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Ana 3d
I've always preferred finding out what time it was by looking at the watches of strangers,
Preferably on a morning carriage where the forgotten time difference from fading holidays meet the eternally shaken bracelets
Strangers, on their way to an oversized office smelling like old tea and leftover birthday cake.

My eyes, moving from one being to the next,
wondering if they woke up in their own bed.
Disparate attires or obedient consumerism, smells of cologne and *****, unironed shirts and loose ties,
Remains of a night too quickly ended or of a morning that started off wrong.
Strangers, burning the courage to face the dread of small talk talk and mindless tasks.

A half hour turnover of faces, smells and stories,
Strangers, unknowingly sharing their lives with me.
Anushia Oct 17
common unleashed my thought  
proper capitalized my title
concrete engraved my pleasure
abstract fantasized my dream

nouns complete my poetry
nouns create actions for life
Hatred  dies
At love's spell
That's why
Love is devil's peril
Love believes
In common weal
Devil believes
In underhand deals
Love is creative
Devil is destructive
Love is divine
Devil is crime
Love, love
All the time
To tread
The path divine
In writing
What's the harm
I shall practice
If I find time
May be some
Get enlightened
By the spirituality
I betray
Khoi Aug 4
Common courtesy

thanks your comments are highly

Leslie Jul 29
"Take care of him for me"
The line of a song plays.
A while since I've heard that song
It brings memories of middle school.
The way I smiled and never spoke
of any language that requires to interact
It plays reverse
Oppressed towards the brown jasper.
Ken Pepiton Jul 25
Air guitar, mellow, loose breezy shadows on the rock
outside my window, where life,
barely modified by my
the old learning in each living thing,
seen through my window?
While idly listening to the audiobook The Attention Merchants,
actively attending the attention economy makes all things common, there fore short attention spans are evolved to meet words where they hurt, and kiss it, make it better. --- or as that feels in the typical virtualviral conscience.
Tony Tweedy Jun 25
We may not share the same path or length of time on life's journey.... but we do have in common that each day takes us one day nearer to its end.
Not difficult to see why I don't get invited to many parties.....
You treat me bad in your ****** times
Every time I wonder what was my crime
With every approaching luxury
You felt my happiness is compulsory
The good time comes and goes
The bad time comes and goes
I adjust with all your temperamental
I always express you as gentle
Here is the end of the story
This repeating cycle is my glory.
A common story of a phase that most couples undergo once or more in a lifetime.
Holy justice,
just dying.
by Michael R. Burch

Flame within flame,
  we burned and burned relentlessly
    till there was nothing left to be consumed.
    Only ash remained, the smoke plumed
  like a spirit leaving its corpse, and we
were left with only a name
ever common between us.
  We had thought to love “eternally,”
    but the wick sputtered, the candle swooned,
    the flame subsided, the smoke ballooned,
  and our communal thought was: flee, flee, flee
the choking dust.

Keywords/Tags: dust, ash, spent flame, smoke, spirit, corpse, common, name, divorce, separation, parting
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