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It's like sweet song playing
And we're kids with that ball .
It's like chocolates raining
When I say that photo on the wall.
Some are faded
And few are scintillating.

The sky stops hailing
When to thought of those part of my life

The time had moved on
Dragging me too far
People say it stops for none
But never say it will make us forget who we are
Take a walk in your mind
Remember things you got , meet ones you lost
And Dust off your past .
Khaab Jul 2020
The colossol sky was blue enough to absorb our anxieties
The immense clouds were white enough to provide us peace
The tall grasses were green enough to smile at us
The stony path was rough enough to burst us into meaningless laughters!
The consoling songs were melodious enough to help us foget everything
And...we were euphoric enough to enjoy every moment!
I miss the lost old days...
Coming back from school was not less than an adventure for those dreamy little girls!! Those days are just safely placed in the box of memories.
Shellyku Oct 2019
I can’t look at your face.
It is a reminder of what almost was.
A reminder of the sweet words that flowed from your mouth.
A reminder of the times we spent.
Your hand casually patting my leg in intervals during light conversation.
A reminder of your plans and seemingly eagerness to talk to me.
A reminder of what could have been.
I’m not sure what happened between now and then.
What caused you to drift away, the tide carrying you in. Leaving not even a trace.
Do I miss you? Or do I miss how you made me feel?
You made me feel light and hopeful. Like I finally found it this time.
Like I found the one who would stay.
But you didn’t
#missing #brokeup #oldtime #moment
Lyu Apr 2019
Seeing you after a long time.
Where have you been when you weren't mine?
It's not a crime to ask if I'm fine.
When we had the time, you said you couldn't.
Now you're saying sorry, but who wouldn't.
If you really are, tell me why.
Because of the old thought?
Or because I missed you a lot.
But to this day, we are only

p a s s i n g   b y.
Stella Aug 2018
I miss the days when
I could speak without judgement
I miss the days
When I could run around,
I miss the days when
Everything wasn’t complicated
With the things going on in the world
And how much it changes,
It’s going to start to affect people
Terrorism and shootings have become common
And no one blinks an eye at it
Treaties are being made and destroyed,
With all this going on,
I just wish the old days were back,
They were filled with laughter and joy,
Not depression and self-loathing
Those days were filled with wonder
Not complicated and downright horrible
But I know,
Those days are behind us
And they may never happen again,
At least I have the memories of
Simplicity and happiness
This is me personally, not everyone else. I speak only for myself. Thanks for Reading, I hope you liked it.
April Jul 2018
Who still remembers how he looks like?
No, it's his cousin who's always in red,
asking everyone to keep calm, and...
He still keeps silent in spite of the fact
that he's fading away in our mind.
(A dangling strand of curly hair
a buttoned up, and earrings which never come at a pair.)

Either traffic or time washes him away,
as no one has ever noticed now his shadow under the sunset
is even longer than the toss-and-turn we once had at nights.
He’s the only one who will be quiet when listening to others
but we just snub/phubs him, and keep passing by.
I saw a payphone while I was waiting for the traffic light at a intersection today. It reminded me of the row of payphones at the hallway in my high school. It was the time when there were no cell phone and Internet, and many people would rush as quickly as they could just to make a call during sessions. I admire that the UK still value their traditional payphones and promote them as tourism attractions, unlike those in my country have been gradually forgotten. I feel kind of sad but can't do anything with it.
Annie Jul 2018
Still remember the words he wrote,
"I see my life vanishing in cigarette smoke."
Young, old soul
Ranting about the hearts he had broke

Can't help but see him when it rains,
Standing in the corner of the road -a smiling face

Too many years had passed,
Heard he was fighting in a rehab,
Such a dear friend –but time moves fast

We laid him down to rest,
Six feet under, I know he did his best

A friend is a friend,
When hearts break, you ought to mend
But when they leave,
Make sure love's all you send
In memory of a friend we lost to drug addiction.
The Nada Oct 2017
I would rather close the door
For I can not fix ravage bind
Ruined along the plight
Tight hold no more.

Peer at the motion
Slowly teemed by caution
Loose its cleave
And just decided to leave.
The Nada
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