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Hera Jun 2021
I do wonder, what's in her that you'd always choose her?
What's in me that you can't even see?
Feeling lost, feeling anxious
But still, feeling ambitious
Hoping you'll look at me.
Guess who I'm writing this to :))
Tess Mar 2021
singing the songs that u loved
eating the food that u liked
drinking the beer that u want
thinking the way that u did
but i dont want you again
it breaks every f*ckin time
i dont have any more capacity
ill pass
ill get over you
before u even know
comment the next poem that ull want
Kunal Dec 2019
Your life is the ocean
And your heart is a wave,

Like a dog in the sun
I found my peace in your storm,

As I sail for days
I keep drowning away
Would my Sailors forgive me
for feeling this way
You said,

"Hey Mister!

Do follow through
Let's go and build a house
Big enough to fit us two
We'll weave a castle there

The castle of our dreams

My Knight in dining armour
And I your blanket queen"
Girl you're just like that pretty

With wooden beams."
andromeda green Apr 2019
a whispered secret
a knowing glance
a random laugh
a hidden joke

i know i wasn’t there
but i swear it wasn’t my fault
so please stop making me feel
so freaking left out.

i’d rather be with you
and i know it doesn’t seem like much
a shaky streaks
a liked photo
a viral tweet
a funny video
thanks for giving me a reason
to give in to all this fomo.
i have a very bad pet peeve of feeling extremely left out and helpless in the smallest of situations and it makes me feel so terrible inside for feeling this way and why i shouldn’t even care in the first place but i can’t help it. here’s a very ****** poem to try to express how i feel
eccedentesiast Mar 2019
Things are never as they seem
Flowing, rushing like a bloodstream
There are many different groups
Just going around through many loops

Feeling left out of the flows
But that is just how life goes
They pretend to like you, care about you
At least until they find someone better, someone new

That is when you realize you were never important
But what you don't realize is that you are all-important to me
chico Jan 2019
He packed up his clothes into his bag, she came in their room and she was confused, "Where are you going?"
He looked down, "Somewhere else,"
She cried, "But why? Why did you leave?"
He grabbed her by the cheeks, wiped her tears and said, "I think I just can't do this anymore, I can't stay no more, I can't have a deal with you,"
"Deal with me?"
He exhaled slowly, "You know what?"

"You can't just tell people to go away and then ask them to get back,
You can't just throw away the love that people gave to you and ask for another one,
You can't just speak 'I don't wanna lose you' and then you treat me like an option,
You can't just say 'I love you' to me and the next second you ignored me like I was nothing to you,"


He shaked his head, "But what? You wanna say 'I love you' and make me feel guilty? You wanna say 'I'm sorry' like it will change everything? I can't do this anymore. I don't wanna see you suffer, but you made me suffer. I'm done with this, I'm sorry."

And after that, he brought his bag and left her crying in the corner of their--her room.
it's emo time
Grant Dickson Jul 2018
You turned your back on me today
didn't even have the guts to say,
Cast out like a homeless person
Only teaching me one more lesson.

I was slowly getting my life back
Seeing me fight barriers and tears,
Finding music as my therapuatic track
Back and forth I went for a few years.

Building me up making me strong
Then with one swipe I was gone,
Not caring if it was right or wrong
As least I knew for a while I shone.

You took your patronising aid
Threw it back in my joyful face,
All the love and care you displayed
Then lit the fire while in bed I layed.

I may glow brighter as you fall
When your gone I will still be here,
setting a spark with one swift call
But I will remember have no fear.

(C) Grant Dickson 08/07/2018
This was written after i found out the so called people who once had my back turned their backs on me
Mary-Eliz Jun 2018
it seems no matter which way I goes
I'm never much further in than my toes
always feeling left out
and having self-doubt
but I guess that's just how the wind blows.
Gul e Dawoodi Nov 2017
You and I are on the same page
In one way or another, we feel the same
As we see them walking through the corridors with their heads high;
We stand still, deep down our hearts sigh
We look down upon ourselves
feeling like some broken, old decorative pieces, but why?
I wonder if we haven't discovered the universe inside us
Maybe there's so much more than what lies behind;
These cool outfits and daily small talks
Or maybe we really are ordinary, fading in the background
Trying so hard to fit in but still being left out
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