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Souf Mar 13
I, for one, know I should be up and moving round.
And now and then,
I do, what I'm supposed to do.
But now and then, I also dig a hole or two,
so the odds of me doing what I am supposed to do are slim.
My homework's, in my bag.
I am looking, quite sad.
I don't want to do anything,
And every day
goes the same,
so please don't make me do a thang.
Because I, for one, am having oh so much fun.
Just a funny poem about my procrastination!
(also it reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast!)
JKJI Feb 18
there are things in life
i cannot ever hope
to control

and i am fine with that.
but heavens know
if there was one thing
i could

i would chose
above all else
and against all odds
to be with you
I wish it was us in the end.
KM Hanslik Jan 10
Try to eat up the sunshine
swallow it like your little white pills
if you don't mind me saying so, I think the clouds look quite lovely
with the shade of your eyes today
but you tell me otherwise
carbon footprints, we've definitely made
our mark on this world
trace our trails back until they separate,
call it fate
but I think you're right
all this commotion collides into odds
incalculable, call it the weather
but things are always changing on us
break out our sweaters and break them in
you know how much the cold used to bother me
but I barely notice it anymore.
I'm gone;
I could feel dessert in my vein
Terror running through my brain
And I see the fleet and the heat reversing my aim
The flit;
I'm sinking inside the well
But I live like all is well
My skin is turning to a shell
Mind and soul running to a dwell
The thought
And memory
The fall
And gravity
The brawling of a sparrow in the eaves
And all that famous harmony of leaves
The brilliant moon and all the milky sky;
Had blotted out my image and the cries.
But I keep sailing on the deck of the abandoned ship
Maybe one day, I'll find my way, to the top of the hip
Irrespective of the hate speech and sar-donic
Some say I'm doomed like Odysseus and his wagon ship
But I keep levitating my soaring height
Like a moon climbing upon an empty sky
No climate or condition could dismantle me
Like a bat hanging on a drying tree
This language which my dream is written; keep-on baffling me
And there's never being a psyche to analyse or subtitles it
Maybe somebody hid hope and desire; + fear and hate
Under my feet that follows me night and day
Maybe someday my dark heart will at least turn to gray
For this is the price that I've got to pay
To be brave in the face of pain
Tears rise in my heart
And gathers in my eye
As I lean to touch the sky
The more I try; more I fall
As I try to blaspheme between the stars
The more I search; more I lost
More I cry; the more I mourn
For my book of fate is about to burn
The path to my dreams is about to u-turn
How on earth will I debug,
This raging fault
How will I erase this engraved dirt?
My skin will burn; my flesh will hurt
Though my dreams are dead but I still live
I shred my strength to breath; but I still breathe
How I wish to be with him (my dream) under the six feet
How I wish I got a deadly flick from this street
Then, I decide to take a walk through my district.
To rid away the thought from my instinct
Ironically, I walk majestically and peep at everyone I did meet.
And I think that how would it be
If I wasn't bred to slum filled with big filth
Then I shake my head
And I said.
How could it feel?
To live without being seeing
To live like a god in my thought
To live poor but humane in my hut
To live in this world without being hurt
To pass through enemies plot without being caught
The abhor and foe won't want me grow
Let them go to space and stop me glow (the vibe, they don't)
So I don't feel abice with their songs of hate;
Malice and rage.
I have worked hard
And at this juncture I cannot ******
That tears I've shed were because of fear,
The kick I took that deafened my ear.
Eventually I became this child of steel,
Hard as a rock, with no tender feel.
I became immune to the blows to my head,
As the tips of my welts slightly bled.
The pain, it faded and my heart grew weak,
But as my body grew stronger, I became this freak.
It teaches me from wrong to right.
My rage grew strong,
And even against the world,
I won't take a flight
I stood to fight
Gabriel burnS May 2018
And some might say
I've lost my way
But who are they
To judge
When numbers rule
Our nights and days
A life of Midas' touch

And all of those
Who quantify
All the good and woe
Will be too vain to realize
They are their own foe

And some might say
I've lost my way
A sentence I'd forgive
But it's the dreamer, not society
Who, the way forward, shall cleave
I dug this up from the dust...
Vii HunniD Feb 2018
What if
Time never began
In the first place?
As it exists
While it's always
Been an illusion...?
Which is it???
MP Martinez Aug 2017
And even the world before us disappears
I would still run right into your arms
Just nothing
What glorious chance
That the best bits of stardust
Should coalesce here
With red-hair-blue-eyes
And burn the loneliness
From my soul
Francie Lynch Apr 2017
When yer high on a streak
And no doubt its a freak
Aint nothin can beat yah
Not luck bad ner good
Dont doubt its a bet
A streakers regret
Tho yah aint beaten yet
The times surely set
Not by fate or yer odds
Ner the whim of the gods
But by an incredible drive
To keep going
Then die.
Just ended a 30 game streak in Crib. Play my buddy, and my two daughters. Play each of them separately. Andrea stopped me at 31. However, I still have by bud at 15, and my other daughter at 11. I suppose I lost a third of a streak. :0
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