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Renee Danes Nov 2019
It is quite easy
To look back on life
And believe you went wrong.

It is harder
To look at where you are now
And appreciate all you've done
To get here.
Just a thought.
Amy Duckworth Sep 2019
The ones who accomplish true greatness,
are the foolish who keep pressing on.
The ones who accomplish nothing,
are the wise who know when to quit
Max Jun 2019
To prove
Is to reach.

To defeat
Is to accomplish.

To accept,
Is to be set free.
Mind slips away in the fear of losing a bet against the past.
vern Apr 2019
in my pocket you will find
a receipt, some gum
scraps of paper, some change
a wrapper or two
there is a dollar as well,
and finally a book
of unfinished poems.
open the book you will find
words that were written
but soon to be forgotten
by the author who misplaces her mind
she wants to accomplish
even a drabble or two but
sadly she will never finish
for she'll forget that too
along with her ambition
perhaps works are meant to be unfinished
I always try to write. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at finishing what I start. I'm trying to get better and finishing my works. This poem is basically about that. This is for the forgetful people who want to accomplish a lot but either forget to complete their works or lose the will to do so. This is basically my first poem on this website, I hope you like it.
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Ah! that naughty wink,
Could accomplish many things!
Or make one just sink!
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
The same dreams that have sustained you
could be the same ones to
end you.
Not everything that glitters is gold.
Be careful what you dream of, it may come true.
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
It's fine to look back to see how
far you have come. Don't
dwell, the past should
stay behind you.
Don't lost in what could have be. Focus on what shall be.
Thank you for 157 followers! ^-^
The final part of the Lily in the Snow will come out tomorrow!
Thank you so much for the support you give me here, it means the world!
Love you guys!
Lyn ***
CC Mar 2018
It's a moment before you start
The pause after you've finished
The continuation after the pause
It's reviewing yourself in the goal you have in mind
Making it toward the line that means you made it
Make it everyday
Start it
Continue the next item
Disobedience to the list ensures no outcomes
Obedience is an A for Effort and a satisfying day done efficiently
Follow it to the letter
This is the founding of civilisations
Rituals, Manners, Habits
Let yourself follow
In order to follow through
Haruharu Jul 2017
The pressure of having to be good enough.. a heavy burden.

Need get be better, accomplish.

The constant search for perfection.

But what am I searching for?

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