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Amanda Nov 13
A quick knock on wood
Pondering if I should
Knock again in case
The first one was in haste
I don't know why I wrote this haha
v Jul 2019
My lavender sweetheart
the way she looks giving you that pout
soft green eyes brighter than leaves w the summer dills
she leaves ya mind in feels like you’re off cbd pills
Body all lucid , seeing colors in acid melting with the music
come and catch this vibe like tree trunks sweet apple pie
leaving you in peace to sit with these lavender dreams
or leaving you in peace to sit with these lavender sweetdreams / sweethearts
Yazad Tafti Jul 21
rip all my hairs out hoping they access a brain cell to help me wipe my memory like a shaun white, snow tidal wipeout

strand by strand hoping to find a destresser to pull the plug of my brain's photobooks

you catalyze my grief and a cobweb nostalgia
silk an admired commodity yet **** out by a creature who has it handed to it at aggregated birth

stuck in this mess
but i have my fist clenched around a web which is as adhesive as a 48 hour hardened glue

glued to you but i'm acetone fused and it's only a serum's distance to an isle of distant cries , haunting melodies of  f# major vocal hymns and

a sand filled paradise where wild life flies and quick sand awaits to offer a gorgeous, satin, embodiment of warmth.

yours deceivingly..

that good old horrendous feeling
Riya Jul 12
you just
dont know
what to
your mind
will just be blank.
your words
will just fade.
your heart
will just tighten.

but even then
you will be

《ignore tags》
Riya Jul 8
the time
i had
with you
was nothing
but luck..
time was
a little bit
maybe too
oh dear
i'm sorry
i had to
oh-so soon..
too soon.
i know
the time
we shared
was oh-so
even so
you got to
it was fun..
oh-so fun.
I haven't wrote in awhile.. so hope you like this one..
also sorry for the edits *-*
《ignore tags》
Riya Jul 12
pass by
like you
always do
no need
to keep up
with me..
i don't
need you.
《ignore tags》
michael Jun 23
Smoke from across the room
A half-hidden smile, a glint of flame,
Soft lips mouthing, saying "**** no"
michael Jun 21
A dancing mist
Ripping, shredding
Let wall meet fist
Amanda Apr 22
Chase happiness as fast you can

Because you are only getting older
And more out-of-shape
So your best chance at catching that **** is RIGHT NOW!
No time like the present
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