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unnamed Jun 23
Someone once told me,
I will never be good enough,
I am the worst,
I ruined them.

And I taught myself the other way round.

When you wish for an end,
Always remember there are people out there faced worst,
And they survived.

When you wish to give up,
Always remember why you started in the first place,
And made up your mind.

When people stepped on you,
Always remember to be strong,
And moved on.

You will drown in the midst of darkness,
But you will also live in the midst of light.
Even for a few seconds.

Find and remember that few seconds,
And always remember to live for yourself.

It's your life you live,
Not theirs.

That's why it's okay if no one understands.
Is it the darkness or
Have I gone blind?
Is it the silence or
Have I gone deaf?
Is it the chaos or
Have I gone out of my mind?
A lot of questions
Trigger me
Perhaps, only one answer
Says it all....
A lot of thoughts and questions flow in one's mind. At times, the answer to the problem lies in the problem itself.
Euphrosyne Apr 4
Free fall down into the unknown
give you my heart and relinquish my soul
it's best for what life shall bestow
so I take a big step in the unknown

Never look back, for this is the choice
don't question myself, and keep my mind poised
take a look up, thank god and rejoice
because the truth is, I know I made the right choice

So I follow the path and forget the past
this devotion and emotion, I'll make sure it lasts
with passion so wide and a love so vast
pain and sadness will be things of the past
Self love. That's it.
Sam Riede Mar 18
I don't know what's to become of me,
I don't know if I'll have a people to call my own,
Or a place to call my home.
I don't know if I'll encounter success as it's agreed;
A definition by you or by me,
though I know I'll have my smile;
A peace of serenity,
Bordering on ecstasy,
That will make life worth its misery,
For self security,
Is surely the best remedy.
Euphrosyne Mar 14
The dreams of lovers are like good wine
They bring joy or also sorrow
Weakened by your absence ,
I am unhappy
Writing you a beautiful poem
is all that I can
Because nothing is for free in life

Hope is a plate far too quickly consumed
I am used to skipping the meal
A solitary thief is sad to eat
On our game so complicated
I can't succeed
Because nothing is for free in life,

Life,Never will they tell me
That the course of the stars:
it's not for me
Let me amaze you and take our flight
We can finally be happy

I want to be with you
through thick and thin
And the celebration
will finally begin,
Get the bottles; end the strife
I lay the table of my new life
I am glad about the idea of our fate
We both know that this isn't easy but,
I'm happy to be with you in this fight
A life of hiding and then finally free
The feast is on my way
Our life of hiding and
then finally will be free
The feast is on our way
Before the light comes there's dark that always brings challenges on us both but love always trust me always trust us to have the celebration what we wanted at last for our us. Hold on we'll celebrate soon.
SM Feb 11
Please smile for me love,
It's my one simple request,
Just a little smile.
AshwiniBalaGav Nov 2019
You Look Sad Today....

“What Happened “

She Replied :  “ I’M AM FINE ”
don’t be sad always guys face the sad thing that make u sad always....just remember a thing why you’re being sad there’s been a reason and yeah face it ....i love you guys so much
You should do what makes you happy
You should live the best you can at whatever time
The honest truth is life is short(fact)
At the end of the day, regardless of the amount of wealth you amassed  or the material things you collected
Were you happy?
Are you happy?
If wealth is what makes you happy, acquire it
If material things makes you happy, get them
If love makes you happy find love
Or at least keep trying
Ride that motorcycle
Wear that dress
Sing as loud as you can
Dance in the rain
Ps:I hope you are happy
Never stop trying
That’s the worst thing you’ll do to yourself
allison Feb 2019
how many times
has someone told you
to turn that frown
¿uʍop ǝpᴉsdn

one too many?

uʍoɹɟ ʇɐɥʇ uɹnʇ
(: uʍop ǝpᴉsdn

if you haven't been told
enough today.
be happy
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