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Dante Rocío Aug 26
What wonder with
Poetry in Prose,
Prose in Poetry,
those two together
made at

what Art is that
whilst those
trespass borders
of what’s cognitive and not,
my true form of wording
and existing
as that!

That is a feat,
mingle those two together,
make one fluent into train of events
by the other
and the other make
the former
an extravagance
that should reign
on us!
The most forming way
of expression verbally
and not!

And what experience would that be
if we took under account again
the spaces
the “Enter” key
between verses
in a classic poem structure,
to think how that changes
everything and what
respect it demands
in each line
The creation of a person made both
From the flesh, the Yin, as Prose,
From the essence, the Yang, as Poetry
Is the greatest feat
Which bears translucent
Survival of perfect Life of an Apprehension
In a beaten-up reality
Xian Obrero Jul 19
Hanggang kailan ako magiging ganito?
gabi-gabi na lang tawag ko ang pangalan mo
Kung pwede ka lang maibalik nitong mga luha ko
Noon pa siguro’y nagawa ko na at ikaw ay nasa piling ko na’t ako ngayo’y yakap mo.

Gabi-gabi na lang, nasa isip kita
gabi-gabi ring dasal na panaginip kita
dinig mo ba ang mga iyak ko at aking mga sana?
“Isang beses man lang sana tayo ay nagkasama”.

Ano kayang pakiramdam mahawakan ang kamay mo?
Sa tuwa kaya ay mapatalon ako?
Mga pisngi ko ba’y mamumula o manginginig ang katawan ko?
Naranasan ko man lang sanang sa tabi mo’y minsang maupo.

Sa takdang panahon kaya’y makita rin kita?
Ang oras ba natin ay sa wakas magtagpo na?
Isang beses man lang sana masabi kong mahal kita
Isang beses man lang sana...
Isang beses man lang sana ....
Tina RSH Jan 26
Morning is such a desperate lover.
How else could she make
you meet her if she didn't
steal your dreams at night?
Angelica Liu Nov 2019
Twilight and rains followed us here
Daylight and city were left behind
The ancient temple lies in its lonely solemnity
Intruders, we had met the end of our world
Here the opposites meet
The day was meeting the night
The summer was meeting the autumn
The civilized was meeting the primitive
The man was meeting the woman
No one can truly understand happiness
Without having reached here
When opposites finally meet
When two realities mingle one with another
Boundaries give way to freedom
The present flows into the future
While the old temple remains timeless.
shogunzoe Nov 2019
A life sharpened heart.
Artfully persevering.
Wise beyond its years.

(see original)
Samurai sword sharp.
Heart precise as Chinese stars,
scarred by bullseye darts.
Lemon Nov 2019
I'm a user
              A loser
                        And an abuser

I'm a giver
               A taker
                          And a heartbreaker

I'm a hurter
                 A nurture

A sister
          And a misser

But most of all
                      I'm human

A mistake maker
                         And problem causer

An ungrateful brat
                              A hard working rat

I'm somethin sweet
                              And somethin mean

Just the right amount
                               To destroy or build anything

So keep this in mind
                            When becoming my friend

For I dont choose who I destroy
                                        They choose me instead
Gets no love the one who doesn't love.
It's not Karma, but simple logic.
Even if he does, it's a sort of odds,
Making the canon candid.

It's not Karma, but simple logic;
The misanthrope is alone -
Who doesn't like water, will suffocate in,
Who doesn't like life, will be perishing in.

The misanthrope is alone.
This is all a matter of nature-
One may hide in a mass like serpent,
Still being poisonous, threatening.

This is all a matter of nature;
The old song of yin and yang-
Darkness isn't overthrown by brightness,
But they fulfill the scheme of destiny.

The old song of yin and yang-
The side uncursed by goodness
Is the side blessed with senselessness,
Extreme plainness and severity.

The side uncursed by goodness
Fulfills the dark side of the bright -
Without looking for doing the right
Since it's all self-implemented.

Fulfilling the dark side of the bright,
Giving chance for the light,
And bearing all the dark of the moon,
He may be a hero, the antigone.

Giving chance for the light,
Getting no love while another does,
We - people - serve perfect bad examples
For there's no hero without Antihero.

Getting no love while another does,
Even if getting that's out of odds;
Darkness isn't overthrown by brightness,
But each fulfills a scheme in destiny.

We've been and we'll be gone even as antigone.
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