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I'm a teacher for forty three years,
Does that make me an expert dears?
It's a rocket science yet,
Teaching reading to the pets,
Some folk are born to teach,
Educating our students each!
Feedback welcome.
Poetic T Sep 22
The definition of self,
        Is not to liner on our

But to help others to solve
             The failings
    That can be proven to
                 Be an asset of learning.

And change it..

For the better,
       That way,

we are lessons that teach
       Each other substance.
No one is want to hurt you.
No one is want to make you pain.
No one is want to be a reason of your tears.
Here's everyone for lessons.
It's just a kind of game.
Some came for teach you.
Some came to learn.
Some came to make you strong.
Some came to make you home.
Some came to love you.
For reason they all come
So be just brave and take all lesson
So Learn and be apprechiate.
Can I love him like I love you? The men now want to be the child. Unfortunatelyourtunitly, the men are use to bring taken care of. It's just not what a real lady wants. I want a grown man..someone that makes sure that I know that they are there. Make sure that I'm okay..that I have what I need. Not that a man doesn't have feelings because we know that they do. But if I'm the weaker vessels why I'm I catering to you. It's your job to be the back bone. Sure there are some people that want to play reverse rolls. I'm not them not do I want to be. People speak about women's rights. I have the right to be respected and speak as I need and have my mans back. Yet, I need my man to be a man. Teach him all of the good that you are. That way I can love him like I love you❤.
Love never fails
Niki Gray Aug 3
To teach me about loss,
no matter the cost.

To see if my heart beats,
through sadness and defeat.

To make me appreciate more,
not live to settle a score.

To make my faith stronger,
and question God's why no longer.
Thank you for taking the time to read my poems.  As always thank you to everyone who supports and encourages me to be the best me I can be.
lilhadi Jul 29
"When we think of “meant to be,” we automatically assume forever. But maybe it isn’t supposed to last forever. Maybe it’s just someone who is in your life to teach you something. Maybe forever is not the person, but what we gain from them."

- excerpt from a diary I don’t own. (Via southernsparkleandshine)
Source: southernsparkleandshine
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
Life will teach you ,
Not everything is worth your
-Ikigai Poet
I need to teach myself
that when they leave,
when they fall out of love,
when they reject,
It's not always because of my inadequacy
but rather it speaks
volumes about them.
I have no clue what Krshna taught Arjuna
but I like the name Atman a lot.
Atman. Atman. Where a man is at.
At all times. No matter what.
Gita, get in the action, gorgeous girl,
god is the answer, keep the meter.

Wisdom, none.
What Krshna tells Arjuna makes no sense.
I prefer mathematics.
Knowledge of how things are made and done
more than meditation on the Self
as a manifestation of the One.

And the poem? The poem has gone to glitten.
Only engineers it is written
can solve problems and build bridges.
I can’t fix a 2-stroke engine.
I carried four dead etheridges by hand truck
to the other end of the religion.

I’ll never have to leave this comfortable planet.
We have this asset but can we sell it?
In Paradise Lost, Satan executes his plan
but God already knows all about it.
Still, whether it succeeds or fails is up to Man.
Same here, when it comes to nuclear armaments,
a distraction from the work of making life permanent.

It is all premised on the mystery
of invisible but sentient particles—
little Krshnas and Kachinas
nesting inside one another.
Meanwhile life goes on outside all around you—
WWII, the Napoleonic wars,
the Civil War which we’re still fighting.

Krshna says behead your brothers without prejudice or justice.
So it transpires in the nuclear fire.
Whatever forever.
Is school a prison or a blessing?
Regimentation, mission. I’d like to be part of that tradition
if only as a tutor. Teacher, teacher—tiger!
--with a line by Etheridge Knight
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