snow babies wait amongst the white of december,
cradling their iced-over hearts between cold glass panes;
two dozen of us with eyes glued on the outside,
just counting snowflakes and how many shivers run down our spines.
cold bones shatter the way we wait beneath icicles to drop from the roof,
and we know it's roulette,
but we take our chances and bets on the weather,
odds and ends of inches of snow.
to pass the time after angels dressed in white,
and searing cast iron tattoos,
we wait.
you all prefer the other seasons;
not the quiet that comes with ours,
but you too,
will wait to see;
will watch white fall from the sky
because our storm is just beginning.

I am a January baby. When were you born? Answer in the comments.
Gabriella Dec 9

I wish I could write things with meaning
With piercing words and breathtaking diction.
I wish that I could give all that I was thinking through words and art,
But everything I want to express is cut short
Broken down or unclean.
I want people to feel things when they read,
When they live I want my thoughts
In the back of their heads
Influencing their own ideas.
I want those feelings to inspire others
To express themselves through my words.
It's always been a dream.
And a far-fetched one at that.

hiraeth Dec 4

i wear glasses
but i cannot see.

the world is filtered
beyond our windows
showing us the false
and hiding the truth.

look further
past the news
past the people
and truly look at
what has happened
to our world.

and then come back.
look deep inside
and find out
what has happened
to you.

what happened? i looked deep inside and found nothing.

how do i replace what has gone missing?
chloe fleming Nov 30

Remember, my dear,
Even the sunshine will return to its darkness

I've aligned some words
tell me what you think
barnyard dance
stoic stance
I think, I'll have a drink
chicken butt
a load of smut
don't look now, but think
demon nuts
angel guts
something's bound, to stink
a broken tent
past the brink, I know
tuna fish
a great big wish
my favorite dish, is pink

Just whatever popped into my head, there's a lot of room in there ;D
chloe fleming Nov 20

i want to write something people can resonate with.
for most of my life, i spent hours in book that i cried with or laughed to.
but now it is my turn.
i want to write for the ones with swollen hearts that are full of love,
i want to write something for the kids who were never enough,
for those spend hours sitting in the shower because the water frowns out the sounds of their tears,
i want to write something for the ones who have spent nights upon nights dreaming of ways to leave this world,
i want to write something for those finding bliss in baggies and hope in a pill
for the children who have found companionship in literary hero’s,
for the ones who twist words and rhymes,
the ones who for countless hours have manipulated vowel sounds and consonant endings.
i want to write for the ones who still believe in the magic of pixie dust,
for the ones who’s pixie dust only lives in hard bound books and in aisles of forgotten book stores.
i want to write something for those who appreciate the weird and find comfort in the uncommon.
i want to write for those fighting every day for that loaf of bread in the grocery store.
i want to write something people can resonate with.
because i’ve been there
so here it is,
here’s to you.

Who are you to obtain my well being?
my disparates have led to my demise:
whilst you stand, withering and pretending,
your eyes, holding the veil of disguise.

i beg, so soft, for a forgiving glance:
but it is my own that turns around
i seek the world in which i have the chance
to burn the veil that i myself have found.

you may use words to strike me down for now,
but I know that they can never harm me.
my mind is set, I am forever bound
to the will I place and choose to lead.

though the memories never fully decay
i act as i am, i say what i say.

a lot of people will try and drag you down and claim you’re like them but realize... you’re who you are and nothing can change that. so, live in the moment and be who you are because that’s beautiful.
chloe fleming Nov 20

if you’ve seen him.
you’d know,
nothing gold can stay
and this is why,
i can’t wait for the day,
where you turn foe
so i can love you,

hiraeth Nov 15

you only like girls
who are
but still
look to you
for protection.

you only like girls
with no
yet you
hate it
when she
stands up
for herself.

you only like girls
with perfect hair
and a perfect face
without acne
or wrinkles
even without
any makeup.

you only like girls
that don't
seem to

you'll never find someone, and that's the saddest part. sadder than the fact that i will probably never find someone either, because i've accepted it. you still believe someone like that is real.

quick write. just wanted to get something off my chest.
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