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ALC Apr 8
This world will throw road blocks in your path
Disguised as people.
People masked with love and honesty
Men and Women adorned with fair hair and a sparkling smile.

This world will throw boulders into your path
Marking you with kisses and scars
Swaying you to stray from your goals
Asking you to give up your morals.

This world will send storms into your path
To push you back
And off the road
To hold you down.
Though through all of this,
We continue to walk
To run
Away from their grasping hands
And through the pelting rain and hounding thunder.
Toward the horizon shining with the ever-present idea of hope.
-ALC April 8, 2019
Feeling of not being good enough to have a close friend.
Even friends
Alone in the  worst possible way.
No coffees

You feel different
People treat you as if you don't belong
Reject you

Been like this all my life.
I try to make friends.
Either are not reliable.
So just land up feeling more lonely than you did before.
As I sit writing, my pencil sometimes lifts off the page.
Sometimes I think too much when writing.
When sentences rush to your head, all wanting to be written
When thoughts wage war in your mind, all wanting to be heard
It’s hard to accommodate for all
Words that desire to be tattooed on a page
And to be read by another’s lips
But none know the difficulty of pausing, having your pencil lift off the page because of a lack for words.
Chris Feb 3
My life is misery,
If I get it my way my loved ones suffer.
If I don't I'll make them suffer.
Yushi Jan 31
What do you do when you are stuck in quicksand?
You take slow movements.
Take life at you own pace, things will get better.
M-E Jan 27
Screamings is all the order
I can hear
Enclosed in my brain
And launched out, through my mouth

r  a  m  b  l  i  n  g  s  .

Facing the mirrors
And crisscross thoughts
I weaken and frail
Get off the rails
Expressing what I want to say
In front of you
Because I am a speaker
Without a lisp
Without a stutter
Just Screams and Mutters
Without any speaking difficulties
Because I am..Simply
Don't ask me how I was inspired to write this poem. Lol
CM Lee Jan 16
I’m 20 with a bachelor’s degree
My dad’s the proudest of me
My sisters are smiling from ear to ear
Finished first, but why wasn’t I happy?

I’m 21 and I passed the exam
It was ruthless, getting to where I am
I was alone in the water but I still swam
Got all the awards and accolades, but ****

I’m 22, no work, no dream
All those times I was rowing on the wrong stream
Forgot who I was and where I’ve been
Now I’m lost and they all think I’m mean

Friends and family said I’ve changed
They said I’d turned emptier and strange
But they don’t understand, I’m not deranged
For a long time, from myself I was just estranged

I’m 23 and still trying to find myself
Lost some people and honestly, I’m okay
Still no job but I know I’m on the right way
I’m finally doing what I love and I don’t care what they say
Rizna M Rameez Nov 2018
I finally realized I was dying.
Stood up.
And left.
Making hard decisions for my sake.
To breath and not be tired by breathing.
   (an acrostic )
To breath and not be tired by breathing .
Or to catch one’s breath when about to choke

By slow suffocating and no I’m not joking
Really it’s like a plastic bag over your head
Escaping death is the only natural remedy
A tube connected to home compressed air
That is the fate of sufferers around t’ world
Having chronic asthma it ain’t no joke.

And I have witnessed first hand the fear.
Not being able to breath when you awake.
Do you have that trouble now I hope not ?

No I wouldn’t wish it on any one this day n age
Oh to breath and not be tired by breathing
Tired by just keeping that old body alive

Be thankful if you can boast such good health
Each day count those blessings God has sent

To breath and not be tired by breathing.
I warn you that you may be old someday
Relax and remember this poetic warning
Endeavour to give up cigarettes today.
Death warnings carried on every packet.

By songs and warnings all around about
You listen but one more *** won’t matter

But there you cannot put the **** thing out
Relegation to the designated smoking area
Even though it has become a social place.
A conversation with a fellow smoker is sublime
Though to breath n not be tired by breathing
Having left if much to late to then escape
I see the grim reaper as he comes to get you
Nothing I could ever do again but pray.
God has now granted you relief from pain.
Written by Philip
November 6th 2018
Breathing was difficulties that my wife Barbara suffered. She smoked for much of her life and had to survive her final years on home compressed oxygen
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