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Chris Sep 28
My country tis of thee
Land changed hatred free
Violence for the judged
Silence for the observer
Evil never budges
It changed kindness to brambles
Left my flag in shambles
We could pick up the pieces..

This is an american begging his populace to put an end to this..

We exist as broken as the lives that were stolen..

Too many are dead
We pray in our rooms
No cure no med

Tears upon the pillows of our beds

You've no heart to know
So apart we grow

My country tis of thee..

We are dying in this melting ***..
Such horrid heat, lost in thoughts

My country tis of thee..
We grow as we fade

I am not the only me
You stole yourself now we cannot be free

I beg you
Wake up

Hatred shut up

America grow up

This is not what veterans fought for..

Shame on you
Love a blue hue

Task of a saint
Heart of blue paint

People have tried but hearts have turned faint..
artisticAR Sep 26
I feel torn, down the middle like,
one half lives here in solitude,
the other is driving on the turnpike
heading home to those who
know me the best
as I indulge in their
while awaiting a little
welcomed rest.
I'm often taken back,
to the moment you were lost.
I can't help myself from asking,
could you have known the cost?

The pain was hard to handle,
it grew deep inside of you.
sweet relief knocked at your door,
but its promise was untrue.

Its visits started slowly,
then its power quickly grew.
blinded by its pleasure,
it warmed you through and through.

At first I made excuses,
for all the heartache that you caused.
your past  had not been perfect
and you struggled with its flaws.

I knew that I could fix you,
if I learned to do things right.
so I came to your rescue,
and attacked with all my might.

But the evil built up strength,
sometimes tearing me inside out.
the lies and disappointments,
helped to feed into my doubt.

The demon was persistent,
and haunted you at night.
breaking any self control,
by using all its might.

My heart shattered to pieces,
as I watched you  disappear.
the person looking back at me,
saw a future that he feared.

Then that bitter call came in,
on a gorgeous winter day.
the sun that shined so brightly,
quickly turned to grey.

There were so many questions,
we never got the facts.
emotions got the best of me,
my heart fought to relax.

The guilt was hard to handle,
as I faced it day to day.
blaming myself harshly,
because I hadn't known the way.

I struggled to find peace,
and prayed to God above,
begging for forgiveness,
and needing all his love.

The words spoke to me softly,
and the truth took root within.
the grievous battle, that was lost,
was never mine to win.
i still think of you often
whether im with people or by myself
i think about the way you touched me
the way your warm pink lips felt against my collarbone

then i thought about what actually happened

i dont think of you often
neither by myself or with people
i think about the way you hit me
the way your warm pink lips sputtered those words

i hope i never think of you

I know you are hurting deep inside
The pain is to much to bear
Life struggles
Hold on through the toughest times.
I know time will eventually heal.
But now your heart is sore.
You feel broken.
It's needs tender love and care
Each piece needs gently put back together.
You need to search for rooted cause
Just let the anger subside.
But don't give up.
Hold onto all you have got
Robert C Ellis Oct 2019
When I was nervous in church my
Stepmother told me the ***** keys of A and E were God,
Breathing.  Of course, she confessed
She hated me and I imagined all of these
Faceless bishops writing the Benedictary we deceived our Sundays
Reading from cheap pulp pages because if Belief
were wings I would fall from the nest,
A delicacy.
My father?   He ushered families to their seats.
And also with you
B D Caissie Aug 2019
Bewildered soul
Banished from play
Brought down by illness
Breaks free only in dreams
Max Aug 2019
I finally know why I always have a plan-B,

It's because I'm really terrified Plan-A will fail.
Really scared of the future
SuperCunt Jun 2019
Stick your fingers in my mouth.
Stick your fingers in my mouth.
Like I do.
Stick your hand down my throat,
I’ll show you how.
To reach down my esophagus and rip the life out of me.
Like I do.
Just like that.

See? It’s not so hard.
Now do it again. And again and again and again and again.
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