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F A Pacelli Aug 5
you deserve your best
it is your right to achieve
but your responsibility also
the world owes you nothing
take (or create) what is yours
forge your weapons
win the wars you wage
but remember to respect
the freedom of others
lest it comes back to you
Max Jun 25
Time just gets away from us.
Had to quote this amazing sentence from the best ending of one of the best movies I've seen.
Johnny walker Jun 12
Spent of my life waiting for that one chance a chance
to turn life around and make everything all right something beautifull making
all my pain and rears worth while
Something beautiful to see me through the rest of my days and I found It In my wife to be but everything In life comes at a price that price being to lose her so soon In
But was a price I willing to pay to have had the time
with her and the son that
she gifted to me but I never thought for a moment whilst we're together It would lead back to hear and a place called
But I know my sweetheart Is In safe keeping far away from here and cold lonely house that we shared and the
empty feel the house now has
since my sweetheart passed on Its now just a place to lay my head
She who gave so much to life and asked very little In return but for the love of her husband and that of her family In her final hours of passing I saw bravery that I had never seen
For she was a woman of sprite and lady of true grit
I'd witnessed on many
accations how she had fought
for her life and won when being so close to death but
my sweetheart gave In when her strength to fight was all gone
The day of Helens funeral I had chosen an aproperiot song THE ROSE I Qoute "Some Say Love It ls A Flower" for Helen was like a flower after winter snow had gone
she would bloom In spring vibrant colour returning to her cheeks I admit It was hard to accept that she'd  never bloom
but I know that she's safe  from the troubles of this life and free from pains that she
suffered so much In life she was beautiful but no longer here at the end of my days may she now rest In
To love and to lose Is the hardest thing one can face In life but It better to have loved than not loved at all
F A Pacelli Jun 6
worry not on
reaching your destination
you will not be satisfied
when you arrive there
a new destination is
always on the horizon
be happy with the journey
that is all there is
F A Pacelli Jun 5
seek what makes you hungry
if you are not compelled
to act with obsessive vigor
if your curiosity does not
taunt you with madness
then keep on searching
for that elusive hunger
it is what rips open our chest
so our soul may shine
shaken I take stock
parrots shrieking loud

sunny days drift by
mock assail my space

flowers bloom but brief
blink and they're replaced

trees take fifty years
decimated swift

people killed, displaced
earth protests in pain

stop, opt out, you're lost
left with platitudes

can I drift removed
isolation seek

then again I see
I sound like them now

if I sulk and pout
fail to see my path

rise above and live
carve a vibrant self

ripples echoing
circle all this globe

passage clipped and purged
take a mountain pass  

rein in darkening clouds
grasp some grit this day
Masque Mar 26
Wall after wall after wall.
It’s time to take a break.
Thickness, concrete, cement.
I’ve been closed for so long.
Shadows, darkness, hiding.
I don’t even remember what the sun feels like.
Safety, enclosed, tightly.
I miss the sun. I miss the air.
Cracked, chipped, scraped.
I think it’s time for a change.
Snap, crack, pop.
Maybe if I just try it.
Crumble, rubble, dust.
Reach a bit more, open it wide.
Blinding, bright, warmth.
I feel it.
Grow, glisten, breathe.
I am myself again.
Open, open, open.
It’s so good to be back.
Robert Mar 15
If someday I got stuck,
Some rivers to be crossed,
I'll always keep on swimming,
To waves I shan't be lost.
It's been a while since I wrote one, keeping this one short and simple.
Keep on swimming.
Johnny walker Jan 31
There's lady I have become to know through poetry writing I call my Texas friend
and although we are thousands of mile away
we comfort each other every day through the messages we send to each
she has helped me so much through the pain of my grief a lady of true grit
and always keeps going never gives
even though she has struggles of her own I'm proud of this lady of true grit who has become my true friend and always will be "Friends Till We Both Go Home"
Written In dedication of a truly wonderful friend who has always been there for me
through the pain of my grief
a true friend a lady who has true grit
Juhlhaus Jan 23
A sidewalk canvas
Half done slush
An oil slick
Twice frozen ice
And boots that slip
A train just missed
The red eyes glare
Rain that floats
In sour air
Brutalized concrete
Bleeding rust
Filthy floors
And alley walls
Spent cigarettes
In every nook
Steel that shrieks
In cold protest
Blue lights
And a defiant poet
On every corner
An inventory of materials.
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