much more than that
You should know that you're at error
The beauty of my mountains and
The vastness of my meadows
A perfect peace for those shattered
The bravery of my soldiers and the stories of my martyrs
A perfect example for those cowards
The hospitality of my people and the love for the visitors
A perfect happiness for those gathered
The four weathers and the mirth of seeing a clear night sky
A perfect trip for those who visit
There's much more but I have to end it here
I want you to come by yourself and discover!
Pakistan is not just about what you see in the news.
Aug 2015 · 1.2k
Gul e Dawoodi Aug 2015
What*  a  feeling  of  helplessness  it  is
When  you  can  not­  say  what  you  feel
And  when  you  say  what­  you  don't   *feel
Jul 2015 · 585
You'll be Remembered
Gul e Dawoodi Jul 2015
When I'll finally leave this place,
And the life will continue to move on with the same pace
You'll always be in my memories,
You'll always be there to fill that space
I know  I'll be forgotten by you,
But I'll always remember this face
A part of my life and a fragment of my dream,
Your laughter will echo in my ears; and these memories will chase
My Crazy fellows!
Jul 2015 · 787
Secret Behind Their Smiles
Gul e Dawoodi Jul 2015
Everybody has been hiding behind,
The walls they made to be just fine
In their eyes I see a world,
A secret to be told;a story of some kind
But once they speak out,
I can't explain how beautifully their eyes shine
Every night they sit to watch a shooting star and,
Everyone of them wishes,"I hope for a better future of mine"
Jun 2015 · 888
Heartless Lucy
Gul e Dawoodi Jun 2015
Lucy turned into a wicked witch
Now she wears a black gown and holds a silver stick
Goodness wasn't working out well
So she closed her heart in a seashell
Threw it into a dark sea and made a wish silently
To be selfish and unkind and to stop feeling finally
But she wasn't like this before
World has done something to her for sure
Jun 2015 · 474
The Night Sky
Gul e Dawoodi Jun 2015
In*  the  night  when  the  moon  arrives
The  sta­rs  welcome  the  queen
They  seem  so  happy 
 a­s  they  twinkle  and  pass  smiles
I  wish  I  ­could  join  their  celebrations   for  a  while
The  night  sky  looks  like  a  ­heavenly  city
In  the  saddest  nights  the  moon­  seems  divine
I  wish  and  I  only  wish
   ­when  the  earth  rejects  me
This  sky  would  s­olace  me
  and  tell  me  that  everything   is  *fine
The only thing that makes me happy when I feel sad and alone.
Jun 2015 · 612
Things left unsaid
Gul e Dawoodi Jun 2015
Unheard songs are most beautiful
Unseen beauty is most attractive
Untold story is most interesting
Unshared sorrows are most painful
Let me ask if you would like to sing to me the sweet melody?
If you would like to let me see the fulgurant beauty?
If you would like to let me hear the unheard echoes?
If you would like to let me know the meaning of grief?
Let me in
Open the door
Don't be afraid
You'll feel better, for sure
Because  you  have  got  every  right   to  be  happy
Dear,  you  don't  need  to  be  ­depressed    *anymore.
P.S whenever you are feeling down:
Be nice to yourself and don't forget to hug a potato.  ^-^ lol. Joking.
Jun 2015 · 946
Whisper Of A Child
Gul e Dawoodi Jun 2015
In my childhood, you taught me
Not to shout and not to lie
But this is what you did
Can this act be justified?
I never said anything out of respect
But main reason is that I was horrified
If I do something wrong I will be punished
But if you do the same thing, is that fine?
Yelling at each other is all what you did
And expect me to forget about it and pretend that I don't mind?
You loved me one moment and disgraced me at another
And left me crying and thinking you are  unkind
This is the story of a child
Whose parents think as if their child is blind
Although parents love their children more than anything and do their best to provide a perfect atmosphere for them to learn and grow but...exceptions are always there!
Jun 2015 · 6.7k
Gul e Dawoodi Jun 2015
Sometimes, life is all about regrets
Regrets about the hearts we break
Regrets about the risks we take
Regrets about the friends we make
Regrets about the words we say
Regrets about the path we choose
Regrets about the things we lose
Regrets about the secrets we share
Regrets about the secrets we hear
Regrets about the promises we make
Regrets about the decision we take
no  regrets
Is all we say.
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
Gul e Dawoodi Jun 2015
A cold heart was once the warmest
A  bitter tongue was once the sweetest
A devil was once an  angel
A cruel was once the kindest
And a villain was once a **hero
Apr 2015 · 495
What If?
Gul e Dawoodi Apr 2015
What if?
I want to embrace you and you push me away
What if?
All I want from you is to stay
What if?
I disappear one day
What if?
This is the last goodbye I say
What if?
I  become nothing but clay
What if?
Without me your life moves on anyway
what if?
I stop expecting and quit this play
what if?
This all makes you feel gay
Apr 2015 · 552
Departure Of Life
Gul e Dawoodi Apr 2015
I saw his life departing from this world
Who knew that the shadow of death was following him like a whirl
I saw his life arriving at a new station
Who knew he had a ticket of which he didn't have any notion
He departed without saying goodbyes
Who knew for he was too young to leave these joys
I saw how helpless a human is about his life
Who knew that this world is nothing but a disguise
My brother's friend died a Sudden death by an electric shock. I have seen him and he was like he is not going anywhere.  Or at least not so early. He was young and strong. But these Sudden deaths are reminders . That we are Mortal and we should not forget our reality.
Apr 2015 · 528
The Tangled Thoughts
Gul e Dawoodi Apr 2015
This world, these creatures and me
I wonder if all of this is a dream
Where I  run on a road of darkness
Trying to follow  that gleam
So I may finally get out of this atrocity
Where I can not even scream

I do not know if I can achieve
These set points and goals
I do not know if I can win
In all of this struggle
It's like being in a world of wizards
When you know you are a muggle

But still I have to try
I have to breathe
Uh! I Hate Myself for over-thinking.  
This makes me go crazy most of the times.
Gul e Dawoodi Apr 2015
Some people are not poets
They are poetry themselves

Some people are not authors
They are books themselves

Some people are not singers
They are songs themselves

Some people are not beautiful
They are beauty themselves

Some people are not modest
They are modesty themselves


They all exist in this world
But they don't  recognize themselves
Know your worth. Because you are amazing just the way you are.  Don't let your 'speciality' fade because of hatemongers.
Apr 2015 · 1.5k
The Double Standards
Gul e Dawoodi Apr 2015
How inhumane is the human,
Angels must be laughing
The Globe is a mess,
For them it must be shocking

Every year the child celebrates Mother's  day ,
But the respect for her with every passing day is reducing
What a great love for mother this is, angels must be mocking

A law has been issued for everyone,
But I don't see anybody following
What's wrong with the human?
Angels must be talking
Double standards are infinite . Keep it up people!
Apr 2015 · 1.5k
Gul e Dawoodi Apr 2015
Let's**   escape   to   another  world
A  world   where  wishes  come  true
Take   my   hand  and  trust  me
Don't  be  afraid  my  dear
  I'll   be  with    you
he said to me and I was stupid enough
I held his hand and thought we were two
So if it  gets dark, I wouldn't be scared
As he with his colors will turn me blue
But on the way to our destination
He left my hand
He said that with me he could not stand
He left me alone right in the middle of forest
But for me it was just  a barren land
Apr 2015 · 614
Pain Leads You To Him
Gul e Dawoodi Apr 2015
They say;
no  pain  no  gain
But I don't see any gain
I tried to find it
I thought it might be present in the courts
So I looked for justice
But couldn't find it
I thought it might be present in the
Hard work
So I looked for success
But couldn't find it either
So when I was tired,
I bowed down before my Lord
I asked if I haven't suffered enough pain?
Do I need to suffer again?
I cried,
Asked for help
Cried for peace
My Lord smiled at me and replied:
Dear  child  I  know  you  tried
and  now  you ­ are  tired
but  as  you  see  this  is  all  what  made you  close  to  me
this  is  the   gain
and  that's  why  all  of  this  had  to  ­be
And now I know  as I have untangled this  cord
Your life is the story about you and your Lord
That's not a poem actually.'s just a reminder that you need to trust God and love Him for He is the only one who is there for you when the whole world is against you. The pain and the situations,they all lead us to our God and we all experience this at least once in our lives.
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