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Zywa Jun 2023
Freedom is doing
something for one's own
reasons, taken from nothing
and no one

A child is free
in its game, everyone
can be it and learn it
in friendship

Grown-up free
every new day
own agendas only
to live and let live

To do what you do and
to say what you say
for your own reasons
and not wanting it any other way
Collection "Lilith's Powers" #84
SpiritHeart67 Nov 2021
When you let
people places
and things
around you
be themselves
Rather than
your will
upon them,
This then,
is when
we finally
find peace.

It Feels
Really Good
  To Just
   Let Go...
stillhuman Feb 2022
Spiders are crawling
on every flower
and they have feet
caked in gun powder
They invade the blooms
of roses in the winter
The world is shadowed in doom
and my fingers bleed with splinters
from the homes of freedom
crashing down to rot
but this is the hope of a people
that grow like moss
on fallen trees
they stand like those flowers
and march like bees
They are the bloom of freedom
in the dark ages of evil
These are my thoughts on the Ukrainian situation. I stand with you and applaud your strenght and resilience. Let's not forget the reason diplomacy and democracy exist.
Robin Görtz May 2021
A pair of eyes collides
With one identical pair,
The first pair owner lowers
His head to bow as heir.
The second rises slowly,
Triumphant lifts his voice,
Commands, commands this brainless
Descendant of his choice.

But number One refuses
He negatively shrinks
And in the eyes of daddy
He stares and never blinks
A “NO” still echoes somewhere
The word becomes a sword
It riddles Second´s ticker
And One is without lord.

Pale but smiling number Two
Congratulates his son.
Reassuring number One
His loss means that he won.
Then Two drops dead
At least in part
And moves no inch of bone

One, alone, falls into pit.
Pit uncertainty.
One can´t think straight,
Brain so full that empty.
Two wore coat,
Two´s coat heavy.
One still wears it,
Legs are wobbly.

Take first own step
Johnny Feb 2021
I am determined.

If I was free
My love would be
Limited because of me.

So I am determined.

Because I can't see
The factors that decide for me
Which means my love
Could potentially be
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
In the Moonlit Rain

Fear overtakes her courage caged

Forests sing Freedom


Wings wide open


I let it out at times,
the tethered soul of mine.
Let it savour the light,
hang in the smoke,
extract the trailing drops of life.

It tiptoes.
Scared to touch every being.
The familiar difference is intriguing.
I let it oscillate.
I let it oscillate freely.
Oh! The dance of the captive!

It floats through the words,
each syllable lumbers to make sense.
Scared stiff of each utterance.
The jibber-jabber could burn the pages
like its inside.

It puffs up. It shrinks.
It cuts.
I watch it bleed in hesitation.
Till it's again confined.
Janna Orpa Nov 2020
They tell you to be open-minded yet they narrowed what it means to have an open mind.
“Think outside the box,” they say, yet the outside is guarded.
Everything is a big puppet show.
We live, then we die!
In between, we go through so much agony
only to attain this perfect life; a perfect life that yet to exist.
We all play pretend.
Some people find love, some find wealth, some suffer terribly.
I just want to break that chain of a perfect life
I didn’t ask to be a part of this but I was dragged into it.
They claim free will,
but it’s never free will, they hold you down.
We let them define your happiness
perfectly orchestrated by a wheel of illusion.
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