HectorBrown May 31
Emily rested abreast the nipple of earth protruding from that sparkling level of water. She stood up, and wandered slowly over the soft dirt and gritty shale towards the block. Wrenching open the door her feet landed on the hard, glossy, inviting floor. Having ascended 3 levels, she arrived at her block. She opened it, revelling in the soft points of contact with her feet.
“…for now, however, we are finished with ‘X’ for ‘show presented’…”
The television murmured in the background. She shut the door, all the blinds and sat, in the centre of the corridor. Floating over top of herself, existing solely in this moment and appreciating the true glory of her point of land.
Vineetha Apr 5
While I worked hard,
it came easy to her,
While she was a natural at it,
I had to grind my way to it.
A thought crossed my mind,
It’s unfair,
I had no flair,
no natural gift to spare,
for it’s meant only for the gifted,
and the blessed.
Upon reconsidering,
I wasn’t impuissant,
I had the vigorous tool of all–
belief in myself,
a clear path to achieve the goal.
Although rudimentary,
still, the one to fetch happiness.
It might take longer,
it might get harder,
but certainly is doable,
for it’s not about the gift, but grit.
Joshua Horder Feb 15
The religious chalking of the hands,
The tightening of the thick nylon straps,
Headphones are placed and primed,
Now time begins to lapse.

His mind's eye recites what now must be completed,
Claiming a bench, he sits, he waits, he breathes,
He grasps the ice cold steel and tightens his grip,
Lifting, striving for ten, he pushes, he believes.

The loud clink clinking of solid metal plates,
The sound of great efforts fill the room,
Sweat and tears begin to flow,
Working hard the muscles engage and begin to bloom.

Set after set he keeps pushing forward,
Digging deep into his soul for his much-needed strength,
Tunnel-visioned now as he drives and drives,
Working for that last rep, his arms raising, still at full length.

An hour or more passes and the session draws to a close,
Crunching his abs, he works as the pain stabs into him like a knife,
He knows it's doing him good, it's his mindfulness, it's his time,
He will be back tomorrow for another round because after all, training is life.
Don Aug 2017
Hope is a kind of grit
- Exists -
In hostile places
- A kind of gift -
When we are broken.
- it doesn't break -
Strong in pieces
- without permission -
Here to stay
- That faintest voice -
Sit and listen
- its reason enough -
Hope is speaking.
Alijan Ozkiral Apr 2017
The tinge of secondhand cigarettes fill the air,
Meshing with the scent of a stale motel.
The waft of solitary sex lingers on the unmade beds.
The dilapidated roofing, cracked and chipped,
Threatens to fall on its ghostly residents,
Who care little for the subpar shielding,
Which lets in the acid rain and crumbs of insulation.
The outside, which was once filled with children
Blowing bubbles, filling the moving air with floating life,
Now rests as a statue grey, unnerving in stasis.
Behind the front desk stands the concierge-
As timeless as the cobwebs in the corners and
Dust on the grandfather clock, long since unmoving.
"He was once a great man, as tall as Yggdrasil itself"
Residents were once told.
Now he stands grey and hunched,
As his residents lay sedated and soft.
Timothy hill Mar 2017
Transduction, she was of power towers above a world with unlimited

Eltric mood either or kind of style.

You and me forward no back wards.

Center of a pulse are nozzle pours freely.

Warriors of time always on her side.

Molding reason, and never waves of good bye.

Failures only occurs when guilt gets its way.

Minds think minds blink so how or why do we age.

Age is not meant into death.

Think of death as a whole with bits missing.

Drinks are funny-ly spelled to mandela effect possibly.

Diet sodas for instances die t.

Die is nighters or resume of false death.

"Die is actually, dimensions is every thing.

When you think of a flower in full brilliance and color.

It glows green, and pink in certain growth stages.

Female the word is made in the same purpose.

Fe is iron on the periodic table.

Hence the word female strong male.
The metrics of life.
Andrew Fahey Feb 2017
Putting my foot firmly on the pedal
We come to an abrupt,
But expected

Wanting to be bored
But suffering with frustration.
The disco tail lights offer a way out
That is not taken.

What hope do we have?
Like sitting on a rock
Its not that bad
But it could always be better.

Steering slowly east
The shadows move
Faster than the grass growing.
Need to check the paint.

Familiar settings
Allow for the tasting of an expected dinner.
Not mundane
Not after this journey.
Nateive Son Feb 2017
Comparisons are silly,
Like any electron knows its own name.


I saw you once in the Freak show,
Next to the Bearded Lady,
Or was it Obama?

I can't tell anymore,
Separating the shit show from my coupon booklet,
Tearing out a page and buying bananas,
These are my gifts to everyone.

Kind of like the man,
Who would scream from the Bible,
When I would walk to class,
Point at the frat boys drinking Chick-fil-A lemonade,

A chuckle,
A breath,
A dance away from my bed toward the creeks and hills.

Thinking again,
Whether you believe in Christ,
Or the Flying Spaghetti Monster,

I still love you.
Look up "Get Got Death Grips Kazoo Cover" on YouTube for the fundamental essence of my verse.
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