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Man Mar 22
there are more things in this life
than love
though it seldom seems it
with love itself, in scarcity
the norm are hearts hurting
and in these times
getting close can be a death send
read and write and dream
of times better suited to the casanovic tendencies
that consume you to no end
when the plague is dead
and we have become
but even handicapped, love lacking still sullies you
so put it to the side
just for now my friends
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Blessed with sight

Yet I feel handicapped
I just feel like something makes me incapable of doing simple tasks everyone else seems to be able to accomplish with no trouble
Sumaira Asghar Jan 2019
Like a moth
Is attracted to light-
towards self destruction,
I'm attracted towards
an unknown reverie.
A venom has handicapped me
forever; venom of
contemplating nameless worries.
Leah Barton Apr 2016
She was only 30
She slowly rounded the corner of her hallway towards her little yellow kitchen
The wallpaper flowers still giving off the faintest fragrance
Her crutches creaking with each painful step
After more effort than should ever be needed
She finally was able to sit down at the dining table
The one her mother left her
Somehow she knew that was the last time she would ever walk
She put her head in her hands and cried
Like her tears might cure her
She hadn't done that since her mother had passed away
Arthritis took her legs that day
But it didn't take her spirit

They gave her a motorized wheelchair
She actually had fun zooming around the house
But she had to hire me to help her with the little things
Like going to the bathroom
She could still knit
And play her piano
For awhile
But soon she had trouble pressing buttons
And reaching her face
I would itch her nose and she would sigh in relief
Pretty soon her hands were useless
The bones had moved to a better neighborhood
But still she laughed
She called herself "Rubbermaid"
Arthritis took her hands too
But it didn't take her spirit

She got sick on a Sunday
By Tuesday she had left this earth
At her funeral her family and friends all thanked me
"She always said you could make her laugh, even on a bad day."
And now she was free
She could knit again!
Beautiful warm blankets made with care
And she could play again!
Her melodies entertaining all the angels
And she could walk...
All along the yellow brick road
Over the rivers
And through the woods
Arthritis may have taken her life
But it didn't **** her spirit
Nothing could
Be grateful for what you have. She was. For Vicky <3
A blind man cannot see
or live; without mercy
A deaf man cannot hear
or live; without fear
A mute man cannot speak
or live; without peace
But every man is handicapped
in a bigger way than these
a tribute to those with a disability, because your much stronger than everyday man,
Bails B Jun 2014
Colours of blue, green and pink
float by dancers dressed in
grand outfits of silver cloth.

A girl, not much older then 9,
sits in the back row of the empty auditorium
looking on in awe of what she was seeing.

She closes her eyes and imagines
herself upon the stage being the lead role.
It's always been her dream to dance like them.

A tiny tear prickles in the corner of her eye,
she gives a soft sigh, knowing it's useless to
dream of impossible things.

She turns, careful not to bump
the chairs in the row in front of her.
She grips the wheels in her hands,
and rolls out of the hall.

— The End —