MyDystopiA Apr 14

Choice doesn’t equal free will.
Free will doesn’t allow for choice.
We choose what we choose
because it is within reach.

©J Cole

Time is our master.
Beauty and ugliness,
Life and death,
Dictated by the hands of clock.
A chance occurrence in the soup.
Casual observers moving with the tide.
The paradox of free will;
Both truth and an illusion.
Consciousness reminds us we're real.
Pain and suffering grounds us to reality;
Like gravity.
Wax your board and ride the waves of existence;
Wax on,
Wax off.
Adapt and let go.
Give up control and give in to the flow...

shiv Jun 12

If loyalty is not given freely,
it is not given at all.

If you force us to show respect
than you never had it to begin with.

If we are bribed to show you
how much we love you,
than we wont be loving you at all.

rey Apr 18

some people have their heads in the cloud because they're falling stars
some people dance in the rain because they can't take shelter

i'm not watering down your fight
i'm not burying my might

some days you ask where this plane is going and some days you realize you're on a train
most days you don't

how free are you?
does it matter?

Life is a puzzle.

We choose to put it together

or to take it apart.

We are the pieces.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
Tyrel Kriger Nov 2016

Fleeting era;
Blossom of humanity;
I caught you by the tail,
And now you’re slipping out of my hand.

As we pack ourselves tighter in;
As we close the gaps with our wondrous tools;
We lose our colour,
And melt together.

Tolerance, gift of our violence.
You paint our faces all the same.
I cannot deny your higher road.
I cannot deny my head is turned,
While being driven on with the rest of us.

Like an arrow through a vacuum we fly.
feeling the oscillation of the shaft,
looking down its length at one moment,
and not being able to see over the curve the next.

Pointing at the flex from our momentary vantage.
as if we or they were responsible,
and not the bow
that fired us long long ago.

The more I learn the more amazing it is to see our collective path as a species. Its like we are free individually but are always fated to collectively travel one direction. What do you think?

The power of evil is rapturous...

...heaven here on Earth,


finally freedom.

Animal has escaped -The Garden...

Just Rachel Oct 2016

Isolating myself,
confined to these four walls.
Refusing to care
Rejecting phone calls ..
And no doubt about it,it is very
safe to say
....One is a lonely number....
but that's how I stay.
Beaten,broken,betrayed ...
Life attempts to teach,,refine and ultimately birth a better me
But for now...... Being that there's a free will ,a hermit I choose to be.
But mainly I'm dying.

Mark Wanless Jun 2016

A Man    Long have I sought answers
                Yet now, seeing her, I stand mute.
                What glories, what honors shall be mine
                When I ask of the Goddess Future
                And She tells me what lies ahead.
Future     Ask of me what you will
                 It is mine to answer plainly.
Man         Future, what shall be my greatest glory
                 In times to come?
Fut          Happiness is the greatest treasure
                And is sought by all
                Through many and various means.
                Happiness may be a part of all futures.
Man        Yes, 'tis true
                Happiness is a worthy crown.
                How shall I find my happiness?
                Through wealth, fame, power?
                If this glory is to be mine
                From whence shall it come?
Fut          From love. True happiness
                Comes only through love.
                Not love of money
                Or of clattering applause
                Nor love of deeds greatly done
                Or wars bravely fought
                But simple love.
                To love oneself
                Freely, and daily, and imperfectly
                As in all the affairs of man
                This brings the greatest of all treasures
Man        Love? Love??
                My greatest glory in all my days
                Shall come through love?!
                By the power that has put us here
                In this darksome void of emptiness
                You are bound to answer all
                And answer plain!
                Yet you stand before me
                Spouting riddles and ancient stories
                Told to fresh weaned children.
                Tell me! Tell me true! Tell me plain!!
                Where and how and when
                Shall I find happiness!!?
Fut          I tell you true and I tell you plain
                As I have always done
                And never were these words hidden
                From anyone's heart.
                They have been lying amongst your feet
                Crowding you and tripping you
                As you travel your daily lives.
                Yet you kick them aside
                Daring not to look down
                Through fear of being devoured
                By life's pains while caring
                Or lest some vain comfort of man
                Pass you by.
                Truly I say
                The ones who find happiness
                Are those open to change.
                For all mankind yearns
                For the missing part
                And accepts what is before them
                To fill the emptiness.
                But only those who recognize
                The ill-fitting lies of
                Worldly miss-pleasures
                And frail human vanities
                Only they are free to continue the search
                And eventually gain, happiness.
Man        Words, hollow words.
                Long have I lived.
                Many are my tales
                Of wearisome toil and effort
                And again all that is found
                Are simple words.
                You, Future
                Who's power it is to know
                The fates of all men
                Answer me with uncertainties.
                Go, go back to where you came from
                Leave me alone.
                I shall rest,
               And tend to my pains and sorrows.
Fut         NO!! There are no uncertainties
               Or riddles in my speech.
               Only to those who love themselves
               And others
               Is given the boon of happiness.
               You, who's ears are small
               And filled with worldly echoes
               Distorting all,
               You stand before a Goddess
               And dismiss Her words
               Rather than admit your error.
               And yet,
               It is the honor and privilege
               Of all free willed man to do so.
               Therefore I shall be silent,
               And leave you,
               At your own bidding.

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