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You seek to destroy
Everything that loves you..
Spreading the darkness within
Wont make it grow lighter..
I know you're broken
I know you're hurting
I cant be the one to fix you
I cant be the one to swim
In the depths of your mind
I cant be dragged down with you.
The truth is
I never really loved you.

I am fine with losing you
Rose Rain May 10
Her  body is full of electricity
Brown eyes meet green
Its been a year but it feels like a millennia
She gets to see him
Her first love
His favorite dream
Nothing an ruin the moment he embraces her small body
JasFow Apr 18
I’m in love with a *** man
I guess that’s better than the married man
Or the other one
Or the girl who was homophobic
Or the man who just got out of jail,
10 years older than I was at 19
I’m in love with a *** man
Knowing full well he’ll never be mine
With his boyfriend by his side
He still doesn’t leave my mind
You see, I loved him before he came out
That doesn’t change a thing
I’m in love with a *** man
It probably doesn’t help we live together
He’s my best friend
The human that makes my half a whole
Ive had him in my life for a few years now I hope to keep him until we’re grey and old
I’m in love with a *** man
I know what you’re going to say
They’re are plenty of fish in the sea
There is someone out there waiting for me
That simply just isn’t the truth
Still working on pushing my feelings away
I’m in love with a *** man
There will never be another just like him
Knowing all my flaws, loving me despite
I can’t imagine anyone else to hug and say goodnight
He knows how I’ll respond before I do myself
He’s my second half, the better without a doubt
I’m in love with a *** man
And I know he’ll live an amazing life
With/without me, the same
I’ll always see his gorgeous smile when I hear his name
One day I’ll find a love that will sadly always come second
to the love I feel/will have felt for him
Best friend, I love you.
Eyithen Apr 10
I made a new friend
She is short and sweet
She is the best
so happy we got to meet

We do everything together
We share all our secrets
Confide in each other
and embrace the uniqueness

We bonded so fast
And are both equally clumsy
We giggle at our mishaps
And our awkward tendencies

My friend has a boyfriend
She takes him everywhere
We all hang out
They make a good pair

But lately its been hard
There has been a lot of meetings
Used to have her to myself
This kinda feels like stealing

I am happy for her
I'm sure i would do the same
If i were in her position
I would surely sing his name

But I'm a single pringle
And this can make things hard
All my friends are dating
Guess i was dealt a different card

But i wish that they could know
How lonely it can feel
when you get stuck
being the third wheel
For all my single friends who are often 3rd, 4th, heck, even 5th wheelers. Literally wrote this in 5 minutes on the spot. When it flows it goes.
Lost Soul Mar 24
don't smile at me...
cause ill smile back
leave me alone....
i cant love you
let me lie to myself...
cause i cant want you
push me away..
cause i know i could never leave you
lindsay Mar 22
i get ****** up
so i can forget the hurt
i'm sitting here dizzy
i don't know where to go

i pick up my phone
and stare at your name
but i know you won't answer my call

i'm dead asleep when you wake me up
i always answer
and you don't even say hello
you just do some ****** up ****
and hang up the phone

but tonight i won't answer
your late night calls
i won't let my heart race
to the shrills of your ringtone

my heart is racing with the pumping of my veins
the pounding in my finger tips
the hot ring of fire around my eyes
the thrill of knowing i'm ****** up
and not off of you

i won't answer you anymore
i know you don't care
what i do to myself anymore
if i'm ****** up, i'm just ****** up

just stop calling me when your girlfriends asleep
waking me from my vicious dreams
because you decided to remember me
now im wide awake at night
wren Mar 17
i hear it all
i hear Your breaths
i hear Your hands
i hear how close we are
i hear Your eyes meeting mine
we are fireworks of sound
but You hear nothing
i can’t breathe around You and i hope it kills me
Hunter Green Mar 10
After leaving your side, and watching you cry,
We couldn’t talk or even say goodbye,
I still can’t believe after all we went through,
That it ended on this mountain we climbed to.

I promise I didn’t care any less about you,
I know it was me who walked away,
But it still hurt to lose my best friend.

I just wanna be happy for you,
Even when I don’t understand,
Why we had to end,
I just wanna be happy for you,
Even when I don’t understand,
How to watch you with this man.

I can’t speak for you, but it took me so long move on.
Cause all I ever new was simply up and gone.

I hope he gives his best to you,
I’ll pray for the future you’ll experience soon.
I’m thankful for what I’ve learned,
Even through the way things turned,
Life is too short to let go of friendships with ease, so I hope you never leave.
allison Mar 2
cant sleep because
im thinking I'll love you forever
but you can't say the same
because you loved me once
but never again.
just best friends
always & forever
and i guess that's okay.
good night
Andrew Hawks Feb 13
A true friend is someone who really cares. Whenever you’re in trouble, they’d be right there. Never late, they’re always on time. Never forgetting, they’re always on your mind. To help you out. To show you what true friends are all about. So true, regardless, always reliable, honest, legit, and always dependable. True friends will remain, like salt and pepper. When put together makes things much better. True friends pick you up, whenever you fall. No matter the problems, whether big or small. A true friend is just but a telephone call away. They make you smile, they brighten your day. In a special way, through your ups and downs, true friends will always be around. No matter what…
This poem truly speaks words for people who feel like they haven't found any friends.
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