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They need a firm love
Not a weak love
Not a shy love
Not sorry, love
But a firm, dependable,
over and above, sacrificial love
Thatll never deprive them of
what they need the most of
- a untiring labour of love
from someone who gets up
and turns up to daily put up
with an occasional child-like
To all teachers - you're brilliant
deadhead Mar 7
Love is a language
I think that everybody
should have to be taught
Only the cheap
Give you the costliest lessons
Learn from them
Recover the costs
Not by ruining them
But by teaching lessons
Of values addition
Appreciation in value
Turning precious
Mikaela L Dec 2020
I sit on an aging sofa,
Facing an old-fashioned clock on the wall,
It's finally 3:00,
My therapist sits on a leather chair,
Looks down at her notes,
As if her scribbles had any relevance to my problems,
"Well, how's home?"
I answer the same questions,
"You have plans for the holidays, right?"
I lie,
I smile,
I try to be funny,
That's all I can do.

Truth is,
I've been bouncing from home to home,
My parents and their respective partners hate me,
"I got a teaching job,"
I don't know if I signed the contract because I love children,
Or because I needed to get a place of my own,
My last meal was a day ago, 10am to be exact,
"How's home?"
Is this a trick question?
Tyler Matthew Dec 2020
A whole world laid out beneath you
like a mother's arms,
you stood in infancy facing the stars,
and I remember thinking as I watched you
that I shouldn't speak,
that those million little suns
will teach you everything you need.
Isabella Dec 2020
Teach me how to write a masterpiece
A work of art
An inspiration
A revelation
A remarkable creation
I strive for perfection
Despite being far from it
So please teach me
How to change the world around me
For the better
And perhaps that could lead to changing myself
I felt empowered indeed
And for me you were the source
To the front you always lead
Saying the stage is yours
Though it was hard for me to stand
And to be noticed by all the class
But you made me understand
That courage is needed to progress

You knew exactly the right way
To show the girl who used to hide
I still recall my yesterday
I was your student, you was the guide
You teach, you help, you support too
And here I am passing the test
Of all the professors that I knew
You are definitely the Best!
To my professor Khalid Lahlou
Alex Dec 2020
Life; what is it but a cruel teacher that smothers you with brutal lessons
That regardless the degree or how deep the burn, you forget the lesson. May it be you just didn’t care, maybe you had nothing to lose but unlike any teacher that tests you fairly wanting you to go far, Life has no mercy, it doesn’t care whether it’s fair or if you achieve a single goal you made on your 19th birthday. Life will have you kneeling as it takes all that you once had, it will laugh at you as you make yet another  mistake that could’ve been avoided if only you payed the slightest bit of attention. So I sit here writing and dreaming of the future too scared to act too afraid of the next lesson.
Life’s been hard
Queen Z Oct 2020
What was the reason you parted???
This is how the moon got illuminated like this,
I met you like this, I got support for living.
All the moments spent were lost.

Everyone disappeared in the crowd of life
very miss you
Why is this distance
When the world sleeps
I cry that moment

The heart is asking, my tears don't stop
Why did you leave my way??
Now tell me,
Don't punish like this,
Return my love to me,
Join me again,
Teach to live life again,
This is the only thing now I want, wishing everyday.
Bhill Oct 2020
man, without wisdom, is uncivilized
understanding how to decide and teach
are we headed backward or forwards
the future, currently exists, only in our minds
do, or will we, have the vision to move
to move past the present, into the future?
((ouch)), (my brain exploded)....))

Brian Hill - 2020 # 295
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