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I hiked up the highest hill
To watch the sun go down
On your birthday
On a not quite full moon of April

I stared right in it with such thrill
And felt the blood neon colours
Of your departure
Rush through my veins and freezing me still

Stood in awe of this miracle I promised I will
Find an aperture
As I’m about to take on this solo adventure
Of a lifetime of dreams I’ve yet to fulfil.
Cole Apr 19
I know deep down to my marrow
Through the testimony of our Old World
That we are meant to be together.
I have crossed this lifetime
Anxiously awaiting your magnificent hands
To hold and for gravity to finally give way.
I have trekked through time and space
Over hills of parallel worlds
Just to reach you.
There has been an undeniable connection.
I know you can feel it too
Even when you drift away,
Even on your darkest departures.
Please come back.
We are fate dressed up as coincidence.
Can't you feel it vibrating in your bones?
I'm here.
Waiting for you in our New World.
Kiss me because we are running out of tomorrow's.
Melody Mann Mar 14
The fork in the road nears as we prepare to go our separate ways,
This journey we shared in unprecedented times steadily halts,
Leaving the future to create distance among us,
A bittersweet departure lingers as I watch you take off,
Understanding it'll never be the same,
Letting go with every step you take in the opposite direction,
This is goodbye,
to the hopes we birthed,
the dreams we forged,
and the memories we shared,
this is goodbye.
Nylee Feb 13
My end is near
My departure is here
I could write hundred more words
but it would be a burden to this world
however I might take
the heart will break.
Walking, talking and sleeping
Unmindful life's evening arrives
A blow or two strike
For you to realise
The real meaning of life
You wish you could relive life
Reverse drive time doesn't provide
Departure time arrives
Aboard unknown destination flight
You fly away
John McCafferty Dec 2020
Done are the days of May
You could say we moved on
Spent into early retirement
As raw breaths fade away
All there is is change

The importance of a moment
Instilled inside this frame
To have and to hold in exchange
Consumed to idle eyes
A gift for you and I

The view of which describes
Is fleeting if you let it pass by
Who you are and what to do
Escapism clasps many masks
Only shown to grace the task of life
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
You leaving by yourself,
And seeing someone leaves are the same,
I once believed,
Because all of my life,
I've been the one to leave,
Leave someone behind,
But now when a gloomy cloud of a departure,
Looms over my life,
And when it's me who is left,
To watch the departure this time,
It hits different,
Different because it's the same,
Sans the one who left
old willow Oct 2020
Spring blossom as old willow rejuvenate.
Our cup of wine has wilt since last autumn,
leaving behind only dried wine-cup.
Old feathered red moon grazed past fog,
I sat by the cold dreary stone.
Like last summer, I held a wine-cup in hand.
Kneeled, a splatter of bitter taste splash your grave,
I still remember our vow last autumn.
The two cup were filled last autumn,
this spring, I can only pour one.
Jack Mandala Aug 2020
months of articulate crafting
every curve

she's beautiful.

just one more spot
one more nudge
make it perfect
what a beauty

make her part of my collection
front and center


one more curve
turns to another

corrections turn to a revision
revision turns to a loss of the old
so perfect
but now so gone
goodbye old
hello new

too close to the sun
melting into the abyss


gone forever
Dante Rocío Jul 2020
Bury all my entrails.

Y otros deshielos,
Sin ningún cubrimiento
Literal o no,
Sin tumba de piedra
Ni flores ya matados
Para mi indulgencia.

En un bosque.

Tenero e silenzioso,
Ma della grandezza
Dell’Allah creato,

Al lado de un árbol
Que me elegirá
Por debajo de la tierra.

No coffin,
Nor money.

Planter pépins
Et autres
Futures vies
Dans ma tombe pour que
Mon corps puisse alimenter
Ces pousses du sol.

Pour que les racines
Me donnent bienvenue
Chez ma Maison enfin
Et qu’elles

Spread into the world
All the tears & blades
Of my guilts & glories,
Publish one way or another
My mission/
Work to them
With due dedication

Don’t recall my intelligence
Or talent,
Rather all beauties I was
& gave life to,
My Passion in my
Chosen things,
My love,
Striving for beating the measlyness
Of this world out of
Or in me,
My wisdom.

How I placed my eyes,
Poems and efforts upon you
And on this state of things’ world,
How Language, Literature,
Words, Dreams,
Tears and Art celebrated my
Days alongside me as true
People indeed.

How I fought shame and death,
Longed to make you feel
My gaze’s intensity on
(Or not) you,
How I kept facing lies
Of useless withering
Despite ingenuity of mine.

I shall finally embrace
Eywa/Allah/God/The Moon
And see if I was worth it all
In the end.
I will probably finally meet
My Lover dearest
To see if they were there after all
And kiss them with the greatest
Fervor I can muster.
I will become all those things
Lingering in the air
And coming to your gut
When you sense
And as much suddenly
Can’t explain.

No more will I have to eat,
Be clothed (in muzzle)
Or wear shoes.
No more will anyone make me
Care about how my vessel
Looks like.

Join my departure,
All you
To whom I’ve ever mattered
More than casual,
Join my freedom.
Live, strive,
Breath at last,
Think, love, wonder/wander,
Feel, read, touch,
And literally kiss the
Trees, sky
And all sacralities you are in/on.

And if I hadn’t completed
My mission yet,
I’ll do what I can
To be back
And linger

Thank you.
The rest shall come in full-packed richness at this life’s true end.
A long yet just an entry to what I wish to leave as an obituary. Just a beginning and certainly with an end further in the distance than it could be.
Of funeral thoughts N*3
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