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M C Jul 2019
I am more a warrior than a man.
I chose the pen. I did not choose the hand.
An intention is freedom.
My will will be my leader,
ultimately undefeated:
Tommy Randell May 2019
I have always wondered what next,
What happens if I now do this?
Or is life a series of random effects?

Are we part of some divine pretext,
Or a gaffe of misses and hits?
I have always pondered, What Next?

There is no way of course to check
As we follow Fate, twist upon twist,
Whether life a series of random effects -

Though I would indeed be vexed
If life itself was just a pattern of blips
And it was already decided what next.

So, work in progress being progressed
Or a continuing miracle of quantum shifts?
Life as a series of thoughts that connect

Or a notorious continuance of little steps -
Which reality comes from all those Ifs?
Is it our nature to conjecture What Next,
Or is life really a series of random effects?
A Villanelle in progress, or a mutation of form...?
Ylzm Apr 2019
Free will is the will of the free
Freely enslaving their will at will.
A slave has no free will
but believes he has.
Compelled by a will unknown
not his own.
Thus all act freely,
truly or deludedly:
One submissive to a Greater Will,
The other defiant in freedom.
One free agents of the Highest Good,
The other unwitting servants of an unseen hand.
Ramón Mar 2019
I have broken my time loop
I have escaped from my pocket universe
I have defied the gravity of my material prison and have become pure energy and consciousness
And with this energy,
I will do what I want, say what I want, and think what I want
With my consciousness, I will stay aware of my freedom
My freedom will be omnipresent and I will have omnipotence over it
And with those two, I will gain omniscience
For knowledge is the true power
And as long as I have knowledge of my freedom, I have the power to do anything
Madeleine Jan 2019
It was here after the universe was created
After the creatures who walked the earth
After the water creatures swam
After everything was created
After Eve ate of the fruit of the tree

It entered the world
It made the world a place full of choices
Full of rights and wrongs
Full of rejections and acceptance
So full of choices that we can choose
Which choice to make

It was here before the first child was born
Before that innocent child
Could walk
Or know much about what is going on

It was here before you and I were ever born
Before our parents gave birth to us
Before we made our first friend
Before all of this around us came to be

It has been here ever since the serpent in the garden
Tempted Eve and Adam stood silent
When Adam could have spoken up
But didn’t

But now that it is here we have choices
We have free will
We have the choice to choose right from wrong
Because of our sin we have nailed our Savior to the cross
To save us
To take three nails for us
To take a death that should have been our death
But no
Jesus took that death
Took our death upon himself
Even though he himself was perfect
Who committed no sin
Did nothing wrong
Was Perfect

Ever since He died on that cross for us
We now have eternal life with our Father
When one day we are able to come home
With no more pain
No more suffering
No more tears that are to be shed
But tears of Joy
We are Home and able to come home
Once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior
When we admit that we can’t do anything on our own
That through and only through Jesus
We are saved
And can come home

But this that caused God to send His one and only Son
To die on the cross for us is because of
Sin caused that and is what brought all this upon us
Why we have free will
And choices to make
It’s all because of sin that entered the world
Through just one eating
Of one fruit
From one tree

When the
Serpent with those sly words
Interjected himself into the world to cause trouble and deceive
Never giving up till the end of the days when he is thrown back into the eternal fire

Then when the days here are done
Sin will be no more
the eternal fire full of pain and anguish
But Heaven the place free from all sin and deceit
Sin will never be near again
One from years ago
Eryri Jan 2019
Your idealism burned your path
and led you there.
Your desire a burning scythe,
Scorching and hacking
anything you deemed pre-determined.

Only a few tried to stop you.
Only a few told you it was a foolish endeavour,
But you wouldn't hear of it.
Your ears filtered out contrary voices.
Your mind bias to your thoughts of absolute free-will
and its oxymoronic pursuit of a destiny.

And so you left.
Took off under your own power
Leaving a contrail in your wake
Stretching from an eternal West
to an eternal East.
A monochrome rainbow
Befittingly lacking in palette
as your tunnel vision
allowed for only one colour,
Not a mixture of hues and shades
That colour a normal youthful existence.

Although short and unfulfilled,
Your brief sojourn on this world
will be remembered.
Your life's contrail will hang in the sky:
A solitary mark on your life's canvas,
A testimony, not to your Quixotic mission,
But to the good that would have surely followed
the eventual demise of your romantic notions
of solving the world's problems.
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