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When our sparks ignite
It feels as if time has stopped
Moments in slow motion
A different world all your own
The creation of life
What could ever be
It’s either the mountains
Or the ocean
Calling after me
I’ve torn in two
But patients is key
You never forget the first time you scare a child with your white coat.

You never forget the first time you elicit CVA tenderness unexpectedly.

You never forget the first time you meet someone with ***.

You never forget the first time you have a trauma call for a motor vehicle accident or a gunshot wound.

You never forget the first time you comfort a patient who is crying because they don’t want to be in the hospital.

You never forget the first time you witness a patient and her family hear the words “You have cancer”.

You never forget the first baby you help deliver (you also never forget the mom).

You never forget the first time a patient admits they’ve attempted suicide in the past.

You never forget your first patient.

Being a medical student is a humbling experience.

I hope I never forget that either.
Francie Lynch Mar 2020
The Receptionist's counter is too close to the forever waiting room.
The Nexts are trying their patient penances;
Some seem to read;
Others appear to listen to the television;
There's no dialogue,
Except for the Dr.'s assistant,
And, the Receptionist.
Any conversation would be idle,  and not heard anyway.
They sit on pins, listening for their names.
Super Tuesday held no kryptonite for Super Joe, remarked the talking head.

The Dr. will see you in three years.
I fist pump and spin to leave,
Seeing a blur of corralled, bowed, preoccupied heads.
A frail face lifted up, and smiled for me.
Happy for me.
Truly the best medicine.
Emillee Goodwin Jan 2020
Nice to meet you

It’s not nice to meet you.
You’re just another one.

Another one what?
That’s ok, I’m just glad you came.

Another person to promise me things
Another person to let me down.
I didn’t want to.  

I know you didn’t want to.
I’m sorry people have let you down.
I can’t promise I won’t. I’ll do my best.

You want to know my life story
I have to repeat it again.
When will this stop. I hate you.

No, you tell me what you want.  
What do you need now?
You can hate me. But I don’t hate you.

I don’t want to take the pills.
They make my head foggy.
I need to sleep. I need food. I’m hungry.
Why don’t you hate me. Everyone else does.

Who is everyone?
I think you are very brave.
Why don’t you sleep then?
You are safe here.

Brave. How am I brave?
People are watching me.
I can’t sleep. Not safe.

Because you asked for help.
You are safe. I’m watching you yes.
To keep you safe. Here’s a sandwich.
Eat. Then sleep. Are you cold?

I don’t want to. You don’t get it.
I haven’t eaten for days. You are nice.
Not cold. But I haven’t showered for days.

Well shower. That’s your room.
I don’t get it. You are right
But I know you are exhausted.
Here are some clean clothes.
You are going to be ok. I promise

How do you know it’s going to be ok?
I am so tired. Will you watch me all night.
I’m scared.

I know you are. I’ll be here all night.
Lay down now. Tomorrow will be better.
It will get better.  You will get better.

I don’t hate you.
The sand which was good.
If you say so, I hope so.

Sleep well, goodnight.
Was just thinking of a conversation I once had with a patient who self presented. As a mental health nurse, its a conversation of many people on their first night in a mental health unit. So scared and lonely. If only we could show them their last day there so they could see that it wasn’t the end for them. Anyways, just a random thing.
hazem al jaber Jul 2019
Patient's Love ...

i do no looking for any thing ...
do no desiring anyone ...
i just seeking ...
for the light ...
the light from your eyes ..
which it my medicine and cure ...
just only you ...
whom i only need ...
because you are ...
my passion ...
my only love ...
since i knew the love ...
and i knew it only ...
from you and with you ...

sweetheart ...
i am the patient
patient of love ...
ill and so sick ...
yes i am
so sick to your love ...
and you are the only ..
who cure me ...
while no one can cure me ...
because i fell so crazy to you ...

would you give me my medicine ...
from your heart ...
would you babe ...
give me the love ...
through a kiss's love ...

please do ...

hazem al ...
chitragupta Mar 2019
Time is stagnant
I have tried
pushing all the buttons

It hasn't changed
for all my efforts -
this period tiresome

Gray skies
Not a drop of rain
Not a hint of the sun

This life is
too overwhelming
I'm ready for the next one
Exploring the psyche of a mind diseased by depression.
The individual thinks he/she is inside a video game that isn't playing out to their liking and he/she wants it to end and retry with a spare "life"
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