Karmen 7d
A child i acted, you say as if you knew
But in fact you had no fucken clue
To talk when you weren’t ever near
Never did you get a chance to hear from my side of my own mind
You declared left and right
About my obsession with your ex
Like you knew the thing flowing in my mind
But ya didn’t
Ya didn’t fucken no the thoughts inside
The things I always had flowing my mind
Hunny you’re so heart over mind
That ain’t the care when it comes to who I’m sticking by
See from my side its mind before heart
Only a fool and not to come at you
But only a fool will let the heard lead the mind
That’s just plain wrong
Hunny you gotta let your mind tell your heart
Then you’re really there
The game really is
You fake that your heart leads your mind
In reality your mind leads your heart
It’ll be easier at getting on when you’re aware
But hunny you still ain’t there
And I don’t think you’ll get unstuck from the middle of the path
It’s really fucken sad
You feel sorry for me ?
Oh please
I don’t feel feel that way for me
My mind is leading the path I take
I only wish you’d be able to see it that way
I’m going the opposite way
Suggest you the same
Or you’ll forever hold pain
For the child’s sake
Give y’all a real break
Get the fuck away
Stop living in the past life of what once upon a time
This life isn’t a fairytale
Ain’t no happily ever after
What type of lie you been going at inside your head
suddenly i feel as if the world is spinning
and i am no longer apart of the gravitational hold
i float,
they say this is paranoia
that i am apart of this universe
i am firmly planted on the ground
but my legs don’t move when i walk
and my head is starting to hurt from the altitude
i glide through the air, through life,
until they wrap their arms around me
bringing me further and further into their world
you need to be normal
you need to walk
you need to exist
but i feel my existence must be lie,
there are parts of me missing
i am not one with this earth
i am bound for the sky
for there must be something for me in the horizon ahead
i wonder what it feels like to touch the insides of your body,
are you as fragile as you seem?
or do your organs turn to stone at the touch of another?
for what i know a
feeling that turns you
frightend and glum
for thinking too much
every single time
enourmos because i allow it to
enlarge to an
expansion that now creates what this is
always present and has a talent for
appaearing when there’s nothing but urge
and seek
reverence and dread
rushing through my body
right now
right here:

honestly one of my favourite feelings.
the things people are willing to do and achieve because of fear is truly and absolutely thrilling.

it lies within every single soul
and is the one true thing that connects us.
because a human basically acts on fear.
think about it.
why are you nice to people in the first place?
well, probably because your mother or father or anybody taught you as a child, but did they do it without fearing you of something? of people rejecting you when you act rude, or did those people do it themselves? are you afraid of karma? or the opinion of others?
it doesn‘t really matter.

everything you do
is somehow based on fear.
fear you once felt.
fear that is still so painfully present.
fear lurking on the horizon of the future
or even the fear of fear.
The coffee at the gas station is coffee nonetheless,
The coffee at the gas station is coffee, so I guess-
The coffee at the gas station, is free, I cannot stress,
The coffee at the gas station taste like shit, but I digress
I don’t normally drink coffee, but it was actually pretty good.
Aaron Bee Jun 4
My skin and blood jumps
My mind doesn't
Obedient, well trained.
Does it mean I know what's going on.
Something I found in my notes
Vieve A Jun 3
~ 28th July 2017 ~

Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed
Because time is passing by so quickly.
Fearing what is bound to happen -
Whether it is good or not.

Sometimes, we think,
Maybe just maybe if there's a power hidden somewhere to reverse the time
To relive every moment
To undo our mistakes
To make something better.
To take back our harsh words,
Perhaps, the world would be a happy place.

But then I snap back;
For there is no such reality,
And feel all the cruelty, harshness and ignorance in this world -
And words come out; "It's karma that evolves".

What's done is done,
What's said is said.
Let the bygones be bygones;
For what's a surreal dream without us just wishing and daydreaming?

Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed
Because time is passing by so quickly -
Fearing what is bound to happen.
Based on the Demon, Saerys,  from love and legends.
The boy is done
He had his fun
But now it’s time
To go to bed

And when the sun
Comes up again
Day’s begun
He’ll have more fun
Please! Wait
Feeling so low
Like his (Blowfish)__
Only temporary Oh! geez
Robin Razzamatazz
What!! All about Love
Candy Pez

((Enter me Expandable))

I need to fish
around so flexible
You're quick

The Vampire Garlic
RIP I have young-blood
I will just relive again
To expedite
what remains
Love unconditionally
All hired with conditions

The restless young
Native New Yorker
The busy talker
draw flush
In the Navy
Fleet week Baby
meeting crush

The Quickie
Gift of gab 
Or the hermit of Hermits
No demerits
Racing down
her wicked
thighs shower his

Sprinkle cone
Iced me
me sick way to
quick to even sigh
Whats up with
Include the Immigrants
Somehow American
Not very productive
They had Robot
watchdog like Gods
The money
where  your Apple

Mouth  I-Yahoo computer
And follow me
All followers
Kevin Quick morning
Stallone Rocky

__ Expandable

In the native lands
Over the border
The Ventriloquist
Emigrant exhibitionist
Deviant outsider
The Spy Breadwinner

The I pod doing
the podcast

Outcast lady
The rain in Seattle
Hanky Panky
Snoopy hang on
Aboard love boat
so foreign
Her kitten tongue
was wide open
Eye wide but
quickly minds shut
Did it say?
((Too Quick))

((White Doves)) website
Riders of the Morrison
Ouija board storm

Him hungry
for her
  Stars flu

* Planetarium+

Miss Tory friend
Terry's mouth
of Sherry
Met all their lovers
Sweet Cherry wine

In the Sanitarium
Your words are
not to hinder me

Kiss of an angel
You compelled me
Such a coincidence
The spell too quick

No heart of
Walk like a man
Talk like a
foreigner real slick
In another land
Dance like an Egyptian
From the Godly land  

No man is
quick enough
To expedite
The quicker man
Beaten by the
No God this is a
Ladies Island

Pulp Fiction absurd
Vanilla milkshake
Saturday Fever
So many Johns
The quick reaction might get you in trouble taking it slow can also blow you off the Titanic. Please have a drink listen to music wings to your heart in the foreign lands or wherever you are never apart
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