Yusof Asnan May 4
He'd come in your
darkest hour.
Pull you out to
the light.
Cleaned you up.
Teach you who to
never fall again.
And by then, He
will release you
of your sorrows.

KM Hanslik Apr 13
Put my demons to sleep tonight;
wrap them in a blanlet of "not now, try again later,"
kiss each one on the forehead before
you ask me to smile, before
you ask my fingers to cling to your skin-
it's not that they don't want to, it's that
they don't know how, that they're
too heavy and only remember their own weight when it
crushes the things I want to love.
Teach me how to break open and not
drown after the floodgates let everything loose,
teach me to stop living in corners, I want to know
what it's like to breathe freely
I want to know the sun on my face as she whispers "welcome",
and I want my hands to learn how
to soothe
instead of destroy. Teach me
to love -
I'm too tired to read what's
on the wall, so
spell it out for me in words that I can understand,
spell it out in sentences that drip
honey and soothe these voices
inside my head, teach them how
to be quiet and to pick things up after
the pieces fall out of order again.
Teach me what summer feels like behind your eyelids when you've
been awake since 6am and you can't remember the grip
of ice anymore.
Teach me how to curl my fingers around the precious things
delicately -
I don't want
to be broken anymore.
I have this friend
Who doesn't say much
He's never done me wrong
He turns my words on myself
He doesn't care what I say

As much as what I do

I dont fall
On deaf ears
But my words sure dont sink in
As much as what I do
We both depend on this vibe

My friend has autism

He cant help but listen
He cant help but move
He cant help but teach me
These things he knows
Are universal
How do you think
he learned to touch
you like that, darling?

He didn't learn
that himself.
Cana Mar 20
I’d like to say thank you
For showing me how
To pick out the Big Dipper
In a strangely starred sky.
im a self taugh astrologer. Kinda. Not really though
I've tried to repair
too teach
share the knowledge
of age

I'd prepared
too expound
on every soapbox
every stage

I'm just scared
I've failed
realizing at the end

They have
too want to learn

or want to know

and curiosity
I'm getting too old for this :/
If have to  
If one has to,    
Necessarily scold    
Scold till,    
Throat soars    
Muscles cramps    
Lungs clear RV  
One gets Hernia    
Then only, One will,    
Know how to manage anger    
Best of Luck.    
Let simply,    
Karma teaches.
Theme: Inspired by closed eyes of the Buddha  
Note:Abbreviation: RV=residual volume, (Defination: The volume of air remaining in the lungs after a maximal exhale effort.)
the first time i smiled i saw you
you taught me how

you taught me how to ride a bike
how to make a perfect tuna sandwich

you taught me how to joke around
and be completely serious.

you taught me that

you taught me how to love
and what it should look like

you taught me all the amazing things

you also taught me to cry

how to feel pain and sorrow

you weren't there to teach me and hold my hand
but your spirit remained

it remains to this day

learning new things with me

you still teach me, even after you're gone

you taught me how to smile through the pain
of you leaving

and you taught me the most important thing of all.

you told me you loved me

and that's all i needed.
to papa, you continue to teach
Brittney T Feb 1
Finding stolen jackets in my room
catches me off-guard
"Oh! hello cozy reminder of
the boy that toyed with my heart.
I forgot I stuffed you
in this corner of my drawer..."

I don't want them, really.
But I can't bring myself to throw them away.
Or give them back.
I know I should keep them.
These were priceless at one point;
they feel like intruders in my life now.

But sometimes it snows.

Then I can see the warmth those reminders
once provided.
I pull on layers of memories
to have a snowball fight
with my sisters.
I reuse. I reframe.

Which is all we can do
With relics of our pain.

We apply what we've learned,
From pain, to our lives;
We wear these lessons
Like jackets.
We grow.
Pain is only a teacher
that can aid us now

if we let it.
Writing this helped me understand why I hang on to things that hurt.
Teach me to be strong, my mind is weak
Swinging moods like walking feet
Sometimes I feel broken
Sometimes I feel whole
Sometimes I, honestly, just don't know
Why push me away?
I need you now
Why be afraid?
I've never dogged you out
Why judge me?
You are not my creator
All I'm asking for is a little savior
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