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hatred is just that
a completely useless and shallow emotion that leads to empty anger and wasted energy

hatred is just that
its not a tool, its not even useful for DEALING with those of your enemies
but it does create enemies

hatred behaves much like friction does scientifically, that is, it is the killer of efficiency, it wastes your energy, it creates obstacles, and it stains your life with something so impure and unresponsive that you lose part of what it truly means to be HUMAN

hatred is just that
a lack of humanity, a variable that is not useful for survival at its most basic level, it kills love and creates the foundation of evil

hatred is just that
useless, something that wastes energy, creates obstacles, stains your life, takes away your humanity, kills love, endangers your survival, and lays down the foundation of evil- which in turn can make yourself into an obstacle for others who only love.

And love conquers all
so if you hate
what do you think is going to happen?
some negative emotions can be useful tools, jealousy and sadness can be used in life for some purposes, but hate is absolutely positively a self destructive emotion.
fortune is knocking
should i answer the door?
I've been waiting my entire life...
but then there's nothing left to wait for
fortune is knocking
and i can hear it so clearly
but it doesn't matter what i do
if this ends my life so dearly
fortune is knocking
and the temptation is strong
I don't know how long I can wait
or whether i'm right or wrong
fortune stopped knocking
i should've taken my chance
to shine in glory at my name
in life- to take a stance
fortune is gone
my dear old friend has left
he never comes around any more
I think he might be dead
fortune is knocking
I have one last chance to go
but wait my life is ending now
I guess i'll never know
you shouldn't stop doing great things just because your afraid they might be your last, there is always a way to make it even further into the world, until you physically cannot move any more.
There are so many lives and so many stories
so many ways in which you could die for glory
so many kisses and so many stars
so many ways in life to discover who you are
there are so many accomplishments, and yet it remains to see
if you can truly love the life you live
or if your not the person you think you should be
life is a discovery, never stop looking for answers and exploring the world
**** slidin out ma ***
Squirts of liquid and spurts of gas
Constraining my face
To push it out and away
That lil **** hangin from ma hole
It's almost like it's got a soul
I shake it off quick
That ******* stick
And then it goes plop
Down in the **** ***
Wash it away, with tears and say
"Urrrrgea, that was a big one aye?"
Then flush it down
And watch it fade away
You find inspiration everywhere :)
I'm lifeless without love
i'm hopeless without help
i'm lonely on my own
i'm scared i'm not myself

there's no one beside me
its been half past 10 years
my glow is now fading
without her i cant hear

i cant hear my heartbeat
i cant hear my life
i cant hear my family
the're all out of sight

and then the big bang
that sprung me back from hell
her skin is so beautiful
and elegant as well

she saved me from death
not physically, but of the mind
and now i'm a poet
and for her- i will rhyme.

i'm alive with my love
she helped me to see
now i understand family
and what it means to me
She is the one who saved me
These days of hardship bring forth the inner greatness of each individual as well as they stir up great evils among the borders of our society, her mom says no, and projects that word not only upon her self and the intruder to her daughter's life, but also on her daughter, which brings forth great toils in her family relations, fault is passed around, words unkind in nature are exposed between two feuding parties, and the world of two lovers is brought down upon their heads...and yet they stay strong, reassuring each other in a world where assurance is rare, rarer still, between two individuals blessed and cursed to be expelled from society only two find each other on the outskirts of life, and defend their love with the might of a thousand army's...this is devotion, true and pure, with not a second thought to spare, loyal to a fault, a loyalty that can not be broken by distance, time, or any third party demention that lies outside the reach of my own human capacity of intuition. She is as wise as the earth is old, as beautiful as the limits of perception may permit, she is an unsung hero in liberty, and the song of a hero in music as her voice shines through the light of a billion stars, and yet this self-graduated knowledge resides not in her heart, nor does it appear before her mind, but rather her humble state in reference to her angelicism conquors all sence of selfish desire in exchange for an understanding of what it feels to be truely happy, and in love, but her perfection will not go un-warranted in the minds of the many, for there is an individual in the world who aims to project the complexity of this lovely woman to the population of the society who cast her away in the beggining...his name is William, and he loves his beautiful angel more than the sum of the known intelligence in the universe could calculate or comprehend, he loves her as a bride, a soul mate, even a daughter at times, but most importantly, he loves her as the core component that leads his life away from a dark path...and into the light of true happiness, and for this, he is forever in her debt, I love you Annie
I love you annie
I just cried like I've never cried before
I screemed and balled my eyes out and shouted curses to the heavens
As my mother held me close
And told me it's okay
I burned my eyelids with tears and busted my ear drums
Coming from a man who can't cry...
I cried like I was gonna die
I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard me, I miss my baby
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