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Nettie 17h
I cause

Eyes to turn to glass
Lungs to be unable to contract

Hearts to cease to beat
Bodies to be unable to hold heat

Muscles to relax
Faces to sag

Hands to become useless
Legs to become motionless

What/Who am I?
Can you guess? Thanks for reading!
Renee Danes Mar 25
Is not the fire of your soul
Burning higher than a free falcon
Catching a wind so furiously strong,
You ride its wings
Bearing free reign
For now and still, for long,
This pressured air
Upon your face
Restricts your shallow breath
The choice is yours
Stay or, let go,

I expected
Nothing less.
To those who know, but do not tell.
Does anybody else here want the end of the cliffhanger... (I raise my hand, "Me...")
I have an idea,
A game we can play.
I’ll paint you a picture,
What does it say?

“Like charades?” you ask,
Yes, but with higher stakes.
I’m the riddle on the canvas,
Can you solve without mistakes?

⁃ Don’t Read Me Wrong
Francie Lynch Feb 27
I don't recall year one of life,
But I'm here now,
So they got it right.
Yet I remember being one,
On a mattress, in the sun,
The smell of bacon and farm odors,
Were part of me as I grew older.

But I never asked to grow up.

I walked first steps
In my father's shoes,
Blathered blissfully when I was two.

By the time I turned three,
I was sure youth suited me.

I could reach the outside door,
When I grew to the age of four.
Now the world's mine to explore.

But I never asked to grow older.

Then by five I tried to hide
From the travails of an older child;
The digging, weeding, painting, work:
My escape to school was my re-birth.

But I never asked to grow older.

I didn't ask to turn six,
Seven, eight, nine or ten;
I shuddered at our  portends,
I didn't like how my world ends,
I finished fishing with Amens.

But I never asked to grow older.

I made twenty years ago,
When decades moved ever so slow;
Thirty came, forty gone,
And fifty didn't last that long.

But I never asked to grow older.

Since I must please remember,
Dip my soother in Irish whiskey,
Include me if you solve the mystery,
And reference me and my life's history.
Neo Feb 14
I'm crawling on the edge of this chasm
Right along the brink of abyss
Spiraling down a void
Even light cant escape

Who Am I?
Chris Feb 6
1 Cuts the sky with the fingers pale,
1 The sky empty, the sky of gray,
1 Halo, holy above the hair,
1 Adorned with thorns that breed decay,

2 Ripe branches of thy hands are dry,
2 Against the earth drenched with  blood,
2 All of Rome will see thee shine,
2 A messiah for no god,

3 O, Christ of our bleak dismay,
3 Your eyes below, they dare not stray,
3 Stones will shatter, open graves,
3 You fall as the rest just pray,

4 Soon you perish, soon you die,
4 Taken by the wind by flood,
4 Ruined come the sacred shrine,
4 They spoke of thy father's love,

5 Savior of the ones of clay,
5 The last word on the last of days,
5 The revenge you will justly crave,
5 The last word for the ones to stay.
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M-E Jan 27
A Riddle:

If I told you
That I'm going to write
A poem
As a gift
To whoever is the 200th
Would you race to follow me
Knowing that its not going to be you?
20 followers ahead.
Or would you leave my profile stagnant
At 180 followers?
Or would you unfollow or block me instead?

Maybe this poem is a gift
To all my 180 followers :)
Sometimes I just write whatever nonsense idea comes to my mind. But this one is from my heart. <3
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