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Traveler Jul 19
Evil is at the door
Help isn’t coming
I slip out the back
now running
A positions I take
to survive

These state’s
in which we exist
Are temporary
Traveler Tim
Consider everyone as a friend unless they prove to be otherwise
and then we should consider the workings of some compromise.
There are certain mysteries compelling from previous births we’ve had
and what we’re all faced with now is the outcome of them good or bad.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Big Virge May 20
Mister Compromise ...
Is A ... STRANGE Old Guy ... ?

Cos' He's Prone And Known ...
To Compromise His Life …
So That He Can SHINE ...
And Be The Type Who BUYS …
A NICE … TROPHY Wife … !!!

Which Goes To SHOW That He AIN'T NO JOKE ... !!!
And Can Get You IN Some Pretty DEEP Holes ... !!!

He'll Get You ... " The Role " ...
of A Soul Who'll SELL Himself For WEALTH ...
So He CLEARLY Moves Through Women TOO ... !!!!!

How Many Spread Thighs ...
To Get Contracts SIGNED ...
So That They Can ... " HEADLINE " ... !!!

Is THAT ... " Compromise " ... ?!?
Or Just Being ... WISE ... ?!?
To USE What You've Got ...
To Get You To The TOP ... !!!

You See Boxers DROP ...
As DO Those THONGS ... !!!
So That ... Mister Compromise ...
Gets HIMSELF ... TOP SPOT ... !!!!!!!

Cos' His Number ONE Song ...
Makes ***** ROCK STRONG ... !!!!

That's Just A JOKE But Hendrix KNOWS ...
Compromise Can FILL MORE Than Your Nose ... !!!!!

Is Taking DRUGS Compromising Stuff ... ?!?

Well If You LACK Control …
MANY Heads Have SHOWN ...
That Drugs WILL Compromise …
If You Have A ... " Weak Mind " ...

ONLY The STRONG Survive …
EXCEPT ... " Mister Compromise " ... !!!!!

He's Weak To ME But STILL Succeeds ...
Because He Sneaks And Creeps With Peeps' ...
Who Fulfil Dreams By ... ANY MEANS ... !!!

Compromise AGAIN ...
Cos' Mister Compromise AIN'T About Playing Straight ... !!!

He's As STRAIGHT As ... " MISTER BENT " ... !!!

His VERY CLOSE Friend ... !!!
Who's Willing To BEND Again And AGAIN ... !!!

Do You Get What I'm SAYING ... !?!
... I'M NOT Sure I DO ... !?!?!

Cos' I Compromise TOO …
Every Once In A While ... !!!
But CHOOSE To Profile …
An UNCOMPROMISING Manner ... !!!
Somewhat Like Dr. Banner …
Or THOR With His HAMMER ... !!!

DON'T Make Me Compromise …
And We'll Be … Just Fine ...

But MESSING With My Karma ...
Means I HAVE To Call ... " WAKANDA' " ... !!!

And Take It Back To ... PANTHERS ... !!!
BLACK And STRONG Like ... " Handlers " ...
Who PROVE That Compromise …
Can Lead To CERTAIN Ties ...
That KEEP YOU ... " WELL PROTECTED ! " ...

Or Maybe Just INFECTED ... !!!

How Mister Compromise Rolls ...
He Loves A GOOD TIME …
If The Price Is RIGHT ... !!!!!!!

Whether MALE Or FELINE ...
Mister Compromise WILL ... FALL IN LINE ... !!!

And DO What It Takes ...
NO Shame NO Game Is The Way They PLAY ...

I DUNNO These Days …
Where The Guidelines Lay ... !?!
Cos' They Seem MISPLACED …
And Now HAPPILY ......... Stray .........

Which IS A SHAME And IS A FACT ...
... What's Up With THAT ... ?!?

People Have Done Some CRAZY Stuff ... !!!
To PROVE That They're TOUGH …
Or To Get To … Number ONE ... !!!!!

Because Mister Compromise ...
Can Make You Succumb To Being UNWISE ...
And PULLING .... DUMB Stunts .... !!!!!

Which Brings Me BACK To The Question I Had .....

Do You Think It's WISE ...
Daytime Or Night To Be FORTHRIGHT ... ?!?

Or Is It WISER To ... " dIsGUise " ...
What You ... " REALLY Feel Inside " ... !!!

And To Just Be Like ...

... " Mister Compromise " ...
It can be a dangerous vibe, that rolls with ... " Compromise " ... !!!
Gorba Apr 19
I cannot stand if you want me to sit because it stresses you
I cannot be frustrated because you will be frustrated too
I cannot say that a movie is bad because that will ruin it for you
Does that mean I should not be honest with you?
I cannot be realistic about a situation because that’s being negative, according to you
I cannot slap your behind because obviously that’s just what old men do
I cannot have my face close to yours and contemplate it
Because it spurs an uncomfortable feeling, and you therefore don’t like it
I cannot ever have pants on, whenever I’m in bed, which I can understand
But that’s not a rule I ever had to sustain,
Which means that sometimes I only realize I made a mistake afterhand.
I came upon a reasonable solution, given the circumstances, but you still complain
You don’t want to try and play tennis because you don’t like it
But I have to pretend enjoying some quiz just because you’d appreciate it!
We each have our own towel, I’d be ****** if I used the wrong one, you know?
Wouldn’t it be more efficient to give me a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts that I would meticulously learn and follow?

I have to watch the movies you want to watch
Mine are too demanding
I have to listen to the music you want
What do I even listen to?
I should read the books that you like
Mine are not interesting.
I want to share what I’m passionate about
But restrain myself because I don’t want to force you, (I care about you)
I should wake up when you do
Get up and have breakfast when you decide to
You like to get out of bed at the very last minute and then I’m slow
When I come up with a plan, there is some place else you have to go
Do I actually exist in this relationship?
Do what I think, what I feel, and what I like actually matter to you?
Am I just a human-shaped hollow shell locked in a state of spectatorship?
Is it all, at the end, just about you?

I want to make you happy but not at my own expense
If nothing changes, we, as a couple, don’t stand a chance
I guess that sometimes feelings, while crucial, are not enough
When times are hard, we also need to be tough
I still want to try but will it be enough?

I have written this but I don’t know whether I should ever mention any of it
I wouldn’t want to ruin your day
The question then would be whether this would be a merit
Or just a stupid idea that would only be present in a bad screenplay.
This piece reflects the fact that it is dangerous to look at things from one's own perspective without considering the other side. In a relationship, because we are all humans, we make mistakes. For it to work, both people need to acknowledge them and figure out a way to manage them.
Again, he looked down on me,
But it was not something as amused to be,
It is always his way I walk,
Not only do as he likes but also talk,
My actions seem immature to him,
Now he controls how I think,
But how much will I have to compromise?
Rot my ears listening to his sweet lies,
At last I did it!
That breakup was nothing hard to commit,
Do you know how I feel?
Must say quite a relief,

Again, I started living on my own terms,
For which I had been known once,
Could see the nature smiling at me,
That happiness is for free,
But you bound yourself with permission,
And forget your mission,
To be yourself at the end of the day,
Let's start it all over from today.
Sometimes I don't know what haunts me more..The memories of you...or the happy person I used to be.
-Ranata Suzuki

To complete the  remaining dreams or be happy in this so called relationship?????
To sit quite or take stand against it???
To go wherever I want or to take care of family???

To sit and listen to all tantrum of family or be free bird???
To be a great business women or just a normal housewife???

To wear saree,dress or what I want to wear???

Whether to take permission for the thing I love or do whatever I want???To divorce or be happy In this so called marriage???
Should I compromise and be happy???
COMPROMISE,isn't big deal....!!!
Why to compromise????
When you can fly like a free bird...
Why to compromise,
When you can earn,
You are independent...

‌Find someone who is there with you at every stage of life!!!

Why to compromise??
If you want to wear bikini,wear it!!!
Why you have ask others that should I???

If you want to go,GO why you have to ask someone else???

Why to compromise???
When you can laugh loud,
Be happy in your own world,
Believe in yourself and you would never have to compromise....

Never think,
Whether I should???
You can and you should!!!...

Why to compromise????
Why girls have to compromise in every situation.
Why they can't complete there dreams and why they have to ask other for permission....
Addict Behaviour Apr 2018
Making that compromise was only the start,
That is when Life became difficult,
That's when life became hard,
I caused Chaos and Carnage, Which Tore lives apart,
I then made the choice to hide in the dark,
I Hurt all of my loved ones as I tossed them aside,
I Broke their hearts, I tormented their minds,
All of my values were quickly forgotten,
all my beliefs had decayed, they were rotten,
I had A personality crisis, Part of me had died,
And as The innocence left, the Deceit was on the rise,
Honesty crumbled, the truth couldn't be found,
And Every compromise that i made,
Was another hole in the ground,
The deeper you dig, the less you will feel,
Surrounded by soil with no chance to heal,
As anger takes hold, only hatred exists,
Desperately searching for that light in the mist,
Your faith has been shattered, scattered all around,
And as hope disappears, there is only silence,

No sound.
Big Virge Feb 15
Ya Know ....

I Was With Some Poets ...
When ... THIS Was Said ...

“When it comes to your poems, what defines success ?“

By This ... What Was Meant ...
Was When You Have An Audience ...
At A Spoken Word Event ...
And You Stand Up And RECITE ...

Can You See That Words You Write ...
Have Touched Your Listeners ... MINDS ... ?!?

Which ISN’T Quite As Easy ...
As Asking ... “Do You Feel Me ?“ ...

In Fact I Get Quite QUEASY ... !!!
Cos’ Some Can Be Quite CHEESY ... !!!!!!!

“I’m glad we don’t have to write that stuff !“ ...

“Okay, but let me call your bluff !
When poetically, my words dish cuffs !
Isn’t that art, that shows some heart ?“

“Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that !
I just don’t like, all this, me me hype !“

“Fair enough, most rap right now is sounding wack,
but, now worldwide when grabbing mics,
you’d better believe, ya' can’t show that you’re weak !
Especially when, your use of pen,
tends to upset, and leave heads wet !“

“See what I mean, that’s just not artistry to me !“

“Okay that’s cool, but what’s success to you,
When trying to pursue artistic moves ?“

Do You MOULD Your Style ... ???
So That People ... SMILE ... !?!

Or ........
CHANGE UP ... Your Material ...
So That It SEEMS ... ETHEREAL ... ?!?

Or DO YOU Simply ... Re-Arrange ...
Just To ... “ Make Some Change “ ... ?!?

“Gotta get that cash right, rather than speak your mind !“

And Therein Lies ....... “ The Dilemma “ ....... !?!?!

Success Is What Now Playing To THE CROWD ... ???
And Changing Like The Weather ...
Just To PROVE You’re ... CLEVER ... !!?!!

Or Doing What ... “ FEELS “
Like The Deal That’s ... “ REAL “ ... !!!!!

REALER Than The DEAL ...


“Don’t say THIS, Don’t say THAT !
It’s poetry son, cut out that rap !
Oh and while I think about it,
You need to cut your hair !“

“Hold on now man, no fair no fair !“

“Too late son, see you signed right there,
on the dotted line, and that now means that you are mine !
You’ll do as you’re told, and toe the line !
Don’t get too bold, or your art won’t shine, and see the light !“

“Wot', the light of airplay ...
Okay Okay, Success Finally, Ah Yes Success !“

Now If THAT's What You Get ... ?
I May As Well ... STAY VEX ... !!!!

Cos’ That Just Seems Like STRESS ...
For WHAT ... A Few POEMS ... !?!

YES Some That Probe Like A LYRICAL Saw ... !!!!!
INTO The Pores of Those ... ***** ................ !!!!!!

NOW I Try NOT TO USE Language Like THAT .... !!!
Because It’s CRUDE And Can Just Sound CRASS ... !!!!

See You WON’T SEE ME Falling Into THAT ... “ TRAP “ ... !!!
of Letting My ANGST Bring Words Like THAT To My Notepad ...

ARTICULATED Venom Is What I SPIT .... !!!!!

I Flip The Script Like COBRAS ... !!!!!!
But Still Write With LOVE Like LENNON ...
Whilst Maintaining My ... COMPOSURE ... !!!!!

See SUCCESS To ME Through My Artistry ...
NO LONGER Needs Applause From ... "SHEEP" ... !!!!!

Check Out ... “ The SCENE “ ...
TRUE QUALITY’s Pretty Much ... UNSEEN ... !!?!!

So YES Some Men And Women TOO ...
Have Things To PROVE .... !!!!
SUCCESS For A Few ...
Has Been ... ANGER Fuelled ... !!!!!

There’s Room In The Arts For Stuff That’s HARD ... !!!!!

But Success To ME In The ... “ Poetic Field “ ...
Is When My Pen And Subjects BLEND And Thoughts Transcend ...

Into POEMS ... FILLED With TRUTHS ... !!!!!
That I Exude That Constitute ...

... A SUCCESS FILLED End ... !!!!!

An End That Leads To MANY Beginnings ...
Success ISN’T ALWAYS PROOF You’re WINNING .... !!!

Success Now In My Head Is When Works I Present ...
Are Delivered At A Level That REVELS Near My Best .....

So That When The DUST Has Settled ............
I’m Remembered For ... MY ART ...
And THE FACT That It Came ...

And That ... LIGHT or DARK ..... !?!
It’s Made IT’S MARK IN Just ONE Persons Head ... !!!!!

And THAT NOW To ME ...
Is What I See As Having Some ...

............ “ Success “ ...........
It certainly seems that, quite a few heads, have very different versions of what success mean to them, especially when it comes to what they see as, them being artistic and creative .......
Irina BBota Feb 4
They say the world is coming to an ending
and all of us will pay the ultimate price
for this land of chains that we’re often pretending
to be God’s garden.
We’re just throwing the dice.

They say the world is coming to an end
for we’re all like gambling thieves
playing around with demons. We all got
banned from beauty.
And the poor Earth just grieves.

They say the world is coming to an ending
for we’re planting guilty ignorance seeds.
Earthquakes, fires and floods are extending.
Earth is not a place to ******.
Poor baby, it bleeds.

Let’s stop making Earth a place in disgrace
by giving ourselves questionable pleasures and alibis
it’s time for new beginnings and a good human race.
For there’s not a dry eye in the world.
So… we need this compromise.
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
Pan whispered something in my ear
a secret mumbling i couldn’t understand

maybe a message of love or hate. couldn’t imagine anything else

sometimes it’s hard for us to talk out loud
things we want to say but keep inside
a desire to share but not offend

mumbling whispers might just be
the best compromise we have
from "midnight" 2018
available @:
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