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Soni May 17
When you don't like yourself
You tend to dislike everything connected to you

New things seems to be more attractive
When you learn to love yourself

Then the same old love
Starts looking new
Starts looking nice

Thank you
For teaching me
How to love myself
learning to love yourself is not something someone achieves one day and then it's all smooth sailing from there, but rather a day by day journey
Totality escapes beneath me, all that I’ve left unexplored collapses unto me.

Triggered, by self centered inundation, I might as well be gone.

For what do I provide the collective? But neglect and self indulgent plunder.

Relive this aeonic cage, cyclic and persistent. Yet each existence we reach a new peak.

So benevolent, and elegant. I need to relive samsara to fill my void.

Be meaningful to others. Because I do not matter, what I do matters.

Momentarily, this escapes me, shameful and foolish, I must regain such tonic insight.

It combats my abysmal fear of inconsequentiality.

I’ve reflected in infantilism, however I think I’ve found what guides us to actualization.

At least myself anyway, I need to mean something to others.

I need to teach and learn from my peers, whom I overlook as of now.

How myopic and repugnant. White from shame I apologize to those who’d listen.

I open my arms to all. Let me help, show me how to help.
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
Life as a cat? That's where it's at.
The cat is so beloved, the humans offer a beach of crystals to use as a toilet each week.
We may be fancy, but don't fall for those ridiculous stories. we don't wear hats or speak.
As a cat, you get to sleep all day. Then, when you wake up, the humans are ready to play.
If they get annoying, just bat them with your paw and they'll usually go away.
If an intruder makes its presence known, scratch and *** on the walls to let them know "you're in my space. This is my home and mine alone."
Well, I think that's all I have to say. Remember, show your humans love, and you'll be treated like a god for the rest of your days.
If you talk colonizer-o, shut your mouth teacher!
Don’t tell me nonsense History of “brave” white man.
If you talk hate-o, shut your mouth teacher!
Don’t tell me nonsense Biology of two ***.
If you talk religion-o, shut your mouth teacher!
Don’t tell me nonsense Physics of god.
Luiz Jan 16
a lesson

you can teach
or learn this lesson
It is up to you

either way, take notes
for the experience
of a lifetime!
Troy Jan 4
You stand there accusingly
Saying rude things
Spouting nonsense
About breaking necks

About ****
Childhood and pain
Yet you don't know
About their past

You don't know
The pain they endured
The suffering they bare
Or the sorrow in their heart

Learn to open yourself up
Before you speak ill
Because what if they
Were ***** as a child

What if their mother
Curb stomped them
What if the only sense
Of peace is death

What if life is meaningless
What if everytime
They see a van
They freak out hysterically

What if a pitbull comes charging
Do you think they run
Or do you think freeze
Right in their tracks

What if they scream at night
From the dreams they get
Or cry themselves to sleep
Because they don't know what love is

What if their pain
Is so great
That the only way
They can express it

Is to hold it in
And never let it show
For fear that
It shows great weakness

You have no idea
What other's stories are
So before you judge or laugh
Take the time to know theirs
Steve Page Dec 2019
History snores at the back, too tired to notice the present company, and
Maths figgits nervously, his mind overwhelmed by possibilities and permutations, while
Geography let's her mind wander, dreaming of paths yet travelled and regarding this classroom as just another staging post, but
English mutters disapprovingly at the thought of so much hassle and any proposition that might disrupt his carefully balanced timetable.
French sighs and shrugs, unconcerned, but can't help but be curious about the
German sitting so self-composed and self-contained across the aisle, somehow managing to ignore
Science as he argues with himself and apparently agrees another working hypothesis. And at the door
Divinity wonders and ponders what brought us here today and says a brief prayer for forgiveness.
Memories of a grammar school.
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Teach me
the birds and the bee's knees,
and I'll tell you about
the wolf in cheap clothing,
he gets his threads
at deep discount.

Recite me
the letters of the alphabet,
and I'll unleash upon you
questions and vowels,
and sometimes why (?)

Lecture me
on the dangers of fast food,
and I'll give you total recall
of the taco meat,
ring the bell
Learning and teaching should go both ways.
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Everywhere I am you are,
Everywhere you be I'll go,
Everywhere I've been you've gone,
Anywhere you can't I won't.

We drive to coasts
and back,
Through freak snow storms
and crash,
Discover things in barren fields
we only ever pass,
And take these roads less traveled by
to crawl them on our knees,
Lost in smoke from Little Red Pipes
that teach us how to wheeze.
Cardboard-Jones Dec 2019
I’m weeping,
I forgot how to love, I need you to reteach me.
Been abused so long my heart’s no longer speaking.

Want to tell you all of the secrets it’s keeping.
You’re being so patient, I know this isn’t easy.

A prisoner of my own past, I just wonder can you free me?
Tried to hide it so long, I’m so glad that you see me.

Love has been a travesty for years.
Everything I knew just disappeared.
I want to spend more time with you.
I want to love just like you do.

Apathy hit me so severe.
I want love to be something I revere.
Love came back on time with you.
So let me take my time with you.
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