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You can't craft honor
Character a clear birthmark
Darkness a defect
I think you can pretend but ultimately we are either born with it and are naturally inclined to do the right thing or without it and are forever doomed to replicate those who are. Sometimes they are successful but most of them fail miserably.
David Hilburn Aug 22
Did, a heart of sincerity...?
Made pure, made true...
With the soon, a vestigial anarchy
Came to these, the rue of what we fate, to irony due...

Life and a laugh
The instilled today, the tone of a voice
Given the wishes of the frank, and endearing more we hath...
The compliment of sorry eyes and sudden why's, a unity's choice?

Cope, tomorrow in league with such, a service
To fragile ideals, and the carnal low...
Seemingly mine, the inclined shrewdness of austere sigh's
Is a head at pride, a lover's lie to compel a friend to owe...?

Me, a hardier since, seclusion in a waiting worth...
Can a heightened sense of curiosity, begin here?
With the claimed sake, and kindness of silenced gain, by earn
And turn of chaste into a needy repast, is my ought's notion clear?

Waiting on the words to divine a character's politics?
Sate and uniformity in mind, for another go round
With such a treatise to sympathize with truth, that a gesture meant
Is a gesture in the fate, we knew as a careless whisper, to allow...?

A hat of composure make the day for neglect, isn't a worlds eyes drawn
Meant and imagination, to a seemly rise and flow; was distance to form the words?
Which brings us to the shade, of conscience's seldom, as if a waiting song
That has a notion to become, hungrier than me, that sees the problem of seasons early...
In retrospect, to a crying's elect; the tow we provide for kindness is as simple as that ... who the hell just gave a heck for me?
LA CA,Baja, New York,Greece:
It might be easy thinking
by the ****** for hire
brain dead childless type,
the covert narcissistic enemies
working the various
Invasive medical fields that
eagerly plot the demise
of a precious heroic human being
Amazing intelligent talented
surviving witness Mom.

Such stupidified enemies
Don't you know fact
that no one can ****
what an exemplary Mother
stands for; Loving
Raising saving protecting
her legitimate offpring
full custody awarded children
Against deadly jealous medea
habitual drug users sterile
thieving **** of Earth!
Unless evildoers succeed breaking
a righteous human being spirit first.
B.B.A's spirit soul Mom is safe
Guided guarded by
Living among the very best
of bestest from ancient times.
By: Mr and Mrs Andrews
Honoring our Mom Karijinbba.
My eyes burn,
My lungs ache...
The sun wakes me
Through the

Dress myself
Wash my face,
It's time to endure
Another day...

Another rush
At the restaurant,
Put on a smile,
And pretend it's

But I can't do this
For much longer,
My longest day
Is Sunday...
I work weekends at my grandmother's restaurant in Houston. She's 71, and puts on a brave face at work, but when she gets home, she needs her cane to walk... so I put on my best smile, help the customers, wash the dishes and say "Can I get that for you, sir?" "Is there anything I can do to help?" But when I get home, all I want to do is collapse onto my couch with my 14 year old Labrador...
My home. My safe place!
My sanctuary of peace and calm!

Deaf as I am,  I'm glad to have friends,
When someone tries to steal from my mom!

So we kept watch, over her van,
Seeing the shadows of an unknown man,

We're suited and booted; my knife
And his gun,
And we're ready to take him,
Or force him to run!

******* all,  I have work
In the morning,
But I'll be ****** if we don't
Send him a warning!

Our shout brought him out,
And we watched him run,
To go steal elsewhere,
But he'll have no fun!

Not here; not now.
At my grandmother's house.
So I stand and I shake,
Eyes wide open; awake,

A knife at my side, with
My rage as my guide.
Hell no! Not here!
Not now!

My home.  My safe place,
My sanctuary of calm!
So I await the coming sunrise;
No one ***** with my mom!
Someone tried to steal my grandma's van tonight. So the adrenaline has overpowered my sleeping pills, and now I'm stuck with the urge to ****. But that's fine by me; I'll stay awake! I work tomorrow,  but I'll never be late.
SpiritHeart67 Feb 21
I need to start
walking my path.

I'm just
an Honest
with the best intentions,
achieving nothing

Who can't find
my own way home...
SpiritHeart67 Feb 21
I would rather know
An honest *******
than A kind liar...
Ken Pepiton Oct 2022
Sing a song to entertain,
as we sit around a little fire.

We are small, our fire smaller,
so we think we know,
we trust our science,
as taught,
were we, to test a known,
religiously, to prove,
all things.

At once, we think, if it were me,
alone, thinking we may, we might
disintegrate as fuel in fire,
becoming beings we are,
under your skin,
in your sense of wedom,
happening in ever for ever's own sake.
Uselessness of solitude redeemed in thought called prayer in some stories.
Jennifer DeLong Sep 2022
Within my magic
is me
Within my spirit
is my magic
To be me is to be filled
with the magic spirit
I am a manifestation
of the wiccan witch
The gifts bestowed upon me
come from the witches
who gifted me the knowledge
of the magical way to live
& spiritual power to heal
In there honor , I give my contribution to the witch's past
I honor them when , I cast my
spells and grow my magic
so within my soul
is the magic spirit
that is me
This wiccan witch

© Jennifer L DeLong. 9/2022
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