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Gerard M May 21
It's my two best friends

The ones I would drop everything for in a heartbeat

That I love to the moon and back

Who I'll always say "Friends Are The Family You Make"

That's two fun, loving & amazing guys

Who I consider both to be like brothers to me

That happens to be my two best friends

That is who my chosen family is
Pizacas23 Mar 9
They say some souls instantly click. Whether you're lovers, best friends, soul mates or something special that words can't quite explain it. Then as I accept this person for everything they are. These souls  that I encounter and know in just a very moment that we're supposed to cross paths. His presence makes me feel safe, calm and I feel like home whenever I'm with him. Yes! They are without a doubt the most special person I've had the privilege to love. Yes, there's no distance, time or person could come between the bond we've shared. Everything about him like his kindness, being a good person etc. Somehow makes me feel a better person, because life is simply better with them in it. I would say that whatever form he may come in, that soul is my happy place, my comfort, my sunshine, my everything and to be honest I genuinely could not imagine life without you and If there's another life I wish you can choose me without having fears.
She is well complicated in many ways and lovable to the point of annoyance. She was in love with me because of my letters.
Of course I didn't know that because I am an idiot for thinking otherwise. We had musical interests allied by friendship. I chose not mess with her because she knows how to raise hell which I respected.
When she showed up at my college I was floored and in shock because I got past whiplashed.
To keep the records straight, we were an item. If you couldn't handle my dramatics then you couldn't handle her beauty even if it was hidden. Within our small town we are the inevitable duo. We hated the status quote and we loved our queerly beloved lives.
To me she was the light at the end of the tunnel even if it was unconventional.
Shruti Atri Jan 9
I liked today...

I had a peaceful rest,
Carefree laughs,
And held hands
With someone who cares

It may happen again,
But I want to remain with this feeling,
Just for a little longer...

I hope I like tomorrow as well.
Anais Vionet Jul 2021
Bili’s one of my two best chums. She's exquisite, cagey and ferociously funny - compared to her I’m tomboyish.

Her hair is a straight corn-silk that shines like black-enamel. When we watch movies, I get to brush it. Her heritage is Japanese, she has perfect, warm-ivory skin, but she’s as American as sarcasm or gun-violence.

When she talks to me, sometimes she’ll be flirtatious or motherly, but always jocose. She bullies me, good-naturedly coaxing and chivvying me onto the trajectory she selects.

I’m jiggered - I enjoy being treated like a pet. I’ve been so harried lately that it’s somehow calming. I think I’m going to spend the rest of the summer, blithely letting her arrange me.
friends are like comfort food for the soul.
Anais Vionet Jul 2021
(These are some Senryu poems about bestfriends.)

My best friends and I
can talk to each other with
****** expressions

Friends can face-slap
insult each other - we know
each other so well.

We can spend a whole
day, at the park, just sitting
on the swings chatting.

Ever looked at your
bestfriend and thought, “We should be
standup comedians.”
Bestfriends are the glue that hold us together
Belle Jul 2021
How I know you are my best friend:
Everytime something good happens I want you to know
I enjoy your company
I genuinely love you
When I go somewhere I wish you were there with me
I have an unlimited amount of respect for you and you respect me back
You want to help me and make sure I'm okay and I want to do the same for you
You actually care.
My mom loves you
You want to talk about our lives and hardships and don't care if I vent
Thank you for being my best friend. For being you.
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