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annh 5d
Vellichor (n.): the strange wistfulness of used bookstores.
A delightful neologistic oddity! :)

'β€œThe Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”, by John Koenig, is an ongoing collection of invented words, each representing an attempt to find a word to fit a concept for which our vocabulary is currently lacking. Vellichor is one such word, and Koenig’s site has hundreds of others, such as zenosyne (the sense that time keeps going faster), liberosis (the desire to care less about things), and sonder (the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own).'
- Petrichor, Cromulent, and Other Words the Internet Loves. Retrieved from
We believed in our own sorrows, and drunk the last sip of relief until the reigns were lost in the forest.
Now, we are deserted to the realm of the ocean’s abyss, left to kiss the lotion smoothing the desert on my skin.
I abandoned all hope, including the ship in the saving grace of preventing my loss of a superficial fantasy.
Shackled, left to roam freely in our thoughts, breathing for freedom is impossible in the last stages of cancer.

When my body gives in to cells eating away my life, I too, will say goodbye to my long-standing dreams that were aboard.
Keebo Oct 17
I am a vinyl that’s warped
Left out in the sun
By your careless thoughts
Now I wobble & my lovesong sounds awful
With the surface noise burying my voice
I know you aren’t hearing me at all
So put me away for a rainy day
I’m that ****, I don’t have a sleeve to live in
Put me on the shelf with your unfinished paintings
Leave me for dust and forget I existed
But if you can hear me, even if I’m crackly
You have to promise me one thing
Don’t turn me into a bowl for the ash of your sorrows
I have trod lands of hazel glaze that called themselves lovers of Sun and Moon
From their lips of coral grove I stole thousand vices, two thousand sorrows and three thousand whishes and planted them mingled with pink seeds of tamarisk beneath the august cliffs and hollow of Parnassus
And they blossomed and ripened of grown fruit with merriment which overlept Serenity
And lily - like Pain reached for sweetness whom she bore and at touch worlds drew at peace
Heyaless Sep 8
When a person is drowning or struggling through life , he doesn't make a sound !
You'll see him laughing his heart out .
A man with great humor .
A man is sweet a suger blend with others just like suger blends with water .

You'll see him shining
Blowing conversations with home's
Cheering other's .

But there always a other side of a coin ,
There always a dark side of the moon .

Let's forget about his hidden depression , sorrows his tears...

What about the little things we miss out ??
When he asks i need you ?
When he left the party after everyone's left ?
When he talks deeply to cheer other , where is this comes from ?
When he Post's something sad online and everyone mocks him around .
When he spend hours in bed , sleepless ..?
Have you noticed his playlists '" where the light in your deep dark room '"......
Have anyone noticed his health shrinking ?
Have anyone notices he's offline for days ?

Please notice . Please be there
I hope I had you when I said I needed you , but you said not possible...πŸ™‚
Moonchild May 22
β€ͺI tried existing truthfully;‬
I made one and a thousand mistakes
Some of them alike white lies,
Yet most of them are tragic.

I asked for forgiveness, I beg.
I lay down on my knees ahead
My heart, I heardβ€” screaming, praying
Devouring for merciful hands.

To seek the face of God,
I no longer wanted to suffer for
They see me brave, but nothing of a dolor
And I ask Him, hear me out once more

In the midst of midnight confusion,
I no longer wanted to fight anymore;
I wanted to end the pain in galoreβ€”
And for people to find my name buried in store.
Nemis Aug 3
In the bed the thorns out
Piercing through my skin
The red liquid flowing, peeling
My body hollow.

I want it, I need it
I don't want to stay so I'm going
Save the blessings for your sins
You don't owe me nothing.

Escaping the purgatory
As the heart bleeds out
Bones shed the skin
Overcoming the impending doom.

Slowly the world fades
As my eyes turns black
My soul subtly rise
To reach the depths of hell.

The last time I breathe in
To fulfil my last wishes
Grant myself death
As it offers me in its cold palm.
Mary Frances Jul 29
I have been listening to you. To all your worries and pain, your sorrows and tears, your brokenness and shame. I've witnessed everything, held you heart and loved you all the same.

But when my time came and all of me became broken, why did you throw me away?
Renn Powell Jul 13
my nightstand is full of unread books, lavender candles and leather journals.
i like to keep books beside my bed because i would like to read someone else's outlook on life instead of writing about my sorrows.
Broken mirrors
Broken hearts
Broken minds
Like shards of glass
The patterns forming a work of art
Shrouded by demons of the past

The black cat saunters over
Tipping salt as he alludes
To the bad luck I can’t dispose of
Rubbing salt into my wounds.

I see an Orthodox priest
A ***** blonde with blue eyes
The people murmur as he passes by
Garlic, they cry,
To fight the psychotic presence
In order to eliminate
This demonic essence.

He blessed an expectant mother
In flat #43
He doesn’t recognise her folly
And leaves her in glee.

A young soldier
One among 3
Died after his cigarette was lit
From the same matchstick
As the clock struck 4
A constant reminder
Of its incessant tick-tock
In spite of the woe

The woman- pregnant no more
Comes to the cemetery threshold
Wishing her late husband
And stillborn boy cheerio.

I look at the sky
There they glide, the harbingers of evil
Thick billed ravens and crows
A symbol of one’s sorrows
Flying over the dead
In search of a feast of despair.

Leaving my new shoes on the table
I kiss my love’s forehead
And point at the rainbow outside
While thinking I’m the luckiest woman alive.
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