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10.8k · Sep 2015
Sibling Rivalry
Running for his life, he made his courage known
Turning to try to turn the tide, his strong stance surely shown
Frowning upon the enemy face, he waited for the fight
pounding, stomping around the corner, his foe came into sight
...Questioning the crying kid...
he hug'd his brother tight
9.8k · Jan 2016
Being Desirable
Being desirable messes with your mind
Think this through and i think you will find
It’s better to be bashful and shy
Then beautiful, bodacious, and that kind of guy
Cause that kind of guy goes away in time
And then you’ll be left with a story like mine.
never get ahead of yourself, always be righteous
8.9k · Apr 2015
The Color…
The color blue is many things
The sky, the ocean, and sea
The color green is also there
The grass, the frogs, and trees
The color red, like beautiful death
The flames, the blood, and then
The color black, an evil fright
Death itself, and fear, and night
the world is very colorful if you pay attention
6.9k · Apr 2015
Humanity v.s. Individuality
I am hungry for beef and blood
I cannot stop myself or run
I crave for food and violence too
As a human being its what i do
And yet ill wait, for i am my own
And refusing desire is what i’ll show
this poem portrays the evil of man, and the ability of every individual in humanity to refuse desire and temptation
6.8k · Apr 2015
Alcohol Rain
Is it too much to ask
For you to put down the flask?
Is it too much to say
You're throwing your life away?
I guess it doesn't matter, your mind is made
I cant stop you or the alcohol rain
this poem is for all those who don't try at all to give up a bad addiction, not for those who try and fail, i salute those who try and fail
6.7k · Apr 2015
Feather Fall
Feather Fall
and show us all
how weightless life can be
Feather Fall
and let us all
watch as you float free
Feather Fall
come teach us all
how to be at peace
Feather Fall
point out our flaws
as you touch the trees and leaves
6.0k · Apr 2015
suicide and sacrifice
You can be afraid of love
you can be afraid of life
but for you, Ther'll be no suicide
and I will Not let you sacrifice
you are my equal in every way
you cant keep putting you down
you are a human being, today
and tommorrow you'll still be around
it should never come to suicide, theres always anouther way out, and you should never offer yourself up just because you think your less than somebody else
5.7k · Apr 2015
Rage Is Not Courage
courage is a soldier who defends his home with might
rage is a warrior who fights without foresight
courage is the blessed soul who knows when what is right
rage is a flawed man, who gives his life with spite
5.2k · Apr 2015
Pride is a relic of insanity and i will be its keeper no longer.
My glory is desecrated, and humility is my new home away from home
5.0k · Apr 2015
The Righteous help
Be a humble spirit
And one day you will find
That being humble and accepting
Will help make up your mind
Only you can defeat your pride
Only you can be the bigger man
And then one day you’ll find a bride
And with that, a helping hand
4.8k · Apr 2015
Persistence and Passion
Failure is my teacher
And success, my graduation
Love does not come from above
It comes from determination
Persistence and passion will rebel
Redemption will be mine
I will no longer accept to fail
My restitution will be sublime
4.7k · Apr 2015
The Storm Of Tranquility
Peace and quiet can be a storm
I’ve seen it once or twice
The raging winds of solitude
The stillness, cold as ice
Raining emptiness into my head
And flooding it with despair
I once welcomed tranquility
And now…
I dont even dare
4.6k · Apr 2015
Sweet Dreams And Peace
The sky and the sea,
The stars and the trees,
The rain and the sweet melodies,
I love and cherish all these components
That give me sweet dreams and peace
4.6k · Apr 2015
guide me to a wonderland
where poets write for free
where musicians play and blind men see
and we all live in harmony

guide me to a wonderland
where oppression  fades like chalk
where freedom is as common as a pebble or a rock
and the love will never stop

guide me to a wonderland
where the joy shines like the sun
and everywhere you look, its children having fun
and theres no such thing as a gun
"why cant we be friends..."
4.3k · Apr 2015
Freedom Is Agnostic
Freedom is agnostic
because you can't always tell
whether you ar right or wrong
does no guidance mean no hell?
Freedom is agnostic
because you control your fate
no one told you what to do
but hey, at least you're safe
Freedom is agnostic
of this, i am aware
i will proudly accept my freedom
cause i know at least its fair
4.0k · Jan 2016
Spark of Selfless
when she says she wants to cut
upon the wings of her own feathered emotions
i was ignorant

when she said suicide was the only way out
and she needed a rope to grasp
i was ignorant

when she said she needed me
and i turned my back on her

she was gone

...but no more...
3.6k · Apr 2015
Drug Of Trust
The drug of trust
Is but one, drug i don't desire
The drug of passion
I will let burn
In my heart, like fire
3.0k · May 2015
Passion Is
Passion is a burning flame
where adversity is but gasoline
my passion will burn, and wont soon expire
your oppression will only make my flame, a fire
and ill feed my passion with love and glory
and you'll be left alone, no one else to tell your story
there's no stopping my passion or my poems, and if you try, i'm only going to write more
2.9k · Feb 2016
Financial Oppresion
synchronize debt
unfortunate occasion

apply a pinch of poverty
unreachable secession

integrate inconsistent economy
lack of intuition

and then you'll be america
it's financial oppresion
rough draft poem in science class xD
2.8k · May 2015
Yesterday, held many words
Yesterday, flew many birds
Yesterday, your pride expired
Yesterday, humanity was acquired
Today, rises a new wise man
Today, begins a wise mans stand
Today, knowledge will be spread to your peers
Today, you shall conquer your fears
And tomorrow, you shall have joy at last
knowing you spread your knowledge so fast.
yesterday you were a little more ignorant than today,
and tomorrow you will be happy
2.8k · May 2015
Ball And Chain
My emotions are a ball and chain
A weapon of longing and pain
as i'm held hostage by righteousness and pride
as i'm longing for my long lost bride
the world around me sheds its shell
and i'm stuck here, in my lonely hell
found this in one of poem journals, the pages were stuck together xD
2.8k · Apr 2015
Salem Witch Trials
The wabanaki tyrants
A threat that's come and gone
mercy luis’s family
now butchered like a hog
16 years now have past
and trials on its way
guilty is as guilty's charged
its barrows turn to play
20 victims laid to rest
20 “witches” hanged
180 more accused
from 93’ and 92’
but many more to blame
for the vessels of the Salem ways
now cold and heartless souls
accusing innocent lives, for shame!
now unfair trials we shall hold...
this poem is historically accurate to the last detail, and not mankind's greatest moment
2.8k · May 2015
Desire Is Satan
You cant blame me for wanting more
I dont Know why or what for
Bit desire is tugging at my side
and forever I wont be able to hide
So help me be Content fair maiden
and help me push away that Satan
Desire causes delusion and unhappiness, only used correctly, can it be used for motivation
2.7k · Apr 2015
Forget Her
Righteousness won't always be there
Anger will stay true
Sometimes love can't be repaired
No matter what, just learn to be you
One day when you're old and gray
And your life is at a close
Your memories will toss out the day
You left her in the cold
move on as a last resort, and when you do, forgive yourself for doing so
2.7k · Apr 2015
The Neverending Feud
The evening shall lay waste to the day
As it retreats over the horizon
The day shall counter strike its way
Up unto the morning
And i'll be waiting and watching as i do
For the end to the neverending feud
And the beginning of true solitude
2.6k · Apr 2015
Envy From Dawn
Envy can tear at me, from dawn unto dusk
But my passion can conquer that unrighteous lust
Yet love may be my enemy still,
For there is nothing righteous about abandoning free will.
2.6k · Apr 2015
Shine Together
my love waits on the rising sun
beyond the sea and tides
shes knows no boundary fears no harm
and knows not of my crime

my loves waits on the throne of my heart
and in my mortal soul
i know she will sit there again
when life has taken its toll

my love swims in the fountain of youth
her spirit does not die
even when she fades away
her memory will stay mine

and even though her path is harsh
she will shine forever
cause now you know the love i've shown
and we will shine together

my love will never back away
from a fight or from a cause
my love does care too much for me
and for that she'll never stop

my love reflects in the waters of life
magnificent as the stars
she's as innocent as a puppy dog
and is more beautiful than the heavens are

my love is not just a legend
the perfect woman, and kind
one day we will be married and then
she'll be mine and only mine

and even though her path is harsh
she will shine forever
cuz now you know the love i've shown
and we will shine together

my love is a mockingjay
shes free and full of pride
my love soon will be with me
and soon she'll be my wife

my love is the rocky mountains
shes sturdy like a tree
and even through her oppression
she and i will be

my love she is the clear blue sky
shell drive away a cloud of gloom
and with her ill be happy evermore
until i reach my tomb

and even though her path is harsh
she will shine forever
cuz now you know the love i've shown
and we will shine together
this used to be a song i wrote, but i figured its more useful as a poem
2.6k · Jan 2016
Papa Bobby
his name was papa bobby
or it was to his baby
but his baby was me
so i'll just call him daddy

he lived in a house
with a lover, a spouse
and he said he loved me
but then gone was my safety
for he saw some bad things
and that changed him, his being
and then he changed me
when he messed with my mommy

and though he no longer lives
and even though his memory fibs
i still remember my daddy
before the war made him a baddy
Everyone makes mistakes, and those mistakes should not dictate your charactor
2.6k · Apr 2015
Forgive Yourself
Forgive yourself, even when they won't
For they dont always understand
When words are tossed about like stones
And you don't know if you can
When lies are spread like a wild fire
When your friends are blinded by fear
Even when you’re indescribably tired
And you can even manage a tear
Forgive yourself, Even when they don't
Your old life will be back soon
Nothing is unforgivable
Oh! And be humble and righteous too!
this is my favorite of all the poetry i've written because it applies so often, and leads to a better life
2.5k · Apr 2015
Music Of Death
Love is a repetition
as is the fate of death
where music thats left in deaths wake
may give hope to children yet
2.3k · Feb 2016
Hostile Environment
Hostile Envirnoment
A place unsuitable for life
Where love grows weak and weary
And will very likely die

Hostile Environment
Where peace does not exist
Where war is a disease
;A nasty brutish cyst

Hostile Environment
Where Nothing goes right
It needs to be saved
Or put out of sight

Hostile Environmemt
May be conquored at once
But u must have faith
In yourself...
You are strong
You can conquor anything if you beleive in yourself
2.2k · Apr 2015
Handicapped Men
A blind man cannot see
or live; without mercy
A deaf man cannot hear
or live; without fear
A mute man cannot speak
or live; without peace
But every man is handicapped
in a bigger way than these
a tribute to those with a disability, because your much stronger than everyday man,
2.2k · Apr 2015
Falling into oblivion
The nothingness feels nice
Knowing one day i won’t care
Gives me sweet delight
2.1k · Apr 2015
Jealousy And Disgrace
You think you're better than me
Really? is that so?
I guess we’ll never know for sure
Until you start acting humble
Please stop rubbing it in my face
For the only thing i really see
Is jealousy and disgrace
the instant you say your better then someone, you become less than them
2.1k · Apr 2015
The Burden Of A Soldier
They talk of the power dred has over beauty
They never seem to mention the clouds
They talk of the fire, the death, and the fury
But never of songs or sounds
Thy talk of the battles they've lost against evil
They talk of their fallen companions
I will talk of the ocean and stars
And all of the comforts that command them
Gift to me my solitude please
I regret to inform you that you must leave
Your walking all over my “unholy place”
Not “unholy” as in Satan
It’s more like disgrace
I want to be left in my peace
I've done some bad things, got grit in my teeth
So leave me now, i wont ask again
Leave me, for i am not a good man.
the criminal that really deserves a second chance, is the righteous one
2.1k · Apr 2015
Known Righteousness
Some people will never know
How good it feels to have a righteous soul
Some people will never understand
What it means to be the bigger man
Some people can't contemplate
How wonderful it is not to hate
But you and i are one and the same
And righteousness is the name of our game
tribute to all those who have turned the other cheek in their time
2.0k · Mar 2016
Im fucking trash
Yea im ******* trash and i know it
Im a ******* ******* and i dont deserve to live
Everytime i get her trust back
I say one stupid thing
And its gone again
I dont know why i say it
Its stupid, for absolutly no reason
I lied to her face
Because i thought it would help
For some weird ******* reason
Why did i think that?
That is no way to keep her trust

Im ******* trash
And she deserves better
Why do i keep her chained to me
I love her so much
But i keep breaking her heart
And making her question her trust
Its stupid, why do i do that

The other night was amazing
We talked and cuddled and shared stories and it was magical
Things were looking so great
It was the best night of my life
And now its being followed by the worst day
A day where i make her feel horrable
Because of ANOTHER
stupid, inconsiderate thing
That i said

Im ******* trash
And i wish there was some way to make it up to her

And never let her down again
Im ******* trash
1.9k · May 2015
I've walked a trillion miles,
and lived throughout eternity,
i've done all this in the dream world,
as a sleeping entity.
i've saved the world from evil,
and conquered over good,
but out here in the real world,
i do nothing as i should.
i'm addicted to the dreamland,
its heaven in my mind,
in there i found a lover,
but out here, i'm lost in time
i once got addicted to sleeping...i slept 10 hours a day because i loved the dreams i was having...but now i in paradise is no life at all
1.9k · Apr 2015
To Irritate An Instrument
to irritate an instrument
to intrude into an interlude
to extract the extrapolation
from a well developed tune

to manipulate the melody
to solo with your soul
and finally to finish
with your really groovy goal

Lots of ways to sing it sad
Lots of ways to gig real good
Lots of ways to write it wrong
or dance to it, like you do
Music isn't just in the tempo,
there's also lyrics and notes and dance and above all, personallity
1.9k · Apr 2015
A Highway Of Poems
A highway is a path like any other
Don't you know?
A path that you can share with another
Down the road
I will share my path as a highway
For the many
I will share my poems because I think that
I am ready
1.8k · Feb 2016
Essay On Counting Sheep
"Count the sheep
To go to sleep"
Said my mom when i was little

"Count the sheep
Rather than weep"
And i listened
For that riddle

I listened for my mother
For my whole life
But for now

Now i must listen
When my heart
Subseeds to frown

And that riddle echos on
And my mind begins to spin
And without a doubt
I have to shout...
The sheep will soon run out

"Count the sheep
To go to sleep...
Until u count no more,
Then go to bed, and wait instead,
Until u know what you wait for."
One day you must say goodbye to the traditions of the past, you must also learn to recognise whats truely just.
1.8k · Apr 2015
Righteous Heart
someday i will be a man
with a kind and righteous heart
even when love does not find me
i'll still have a lovely start
for although i’m not a charmer
and although i am insane
a righteous light may guide me
through the shadows of resentment and pain
i once wrote a poem called "shadow of regret" now that that stage of my life had ended, this is the refutation to that, being righteous did indeed guide me through that resentment, and all it took was a little persistance
1.7k · Apr 2015
The Sky Will Never Bleed
The sky will never bleed
and I know this to be true
The sky will never bleed
not so long as i'm with you
The sky will never bleed
it will never fade away
The sky will hold its ground for us
as i will do the same
1.7k · Sep 2015
Thought Provoking
Have you ever wondered why...

Why the sun rests in the sky
why the moon floats and fly's
and they never idle by...

Have you ever wondered why...

why death is hard to bite
why life itself is pushing
for friends and family to die...

Have you ever stopped to think...

though all that is unknown
your here and now is real...
stop thinking like your gone
its okay to be lost in thought, but also pay attention to what is going on around you, cherish the life that you have and recognize what is real in front of you
1.6k · Jan 2016
Upon An Open High
upon an open high
where my liberal rights reside
this is where i live my life
with my lovely, lovely bride

upon an open high
where i know i will subside
until my final days collide
with my loved one, i will fly

upon an open high
a drug that doesn't sigh
a drug that always relieves my plight
a love that will fight into the night

upon an open high
and i will love her all my life
my open high, my loves delight
i wont let her out of sight
for my beautiful angel, Annie Coleman
1.6k · Apr 2015
Accept The Past
You can't change the past
Its too much to handle
Let go now fast
This is not a scandal
How could you have known your words will tear
How could you have known
You should not have feared,
You couldn't get it
So you shouldn't regret it
there's a saying in show business, "leave it on the stage" whatever regrets you may have, leave them in the past, because their is no recall for life
music can be powerful and strong
music can be great
music has been around so long,
music is my fate…
one day i will be a legend
with a taste for melodious sound,
people will shiver at the mention
of william the great and profound
music is a great way to achieve glory, but i will never let it cloud my judgment, or make me a different person
1.5k · Feb 2016
A Rock And A Hard Place
A rock and a hard place
A choice to be made
2 evils to choose from
Im sorry
Be brave

A rock and a hard place...
Oppresive and Dark,
All on my own
Cast out on my mark

A rock and a hard place...
She says i love not
And it hurts me inside
Cuz Love is all i got

A rock and a hard place...
I cant please them both
My mother says no
But she begs me "dont go"...

"Dont go"...
As though i had a choice
To leave my true love now
Or to go without my voice

A rock and a hard place...
Im sorry i must...
To go without you is to go without love...

Why dont you see
How cruel this rock is to me
And how cruel this hard place
Is to be

A rock and a hard place
A choice to be made
2 evils to choose from
Im sorry
be brave
I am so sorry i dont know what to do...please forgive me, i love u so much...
1.5k · Apr 2015
Color Is Your Soul
Color isn't often defined by its being
Its defined by its number one object
Yellow can't be but a gold ring
And grey can't be but a rock yet
Grass is green, and green are trees
And visa-versa can be applied to these
But you can't draw a picture with a tree or a ring
You draw it with your soul
So if you ask what color means
To tell you that is my goal
Color is your soul
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