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mayur Oct 2020
on some benches, people never sat
on some there was always someone.

on some branches, birds never rested
on some there was always a one.

don’t worry my boy,
life is not a bench or a branch
but a park and a tree.
odds are that life is  on the whole is positive sum game, don’t feel lonely or empty due few odds in life
Chris Slade Aug 2020
Ted Slade was a Communist, an Atheist,
a Realist, a Pragmatist. All the ‘ists’…
Even as you’d see from his poetry…. a perfectionist.!
So, right to be bitter now and then,
about how the so called maker made him.
I’m right there with him on that.

How can there be a superior being… The Big ‘G’
The creator of all things living and breathing
when, he dished out the proletariat’s grand life plans…
The stoop, the damaged flesh, retracted blood and bone,
the twisted hands.

After he’d fixed the sun,
the moon and the stars
and the creatures of the sea,
he made man in his image… his own
the likes of you and me.
But Ted picked up a duff one,
an already beaten body.
Spine twisted, lungs restricted.
Unfit for purpose - ****** up.

Like a life jacket with a puncture
If he had jumped overboard with it
he would have drowned.
He’d picked up the parcel in the warehouse
that had already hit the ground.
One that shouldn’t have made it beyond quality control.
If he’d had a hand in a design that was plainly odd
he would have chosen the super deluxe model for his starring role
So he just ignored everybody else’s God
Just got on with the job…
And as such, scored an even more brilliant goal!
This is about my cousin Ted from Hull ... who, at about the age of 6, was diagnosed with severe Kyphoscoliosis - a complex curvature of the spine ... So he didn't believe in God. Ted still, without formal education till the age 12, was accepted at university at 15 ... Bsc Hons. Metalurgist, Marketeer, Internet Wiz, Programmer, and Latterly, of course, a Poet. As you do!! Ted Slade: 1936 - 2004.
Maniacal Escape Jun 2020
Births sin, deliverance of death.
Blooded eyes view chaos. Jagged
Order. Smile at the view and take in the ecstasy
Fates whim deals a losing hand. But play you must.
The life of cards is a winning man’s loss.
Count the hearts turning to clubs. Feel the sharp of the diamond.
Sail on the sea of spades. The house grins.
A jokers trade, inevitability for certainty
Suckle from the table that slaps you with strife
Nuzzle teats of treachery and take your fill.
Soon you’ll be grown, suit and tie.
The house always wins
River Reed Mar 2020
I can doubt everything, even doubt itself and the odds attributed, yet there are only two answers: they are or they aren't.

So here's a paradox in which you must know something that determines you can't know anything. Even this.
july Jan 2020
the universe is constant
it always takes away
my happiness
it will do anything
to keep me away from it
and will not let me
even have it peacefully
waves will come
storms will happen
rain will pour
people will always
have something to say
because the universe
want me to suffer
while i have this happiness
that i'm holding onto
i'll feel lost sometimes
but i always come running back
by your side
even if the universe
is not with us
against all odds,
i'll choose you
over and over again.
against all odds.
William de klerk Sep 2019
Some strange arrangement
of molecules would make me?
When I am nothing more
than a temporary ripple in time and space
Just flickering impulses that,
allow me to perceive my
Simply a mass of messy wires
swimming in a cocktail of chemicals
that accounts for all I feel?

So I say, can science explain:
The depths of a poets words,
the burning desire for artists to
explode color into stationary life,
or the soulful dance of a melody merging
with ones very being?

Yes, well then

What of the hidden glimmer of life
sparkling in each creation's eyes?
What of the realms of things unseen
and so often only felt
for the faintest moments?

Would recycled carbon on its own,
that has drifted for eons, somehow
rearrange to form life?
Would billions of chaotically
                                    colliding particles
embrace so harmoniously that
the overly comedic conditions for life
would so seamlessly come together
that at this very moment
you and I,
two beings of impossible odds
could have our paths combine
that I could write these words
that they could wander there way to you
Eloisa Jul 2019
I can either spend my life fighting every single thing that doesn’t go my way, or calm down and believe that life’s challenges can be overcome and happiness can be attained.
My enormous odds, struggles, and difficulties are opportunities for me to gain wisdom and grow tolerance and resilience.
even mishaps,
they’re going to work to my advantage.
I believe that I’m already on the path to freedom from pain and confusion.
I believe that people can replace hatred with love, anger with patience and acceptance, spite with generosity and compassion, and jealousy with kindness.
I must walk the path to save myself.
Strying Mar 2019
I, for one, know I should be up and moving round.
And now and then,
I do, what I'm supposed to do.
But now and then, I also dig a hole or two,
so the odds of me doing what I am supposed to do are slim.
My homework's, in my bag.
I am looking, quite sad.
I don't want to do anything,
And every day
goes the same,
so please don't make me do a thang.
Because I, for one, am having oh so much fun.
Just a funny poem about my procrastination!
(also it reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast!)
inreticence Feb 2019
there are things in life
i cannot ever hope
to control

and i am fine with that.
but heavens know
if there was one thing
i could

i would chose
above all else
and against all odds
to be with you
I wish it was us in the end.
KM Hanslik Jan 2019
Try to eat up the sunshine
swallow it like your little white pills
if you don't mind me saying so, I think the clouds look quite lovely
with the shade of your eyes today
but you tell me otherwise
carbon footprints, we've definitely made
our mark on this world
trace our trails back until they separate,
call it fate
but I think you're right
all this commotion collides into odds
incalculable, call it the weather
but things are always changing on us
break out our sweaters and break them in
you know how much the cold used to bother me
but I barely notice it anymore.
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