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Timeless in our archives,
Immune from heartless knives,
Bravery streaks your face,
Stage fright, my ultimate chase,
We run faithfully away,
Stayed hidden in the art closet for a day,
Nightmares of my nemesis,
Duchess of the venomous,
Our loyalty marked by,
The city of Versailles,
Have I bitten you,
Have I gone too blue?
You never bid me a fair adieu,
We were the best of friends,
Is it because of her Mercedes-Benz?
Why bury me so deep,
In the mountain of poisoned apples,
Where the ocean of watercolors never dapples?
Surrender the streams,
Of eternity,
I wish you a farewell,
From the deepest depths,
In the abyss of Siberian steppes
I kind of miss you now...even after such a horrible fall out. Why did you shut me out so suddenly?
let us do what we did in the past.
let us not do what we did not in the past.
let us make mistakes today to leave it in the past.
let us be reminded of what we did for the future.
let the past us be the reason of a better future.
let us not allow the future to ruin
0100118190202008-12AM Remember us always, we should never let go.
Keebo Oct 9
She’s a heroine
An outstanding little pretty thing
With hazel eyes and a smile that shines
She can truly make you wanna touch the sky

He’s a ******
Burying past trauma within substances
And what hides behind his dark blue eyes
Is a lost soul that can not nor will not unwind

They go together like cheese and wine
With nothing in common apart from a suicidal mind
But they talk for hours about life and time
Realising how low one would be if the other dies
Haven’t posted anything on here for a while...I have basically moved my poetry to Instagram (poems_ofan_addict)
Sydney Oct 5
I had a best friend
Only one that I ever needed
Her name was Elizabeth

Her hair was a deep brown
And similar eyes
With cute glasses perched on her nose

Lizzy was perfect, like a follower of God
And everyone I told
Would know she was bold

We'd laugh together
Sometimes under perfect weather
Chasing each other

But then one day she died
I cried and cried
I wasn't ready for this time
A true story. I miss her
Anais Vionet Sep 15
Some Senryus about
Bestfriends - the kindred spirits
we're lucky to know.

Boys are "whatever,"
but bestfriends are forever.
That's the way it is.

We tell our secret
fantasies - that we exchange
in sworn secrecy.

Bestfriends: the girls you
only stay mad at briefly - 'cause
you've news for them!

A bestfriend would push
you into your crush and yell
"get some!" then run.
bestfriends, teen, kindred spirits
RosieDreams Sep 4
Give me your pain
Your deepest sorrows
And your loveliest gains.

Give me a part of your heart,
Give me some of your kindness,
Give me your hatred of everything.

Give me your burdens so that I might
Lighten them in hopes of
You finally sleeping peacefully through the starry night.

I am your friend,
And I can assure you I always be here,
Until the very end
My beautiful, beautiful Oreo.
Pavani Jul 13
Best friends are great, aren't they?
You can say anything you want
You can do whatever you want
You can be you without a second thought
Your mistakes and imperfections, they will ignore
Not matter how you are, you will always be the one
they adore...
Judging you is something they can't do
They'll be the ones who'll make you smile
when you're alone and blue...
I have one too, such a sweet heart she is
Every time I look at her, all I see is bliss
Ikvaran kaur Jul 1
Many people have walked away
I never complained at all,
Something was different about that person
That made my tears even fall.

Not talking about a guy
That i might have fall for,
But speaking about one of my best friend
With whom i broke up a few weeks before.

It all started at school
When we got sorted in a same class,
In nothing less than a month
She was the next stone in my friendship bracelet becoming a trass.

Got even separated by distance
But nothing broke us apart,
We got so close to each other
That i lost fear if something can come between us till last.

Talked even till 3 am at night
Which you might think is a bit insane,
Thought that we knew each other really well,
Even if we don't have memories like sky filled with paper planes.

So just like any other movie we see
We even got a twist,
A whole pile of misconceptions jumped in
And made me feel like playing a whist.

Messaging in long paragraphs
Trying to explain again and again,
Which left me in pain.

Heard a lot of things from her
Such as she does not fit in with others,
At this point i realized
Our friendship will last no further.

Today i just wish you won't forget me
And the memories we made,
And hope someone is completing my absence to make your problems fade.
Ainsley Jun 4
I miss the old us
Four of us having infinite memories
But there are days when i sit down the Night sky
Looking at the stars
Seeing them in clusters
Reminds me of old memories...

Eating the same candy
By taking turns
Taking it out throwing in the other's mouth
Bunking classes
Scribbling notebooks
Spoiling hairstyles
One cookie four bites
4 leaved clover
And a lot more

Things now changed
We changed
Now four friends whole school known
Turned out to be four strangers unknown...
CB May 7
“Remember our cigarettes & the oil rigs. City lights, and drunken nights.
Remember the scabbed lips and 1:00am road trips. Races and white long sleeves.  Christmas Eve burn outs, empty parking lot makouts. Piggy back rides, and best friends forever. Remember the kissing and love making. Shirtless & in love, punches in the face, followed with forgiveness. Unfairness and regret. How I see you and seem not to forget.“
Best friend turned lover, turned stranger
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