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Fiat money relies on intermediaries
   Such as banks and government entities
      To facilitate transactions and keep records
         And ensure the integrity of the money system
            This system requires trust to make it function
               Yet the history of fiat currencies is replete with
                  Breaches of that trust - breaches of integrity
                  Let’s move to a new money not based on trust
               With no reliance on any centralized authority
            But peer to peer verification through code
         Made secure by a decentralized network
      Allowing any and every user to validate
   Their own (and all) money transactions
This is Bitcoin.  Don’t trust, but verify
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Em MacKenzie Feb 2020
I once believed myself alone
because the world did not know me.
I now know I am alone
because I know the world.
TIZZOP Nov 2019
it took him two hours to
count the bills; would you
believe that?


global network
state's attorneys
transnational trucking

not to mention the

entrepreneurs like him
timeless my dear!

he descends from
a lineage of


quite brutish well but who
wouldn't fight for money?

you see?

moreover as far as
i'm concerned
we are talking about a well established
name here; engraved above monuments

you mustn't worry
good people
clean reputations

don't look behind you
don't mind the reflection
don't try to feel the hole in
the back of your head

it's just your blood
it will be over

you have to die now
Hollywood joy
was good as any boy
this year with the stallion
but this precipice would enjoy
a hearty show of his miserable foe
the dire place he slept a toe in his faith
and forthcoming season began hep
with the homecoming of the wife
that he tri-tied the rope in his bed  
why a laser conspired
that would be their heart of joy
in the neighborhoods yet
she's a fashionable thing of beach
that would roll his honor such a wife
Laokos Jul 2019
another page

with words

on it.

     another extraction

     from , spilling

     free.  ashes from

                ritual to the

                dexter , projections

                of intimacy to

                the sinister.

                           this space does

                           not allow

                           anything and yet

                           is open to everything.

a lightning strike

s  l  o  w  e  d

to  the


of  a

l  i  f  e  t  i  m  e  ,


behind your eyes.

     the circuit is

     already complete.

but not fate , not

          determined , not


don't you remember ?

you already let go.
read horizontally on smart phone is correct spacing
Rex Verum Regem Jun 2019
I am one, who lives by one
I am one, who rose up as one
I am one, who fell as one


We are many, who live as one
We are many, who rose as one
We are many, an so we still rise

I am my brothers keeper.
A wise man learns from others mistakes.
A fool learns from his own.

Humility allows us to develop and grow in leaps annd bound.
Zywa Mar 2019
If you are lucky you will grow
sheltered by family

You start at the beginning
in the ground

You eat slowly, make
every muscle fibre strong
inch by inch

and form a firm skin
to become a giant
like when

there were no people yet
and you could count life
in ages, in thousands

of new moons, in years
that still are breathing
in the woods
Das geheime Leben der Bäume
(The hidden life of trees, 2015, Peter Wohlleben)

Collection “Once more”
Tertius Oculus Feb 2019
I have known
rage intimately
I was born with
eyes so red that
they named me
After a meteor.
everything I touch
Recedes or envelopes in flames.
mothers warned
their sons about me
said girls like me
were touched by
the devil
you could see it
In the way, I walk,
In the way I let
my hair fall,
In the way I never
Avert my gaze.
In my country
girls who reveal
Too much are set on fire...
mothers warned
their sons about me
said I was notorious
for leaving trails of ash
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