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Jeremy Betts May 5
This entire empire of dirt and manure is about to expire
I'm not gonna lie, between you and I, I wish I was a lier
My mind though is compulsive when lighting it's pants on fire
Nose long as a telephone wire, front and center like a town crier
And the shiit that I get from myself and the public stacks higher and higher
I know exactly what's about to transpire
Yet I always make it worse, never better
Like a water geyser to a grease fire
I'll forever be a fumblin', bumblin' reality denier
Faced with a situation that can only be described as dire
When you've only ever been able to hire a blind get-a-way driver
There's no chance of escaping this hell, life organically becoming satire

Jeremy Betts Mar 17
Just because you can
Maybe you have,
Danced with fire
That does not mean that same flame will not burn after expired
Leaving a new want to expire
Like desire
Or so I've heard from the choir
But then again most everyone I've met,
Myself included,
Is a lier
And yet,
For reasons unknown,
I'm still a buyer
Then shortly after,
A broken heart supplier

IZ J Nov 2020
I have a two-week breaking point.
For 14 days I go through the motions: emotionless.
For a fortnight of time, I am indifferent to all things.

Yet on that 15th day I snap, bringing my composure down as well.

On the 15th day, I resort back to a shell of dependency,
hunkering away in isolation with nobody to depend on.
I become a nail made for a wall, but with no wall to go into.
My sole purpose is hopeless and my ambitions crushed.

Some may say I have a two-week expiration date.
Kelly Hogan May 2019
It appears I have an expiration date
Tattooed on my back
That screams "10 years"
And you were keeping track.
What am I doing wrong?
V liv Nov 2018
Want and need expire
Then all that's left is two choices
To love or To quit
Its clear which one you made
Or maybe it was never a choice
Or maybe you made it a long time ago
Maybe I was blind
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

What do you truly inspire,
buildings caught on fire,
looking for a purpose in this life but it'll just expire,
sitting here in all 50 states that's corrupted and dire,
telling you these products will help you , they're a bunch of liars,
other countries dying for the truth and hope that they've lost,
encountering villains with no faces , do they have a boss?
if your black , they have plans for you to die and get tossed,
try to sway the weak and break the strong , pray you don't get soft.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
Got half life

I’m not God to tell
When it expires

If I could predict
The future

I would have never
Believed  in forever.
Genre: Dark Art
pk tunuri Mar 2018
Spa D is on fire
Administration is a liar
Student body has a desire
Let's fulfill our needs before we expire

You think your threats can stop us
I'm sure we didn't want to make a fuss

What makes you be at a nonplus
Let us know when you are ready to discuss

For how long will you bluff?
Don't you think it's enough?

We've suffered enough over the years
We have overcome all our fears

Don't light up the fire with our tears
You better stop playing with our careers

All that we ask for is some trust
But you left us all in utter disgust

Spa D is on fire
Administration is a liar
Student body has a desire
Let's fulfill our needs before we expire
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