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Hilary Sep 11
love is an ocean
and standing on a cliff
the wind begins to blow
before it has the chance
to push me into a fall
i dive
fingertips steepled
pressed together
above my head
they direct me
toward that
i hold
i am tight
i hasten
my descent never pausing
never pining for the safety of the cliff
never looking back up
never checking
if the tide
is in
Mark Sep 10
And it’s over
Goodnight folks
Come again.

PS: It didn’t take you that long either to come to this poem......
As consistent as a snowflake,
Counting up from one to infinity.
Free falling through this endless shape,
Contained within a finite space.
JJ Inda Sep 7
thoughts are passing cars today;
ever changing,
on the move.
colors blur
and details clash.
one after the other,
the next
faster than
the last.
Juhi Jul 28
latent energy I wish I had: cold hands
stick to themselves in subzero, sticky with
regret and stagnancy: too many stags running about
harbingers of doom and gloom
eden's garden disintegrating at the sight of
the new bloom: wind beating in my eyes
turning around trees and warping leaves
train stations leading nowhere
thoughts compressed into bullets
and backwards thinking: could you tell me where we are, please?
Alan S Bailey Jul 17
It's argument time...woohoo! Not...

Here goes. I will personally start by letting you know
that we have more time on our hands to dispute
everything from waste of space to using up brain cells.
There's no use trying to pretend!
You and I will go on about this,
I will be "the problem." I will have "no alibi"
and may go on to lose my argument (as always) in the end.
I know, bad poem! BUT SO TRUE!
JJ Inda Jul 10
Akin to summer rain
or words you can't
seem to articulate
or the smile you feign,
The risk you take
once more.
Even coffee with an old friend,
or moments you regret.
‘bittersweet symphony’
on the radio.
And tears from your eyes
- right on cue.
Dinner on the 13th floor.
Traded a life with a kiss on the cheek.
A tree held the rope for me,
As I traded the life back.

I was number 13,
Of the 12.
Your heart beats silently,
Is your love as still as your heart rate?
Max Jun 25
Time just gets away from us.
Had to quote this amazing sentence from the best ending of one of the best movies I've seen.
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