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Ashwin Kumar Apr 3
Thou art a beautiful friend
For whom, never does love end
Selfless are you, to the core
And never do you bore
Though we are not related
Our families are closely connected

Thou art a beautiful friend
Whom I will always defend
Always are you there, for me
Talking with you helps set me free
Often, do we talk for hours
You know the famous saying "When it rains, it pours"
Similarly, when we open up to each other
Nothing can stop us
Which is a major plus
As far as our friendship is concerned
Neither do we get bored
Nor do we get tired!

Thou art a beautiful friend
In you, is there nothing to amend
You are humble and unassuming
For you, is kindness everything
Neither have you hurt a fly
Nor have you told a lie!!

Thou art a beautiful friend
It is wonderful to have you around
A lot of talent, do you possess
There is hardly anything
Which your eyes miss
Very creative, is your thinking
Especially when it cometh to graphics
Is there anything that you cannot fix?

Thou art a beautiful friend
We share an amazing bond
If there is anything you need
All you have to do, is ask
I promise you, I'll be up to the task!!
Be the way you are
Develop more self-love and self-care
And may the Lord bless you
With loads of happiness, love, peace and prosperity!!
Poem dedicated to Rahul, one of my best friends.
Ashwin Kumar Jan 21
Dear Tamil,
Wish you a very very happy birthday in advance!
May you get a chance
To make this occasion extra special
Rarely, are you dull
About you, that's what I love the most
Not to mention, never do you boast!

Go back a long way, do we
And very special are you, to me
From colleagues to family friends
May our relationship have no end!

One of the best things, about my first job
Was the fact that you cared not
About my strange mannerisms
Never was my autism
An issue to you whatsoever
Because you judged people never!

A long way have we come, since then
Very supportive, have you always been
Saving me from a disastrous marriage
You truly released me from a cage
In which I had been trapped, for over a month
Thus, do I turn to you the most
When my confidence is at its lowest

We may be in different places
But our friendship has a strong base
Occasional misunderstandings and fights, there may be
But always care for each other, do we

You are a loving wife and mother
Very close, were you and my late maternal grandmother
A good friend of mine, is your husband
Of you, is he extremely fond
A mischievous but cute boy, is your son
Being with your family is always fun

Very caring, is your mother
You brought me closer to my own sister and father
Well, wish you the happiest birthday ever
May you change never!
Poem dedicated to Tamil, one of my closest friends; whose birthday is tomorrow.
Ashwin Kumar Nov 2023
You are my source of comfort
The candle that provides me light
On the darkest of nights
The day I met you
Was the luckiest day of my life
Over nine years has it been since
And has our relationship grown
From colleagues to friends
From friends to best friends
And last but not the least
From best friends to family friends

Cared, have you, for me
Like Hermione Granger did for Harry Potter
And vice-versa, of course
Advised me on many an occasion
Even took the liberty to scold me
Not to mention, once asking me to google "Friendship"!!

Living proof are we
That a boy and a girl can friends be
In fact, not just friends, but best friends!!
Not to mention, even after your marriage
Has our bond continued to flourish
In fact, grown has it, by leaps and bounds!!

Fought have we, many a time
However, on each occasion
Has our understanding deepened
As has our mutual respect
Our relationship having a foundation
Even mightier than Team India in this Cricket World Cup!!

Saved me, have you
From a trainwreck of a marriage
And a few other crisis situations
There simply ain't nothing
You can do for me not

A part of my extended family, are you
And vice-versa too!!
Lost count have I, seriously
Of the number of times
Have we helped each other out!!

I love you
As I love my sister
And shall we continue
To be there for each other
Till Death do us part
Thank you for entering my life
And may God bless you
With oodles of love, peace, happiness and prosperity!!
Poem dedicated to Tamil Elakiya, my BFF!!
Ashwin Kumar Oct 2023
For four years have I known you
From railfans to close friends
Quite the journey has it been
In the train of relationships

Thou art innocent and sweet
But when it comest to talking
Oh boy, do you set the bar high
With an expertise in four languages
At the age of just twenty-four!!

Every outing we've had
Has been nothing short of memorable
From the hurricane run
On board the famous Pune Shatabdi
To the thrilling boat ride
Through the equally famous Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary
Add a few movies in between
Not to mention, drinks *** dinner
And you have the icing on the cake

Whenever I've come to Pune
I've always felt at home
Your family being the engine
To my train of love, happiness and peace
From your mother's cooking
To your father's hospitality
Not to mention, your lavish home
With a plethora of facilities

You ain't just no friend
But a younger brother as well
Quite the honour has it been
To have you at our home
Something we should do more often
After all, we are thick as thieves

For four years have I known you
And with every year
Our bond has grown stronger
Than even the Rock of Gibraltar
Which ain't no surprise
Since we have a lot in common
Trains, cricket, movies
Food, drinks, cats
The list is endless

For four years have I known you
And our friendship is something to be cherished
As much as India winning a Cricket World Cup
Or a journey in a diesel-hauled train
Or even, Hyderabad's finest Mutton Biryani!!
I endeth on this note
Age is just a number
Even when it comest to relationships
Poem dedicated to Railfan Omkar, one of my closest friends.
if only,
I could
teach my
heart to love
you like a friend
Ashwin Kumar Jan 2023
The most beautiful relationship of all
Is not romance
It is friendship
Because there are no rules
No layers or complexities
Just shared understanding
Which is unconditional in nature
When I think about friendship
I think particularly about you
Whom I've known for ten years
Mind you, I've known quite a few friends
For a longer period of time
However, none of them are as special
As you are, to me
Very humble and unassuming
And yet having an enthusiasm
That is hard to match
When it comes to your favourite topics
Such as gaming, movies, animes and Hindu mythology
You have an easygoing and amicable nature
That would appeal to most people
Which is why I'm surprised
That you don't have a lot of friends
But then, it is better to have a few friends
Who mean the world to you
And would do anything for you
Rather than a large group of friends
Who are only there to share your joys
And are unable to support you
When you need it the most
I follow this principle to the tee
In fact, we both are in the same boat
You have always stood by me
In my hour of need
In fact, you are more of a family member
Than a friend
And I am really glad
That your family sees me the same way as well
In fact, your mother was a very close friend
Of my late maternal grandmother
And it is no coincidence
That Patti came in your dream
Just before she left for her heavenly abode
Our friendship is indeed a beautiful relationship
One that will last
As long as we ourselves do
Just be the way you are
And have a little bit more faith in yourself
Most importantly, thank you for coming into my life
And staying with me
Through good and bad times
Because that's what friendship is all about
Poem dedicated to Rahul, a close friend of mine; who used to be my neighbour in Chennai earlier.
Gerard M May 2022
It's my two best friends

The ones I would drop everything for in a heartbeat

That I love to the moon and back

Who I'll always say "Friends Are The Family You Make"

That's two fun, loving & amazing guys

Who I consider both to be like brothers to me

That happens to be my two best friends

That is who my chosen family is
Pizacas23 Mar 2022
They say some souls instantly click. Whether you're lovers, best friends, soul mates or something special that words can't quite explain it. Then as I accept this person for everything they are. These souls  that I encounter and know in just a very moment that we're supposed to cross paths. His presence makes me feel safe, calm and I feel like home whenever I'm with him. Yes! They are without a doubt the most special person I've had the privilege to love. Yes, there's no distance, time or person could come between the bond we've shared. Everything about him like his kindness, being a good person etc. Somehow makes me feel a better person, because life is simply better with them in it. I would say that whatever form he may come in, that soul is my happy place, my comfort, my sunshine, my everything and to be honest I genuinely could not imagine life without you and If there's another life I wish you can choose me without having fears.
Shruti Atri Jan 2022
I liked today...

I had a peaceful rest,
Carefree laughs,
And held hands
With someone who cares

It may happen again,
But I want to remain with this feeling,
Just for a little longer...

I hope I like tomorrow as well.
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