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Eleni Sep 3
Through the glass
And in the ringlet of
Sunlight He stood in,
There was tranquility.

To be tranquil
At one's own sorrows
Taxes and tenders
The flesh of living.

As notes and chords
Ascended into
The smokescreen
Of his honesty,

I somehow felt
Soothed and scared
Behind a closed door.
Emotionally longing for more.
Tea Aug 16
I am still standing on two feet...
I'm starting to put on the heat...
I'm planning to fly high...
Into the night sky...
No one will reach me...
I will look around and I will see...
I will forget all the bad things...
And I will fly on my own two wings...
Up in the air, I can laugh into the wind...
I will leave my sorrows behind...
No heavy rock on my back...
No more things which I lack...
Some people won't notice that I'm not there...
Some people might see that I'm not to be found anywhere...
But I can't really care...
Because I'm here...
A petition for forgiveness
Filled with happy lies and conniving rights
Sourcing change from numerous why's
Oh my, what a life to hide.

Building hope from where the past has been
Only to grieve from what has been
But never have I dream't of love so divine
Until I met you, and it all came alive.

But why do I cringe at all that I have
Only to weep to have it all back in mind
I'm sorry, isn't what you desire
But my love, its all I own in this life.
21st NOVEMBER, 1999
Emilia B May 7
Inhaling my sorrows and secrets
My lack of will to live
To love and cry

Falling apart
I feel it in my heart

When do I get to exhale
Eslam Dabank Apr 20
Hit me with the knives you sharpened with your rage,
Hit me with the words you wished you released out of the cage,
Hit me with the floods coming out of your eyes, the undesirable wreckage,
Hit me with the revenage you composed, to stay for your soul, a heritage,
Hit me with the dreams you wrote on that vintage page,
Hit me with the memories you drowned down the rivage.

Hit me with the passion I made you fantasize,
Hit me with the pain you can't verbalize,
Hit me with the struggle I gave as an advice,
Hit me with the sorrows that won't let you rise,
Hit me with the filth unleashed of my vice,
Hit me with the agony I'd enjoy to poetise,
Hit me with the sadness you should idolise,
Hit me with the deception that I got to, on you, idealise.

Hit me with the thoughts you ignited in your head,
Hit me with the lies I loved you with instead,
Hit me with the cries that to your end, have led.
Hit me with the words I never dared to let being said.
Hit me with the regret that you'll never get,
Hit me with the anger, you, because of me, have met.
Hit me with the ages of misery, I've for you set.
Red Brush Apr 9
As the sweet moon pale,
Veiled by clouds,
Vanishes, without fail,
Gather the crowds;
Whispers of my heart frail.
Anna Apr 5
When the days are long and the nights are restless,
we seek for a way to forget.
We bathe in our sorrows.
We rip ourselves to shreds.
We bleed to feel, because not feeling hurts more then the pain of blades.
When life ***** us over we struggle to climb back up,
and when we get up. Life laughs and kicks us down again.

Whats the point.
We feel nothing.
We are in an endless cycle.
Whats the point.
Oasis Apr 5
After a long while I believe you are here
After the dawn of the sun

I still feel the passage of your little light within
After the rain drenched me off your thoughts

I still have a strong vibe of you
The night they said you left

I still caught the tap of your palms behind me
Though it was in deep dark

But I know you for that prank
When they all believe you aren't here

I bear the strong thing within
You are not far from where I am

Yes I miss you
I miss you every bit

Day to day
Night after night

I still cry to see you once more
You left within saying a bye

I am still outside the cold
Waiting for you to come

Heed quickly to my calls
Run beyond the stale of time

Let me whisper after this long dream
That I know you are here.

Arian Feb 28
Behind every smiles your eyes sees across her face
Are some unspoken sorrows and concealed agony
Which you might not able to see in a single gaze
She solely cries silently for she avoids everyone to notice
She kept the agony concealed for she's afraid of people's judgments
Nevertheless, despite her fear of judgments, she's actually hoping—
Hoping that there's someone who'll eventually see the real her
Someone who'll understand and show her a bunch of care
Someone who'll give her a shoulder to cry on and will listen to her unspoken sorrows.
My very first poem lol
Mackenzie Jan 15
I know who I am
My moral's
Things that cannot shake me
But I'm drowning in my sorrow's
All of the things that continue to break me
I have let the bad things shape me
Mold me into a form I do not recognize
I know who I am
She is very hard to find
Under the debris and
The dark night's I can still see
My moral's
the things that cannot shake me
But I let the bad things break me
I dig and I dig through the mess
I’m depressed
My moral's may be something
I silently put to rest
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