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Listening to your silence, I heard:
Songs and prayers
Tranquility and music
Tears and smiles
Laughters and cries
Despair and hope
Sorrows and joys
Loathing and longing
Passion and peace
Whispers and loud voices

Hussein Dekmak
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2022
I see you looking back at me,
but I have no memory of you,
no name or event to link us
as kindred soul.

There's a sun playing
expressionless games
about to fall from the shelf,
my feet may burn, but never my heart.

My mirror is a broken window,
the broken window, a city,
and a man and woman
are crossing into it,
—crossing my mind,
fused together.

Their laughter like
claps of thunder,
bursting forth in a sky
devoid of any signs of me...
N Feb 2022
Can I pour this love I hold
for you into your open mouth?

Can I write you endless
love letters as long as I live?

Can I drown my sorrows
between your thighs?

Can I devour your scent till
you suffocate with pleasure?
Safrina Kabir Mar 2021
Sky of sooth broke into rain

Fell upon me

Drowned me deep

Deep into grief
When we finally face the reality , we come to know the ugly truths of life .
Nemis Nov 2020
In the rain out with an umbrella black,
Standing still with the weights on your shoulder.
Passes by the passengers of time,
Leaving footprints of moments enclosed in your mind.

Traveling and meeting eyes,
With strangers you may never find
Again in this lifetime...
Lost in the sands of time.

Feeling broken and the heart heavy,
Hurt in ways never imagined.
Drifting down the window pane like rain,
In solace you find your stay.
November came and so does the memories of past haunting even after the Halloween.
annh Oct 2020
Vellichor (n.): the strange wistfulness of used bookstores.
A delightful neologistic oddity! :)

'“The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”, by John Koenig, is an ongoing collection of invented words, each representing an attempt to find a word to fit a concept for which our vocabulary is currently lacking. Vellichor is one such word, and Koenig’s site has hundreds of others, such as zenosyne (the sense that time keeps going faster), liberosis (the desire to care less about things), and sonder (the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own).'
- Petrichor, Cromulent, and Other Words the Internet Loves. Retrieved from
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