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Eloisa Jun 9
Staring at my return ticket
to the past
My sunset in a wine glass
Hazy but wondrous
Some things stay even one departs
old willow Jan 20
Life has it agenda,
First then second, finally third.
Remind ourselves that memory are faint history;
To let history replay for the future to unfold.
Time weld life into death; so is death to life.
Here I stand, where it all started;
Gazing back, life was once better.
Ultimately, departure is inevitable;
Where else can one go without longing?
Longing are fleeting calling;
Appeared like faint snow, disappeared with one blow.
Leocardo Reis Nov 2021
Every ship
leaving the port,
are each
a metaphor.

To the
brave who
how often
do you cast
a backward gaze?

To those
who depart
for other shores,
I think of you

When shall it be my turn
to cast a backward gaze
on those I leave behind?
Ellis Reyes Sep 2021
I see you there
In the rearview mirror of my life
As I move forward
we'll never ride
side by side
Melody Mann Jul 2021
It all led up to this moment,
The dedication we casted our ambitions in,
The triumphs we rooted our adversities in,
It brought us to the next chapter of our lives,
And for you I'm forever grateful to,
Thanks for joining me on my journey.

The California dream is what we were living,
From the adventurous summer splendor,
To the heartfelt bittersweet departures,
Those unified celebratory cheers,
It was summer 21' of unprecedented affection,
Onto the next phase of life we go where unknown possibilities lie dormant,
Here's to the discoveries to come,
The gratitude to bestow,
& memories we'll create.
I hiked up the highest hill
To watch the sun go down
On your birthday
On a not quite full moon of April

I stared right in it with such thrill
And felt the blood neon colours
Of your departure
Rush through my veins and freezing me still

Stood in awe of this miracle I promised I will
Find an aperture
As I’m about to take on this solo adventure
Of a lifetime of dreams I’ve yet to fulfil.
Melody Mann Mar 2021
The fork in the road nears as we prepare to go our separate ways,
This journey we shared in unprecedented times steadily halts,
Leaving the future to create distance among us,
A bittersweet departure lingers as I watch you take off,
Understanding it'll never be the same,
Letting go with every step you take in the opposite direction,
This is goodbye,
to the hopes we birthed,
the dreams we forged,
and the memories we shared,
this is goodbye.
Nylee Feb 2021
My end is near
My departure is here
I could write hundred more words
but it would be a burden to this world
however I might take
the heart will break.
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