If have to  
If one has to,    
Necessarily scold    
Scold till,    
Throat soars    
Muscles cramps    
Lungs clear RV  
One gets Hernia    
Then only, One will,    
Know how to manage anger    
Best of Luck.    
Let simply,    
Karma teaches.
Theme: Inspired by closed eyes of the Buddha  
Note:Abbreviation: RV=residual volume, (Defination: The volume of air remaining in the lungs after a maximal exhale effort.)
the first time i smiled i saw you
you taught me how

you taught me how to ride a bike
how to make a perfect tuna sandwich

you taught me how to joke around
and be completely serious.

you taught me that

you taught me how to love
and what it should look like

you taught me all the amazing things

you also taught me to cry

how to feel pain and sorrow

you weren't there to teach me and hold my hand
but your spirit remained

it remains to this day

learning new things with me

you still teach me, even after you're gone

you taught me how to smile through the pain
of you leaving

and you taught me the most important thing of all.

you told me you loved me

and that's all i needed.
to papa, you continue to teach
Brittney T Feb 1
Finding stolen jackets in my room
catches me off-guard
"Oh! hello cozy reminder of
the boy that toyed with my heart.
I forgot I stuffed you
in this corner of my drawer..."

I don't want them, really.
But I can't bring myself to throw them away.
Or give them back.
I know I should keep them.
These were priceless at one point;
they feel like intruders in my life now.

But sometimes it snows.

Then I can see the warmth those reminders
once provided.
I pull on layers of memories
to have a snowball fight
with my sisters.
I reuse. I reframe.

Which is all we can do
With relics of our pain.

We apply what we've learned,
From pain, to our lives;
We wear these lessons
Like jackets.
We grow.
Pain is only a teacher
that can aid us now

if we let it.
Writing this helped me understand why I hang on to things that hurt.
Teach me to be strong, my mind is weak
Swinging moods like walking feet
Sometimes I feel broken
Sometimes I feel whole
Sometimes I, honestly, just don't know
Why push me away?
I need you now
Why be afraid?
I've never dogged you out
Why judge me?
You are not my creator
All I'm asking for is a little savior
JR Rhine Jan 22
I see the past bearing down on me like a valley

I do believe I have the courage to take a step back

I feel the weight of generations past and the whispers they carry

I don’t know if it all comes full circle, but

I love the smell of old books.

I hate how we ignore those who came before us, as if we don’t walk across their graves every day.

I’m most passionate about understanding where we come from, and how we got here.

I hope people see me as a flashlight beneath a bedsheet, illuminating the written page.
fhamideas Jan 19
The power of inner,

The will of god,

The force of the undertaker,

I declared myself an animancer to revolve my path’s sod.

May God blessing me.

Reverie untill reality,

Hands are the best revolution tool in the world,

Endeavor to reach verity,

Don’t wait — capability nature stunted when  35 years old.

limitation kills everybody.

Fast – is a great teacher,

bestowal gift for learner,

One, default person will eventually open their eyes widely;

Two, for the lifelong learning in time, moment, patience & opportunity.

Who doesn’t experience desperate plea?

How well verse we are with ourselves?

Are we just playing part for wolf and lamb?

We only know a thing or two, but we still delve,

like we, human, finally found the wolfram.

Within you, there is a key.

deeply blame only blair walshing with life,

Like someone aiming to connive upon you,

choice need to do again & plan need to contrive,

Life is a marathon, there is no queue.

If your new path is like boomerang, be like kylie.
Interested? read more on my blog - http://fhamideas.com/category/soul-words/
Mark Wanless Dec 2017
"Sonnets From a Conversation With a Friend VIII "

We have thrown many hollow words at each
Other in fits of spite and calumny.
Hitting the mark has been very easy
For both of us. I sometimes try to leach
A fawned approval, and in secret reach
Out to shape you into what i truly
Wish existed. You, can with childish glee
Lie about anything, or deign to teach
Me of your rickety opinions as
If they were life's first law. But these course, bare
Faults that sting do not ensphere and compass
Our union, nor do we gasp unaware
Of just remorse, and blooms one clear thought that's
Held jointly,       perfect people live elsewhere.
Gage B Nov 2017
Nothing fills the curvature of my hand
like the cheek of that which
I poured all of my blandness
For i know not the taste of my own heart
but take word
and believe that those who say it is
pure and simple and
are right.
I don’t know what
i don’t know
so teach me
Take me and show me what it is
that your unsure and tense heart
wants from mine.
I don’t know anything except for
that i am yours
and You
are mine
I will tell you yes
and that your character’s nature is a bitter-
sweet coffee and my tongue will
pick out your saccharine
I am begging you, please reconsider your decision. I can change.

© Gage B. 2017
Xaviera Allan Oct 2017
Doctor of a dozen missing henchmen
Cause he got a bone he'll pick with life,
He'll say, Come carry me,
Come drag my body home
Flay him like a tuna can't
He's smarter than any fool in the room
Jackhammer to the weekend,
Maybe he has a bottle
Maybe, because he didn't have a plan
It's an itch always after him
When the booze won't leave him alone,
He'll say, Fall to the floor,
Pull me through the door
On the edge of his bed he got nothing for two
While bells go off in his head
They never end
They break up every single day, professor
Maybe alcohol will burn it away, professor
At least while the days shrivel up
He'll walk his own way
Breaking eggs on the drive and his head
He's not insane when he has the paper
Or a gavel made of stone,
He'll say, Listen here to me,
Listen to my words
He walked into a supermarket
His eyes were wild
Arms spread, he smiled,
He's so proud to speak, professor
He'll say, Come look at me,
Come watch me educate
He's created a new system of idolatry
Where all his students fail
Big red zero
He succeeded when he napped alone
There's some faith in him yet,
He's so proud to speak, professor
He'll say, I know it all,
I'm an absolute genius
He's made a new function of aberrancy
Where all his students pass
Big red hundred
His mind is fried and he's gone mad
He's lost so much weight
There's no hope in his ambitions
He has it all right here
He'll say, Break it off,
Now snap some of my heart
The everlasting ringing punctuating life
A movement every hour,
Where his water goes never to his head
Find a new liver with a brand new year
Pension and mortgage promises,
He's buzzed from dawn
He's lost in mindless daydreams
Traffic stops for only him and his debt
Maybe he has a bottle
Maybe, because he doesn't have a plan
Shining eyes with hardened evidence
Of crying ethynol
He'll say, Bring me home,
Bring me a fresh tomorrow
He's a paradox of knowledge
He's a  dreary drone to the bells
He's a professor if he knows how to teach
Not a social commentary
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