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Life is like a daffodil
Beautiful but wondrous still
Death is like a crimson rose
May cause you pain, or hurt your foes
Love is a generic flower
So variant, but full of power
And then there's you, an iris of sorts
Your life so meaningful and yet so short
everything is beautiful if you take time to really look at it
You can't change the past
Its too much to handle
Let go now fast
This is not a scandal
How could you have known your words will tear
How could you have known
You should not have feared,
You couldn't get it
So you shouldn't regret it
there's a saying in show business, "leave it on the stage" whatever regrets you may have, leave them in the past, because their is no recall for life
A highway is a path like any other
Don't you know?
A path that you can share with another
Down the road
I will share my path as a highway
For the many
I will share my poems because I think that
I am ready
Is it too much to ask
For you to put down the flask?
Is it too much to say
You're throwing your life away?
I guess it doesn't matter, your mind is made
I cant stop you or the alcohol rain
this poem is for all those who don't try at all to give up a bad addiction, not for those who try and fail, i salute those who try and fail
all i sense is alliance
and all i feel is friendship
all i love is likeness
because an alliance is a kinship
and all i hate is hostile
all that weighs me is war
and all i can't stand is cruelness
i dont know what it's for
it feels better to pass the fist then hurt yourself swinging
Death is but a darkened door
That leads away from life
Love is but a little light
From a shadow cast in sight
Shame is such a sour fate
As is war and wealth
But we won't worry about those things
And so, we’ve saved ourselves
is their any person on earth more righteous than a monk?
I've hurt her once more
Insulted her name
Don't know what for
Its shattered my brain
Redemption will follow
She won't be upset
My pride will be swallowed
Apologies met
in case i forget my place and need a guideline to find my way to be a righteous man once more
Nature salutes me on the front line
Fighting the good fight with poetry sublime
Planting kindness into dark hearts
Preaching my morals is just the start
I will write of the trees, and flowers, and bee’s
I will write of the life, and struggle, and strife
I will write of the role in my poetic lead
I will write of my love and her need to be free
But i am not bias against misery and death
I will write of the soldiers whose fate is met
While i am wise, they give their lives
For freedom and honor and sacrifice
Don't always write of love young poet
Don’t always write of peace
Don’t always write of death young poet
Or miseries of melodies.
Write of what you hear young poet
Write of what you see
Good or bad or evil or empty
Share your thoughts with eternity
A rock and a hard place
A choice to be made
2 evils to choose from
Im sorry
Be brave

A rock and a hard place...
Oppresive and Dark,
All on my own
Cast out on my mark

A rock and a hard place...
She says i love not
And it hurts me inside
Cuz Love is all i got

A rock and a hard place...
I cant please them both
My mother says no
But she begs me "dont go"...

"Dont go"...
As though i had a choice
To leave my true love now
Or to go without my voice

A rock and a hard place...
Im sorry i must...
To go without you is to go without love...

Why dont you see
How cruel this rock is to me
And how cruel this hard place
Is to be

A rock and a hard place
A choice to be made
2 evils to choose from
Im sorry
be brave
I am so sorry i dont know what to do...please forgive me, i love u so much...
The rythem has awoken
The rymes...yet to be spoken
When the thought returns to me
Under the blessing of my liberty

a shadow has returned
Upon my mind to make it burn
A love thats lost, once so soft
Has struke my heart in turn

A life i had forgoten...
Long ago upon a day
When nothing ever made me happy
Where nothing went my way

When a little light upon the dark
Stained my life, i had to start
To think that life
Is worth living

And ever since the stain has gone
Searched have i
To write a wrong
But yet not to an avail

My life is one big fail
My emotions are a ball and chain
A weapon of longing and pain
as i'm held hostage by righteousness and pride
as i'm longing for my long lost bride
the world around me sheds its shell
and i'm stuck here, in my lonely hell
found this in one of poem journals, the pages were stuck together xD
Its a beautifully state outside today
for once it wont Rain,
and ill have my way
Even though the clouds are dark
theres patterns of blue,
beyond their Start
and ill enjoy this cool day in peace
and Listen to those symphonies
provided by the birds, bees, and trees
Its a nice day
Being desirable messes with your mind
Think this through and i think you will find
It’s better to be bashful and shy
Then beautiful, bodacious, and that kind of guy
Cause that kind of guy goes away in time
And then you’ll be left with a story like mine.
never get ahead of yourself, always be righteous
Its not about love, its not about life
Its not about death or sacrifice
Its not about fortune, its not about fame
Its not about glory or spreading my name
Its not about honor, Its not about peace
Its not about fighting or any of these
Its about being righteous
And righteous i'll be
she asks for me to stay
"and stay i will"
even when she refuses me
the same peace of mind

but blame falls not on her
when she threatens
to leave me bare
on the back of an untamed bull

it was my fault to mount
and endanger our love
so now i'll get back off
unless she mounts with me

and ride our lives out past the sunset
on a force that cant be controlled
our emotions
our vulnerable, untamed love
I fear she will leave me, but i will stay forever, until she wants my heart no more
Color isn't often defined by its being
Its defined by its number one object
Yellow can't be but a gold ring
And grey can't be but a rock yet
Grass is green, and green are trees
And visa-versa can be applied to these
But you can't draw a picture with a tree or a ring
You draw it with your soul
So if you ask what color means
To tell you that is my goal
Color is your soul
love me in my petty sleep, for i'll be with you soon
Love me in my coma creep, love me like the moon.
Glorify my name as i would have done for you
Petrify the trespassers, I would have done that too.
Now forgive me as i pass on to my next life
For i could not have forgiven you, had you turned out my wife
I just cried like I've never cried before
I screemed and balled my eyes out and shouted curses to the heavens
As my mother held me close
And told me it's okay
I burned my eyelids with tears and busted my ear drums
Coming from a man who can't cry...
I cried like I was gonna die
I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard me, I miss my baby
Give me a cup of love and ill drink from it
Even tainted water will do.
And when i am done, I’ll fill it up and pass it on
Much cleaner than what i received
And then I’ll ascend from this world into bliss
These days of hardship bring forth the inner greatness of each individual as well as they stir up great evils among the borders of our society, her mom says no, and projects that word not only upon her self and the intruder to her daughter's life, but also on her daughter, which brings forth great toils in her family relations, fault is passed around, words unkind in nature are exposed between two feuding parties, and the world of two lovers is brought down upon their heads...and yet they stay strong, reassuring each other in a world where assurance is rare, rarer still, between two individuals blessed and cursed to be expelled from society only two find each other on the outskirts of life, and defend their love with the might of a thousand army's...this is devotion, true and pure, with not a second thought to spare, loyal to a fault, a loyalty that can not be broken by distance, time, or any third party demention that lies outside the reach of my own human capacity of intuition. She is as wise as the earth is old, as beautiful as the limits of perception may permit, she is an unsung hero in liberty, and the song of a hero in music as her voice shines through the light of a billion stars, and yet this self-graduated knowledge resides not in her heart, nor does it appear before her mind, but rather her humble state in reference to her angelicism conquors all sence of selfish desire in exchange for an understanding of what it feels to be truely happy, and in love, but her perfection will not go un-warranted in the minds of the many, for there is an individual in the world who aims to project the complexity of this lovely woman to the population of the society who cast her away in the beggining...his name is William, and he loves his beautiful angel more than the sum of the known intelligence in the universe could calculate or comprehend, he loves her as a bride, a soul mate, even a daughter at times, but most importantly, he loves her as the core component that leads his life away from a dark path...and into the light of true happiness, and for this, he is forever in her debt, I love you Annie
I love you annie
I’m on my way to the ground down under
I can hear my family, the crowd; like thunder
Death had stricken my name so fast
And i am in my grave at last
My family will be gone soon
And i’ll be left alone by noon
And then my body will start to decay
And my memory will fade away
you cant always expect your name to go down in history, so its important to cherish life as it comes
You cant blame me for wanting more
I dont Know why or what for
Bit desire is tugging at my side
and forever I wont be able to hide
So help me be Content fair maiden
and help me push away that Satan
Desire causes delusion and unhappiness, only used correctly, can it be used for motivation
One day soon i will not be
Die i will, it is my destiny
but ill leave my poems behind
and i will leave my prose to shine
and ill leave, and wont come back
and ill die and that's a fact
but the knowledge I've gained, i leave you to trust
and the mention of my name
will **** any and all lust
i hope to leave this world better than when i came into it
"Anything you will not die for...
Is not worth living for."
I made this quote up in my head as i was falling to sleep, but it sounds too familiar...
Don't let yourself be imprisoned in fear

Don't let yourself cry your eyes out of tears

Don't let yourself give up on the thing you call life

Don't let yourself run out of a thing you call pride

Don't let yourself down in any way at all

Don't let yourself drown or let your self fall

Don't let yourself be an unhelpfull soul

Don't let yourself be an unwise fool

Don't let yourself live without purpose or work

Don't let yourself die a burden to earth

You cannot let yourself do any of these

But one thing you can do, is let yourself believe
Just a set of moral Values to use as you see fit
I've walked a trillion miles,
and lived throughout eternity,
i've done all this in the dream world,
as a sleeping entity.
i've saved the world from evil,
and conquered over good,
but out here in the real world,
i do nothing as i should.
i'm addicted to the dreamland,
its heaven in my mind,
in there i found a lover,
but out here, i'm lost in time
i once got addicted to sleeping...i slept 10 hours a day because i loved the dreams i was having...but now i in paradise is no life at all
The drug of trust
Is but one, drug i don't desire
The drug of passion
I will let burn
In my heart, like fire
Envy can tear at me, from dawn unto dusk
But my passion can conquer that unrighteous lust
Yet love may be my enemy still,
For there is nothing righteous about abandoning free will.
listen here and listen close
I’ll tell you the story of a musical ghost
Ernst the composer, with a lifelong dream
of becoming a genius, a composition king

he was born on a day
like any other man, i'd say,
into a jewish family
where he studied the melody

a melody that protruded
from pianist hands
throughout the symphonies
from germany to england

He was known far and wide
in a land without pride
as a musical guide
where the ****’s reside

Great misfortune mounted upon
great toils, soiled by a life on the run
this was his fate, to be cast out, and away
like a broken, old picture frame

and upon a new dawn
to the westward and on
he sought to find a home
when there was nowhere to roam.

He packed up his bags
as he had little more than rags
to flee to the free
and away...from the **** regime

and made it to america…

so soon sorry
for he faintly did fair
the world was weary
yet his book he still shared

and he passed on his knowledge
of his music, sublime
his artistic ability
to tame tone and time

and from the day he was born
to the day he passed on
we’ll remember those teachings
and those beautiful songs

1887 to 1964
ernst we still remember you
and all that you lived for
Poem about Ernst Toch, a composer during world war 2
"Count the sheep
To go to sleep"
Said my mom when i was little

"Count the sheep
Rather than weep"
And i listened
For that riddle

I listened for my mother
For my whole life
But for now

Now i must listen
When my heart
Subseeds to frown

And that riddle echos on
And my mind begins to spin
And without a doubt
I have to shout...
The sheep will soon run out

"Count the sheep
To go to sleep...
Until u count no more,
Then go to bed, and wait instead,
Until u know what you wait for."
One day you must say goodbye to the traditions of the past, you must also learn to recognise whats truely just.
An eternal light guides me, through thick and through thin,
a light i call poetry, from a dark i call sin,
but i'm not religious, this light is not god,
i will not accept my life, a pre-determined fraud,
no, my light is poem, a metaphor and a rhyme,
these aspects can bring to light humanities crimes,
and although i speak heresy, i also respect those,
yes, those...who have a light of their own
religion isn't the only comfort in this world, there is another light,
and its a lot less crouded
Every lady is a kindred spirit
Every lady deserves a chance
Every lady has thrown a fit
Every lady has taken a stand

There is no such thing as a *****
No such thing as a ***
They do what they must to be adored
They use what they know to put on a show

Forgive them if they hurt your pride
For they are none the wiser
One of them may be your bride
And another be a fighter

It is your job to evolve
It is your job to adapt
Every girl will eventually fall
You need to be there for that

They need your support
And they need your charisma
For sometimes they may fall short
Of being a source of wisdom

So every lady may be flawed
In one way or another
You need to treat them like a mom
And be there for them
Like a brother
I found this in one of my old poetry journals and had to put it on the site xD i hope u like it
Feather Fall
and show us all
how weightless life can be
Feather Fall
and let us all
watch as you float free
Feather Fall
come teach us all
how to be at peace
Feather Fall
point out our flaws
as you touch the trees and leaves
synchronize debt
unfortunate occasion

apply a pinch of poverty
unreachable secession

integrate inconsistent economy
lack of intuition

and then you'll be america
it's financial oppresion
rough draft poem in science class xD
Life is like the Ocean
Cause it stretches far and wide
but my hope when life does dry up
the sea stay by my side
I love you
All at once
All at once,
I love you more than you will ever know
Righteousness won't always be there
Anger will stay true
Sometimes love can't be repaired
No matter what, just learn to be you
One day when you're old and gray
And your life is at a close
Your memories will toss out the day
You left her in the cold
move on as a last resort, and when you do, forgive yourself for doing so
Forgive yourself, even when they won't
For they dont always understand
When words are tossed about like stones
And you don't know if you can
When lies are spread like a wild fire
When your friends are blinded by fear
Even when you’re indescribably tired
And you can even manage a tear
Forgive yourself, Even when they don't
Your old life will be back soon
Nothing is unforgivable
Oh! And be humble and righteous too!
this is my favorite of all the poetry i've written because it applies so often, and leads to a better life
fortune is knocking
should i answer the door?
I've been waiting my entire life...
but then there's nothing left to wait for
fortune is knocking
and i can hear it so clearly
but it doesn't matter what i do
if this ends my life so dearly
fortune is knocking
and the temptation is strong
I don't know how long I can wait
or whether i'm right or wrong
fortune stopped knocking
i should've taken my chance
to shine in glory at my name
in life- to take a stance
fortune is gone
my dear old friend has left
he never comes around any more
I think he might be dead
fortune is knocking
I have one last chance to go
but wait my life is ending now
I guess i'll never know
you shouldn't stop doing great things just because your afraid they might be your last, there is always a way to make it even further into the world, until you physically cannot move any more.
Freedom is agnostic
because you can't always tell
whether you ar right or wrong
does no guidance mean no hell?
Freedom is agnostic
because you control your fate
no one told you what to do
but hey, at least you're safe
Freedom is agnostic
of this, i am aware
i will proudly accept my freedom
cause i know at least its fair
I really cant say exactly how long its been
no i really cant say, since i've seen a good man
humanities infected with power and greed
we want a lot of things, but there's a million more we need
we need a cup of love, and that much is for sure
we need a righteous heart, for there's not much we can endure
we need a little sympathy for those of us in pain
we need a little empathy for those that are insane
we always want more money, but that can be dismissed
one day when we conquer greed, we may finally have...
there's a lot of things wrong with mankind, but i have faith...
we'll get there
A gazel will jump from danger
Into the cold hands of death and injury
Just as a human will jump at the chance
To prove his friends wrong
The moon, when it sparkles,
I hold my breath in wait,
and as i wait, i marvel,
at what could be heavens gate,
But then when i start thinking,
I start to wonder why,
yes, why has god start fleeing,
From troubles of human kind,
no, surly god is here,
and he is surly not so cruel,
he will help us through our fears,
for he is all-knowing and merciful.
oh, i wish that this were true
oh, i wish that this were sane,
but if you see what i see too,
you know god is but pain
the moment when you start to question is the moment when you start to understand the most
I’m fearful that i’ll lose my way
I can’t be forsaken again
I want to banish my tears away
And be a righteous man
When all the words i have to spare
Are not enough for forgiveness
I will stay here if i dare
And my sorrow will decay with swiftness
if no one believes you've changed but you know in your heart its true, forgive yourself and move on...and in will they
A blind man cannot see
or live; without mercy
A deaf man cannot hear
or live; without fear
A mute man cannot speak
or live; without peace
But every man is handicapped
in a bigger way than these
a tribute to those with a disability, because your much stronger than everyday man,
You cant always win, you wont always lose
and yea, sometimes throughout your life, you may feel the blues
but listen to my words as i write them on the page
one day you will find your passion, and maybe be engaged
happiness is coming fast, joy may be arriving soon
love your life a little more, and it may already be upon you
happiness is coming fast, that's all i have to say
Dont lift a finger to help your adversary
See where this doctrine will get you
Your enemy will only assist you rarely
So why should you ever assist them too?
Because he as a man (or herself a woman)
Does not hate you so much
That he, or she, is willing to pound his or her humanity into the dust
hatred is just that
a completely useless and shallow emotion that leads to empty anger and wasted energy

hatred is just that
its not a tool, its not even useful for DEALING with those of your enemies
but it does create enemies

hatred behaves much like friction does scientifically, that is, it is the killer of efficiency, it wastes your energy, it creates obstacles, and it stains your life with something so impure and unresponsive that you lose part of what it truly means to be HUMAN

hatred is just that
a lack of humanity, a variable that is not useful for survival at its most basic level, it kills love and creates the foundation of evil

hatred is just that
useless, something that wastes energy, creates obstacles, stains your life, takes away your humanity, kills love, endangers your survival, and lays down the foundation of evil- which in turn can make yourself into an obstacle for others who only love.

And love conquers all
so if you hate
what do you think is going to happen?
some negative emotions can be useful tools, jealousy and sadness can be used in life for some purposes, but hate is absolutely positively a self destructive emotion.
My heart burns and swells
At the mention of her name
She releases a great emotion inside
A great releif and pain

For every thing i say before her
Everything i mention
Brings about great toils
And may spark an intervention

I love her more than words dictate
I love her more than love
And i would hope her to love me too,
And our matter what

Sometimes i say some stupid things
And they bite me in the ****
She gets upset, and throws a threat
And she doesnt say she loves...

Its not her fault
I dont deserve
A beautiful angel...still,
I will sacrifice the earth...
And my entire will...

my heart can barely take the pain
And the grief of being alone
So i will do my best to show...
Annie, I am always wrong
I am not worthy of her love...she is perfect and kind and i always upset her...i should learn to shutup and love her with my silence
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