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My Dear Poet Jun 29
The moon was afraid to rise
so it settled for the night
gave the day to the sun
and in doing
compromised its light
Now often every evening
as soon as the sun will set
it makes an appearance
before the sky and day reset
And like tears, the stars twinkle
while the moon mourns regret
how light once sparkled
now just sprinkle
of things you lose but can’t forget
The moon shines because its surface reflects light from the sun. And despite the fact that it sometimes seems to shine very brightly, the moon reflects only between 3 and 12 percent of the sunlight...
A Jun 21
The worst part is that I actually never needed him

- but what took so long was to realize I needed myself more than he needed me
Isobel G Apr 13
I see two paths,
two lives for myself -
with him I am cast into
an ocean of untamed feeling,
lost to reason,
and floating off into an unseeable future.
With the other, I am held fast,
held close by his love
and burrowed deep into the earth;
an old tree that twists faithfully
growing strong and aging gently
across the planes of a lifetime.
How am I to love -
who am I to be, to choose,
to sink into.
I feel the pull of his tumultuous waves
and the roots that simultaneously
bind me to the earthly warmth
of another kind of man.
©Isobel G.     20.03.2022
My Dear Poet Jan 19
Many a man can roll up his sleeve
raise his elbows for a fight
But it takes a stronger man
to lower his hands
and leave when he knows its right
I’m not one for defeat
and have me beat
But If I’m ever half that man
You will have me found
standing my ground
letting down, just one hand

Many a man can
let loose their screws
and explode with words of sorts
But it takes a mindful man
to remain subdued
taking captive every thought
I’m not one to refrain
or lose my brain
But if I’m ever half that man
I’d like to think I’m kind
give a good piece of my mind
and hopefully they’d understand

Many a man can spin their own yarn
and tell a tale without a flinch
But it takes an honest man
to not spin spam
and not sway from truth an inch
I’m not one to lie
I’m an honest guy
But if I’m ever half that man
I’lI tell the whole story
and then and if only  
leaving out the details where I can

Not many a man can
resist or tame the flame
of passion or fire
For there are but a few
who are able to
harness the lust of fleshly desire
Now sometimes I burn
and yes, I yearn
But if I’m ever half that man
I can look and not touch
and if it goes and gets too much
well, I suppose, I am who I am
neth jones Nov 2021
is it love
or the parasite ?

my pilot bulk                      
aims for relief
       it pursues this via                  
          your romantic correction

in public arena                  
a library stair                    
(i never prior encountered you)

one step as foreigner        
the approach
and upon a swift internal pendulum
i make witless incisions
hurried mended sentences
directed stuns
i demand the compromise
                  of your company
hastily push at boundaries and
you're not so accommodating

on a further occasion
same building
we exchange a battering of conversation
           into barter-like use of language

despite my harassments
  a civil cultivation is unearthed
tongue within this intelligence effort i lessen
loosen my demanding appearance
disregard my dignity
     a skin suit about the ankles

you're open in a vein of similarity
   you flesh out your own controls
we've progressed quickly
there's an aped conduct
                 and flashing attitudes
this time we share table space
a nearby café

we have become quite unmanned
    repeated meet ups
upon humours we adjust small habits
    and shake on perceptions where we overlap
it becomes
   more an overlay of rationalities
        than resented promises

fast time passes and

i move into your living space                                  
i pick a wildflower                                                    
               and put it in the tiny vase on your dining table
we agree on its colour                                              
we agree on a book to make our bible material
we agree on the pitch of the tinnitus we share
the clothes i am to wear
i switch to your diet
and you cease taking medications
we sleep on your lawn like children
and bring down the night sky for comfort

during the day we wear our sleep
              like a lubrication for our chores
and go about our productivity
              in genuine partnership
i feel we're just out of reach
            of some dark harm

we are an excellent sample pair
it is all vital
we grow stronger the more we quiz it
recycling our *******
refine our agreements
await further impulses
and come closer to plug

do we please love
      or simply indulge a parasite ?
Andrew Rueter Sep 2021
We must be willing to compromise politically
without compromising our morality
but our morality dictates our politics
and politics indoctrinate morality
even though willingness to compromise is part of our morality
so are concepts like freedom and sovereignty and liberty
and it's up to us to decide what those words mean individually
and it's on those definitions we are unwilling to compromise.
selina Sep 2021
if tomorrow never comes
it must be the end of the world
and i know i won't be ready for afterlife

i won't say a final goodbye
but i know you're the kind of person
who likes defined edges and endings

so i'll settle for a compromise
when you say goodbye, i'll say goodbye
goodbye, that is, until next time
do not meet me
in the middle
for i will be
all the way over
on the far right side
you will never meet me
in the middle
when the middle
is not where i reside
in the middle
Big Virge Aug 2021
Mister Compromise...
Is A... STRANGE Old Guy... ?

Cos' He's Prone And Known...
To Compromise His Life...
So That He Can... SHINE... !!!
And Be The Type Who BUYS...
A Nice... " Trophy Wife "... !!!

Which Goes To SHOW …
That He AIN'T NO JOKE... !!!
And Can Get You IN Some …
… Pretty DEEP Holes... !!!

He'll Get You... " The Role "...
of A Soul Who'll SELL …
Himself For WEALTH...
So He CLEARLY Moves …
Through Women TOO... !!!!!

How Many Spread Thighs...
To Get Contracts SIGNED...
So That They Can …
… ” HEADLINE "... !!!

Is THAT... " Compromise "... ?!?
Or Just Being... WISE... ?!?
To USE What You've Got...
To Get You To The TOP... !!!

You See Boxers DROP...
As DO Those THONGS... !!!
So That... Mister Compromise...
Gets HIMSELF... TOP SPOT... !!!!!!!

Cos' His Number ONE Song...
Makes ***** ROCK STRONG... !!!!

That's Just A JOKE But Hendrix KNOWS...
Compromise Can FILL MORE Than Your Nose... !!!!!

Is Taking DRUGS …
Compromising Stuff... ?!?

Well If You LACK Control …
MANY Heads Have SHOWN...
That Drugs WILL Compromise …
If You Have A... " Weak Mind "...

ONLY The STRONG Survive …
EXCEPT... " Mister Compromise "... !!!!!

He's Weak To ME …
But STILL Succeeds...
Because He Sneaks …
And Creeps With Peeps'...
Who Fulfil Dreams By …
… ANY MEANS... !!!

Compromise AGAIN...
… DEVIANT Ways...
Cos' Mister Compromise …
AIN'T About Playing Straight... !!!

He's As STRAIGHT As...
… “ MISTER BENT "... !!!

His VERY CLOSE Friend... !!!
Who's Willing To BEND …
Again And AGAIN... !!!

Do You Get What I'm SAYING... !?!
... I'M NOT Sure I DO... !?!?!

Cos' I Compromise TOO …
Every Once In A While... !!!
But CHOOSE To Profile …
Somewhat Like Dr. Banner …
Or THOR With His HAMMER... !!!

DON'T Make Me Compromise …
And We'll Be … Just Fine... !!!

But MESSING With My Karma...
Means I HAVE To Call... " WAKANDA' "... !!!

And Take It Back To PANTHERS... !!!
BLACK And STRONG Like Handlers...
Who PROVE That Compromise …
Can Lead To CERTAIN Ties...

Or Maybe Just INFECTED... !!!

How Mister Compromise Rolls...
He Loves A GOOD TIME …
If The Price Is RIGHT... !!!!!!!

Whether MALE Or FELINE...
Mister Compromise …

And DO What It Takes...
NO Shame NO Game …
Is The Way They PLAY...

I DUNNO These Days …
Where The Guidelines Lay... !?!
Cos' They Seem MISPLACED …
And Now HAPPILY......... Stray.........

... What's Up With THAT... ?!?

People Have Done …
Some CRAZY Stuff... !!!
To PROVE That They're TOUGH …
Or To Get To Number ONE... !!!!!

Because Mister Compromise...
Can Make You Succumb To Being UNWISE...
And PULLING DUMD Stunts.... !!!!!

Which Brings Me BACK …
To The Question I Had.....

Do You Think It's WISE...
Daytime Or Night …
To Be … FORTHRIGHT... ?!?

Or Is It WISER To... " dIsGUise "...
What You... " REALLY Feel Inside "... !!!

And To Just Be Like...

... " Mister Compromise "...
It can be a dangerous vibe, that rolls with ... " Compromise " ... !!!
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