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I am suffocating.
I can't get you out of my head,
please go away.
So I can go back to my simple life,
the one without your smile,
without your brilliant blue eyes,
without your voice.
Why would God put you in my life...
if it wasn't meant to work between us?
The thought of your shiny blonde hair,
your mouth sliding in and out of mine.
I can't breathe.
I stay high,
so I don't have to feel you right.
I'd have to say I'm addicted,
I should stay away.
But these urges I can't fight.
I can't breathe

I am suffocating
Anita 4d
I have been single for a long time,
I know how it feels, soft, warm, comfort.
I am allowed to speak my mind, do what I want,
hurt feelings, Mend others.
I knew just what to do, and all my limits.

When I met you, I didn't know what to think,
Body to big for your age,
I thought you were older, though you were mature,
You are funny, charming, and handsome in your own way.

'You have my humor' I thought with amazement,
I never knew that someone could be so much like me.
In an unfamiliar world, I thought you could pave the way.
With the warmth that burns to the touch.

We found each other together through peer pressure,
It was enough of a push, and through our honeymoon phase, I was happy...

But then the pushing kept coming, they kept pushing, keep pushing, "Kiss him" "Love him" "Want him"
These thoughts, these feelings, they aren't my own.
These thoughts, these wants, there's someone else's.

Its too suffocating, these efforts, being single made me forget how to try.
Your feelings, these kiss's, your efforts, I don't want them.
I don't need them, they are too 'Suffocating.

I'm trying to pave the way to my future, all while taking a tiny glimpse of the past.
I want to try, but it's all moving too fast.

You say you are depressed, so desperate to love, so desperate to be loved.
But maybe I just can't give you that love.
Do you even know what 'love' means?

I'm away for a week, for my birthday, but you just can't take it,
Everyday 'I'm depressed because you weren't here'
and everyday 'U wanna break my heart or something?'

But then the pushing kept coming, they kept pushing, keep pushing, "Kiss him" "Love him" "Want him"
These thoughts, these feelings, they aren't my own.
These thoughts, these wants, there's someone else's.

I wanna enjoy myself, I'm the type of person that can.
You don't want to enjoy yourself, you're the type of person that can't.

This is just so suffocating, your presence is suffocating.
My now, current, boyfriend is being a bit 'too' clingy. I guess I get it, but the novelty has worn off and It's just getting to be too much. I think I expected too much from him.
Rain 5d
It’s a city from the outside,
Shining on a hill
But from the inside looking out
It’s just another jail
It sometimes feels like the city walls are pressing in, suffocating me, but I can’t leave, at least not yet. Soon, though, I’ll be leaving; soon... I just have to remember to breathe long enough to get there.
My heart still bleeding
My wounds still healing
I'm barley breathing

I'm drowning
You'r frowning
Deep in shame
I can't even remember my own name

Eventually I lost
You grabbed me fast
But it was too late.
Poetic T Feb 4
I couldn't venture upon the words that
flowed from your voice...
                  dancing on every pebble.

But sometimes we miss-stepped,

                       getting sullen in the
waters that we found ourselves,

                   delving in deeper than
                                            we wanted.

You & I where,  
                  me and you where that

Dro­wning within the pools of our eyes..

          We held on to another,
                  suffocating in
the love of each others vision.

And I drowned deeply within you..
                    knowing that Id be free on
                           the other side of your gazing eyes..
Em Jan 31
The room fills with gas
Slowly seeping through the vents
Breathe in
Breathe out
I’m suffocating under your grasp
My eyes wide open
Lips turning blue
Forming the words
Help me
thesa Jan 25
it is suffocating
to be surrounded
by so much happiness
and not be able
to feel it
Life rotates in an orbit in which axis is society.
Caged in a society rule... It feels like chopping the wings of a bird
Amelia Jan 16
I feel paralyzed
With the heartache I feel.
My mind doesn't stop jumping
From conclusion to conclusion
On why my friend didn't text me back.
I genuinely cannot comprehend
What I did, or do,
That compels everyone to run
When they see me.
I hear that little voice in my head,
Telling me exactly why
They didn't want me in the group chat.

I feel so suffocated with
The feeling that no one
Will ever want me.
I feel like I'm drowning
In the sea of self- doubt
And self- loathing.

I hope you enjoyed Part 2! This poem is a very emotional one for me and I am really excited to share it. Part 1 is on my profile if you would like to read it from the beginning. Thank you!
Elizabeth Dec 2018
For everyone, I was always too much,
For you, I was never enough,
I still yearn for your touch,
I am tired of being tough.

Breathing has become a torture,
Every time I try I find myself suffocating,
I feel like a mourner,
Weeping over our ashes, waiting.

Doubt is what you gave me,
It’s crushing my lungs,
Please set me free,
I no longer want to sing tragic songs.
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