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Nikki Mar 29
This feeling is like
A weighted blanket
I can’t shake

A suffocating

A silent scream
Ever present

A severed connection
Separating me
From life

Stuck behind glass
Always looking in
Banging loudly
Yet never to be heard

Only ever alone
With my pain
The only one
Always by my side
The only one
Never to leave me
Isabella Jan 28
air bubbles float with ocean foam
each time my breath escapes

my lungs deflate
my vision shakes

body sinking

i try to survive off of air bubbles
because it's all i have left
stillhuman Dec 2021
Stumble after stumble after stumble
I have stumbled
through the roots of this forest
there's no light
passing through branches
just the sound of life
right outside it
And I try to reach
outstretch my hands
but my fingers get scalded
as I point them in the wrong direction
But all paths look the same
in the forest
as frantic I try to find
my way out
When they said "it's time to experiment", I should have assumed that meant "trial and error"
WickedHope Oct 2021
Open spaces
Make me
The void
You opened up is
Smothering me
There is too much
And it is
Squeezing me tightly
Choking me
With emptiness
Stuffing it
Down my throat
I'm filled with it
The Empty.
I can't.
Please stop asking me.
I can't do this anymore.
Brumous Jun 2021
I don't remember
many memories of comfort,
or maybe I'm just biased

since I forget how it is,
the time it ends

It's exhausting.
Tess M Mar 2021
the smoke in my lungs,
tears in my eyes,
he is the break in my heart
I am suffocating;


he squeezes,
he grips,
demands, limits,
leaves no survivors;

daily log Jan 2021
cant breath
its happening again
the ocean goes hightide
my body refuses to move
I sink into oblivion
my tears become
one with the ocean cries

cant breath
the stars take me into the night
lost in the darkness
frozen in space
my tears refuse to leave my eyes
they freeze in the night

unwanted memories rush in

this feeling is suffocating
missed log #3 but im back at it again
Spicy Digits Dec 2020
Harken unto thee all cubicled rats
Furrowed brows
And mortgage rows
A cocktail of sneezes, wheezes and white lights

Leave me the soil under my fingernails
The monsoon and the snakes,
Heavy lifting, creature coexisting

Just spare me from the circle-backs
And obituary emails.
The stale air, ergonomic chair.

Hallowed be the slow mornings
Birdsong breaking the dawn
A soul full of tea
Softly resting chin on knee

Save us from the flood of empty words
Of formality and forced smiles
The glorification of busy

Crumble the ancient hierarchy

Let us wander home.
Summer Oct 2020
I’m a ghost,
peering at my physical body down below—
there but not really there
I’m a stranger
looking on the burning world
with cold, unseeing eyes
I’m the haze, the curtain
veiling the living and the dead
I’m alone
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