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Nathalie Dec 2018
A vulnerable heart weeps, laughs, creates and grows in love. It knows not to harbour false ideals, judgments or assumptions. The apprentice stage arises from a deep-seated curiosity to feel more. An appetite for higher learning develops that propels the student to delve deeper and assimilate through experience what is being taught. Once on the path, there is always room to expand and learn more. The journey becomes exciting and paved with a myriad of possibilities to reach higher states of consciousness.

sushii Nov 2018
A tiny flare
Inside my hands
Grows bigger at the feeling
The feeling of want

That big flare
Rushes around a sky
With clouds that don’t deserve
To be illuminated

Sparks shoot out
There’s rain coming from the clouds
The big flare
Becomes smaller again

Sparks turn to ashes
My hands are burnt
No more light
In this rainy sky

During this period
I lose track of time
Everything is coated in sorrow
It feels as if months go by

But then the clouds clear
No more rain is near
A drizzle here and there
But still, we’re safe
This place is all warm
And, now,

The flare is shining, beautiful and bright
In my hands
Karisa Brown Aug 2018
You wrote my heart
For the first time
With a sweet afterglow
Of moonlight kiss

After sunset
We found each other
And every single night

Now the window doesn't
Seem real
There's a fog
Instead of a thrill

I clean it back off
But I can't see through

Do you still happen
To have my heart
With you
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
A gardener grows food that feeds
And a peacock of beauty
Flora that inspires

A poet grows words that ease
From the seeds
Of the beauty
The gardener sowed and admires
Shadow Dragon May 2018
Words drip from your mind
water the consciousness  
grows the sentence
that formes in you mouth  

- "Be my bee to my bird"
moon-kissedstar Mar 2018
I like how my heart grows with you,
Even when I left without a clue
I know for sure, a day or two
I'm gonna ask how you've been, boo.
I miss you even if you won't be missing me. I still care about you even if my mind says no already.
Diane Puckett Oct 2016
Your love for me is like a black currant-
Red and pink inside.
You are wild outside, but sweet and tender inside.
Make me a promise to never grow old for your love for me.
I will never grow too old to have love for you.
What do you do when you have no-one to talk with?
I think of you, and how close you are to speak with.
Every day my heart grows fonder of you and your love for me.
When does your love end?  Mine is never-ending, it never leaves,
and it will never fade.
What does your love garden grow?  Mine grows flowers and currants,
all in a neat little row.
When you are gone, my love still goes on.
Roses are red, violets are blue,
Sugar canes are sweet, and you are, too!
Where do you go when you need someone who cares?
I just look at your picture next to my bed, and I know that you will always be there.
Letters are great, but hugs are cheaper.
When you need a letter, I’ll give you a hug if it’s cheaper.
Your love for me is like the night sky.
I’ll always know when you’re coming by.
When the moon is high, you’ll be coming by.
We meet at the middle of the month, and the end of the month, with no changes
to tear us apart.
If it is the middle of the month, I know we will be off to a great start.
Your love for me is like a diamond-a diamond in the rough.
You make my heart beat faster, and a diamond makes your love start faster.
But, I don’t need any stinking diamonds.  Give me a hug-it’s cheaper, and more
loving than a case of diamonds in the rough.
Love is hard to last, but I know what is even more tough.
Having no-one to talk with with times get tough.
And, you help with both of those-love and someone loving to talk with through
thick and thin.
You are mine, and I know we will always win!!  Love you until time stands still,
or until someone makes us choose love or our favorite pill!
Just joking, I love you still!!
My heart is growing fonder of my loved one-that's why I wrote this new poem-to show his love for me after 7 months together.  This is October 8, 2016.  In 8 days, it will be my 7 month anniversary.
George Krokos Jun 2016
It's known that everything expands when it is heated,
so our discontent grows when we're not fairly treated.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Lexi Harwick Jan 2016
a plant grows towards
the sun
as we grow towards
but the sun is 93 million miles
and happiness is out of reach
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