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A silvery white dress,
stained with tears and blood
of an ex-bride
sitting alone
at the alter.
Kylprin Feb 7
Sunny days watered eyes
No matter what close your eyes
Tear out what's inside
mere Jan 21
As the doors opened,
a beautiful bride I found.
With a pure white gown,
matched with a pastel,
well-arranged flowers, and
a colored hair, chesnut brown.

It was her. The woman I love.
The woman who made me feel
good, and told me that I'm the best.

She is now walking down
the aisle, slowly taking steps
with her father in a celebration
that everyone had gathered.
You can see in her shining
blue eyes the pure love and
happiness she felt.

She made it. She is now in my
front, wearing the best smile
she could ever give.

And there, the moment that
I've been waiting for, the
moment that everyone is
excited for.

I thought I can say,
"I do, Father"
But I was wrong;
Because the right thing
that I should say is,
"You may now kiss the bride".
Johnny walker Jan 18
I saw so much from the look In Helen's eyes  everything she thought about me

all the love I could see that she held In her heart for me by the look In her beautiful eyes those blue eyes

I shall never get over those eyes that said so much more than any words ever could say just by a look from her beautiful blue eyes

It was the twenty years ago the first time I looked In her eyes blue eyes that told me I'd won she would become my
Remember the first time I saw
Helen beautiful blue eyes and
I fell In love with her
Carl Miller Jan 15
Every creature was shaken, every plant was wilted
Blood runs tendrils through the clear blue sky
The ******* child looked onward through the window
A beautiful mushroom bride in his eyes, crying as the world tilted

Smiles for miles as spirits arouse the dead
Second coming of the groom
The beast is commanded to take what does not belong to him
Pestilence rears it's foul head

Harlots and Beasts of the night rejoice!
****** and Demons alike dance their last
He will storm the earth with a holy rage!
We all die laughing, but not at peace, to know it was our choice
Written 01/06/19
Aurora Jan 13
My desire to die is sneaking into my heart again but this time it’s wearing a white dress and a veil.
pistachio Dec 2018
Rose, hydrangea, tulip, lily
The place is on its aesthetic bloom
I walked in the aisle slowly
And at the end I see my groom
The march ended, and I sobbed heavily
As I saw my love lying peacefully.
What kind of emotion waits for her at the end of the aisle?
Philomena Dec 2018
I can see it now
The crowd a mix of strangers and friends
The stark white or rather the crisp lacy soft white all around me
The loud talking among such soft sweet music
The touch of your skin on mine each time our hands meet
The soft click of heels on the floor
The warm look in your eyes as they met mine
The contrast of the petals against the ground
The tenderness in your voice
The love in the air
Cant tell if this is one of those achievable dreams or not yet
RN Nov 2018
You're not Cecilia but you're breaking my heart
Lady, you're hitting my heart badly like a dart
You're my world but now it's falling apart
This is the end, I don't know where to start

All my dreams for us are gone
All our memories, Is it just for fun?
Baby, come back, this is not our plan
Big day tomorrow, we're not done

I'm half dead and half alive
I don't know if I'm going to survive
All I want is you, forever, by my side
But you leave a note,

You said you don't want to be my bride. .
Rhymes in my Mind
Özcan Sh Sep 2018
I was lying on the meadow
Looked at the stars in the sky
Felt something on my chest
A tender warm hand

She did not let me sleep
I held her warm, soft hand
And opened my eyes

It was a star from the sky
She has found her favorite
Place to shine bright

She came to me every night
And felt safe by my side

Through her charisma
She became a beautiful bride

I fell in love
Like a star that
Fell from the sky.
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