Kush Feb 13
I see war movies
in the night a little late
That's only place I find
People with greater pain

I see it when I'm sad
I see it when I feel disabled
I see it when I need pals
I see it to feel less miserable

I saw a man in wildfire
And another burning it
There was one in vicious smoke
There was one making it

I saw the little devil blast
I saw lots of flying metal
I saw men killing fellow men
And it squinched my heart a little

Men lost their lives in war
Some only died half
Curse with a lot worse
They'll have to die in parts

Love doesn't pierce your flesh
Or leave any visible scars
But for I know and all I know
I'd rather be at war
Nylee May 2017
Stuck with the same thoughts ,
How will I conjure something new ?
Feeling nothing different ,
What should I scribble about ?
Using same pattern ,
I have done this before .
Seanathon May 2017
em>I’d place this song between your ears
Your fingers in-between my own
I’d turn this world of our inside-out
And Upside-down
Just to find you a place that you'd call home
Chris Kasper - To someone you don't know
Shruti Gauba May 2017
I am a dusty letter,
a piece of paper layered with ink,
but if you believe I'm nothing more
then it's time that you rethink.
For I carry along with me
emotions locked within a heart,
that were scribbled upon a paper
with a stamp for it to depart.
Then this paper reaches a site,
drops some words left unsaid
or tells stories of bitter past,
so some tears are always shed.
And that's my only purpose,
making lost connections better.
So if you've got few secrets to reveal,
then grab a pen and write a letter.
Nylee Apr 2017
I got something to write
Not dark , not light
not wrong , not right
something not entirely bright
Not sharp , hope it won't bite
Something finite
Not something ,I'll recite
as it is not much delight
I won't guarantee greater insight
But words fill despite
and lessens the spaces white
then I rest ,remain quiet .
Gul e Dawoodi Mar 2017
What if I tell you I'm not too good for you?
And I see you not being so pleased to know me
But I say it's okay to be that way, sometimes
And what if I tell you there's no need to make the words rhyme
Translate your feelings into words; call it a poem
Because that is the only way to relief, sometimes
Heart that beats in our chests is not so different, you see
What if I tell you, it's your eyes that become blind, sometimes
Don't  appraise  my emotions, try to be  kind
What if I tell you, it's okay not to be the judge,  sometimes.
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