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City of eternal wonders
An empire built,
fallen, re-animated
alive and never broken.
There lay ruins
old and modern,
monuments of marble
stumbled on by hoofs
and carriages shrieking
on the cobbled streets
poisoned by uncultured
But in the little streets
lay a calm
silence not many
can hear.
The beauty is underneath
hidden, not all will see.
It's heart keeps beating:
like fine wine,
it improves with time.
When I get home
I'll drop my bags
And go and hug
My mom

I'll need a while to
Just adjust
To places
I have gone

And though the house is small
I am thankful every day

A roof, a family just waiting
Here for me

I cannot see the sunset
The buildings are too high

But if we sit inside
We'll talk about all of our lives

The flowers shes still watering
The projects she has sewn

And every time i visit I feel like
I have just grown

I do not want to flee
I feel my sister somewhere near

A chance to catch up, when I leave
I know I'll shed a tear.
Where we should Go?
We have absolutely no idea
Please show us the path
Show us our fate or destiny

Wherever we visit, wherever we Go
They ask Money, They Demand Money
Somewhere they ask for tickets
Unfortunately Tickets are sold for money

Please provide us Jobs
Then we will also have some money
Then we will also pay
But until then don’t ask money from us
What is there in the world if one has no money?
Annie Apr 9
If the rain can pound down as I lay in my bed,
minuscule mishaps and **** in my head,

why can the rain then, not reach in my brain?
Pound at the worries,
wash away pain?

The rain comes to visit again and again;
whether a friend or a foe, I couldn’t explain.
I write this line –
"The wolf of matera, loner",
I cross myself
And write " goes to friends".

Starting ahead –
"The wolf is not sitting",
Adding a few lines,
It turns out the poem:

"The wolf is not sitting,
Tearing the hair on his chest,
Attaches them to the feet
And he goes to his friends".

The result of such fantasies –
Wolf life is more diverse.
The result of the poem –
Neural network with training.
Johnny walker Mar 18
Sometimes whilst I am fast asleep at night does me
sweetheart visit me when I'm asleep and
unaware It just a thought that crossed my mind whilst settling down to sleep
but a lovely thought to have before going to
but maybe It true it perhaps nobody knows
not even
but If we're truly the thought Helen again laying beside me but sadly I would be fast asleep I'd be totally
A thought before going to sleep
does Helen visit me whilst I'm fast asleep and totally unaware
SMS Feb 24
♡ ✿ ♡
Tulips, a rose, maybe some sunflowers
I can’t wait to pick in the next few hours.
I wait all year just to come say hi
Even though I’m at peace, I’ll admit I cry.
I hope last years trinkets are still there
A pawn from Sorry and a little bead bear.
♡ ✿ ♡
Badshah Khan Feb 9
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 25

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Silence, Silence, Silence…..

Eternal silence accurately represents my eternal solitude.

Eternal silence is precisely my deepening shadow.

Eternal silence is enough for my gently Heart beats.

Eternal silence is morally my Heartily cheer.

Eternal silence is wisely to tell the truth about my Meditate.

Silence, get rid our desired distance.

Silence, gently wipe my sad tears.

Mostly I, visit in my ominous Silence.

My loyal heart beats fiercely, and halt instantly in my breathless silence.

Divine creator! Carefully constructed the eternal universe, In Silence

Whatever he naturally created, everything will be precisely end in eternal silence…

Silence, Silence, Silence…..

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Peter B Feb 6
I visit churches
to breathe
the silence.

Silence is my religion,
my God.

It's hard to find him
in this world.
Sehar Dec 2018
love's a distant relative
dropping in uninvited
murmuring condolences for a girl I thought I buried away
eons ago.
love strikes when you least expect it.
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