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Dae Roberts Oct 8
The tears you had, from me
I picked them up
They soaked into my skin and now they’re falling for you.


The sunflowers I got you probably aren’t hanging from the wall anymore.
I hope they make the trash smell lovely.

They were meant to be

Lovely that is,
But I’m sure they felt like a materialist apology
For something that could only be healed with feeling.

Unapologetic resentment, is probably what I would name us. Our story

Pushed out,
you only got a glimpse of what was inside of me, all you had left was to imagine what could’ve been there
I’m sorry our brains want it all to be beautiful

Maybe it was beautiful
I was so scared of you being let down I almost did the opposite.
I did, do the opposite.

the idea of hurting your feelings unintentionally, was scary

I thought I would push you away
But I really only hid behind the curtains
You heard and felt what I felt.

But you couldn’t see, you went mad
I thought the curtain was enough

I could’ve sworn it was enough.

they’re was so much going on around me I couldn’t hear you when you said it was too loud, so you walked in the other room.

I didn’t notice until it got quiet and I went to look behind the curtain.

New flowers, no curtains.

I’m sorry.
My eyes hurt whenever I see what they have in their hands
It seems the treasures they have glow more than mine
If I could take what they have maybe I won't whine or demand
For my mother told me a boy should never be envious in life

As I was getting taller my resentment grew stronger and louder,
"I want to have what they want! They have the cleanest of luxury"
I was never raised to grasp rubies so I begrudge men with power
Whenever I want something they refused, so I grew up with envy

Now my hands can afford diamonds like everybody else
the satisfaction that I felt was all I yearned for these years
Looking back to where accessories were considered wealth
Senseless for me to think that not having earthly desires is what I fear

Now if ever I pass by an alley and a kid looks at me with jealousy
Three words to change his look, "Here's a candy"
So he could see that happiness shines more than jewelry
To the kids who were not given anything when they were young
you know what it feels like
I don't respond for others feeling.
I was apologising where isn't my mistake.
Shelby Finger Aug 15
I saw a simplicity
I knew I could hide away in
In you
A quiet normalcy
I thought it would bring me
all the features in life I didn’t think I deserved:
and Hard earned holidays.

You preyed on the evidence
that I was hiding from my own origin story.
Cowering in paralyzing fear
From the woman I was designed to be.

There are no red flags when you’re wearing rose tinted glasses.
isabel Jul 27
did it make you laugh? seeing how stupid i looked knowing i’ve fallen for your games?

did it make you sleep better at night? knowing you had lead me on, thinking there was something between us?

did it ever cross your mind? the pain i could possibly feel after you played with my feelings?

did it hurt? when you stopped talking to me out of nowhere, leaving me hanging? no explanations, no anything. did it?

i guess it didn’t.
it’s been a while since i wrote something.
Carl D'Souza Jul 25
When bitterness bites my heart
with anger, resentment, hurt
and a sense of unjust treatment,
what should I do?

Does it soothe my heart
to accept what has happened
as Destiny?

Does it soothe my heart
to strive to discover
what I can do
to improve my situation
to increase my joy and happiness?
How does it feel to be a fiend?
You used to be my lover
Before I knew how mean
You truly were, those colors
I painted into you were so true
But I realize now that it was abuse
The resentment I feel for you
Now is so much deeper
Than the love I thought was real
It’s time for the truth to be revealed
Many of times passed with
A light shining ever so greatly in your eyes
But now it is time
For your demise
Let me preach and tell
Of all the things you have done
I can only pray that like Icarus
You too will fly into the sun
Seeing you burn would be a dream come true
Knowing that I’m not in pain anymore
Instead it is you
Knowing that now it is safe to close the door
Now all has been exposed
They will bear witness to the tales and lore
I wish nothing but harm upon you
Your suffering will be prolonged
And I will be singing this song
Knowing that our intimacy
Was going to end all along
Do you remember when I first said hello?
I can recount that look in your eye
Your subtle grin began to divide
A scheme, a plan to make me yours
God how I wish, I wish I would have closed that door
If only I had refused
Words like this would had never been used
I would be a ray of light
Shining so bright
Never losing to a fight
A battle, your battle
That isolated me at home
Despondate, heartbroken
Made me mature on my own
Cast these feelings aside
Instead gaze at the high tide
The tide of the ocean roaming as free as I do now
Because you’re no longer a part of my life now
D'Angelo Jun 15
Congrats you !
You did it !
You won.
How does it feel ?
You must be proud...
cause you're an *******.

Being the deciding factor was such the priority.
Casualties of war, such a small price for authority.
Here's a message to you, the ******* majority...
"Please shoot, cause I'm shooting back." signed, The Minority.

We're not the victor,
don't give us your spoils.

This ain't no "up rise".
This is the end to the compromise.
In the defense of The Antagonized,
we're not responsible for this divide.

We're not the victor,
don't give us your spoils.

We trusted the secrets.
You were trusted to tell.
We wanted to talk.
You wanted to yell.
We wanted to move on.
You wanted to dwell.
You destroyed our heavens
and created our hells.

We're not the victor,
don't give us your spoils.

We gave you a community.
You and all your unwanted could have lived here.
You had the fairness, the compassion, the love.
We were in your corner,
all of them.
We were unwavering.
You had us in the palm of your hand...
so you crushed us.
So here are the fruits of your labour.
They're not so fresh.
You're left with the flies and the stench!
I hope this taste stains your tongue
and the odor scorches your nostrils.
After all,
you've earned it...

the spoils.
Evan Leonhard May 29
An unbitten bullet
The truth penetrates
My ears
Reverberating through my skull
A fatal headshot
To my trust
Who love the role of martyr
Now have victims of your own
Put to death
In a covert assault
Don’t tell me to relax
Don’t tell me that
Everything’s alright
It’s not
That I’m unforgiving
You never wanted forgiveness
You wanted to sustain
The immaculate perception
You paid so much to enjoy
Trust, oaths, innocence
Everything has been defiled
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