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Anais Vionet Jul 12
(These are some Senryu poems about bestfriends.)

My best friends and I
can talk to each other with
****** expressions

Friends can face-slap
insult each other - we know
each other so well.

We can spend a whole
day, at the park, just sitting
on the swings chatting.

Ever looked at your
bestfriend and thought, “We should be
standup comedians.”
Bestfriends are the glue that hold us together
Belle Jul 4
How I know you are my best friend:
Everytime something good happens I want you to know
I enjoy your company
I genuinely love you
When I go somewhere I wish you were there with me
I have an unlimited amount of respect for you and you respect me back
You want to help me and make sure I'm okay and I want to do the same for you
You actually care.
My mom loves you
You want to talk about our lives and hardships and don't care if I vent
Thank you for being my best friend. For being you.
Kirsty Taylor Apr 17
It’s been over a week now,

To be exact, it’s been twelve days.
If we are being really honest,
It’s actually been twenty nine days.
But, in reality it’s been so much longer.

You hopped on that plane,
That I had hopped on before.
Neither of us knowing how different it would all end up when you came back off the other side.
We are two birds who emigrate the opposite way from each other.

Crossing paths for only a day or two,
Spending the rest of the flight remembering what used to be.
You soar one way, I soar the other

‘Real friends, they never leave you’,
If only that was true,
To have a reason would make it easier

Us humans, we are just like pieces of drift wood floating down a stream
There is no saying if we will cross paths again,
Or only have a few fleeting moments together

As your wrinkles grow,
You realise that life is too fleeting to be mad anymore

Instead, you look at the moments from behind
You mourn the friends lost, the memories missed
You put down the album and let it drift away

You have learnt to forgive
Every now in then,
You dream of your paths crossing again,
But then you look around and see what you already have.
Sometimes the thoughts pour in and you wonder,

Will they leave me too?
The thing is in life, you just never know.
Jenniff Hill Mar 26
i lay on my bed
writting poems, writting our lasts moments of love,
our memories.
Remembering myself why i fell in love with you
and why you're so worthy of every tear that has come through
my eyes.

I hope someday far away from this present your soul and mine
could connect the same way it once did.
In the meantime, may our souls be apart from each other.
For your good and for my bad.
This is a poem i wrote about my bestfriend who turns out to be the boy i fell in love with but we didnt work out because of a bad timing and a lack of comittment from his part.
I look back to the day we met
'Should've known
That you were lying-
Now I'm here sitting in a room
'Didn't think I'd have to say goodbye
'Didn't think you'd leave-
'Didn't think I'd have to forget you-
So soon...

'Didn't think you'd leave me all alone.
Yes, I guess I should've known that in the end-
We're just flesh and bone...
Just know-
It's gonna be hard to let you-
This poem isn't just about death, but also about how one can just forget you as well as leave you. This poem was inspired by my elementary friend, Isaiah Guy. He was very sweet and funny. A true character. I treasure the few memories I have of him. Although we haven't seen each other in years, it still feels like a piece of my world is missing. Thank you Issah, I'll miss you...
You can click the link below and tell his family I sent you and that I send my love. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”
parker Mar 8
i dont know who my childhood best friend was;
or is .

i remember her silky hair and pigtails we'd wear
and our baby blonde hair,
i miss you
i miss you.
and furthermore i miss me too

i miss the quiet in my head
before it was filled with disease,
before darkness stuck under my fingernails
before my lies began to rot my teeth
i thought i missed you.
im sorry,
i think i just miss me
a lil reflection on my old bestie i think her name was kayla> tbh i dont remember :(
Andrea Cruz Mar 3
I’m speechless.

You knew me better than anyone,
The damage is done,
A skeleton is all that remains of our broken bond,
It’s been a long time and I struggle to move on,
You knew my heart and who I wanted to be,
Inside jokes that we’d recite on the daily,
Dreaming about our futures and babies,
Sleepovers at my place,
Memories that I’ve scratched out and erased,
We talked about being maid of honors at each other’s weddings,
But that’s not where we were heading,

I come across old pictures sometimes,
Although we’ve drifted apart,
Those are moments frozen in time,
Even when the people in them change inside
Even when the smiles have faded away,
They’ll always stay in place

I wanted to help you,
Everything I did for you was because I wanted to,
I just wanted you to be happy too,
We made sure the bill was paid,
We made sure you got home okay,
Before we drove away
Treated you like family
But maybe that wasn’t enough,
At the end of it all,
Ashes and dust

When you succeeded,
I was on the sidelines cheering for you,
When it was my turn in the driver's seat,
You were the first one to kick your feet,
When I had some of the best nights of my life,
You made me feel like they weren’t worth your time
To express my happiness,
I was on cloud nine,
But other things were on your mind,
Uninvited ignited a spark in you,
Words lashed out online,
Threw a fork in my spine

Confrontation was a root canal,
Tiptoeing around potholes in the ground,
The humiliation started getting too loud,
But there you were turning up the sound,
For my interests I wasn’t allowed to be proud,
I loosened my grip for what was coming around

There we stood,
Facing one another,
Realizing this was the last time we would talk to each other
Nothing more left to be said,
But now I found the words to express how much it hurt.

I was angry for a long time,
Pain and malice in the words I wrote,
In the way that I spoke
Three years time I’ve grown,
Understanding now that we needed to break apart
In order to evolve into our own

I know we both had our faults,
Bottle up my brokenness,
Store it in a vault,
I’m sorry for the ways I hurt you,
It was never my intention to,
I’m sorry if I’m not what you needed at that time,
Maybe it wasn’t my place
To try and change your piece of mind,
I just wanted to show you the light,
But I understand you took control of your own life,
Did what you felt was right,
With that,
You became who you said you’d never be,
And that was hard for me to digest,
I just wanted the best for you,
But I also had to do what was best for me too,
So i let you go-

I hope you’re alright
wherever you are in life,
If you’re stuck in the dark,
I promise you’ll find the light,
Although things are different,
My heart remains the same,
I hope you still write and use your lyrical flame,
If you ever needed me,
I’m always just one call away.
How do you know you've met your twin flame?

Well, in your darkest days and your darkest hours, they're the beacon of light that shines through the darkness that consumes you.

They're the hope that makes you keep living, when all you want to do is stop existing.

They're your cheerleader in your greatest moments.

The ones that make you feel loved, when you don't love yourself.

Twin flames give you a reason to stay alive and keep living.

At times when you're on your knees about to give up on your dreams, twin flames will always be there to pick up and mend your broken pieces.

They're the ones that understand and hear you when no one else wants to listen.

And makes your life just feel a little bit easier to deal with.

Twin flames are the ones that carry pieces of you no matter how far apart you are in distance, but would never make you forget that your existence has a purpose.

They're the ones that carry the burdens of loving every part of you, but would never hold anything against you.

Twin flames are your muses that inspire you just to be you, the ones that encourage you to show the world every part of you.

They're the ones that keep supporting you no matter how many mistakes you make in life.
And above all twin flames are souls, that you find are the missing parts of you that make you whole.

When you find your twin flame never let them go and return the blessings to them that they always share with you.
Ps Forbes Dec 2020
Today, I went to see my old friend
Someone who has been by my side since the beginning.

He has walked with me through the trails in my life.
He has taught me how to dance on the edge of a knife.

He does not speak-
I still listen
He does not move-
I still march

He does not have treasures that you and I could measure.
He gives you the pleasure of an adventure.
It is hard to believe that it's been so long
but time has only made us strong.

Thank you, my dearest friend, for showing me how to be free and introducing me to the trees.
Thank you for a journey that only a Road could take me.
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