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Nylee May 18
The aftermath
heartening and disheartening
it is coming and yet to come
the life is changing and about to change
the mistrust is sown in
the paranoia has kicked in
what has become is the new norm
the health and wealth both targeted
the life before were golden years
and the sad news future unfolds
it is better to stay locked in
the outside view is foreign
and the level is increasing
difficulties arising
cyclone circling at coasts
everywhere I look is turning red
I just wish the roof holds up good
I fear what more is to come.
You Mar 27
Do not break your head to think for nothing
What will happen, will happen for a lot of reasons
Climb the stairs and ring the bell what are you waiting
I know the story from the start from the first season
The last one is much more, much more shocking
14 years later you forgive them, like it wasn't a treason

Just stop and focus on what you are going to do now
Get up, shout out, scream out loud, don't leave nothing inside
Look them in the eye, show them why you make that vow
Loses that weight to not be right of their crowning pride
Free yourself for this burdens and let them see how
Breakthrough and get out of that black shadow side

When we want we can despite the difficulties
Alex Z Jan 20
I fear.
The day when imagination is suddenly blocked
The day when inspiration was numb
I fear.
The day when souls dried up with tears
The day when courage chooses to hide from the world
I fear.
The day when senses vanished
The day when life is exhausted and the body is destroyed
I fear.
The day when faith is shaken by the time
The day when the truth was revealed as a lie
I fear.
The day when memory and ambition faded
The day when I rot in a wheelchair
I fear.
The day when I don't recognize anyone
The day when everyone doesn't recall me anymore
I fear.
The day when all these worries come true
I know
We'll always have a sense of fear
We'll always have infinite worries
Maybe it's a nightmare that will never wake up
But let us run forward without any scruples
and one day we will be in the lights.
SøułSurvivør Dec 2019
I've had a life of sorrow,
I've lived a life of pain.
Wednesday's child. Full of woe,
I've lived a life of shame.

I won't elicit sympathy,
I won't be bright & witty
I'll simply be true to self
I surely don't want pity.

Whenever IT happened
Really matters not
But I had tragedy when young
Was by a devil caught.

IT set about a cycle
Which, like a gerbil wheel,
Made me shunned,
Made me run,
To a trap of tungsten steel.

I was trapped by drugs & vice
Alcohol & more
Accepted *** instead of love
Practically a *****.

I felt unloved. Unlovable.
Ever since a child.
So I died on the inside
Became rebellious... WILD!

I was a cheat. I was a thief.
I ripped off stores for *****.
So I was in the trap of guilt,
Could not help but lose!

I should have died SO many times!
Dragged by a speeding car
By a drug crazed jon of mine
You think THAT left a scar??

But God had SUCH mercy!
He gave me such GRACE!
Heart of stone, and yet...
No, I was NOT a WASTE!

I have no doubt I'll always have
Doubts the devil brings
But now I'm LOVED and LOVABLE!


Catherine Jarvis
My past is dead. I'm dead along with it. But I've been reborn into Christ's Kingdom. Here I've found the thing I've missed the most... LOVE.
Robby Dec 2019
Hold your head up child
Don’t let the darkness **** you in
Be a light… burn brighter

Love more and worry less
Enjoy this life now
What will come later doesn’t matter

Refuse to dwell in the misery
These things are temporal
Live your life now
SøułSurvivør Oct 2019
Rhino virus in my flesh
My right knee has bursitis
Aching body, stuffy head
Hip to toe arthritis!

I've been slowly going deaf
Bad teeth in my mouth
I'm a "Rice Krispies" critter
My plumbing's going south!

I need a new body!
NOT the one I own!
I've dry-rot in my muscles
And acid in the bone!

What CAN make me joyous
When I'm in such pain?
Who is my umbrella
While I'm dancing in the rain?
I think you know the answer
But I'll repeat again...

Don't find it strange I'm happy!
No, don't find it odd!
I have a gracious Savior...

Jesus Christ's my God!
The litmus test for the value of a faith, I believe, is how you can handle trials in one's life. I should feel REALLY rotten... but instead I have joy!! Hallelujah!! ♡♡♡
Max Sep 2019
I noticed that I always say
"It will be alright"
When things are difficult.

And I never broke that promise.
Just noticed it
Eloisa Jul 2019
I can either spend my life fighting every single thing that doesn’t go my way, or calm down and believe that life’s challenges can be overcome and happiness can be attained.
My enormous odds, struggles, and difficulties are opportunities for me to gain wisdom and grow tolerance and resilience.
even mishaps,
they’re going to work to my advantage.
I believe that I’m already on the path to freedom from pain and confusion.
I believe that people can replace hatred with love, anger with patience and acceptance, spite with generosity and compassion, and jealousy with kindness.
I must walk the path to save myself.
Acina Joy Jun 2019
My fascination for the morbid,
and the unthinkable is grotesque
in all manner, though it is something
that I do quite relish
for in the concept of it all,
I am quite taken by the blunt
cruelty of the world,
though I am not such a person.
There is loneliness that drifts
amongst those who breathe
simply to survive;
and then there is struggle
and ache,
and misery,
to those who understand far more
than what I can.

My interest is grotesque indeed,
to simply watch scenes unfold
like the wings of a raven, unfolding
like plastic fans with cheap rings at the end
slowly coming undone
as time wears down the bones;
no longer breathes simply
to survive
Her lips become unsealed,
as she spills her urge to
confront her lover
He hesitates in the face
of an oppressing threat
They cry under great pressure.

I am fascinated, by the flamboyance
of the suffering; their strong strides
that hold no actual magnitude.
Their faux smiles that sing of
fresh blood mixed with their saliva
hiding behind trembling teeth;
strong hands that hold far tighter
than usual, when I comfort them,
and their suffering bleeds out of their wounds
like the lungs do oxygen,
and mind you, it surrounds me like a fog.

I have a morbid interest,
of watching it all unfold,
but that is what I simply am.
I am a bystander; a silent witness.

I simply wonder why these people
have the urge to come undone
before me. Why am I such a good
ear to their loud silence.

But ah, I understand now.
I am the same like them;
as you are me now.
be an ear; be a mouth.
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