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eli 3d
In time
Makes me feel
Like I’m
I’m trying to get out of the blue,
But my heart is wrapped up in you.
Your mesmerizing lies ain’t letting me free.
While your scent is almost suffocating me.
I am engulfed by your love,
Which isn’t even true.
Unleash me from your soul
And grant me your adieu.
Jace Joesph May 15
I'm stuck in the ground, I can't seem to make a sound.              
Stuck beneath the sidewalk, still I hear each footstep.                    
Can you hear the pounding? seeping though the cracks I've made.
You draw on the cement above me with vibrant chalk,                  
Might just miss me if your pretty eyes misstep.                     
My mind can't manage while I'm suffocating,                 
Though this hopeless crusade.   To get you to look down,    
Because I'm still stuck in the ground.
Tanner Apr 12
When the snow would fall
It suffocated the world
And it never stopped
This is a haiku I made, I hope you like it!
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
I want to know why.
I want to know how.
I want to know what's on your mind right now.
I want to know what you've seen.
I want to know your pain
So maybe someday I can relieve
Some of the pressure
That suffocates your brain.
Anastasia Mar 9
the curve of your neck
the tilt of your head
the shape of your lips
shiny eyes as tears are shed
shattered glass
in the corners of your eyes
glittering slivers
never-ending highs
the way you move
the form of your thighs
the flick of your wrists
whisper pretty lies
tongue tasting
liking what it finds
can't escape the friction
twisting in your binds
pleasure taking you
out of your mind
wanting it forever
but running out of time
all on your own
watching you sway
moving to the rhythm
you know i'll stay
lost in you
drinking you in
hope you remember
my lips on your skin
look at me
with suffocating green eyes
fingers interlaced
underneath ashen skies
Kush Jan 21
Find me bliss for this emptiness,
Hollow from the demons that feast from inside.
My cries echo louder,
Yet a vacuum carries no sound.

In the darkness I squirm violently,
Lunging at my own throat...
If only I could still breathe here.

Soon I yearn for release
Rather than rescue.
Free me from it all,
Suffocate my soul.
july Jan 20
why are you so noisy
you're hurting my ears
you're just seeking attention
to someone who doesn't notice you
do you need help?
i can't help you
you are me
and i don't like me
i want to disappear.
noor Jan 15
i open my eyes and see darkness
i try to move but i cannot
i scream for someone to notice me
but no one hears
i realize
that i am in a dark cave
inside the deep corners of my mind
ive been very sad lately and i am not sure why or how to feel better
SWebster Jan 12
I cannot understand
what to do with
these emotions.
So intense, too much.
I can’t breath I can’t scream I can’t shout.
My voice has been choked from me,
Strangled. Silenced.
The rage- burning, wrapped around me, laughing.
So I breathe the only way I can: bleeding red, blue and purple.
The air escapes
And the fury retreats to watching and waiting.
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