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Not remembered
Set ablaze
For a small taste,
Steeped brew,
And edible grain

Feel sorry about
The messy fellow -
A tool
And restoration

The tardy arriver
Roe versus Wade
A Greek deity
And gobbled up

Clear the blackboard
It’s out of style:
And the Christmas doorway decoration
In blue
This is an experimental quick write where I used only clues from the crossword puzzle in my local newspaper. Enjoy!
Tell me,
The story of you.
But tell it quick.
In less than a page.
Just send me the link
And I’ll read it later.

I’m busy,
With the story of me.
Karmen Oct 5
thank you
you helped me find the truth
you were the life of me
whole life beautiful

when the fire burns out , I know it ain't pretty
but baby ima gone be okaye
they say things fall apart
I know in my heart we'll come back
and have a good laugh when we looking back

im just hopin we'll meet up some day
talk about where we been
all the ******* we been put through
how we always stayed strong
remember after all
im gone be here, no matter how long

take a step back
skip ahead if that's what you want
know we are young, and that we're growing old
but ain't a thing gone change
youll always remain, number one flame
how I see it even if we are completely broken
im willing to work with it
promise ill always be strong

youre the one that helped me make it through it all
know you don't exactly see it
no one elsse really gets it
I don't give a ****
if looking insane as I remain wherever you stay

whole life so **** beautiful
know you cant exactly see it
but you're the reason Im stronger then before
finding truth in whoever I am
you became most of life to me

let me just say
I know you claim to hate
but that's not in my way
cause you've been part of this great change
know there was lots pain
that why I write to remember
how far ive came
and who ive got to give thanks
for making me feel better about this life I don't wish to remain ',

got me wanting to stick around
watch the flames burn down
cause it is its own beauty
we may have fallen apart
but baby one day we're gone be back
have good laugh about all this
cant believe we met up again

honestly im fucken blessed
you don't know why I always claim this
cause you never saw more of  yourself
but honestly you made me who I am
stronger than before
I have you to thank for this
whole life beautiful
wished we never had to go own ways
in the end we will meet again
cause I aint given up that soon
youre my whole moon
reason I bloom
so im gunna always be there
even if that flame disappears
i'll stay near for when you give me the clear

we had fear from this journey
but thank yeeuus
I had you there
helping me through
just hope
I didn't mess your plan up
from us meeting up
always wanted the best for both of us
if it meant going opposite ways
I wouldn't be okaye but know ill be able to fight
keep myself upright ; least pretend im alright

we gone meet again
gone laigh at this **** one day
life has it amazing ways
to keep the flame from running to the ground
we're gonna rise from this
it worked out for both routes

take care now
ill be here , hmu when you like turning out
cause I cant lose you now
youre already far out
try not to completely disappear
I care
took some lyrics from a song but switched it up and it was only a few lines. the rest is all mine. to my flame soul , ill be here till there no more world to roam .
running notes fast fast
on fingers ran quickly
quickly walked along quickly
and be so quietly and quietly
quietly melody on the nose
slipped and sank into sleep

and there were white papers and will
black paper and torch burn and
notes will run again and all also
it is not known where and when to burn and
quickly run fast then
when I was five years old when I was

when i was six years old
I was seven years old and when I was
exactly eternity eternity one infinite
and when I was not a man but a piano
when I was just the keys and only
white and black black and white and all

de Negre Sep 28
somber bomber i like ducks
we dont love the gov it *****

(my friend erin said the ****?)
i did arrands rode the truck

the trip i flipped and made a sound
i skipped a bit and saw a hound

sorry pa he saw the mess
the current system likes to test

they see how fast and smart we are
so we can crash and part a car

there is no point to living now
maybe cause'
i was never
greeeeeeeetings amigos welcome to our new program #quickie3 yeeeeeee
that fleeting feeling of fluttering butterflies
as they caught your attention
in that short moment of walking by,
in that short moment of interaction
like the short moment of the land meeting the ocean
by the crashes of waves.
your thoughts momentarily filled with the 'what ifs'
what would it be like,
how your life will be like,
oh, what an innocent feeling that is.
those moments before knowing a person.

{ e.i }
Bryan Sep 23
I want to feel the rush
of a thousand winds
incessantly pushing my sternum
back against my heart.
I want to taste the adrenaline
in its most natural form
as it flows through
my veins swelled with life.
I want to smell the carbon
of the passing drivers
concerned only
with the color of a light.
I want to see the sweat
cloud and sting my eyes
Blind me, I am unconcerned
my being suffers
as I push
my body
to the edge.
chloe fleming Sep 20
the weight of ink is heavier than blood
for it carries the passion and intensity
of a heart set free through the mountains,
the seas,
the valleys
scribbling its way on to pages of our minds
leaving us wanting more,
begging our pens to flow endlessly,
for the pleasure of some and the decay of others.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 7
Be quick, before a rain
spills off the rainbow bowl.

And the smiling rose
shows the world
the sun in its dew.
Traversing my minefields,
   Is an impossible task,
Find another way around,
   So that you don't get hurt,
Because that would be sad.
I don't want to make you sad.
Was part of I Am Not but i decided  to split them into two independent pieces.
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