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xavier thomas Oct 2021
In the afterlife
my devotion to spend time
playing ball against God
going toe-to-toe
is all I want in paradise
God & me
Ken Pepiton Oct 2021
Neurons don't wait their turn
- they are auto-exciting
- a sniff, a pheremone, per
- haps way may personalize
- an idea, common to saints
- or heroes
- or gamblers, whose games
- forbid lies…
Ask Shainline #226 Lex... I can be having a nearing blah day, and turn to Lex and learn a bit finer granularity on truth in a material reality. Mater-trick, dijagitit...
Alpha Jul 2021
A firework
Of brightest colours
Dances slow
Beneath the stars
Torches and candles
Iron braziers' light
Glowing warm
In blue midnight
Gowns of silk
Fineries of all kind
Whirling in solemnity
"A dance, do you mind?"
A thousand miles from sorrow
High society indeed
La crème de la crème
The very best of breed
Extravagance never is
Too extra for those ladies fair
Gossiping girls, all of them
"Oh, look, this lady's hair!..."
Gentlemen bowing
Talking with hushed voices
Trading, socializing
Polite merchants' noises
"This daughter of mine,
She might well catch your eye..."
This just a market of brides n' grooms
An exchange, !!one truth for a hundred lies!!
Gossip girls and merchants noble
Less n' less real knights and dames
Nobility used to mean heroes, and protection
But long extinct, those once bright flames
The only light there, now,
Comes from a stake pile in the debris
Burning bright, but in truth all hollow
This great bonfire of vanities
First, I had the idea for this while listening Pachelbel's Canon in D-Dur (at least I think it's in D-Major). Secondly, I wanted to publish it yesterday, already, but just typed the title, and thought nothing of it. I thought it would have been saved as a draft, but actually it turned out, that I published the title. And, as it further turned out, it started trending, with just the title! I had to laugh so hard🤣
Ronin Mar 2021
they throw
their expectations at
me, as if
they were
a ball.

i've never been good at catching.
Jennifer DeLong Feb 2021
Looking thru the crystal ball
Wondering will it tell me
What is in my near future
Will , I find you there
Will , I find a bit of peace

Crystal Ball , I need you
Show me some magical grace
Bless me with your vision
Clarity is yours now

Reveal yourself to me
Will , I be blessed
This , I shall see.

© Jennifer L DeLong 2/2021
ChrisYellow Feb 2021
She raised her glass
to a space of fragrance
gifts of perfumers and chefs
bees for our banquet.

"Tonight we dance."

Her glass rose
and so did theirs.

"Outside this stained window
lose specs forced to shake
water flushed from the sky
as if migration made it light.

Zeus and Thor collude
against our dinner feast
abhorred by its stature
green isn't color that fits.

tonight we dance."

And her glass rose again
with them cheering it.

"Youth flee their lessons
burdened with pesky
and serious concerns
long past their tender.

For what of their guardian,
exhausted will she manage?
the pilling of warnings?
of crossroad endings?

tonight We dance."

And her glass rose again,
they're lost at her turn.

"Broken close their eyes
to their fate and its price
they planned for luck solely
but got struck instead.

Their doctors prescribed
but held was their fund
for useless is the mallet
to the insurance wallet.

tonight WE dance."

And her glass rose again
but gone was their wit.

"Looking-in hands implore,
forsaken howl at our spoils
like wolfs without a den
or a pack to take them in.

They'll surrender to the rain
and recoil to any found dent
of this majestic construction
to remind'em where they stand.

All the more reason,
Because we can!"
And she gulps the wine.

Slowly the stunned room,
in its palpable gloom,
was silently emptied.
The extravagants gone.

"Good, only I remain,
let it linger just the same
in their spoiled brains.
For we alone hold the chains."
Andrew Hartnett Nov 2020
I'm thankful for my dog
because she gets excited
to head to the backyard
and chase a ball for a little while
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