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Ally Sep 29
Your acceptance of the inner
most fragile souls
you hardly notice
how you are adored

You have taught me tolerance
to guard my words
you hardly notice
the impact you had in my life

I admire your integrity
and zero tolerance for
disrespect in any form
we connected and remain in our truth

Yes, you are a queen
My brown skin queen, my friend
You hardly notice
the impact you had in my life

My Angela
My beautiful friend
My brown skin queen,
my friend... forever
Raquel Butler Sep 18
I want to be your best friend
I want to lay on our backs staring at the ceiling
talking about everything and nothing
contemplating the meaning of life
thinking about what we had for breakfast
and remembering what we did last summer.
I want to be your best friend
I want to show up unannounced
and be welcomed home
invited to the dinner table
asked how my family is doing
fitting in right where we left off.
I want to be your best friend
I want to say whatever is on our mind
to be light and unrestrictive
hold your hand when you’re sad
calm you down when you're upset
wipe your tears and make you laugh right after
I want to be your best friend
I want to be your best friend
I want to be your best friend
Emily Sep 11
I don't hate you.
I'm not mad.
I'm just upset
That you lied.
I want you happy.
Do what you want
If she makes you happy
If she makes you smile.
Be with her
Go ask her out.
I am your best friend.
I'll be okay.
I see the way You look at her
It hurts my heart to think
You'll be with her and leave me
Just like everyone else.
But if she is what you want.
Be with her now
don t waste your time
With a girl you don't care for.
Things will change
Make sure you make
There right choice.
Me or her
Her or me.
Best friend or girlfriend
Girlfriend or best friend
Take your pick.
I won't be angry.
I know she is your choice.
I'll just leave
So farewell.
Don't feel guilty
Don't feel bad.
She makes you happy
I'm very glad.

I'll just stay here alone
I'll stay here no one to hold.
I'll keep cutting
This I know
It's not your fault
I was just thought
Best friends come first.
sophia Sep 5
Best friends will stick together until the end.
They are like a straight line that will never bend.
have you ever had that person
who means more than the world to you
and couldn’t get any more spectacular,
yet somehow is greater and greater with each passing day?

have you ever had that person
who you loved with so much of your soul
that you couldn’t believe was your best friend
and you just had to cry out of pure adoration for them and their existence?

everyone should have that person because i have that person and i never want to lose that person-even if their love brings tears to my eyes.

she is my person
-to my best friend. she may never see this, but if she does i hope she knows how much she means to me because i don’t think there are enough words in any language to fully express how much i love her. she is my person and she will always be my person.
Faith Aug 24
I love that song
Not because of the beat
But the day we found it together
Just trying to hide from the heat
neo Aug 19
Every day ,
I only wanted to know about my girl ,
I don't even care about you .

Every moment ,
I keep thinking about her ,
Never remember everything good you have done to me .

Every step I take ,
Must be walking towards her ,
Never visited you even when you're sick.

But ,
Once I've been broken ,
You never left me ,
You make me calm ,
You emptied out my sadness ,
Eventhough I've never cared about you ,
Thank you my friend .
Thank you axel .
Lyla Jun 26
I remember when
I saw you everyday
I couldn’t imagine
A world without you
In it

I remember when
You started to fade
Out of my life
How we grasped
Each other
As our lives
Depended on it
At every goodbye

But now we just
Say hello
Wave goodbye
What we left behind

Flashes of the past
Come to seize
Excited by the surprise

Then as quick as it came
It fades
And all you can hear
Is a whisper of a
Ambriel Jun 19
I take a deep breath and released all my feelings away.

Removing all the love that I have for you and changing it into something new.

Putting all our memories inside a old rusty box with chains.

So one day I'll open it again and remember that we are once one.

Getting the key of the door in my pocket so I could now go out of your life.

Walking out in your life with a bitter sweet smile and tears in my eyes.

As I walk away I still thank God for letting me meet you and be a part of my life.

Looking at the stars where we all started to bind our so called love if it is love?

And smile because they align just like how our life starts to align now.

Looking at the sky as the sun is saying bye just like how I bid my last good bye.

It was a pleasure to be a part of your life now I have to let you go.

Go back to your rightful partner and spend the rest of your life with her.

Be happy and smile bright because you're back in your home.

Be positive enough because you found your positivity.

And be greatful of second chances because you had the second chance to be with her.

Now it's my time to bid good bye, bye to our love but let the friendship remain
Ambriel Jun 5
It all started in one night  
when you an i talked about our lives.

That very night i looked in your eyes
and all i see is a flicker of pain.

Feeling that emotion made me think
if that night you felt at ease.

That very night my heart felt at ease
and you don't know you're the reason for this.
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