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I would like to slip softly, kindly, into the abyss..
That sweet nothingness, which cradles all in darkness.

I wish to become part of it,
Letting that cold emptiness entwine itself, into my thoughts, smothering them into decay.

I seek to see no trace left, of this mortality I hold.
To let it drift away on oceans of black, eventually sinking sweetly beneath the tectonic plates.

Wary Oct 9
They said; nothing last more than three days..

And i happily replied;
"Some names and some beautiful memories are unforgettable"
Unforgettable memories
Even If i tied
The strongest chains
To everyone I have ever loved
Everyone who I have let in and told them "you belong here"
Eventually the chains would break
And I would lose them
We aren't meant to be kept
We are meant to love, and be loved
And then, vanish.
Lane O Aug 31
Moments of peace are fleeting;
just as dew will vanish at dawn.
Smile and savor the seconds
'cause before you know it they're gone.
Emptiness prevailing all over us
Like a giant raven.
With Black big wings, hovering over the nation.
Then I see up at the sky,
I wish clouds to give a loud cry.
With all those tears falling,
They Make raven vanish and take back darkness and all in.
Rish Tam Jun 30
Gusto kong mawala sa kawalaan kung saan tahimik at walang sakit.
Gusto kong mawala na lang na parang bula,makalimutan lang ang nararamdaman ng isang iglap.
Gusto kong mawala na lang bigla dito sa mundong walang sigla.

Pagod na ako, ayoko na, gusto ko na lang mawala...
Kanika Chugh Jun 22
Drifted off into the space
for I was
adamant about my perception.
People abhorred
my placid nature
for my impressions created
a ripple effect in continuous motion.
Stray thoughts I possessed
something awoken yet under-acknowledged
the unseen beauty vanished into the deepest oceans.
Kuba Feb 22
Since you left me, I can feel it better
Than when you were here.
Every sight of you.
Every smile on your lips.
Every touch when we were lone.
Every time you wanted to cuddle.
Every moment with you was special.
Every place you took me to,
Will be my place on Earth.
Every smell of your perfume.
That makes me vanish.
Nova Nov 2019
See you in the forest;
We’ll meet there at one.
We can walk along the path
To escape the whole world’s wrath.

See you in the forest;
If you dare to come.
The world can be a pretty place
But can vanish you without a trace.
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