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Desire 2d


Dominion City NYC
If the volume is up too loud
How are you going to hear the answers to the questions your soul is asking
How long will you settle for distractions?
If there is no truth why does your soul seek it so-
Come to the arms of Jesus let Him bestow
All the answers you've been looking for
The forgiveness and the freedom from the guilt and regret
That keeps you awake at night
He'll take your sin, of which causes your death, and give you His life and His righteousness
Sinner be saved- let love pave the way
To the God who made you, be reconciled
Through His word He has given. All in the bible
Learn your creators heart and become His child,
Though we are all born separated from his family His love made the way
To bring the dead to life and give them a new name
Taking the barrier that stood in the way- ourselves.
No we aren't all His children,
But God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever BELIEVES in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life.
Not all do, but all can. So come to the Fountain
Francie Lynch Sep 2018
Stand up, stand guard,
Staunchly defend all that is ours.
What is ours to defend?
Begin with what was before us,
The good earth and all inhabitants.
Defend that which is ours.
Truth and love;
Leave a legacy of righteousness -
Defend these, and thus,
Defend those whom we leave,
And leave them to.
Aaron J Patrick Aug 2018
Heavenly Father,
God who hears my plea,
do you hear me still, even now?
I’ve seemed to slip from Your fingers
back into the chains from which I was once bound.
Was I not already free?

Have mercy on me, still.
I am but a mere mortal,
prone to life’s temptations.
My eyes are tainted with ****,
my flesh stained with sin.
My heart has turn cold,
my spirit is faded.

I’ve become less sensitive
to Your presence.
The fire You have put within me
is still there but burning out, slowly.
I had long to go out and do Your will,
but I am so complacent
rather willing that I do things for myself.

I am thus no different than others
I am just the same if not worse than any other sinner
be it ****** or murderer
liar or thief.

Have I forgotten the joy of Your salvation?
If I am Your son, Your servant in Your image and likeness created
therefore create in me a clean heart, and rekindle in me the fire of Your love.
Stir in me a passion, to boldly seek you and to pursue doing Your will in this world today.
Help me deny myself, to carry my cross and follow you.
Remind me that this life is not my own but to care for others and to serve You.

Forgive me and cleanse me through and through.
As it is, all things, for Your glory!
In Christ’s Name
Now and forever.

A prayer.
martin murray Jan 2018
Give us the bible to preach the devil away

So we can stand in a righteous way

Praise God for the wisdom he left yesterday

Thank you Jesus for leading the way

The  devil slanders each good person's name

We praise God & Jesus for a verse to rebuke Satan's way

1000 Bible verses to rebuke Satan's 1000 sin's

Give us the Bible to preach the devil away
I created this short rhapsody, getup, opus, stanza because of the negative slander & persecution I face, and not only me, other people too. This is a composition praising our ancestors, the wise people who help us through everyday.
Stanley Wilkin Aug 2017
Connecting with the Umma
In space and time,
Prostrate in prayer
Contained and comforted
By the mosque’s sanguine light,
The ordered lines of acolytes
In reverential rows.
All herein was ordered and controlled,
Gender’s appropriately separated,
The air devoid of ****** musk,
All done correctly to dusty text.

Outside, oh outside, is chaos
The kaffir engaged in godless behaviour
Flesh exhibited in defiance of god’s
Thousand clearly expressed rules
Remorselessly recorded within
The rippling shadows of sand.
That unknown form sitting in judgement
In a heavenly court, unseen and oblique,
But remarkably like the courts of men.

Tainted thoughts of the unbeliever-
Intimate touches in the moonlight,
Caresses in the sunlight
Laughing, singing, and drinking,
Unaccustomed to strict religious
Contemplation, the rightful punishments
That occasion neglect.
The serpentine gaiety unravelling his solemn mind.  
He held his throbbing
Head as he released himself from prayer;
Walking outside the women’s exposed flesh
Gave him murderous ideas.
Derek DM Jul 2017
Bless me here now
On my knees I shrink
To their benevolence
In the shadow of shrines
Where soundly sleeps
the Hypocrisy of time
The sage loss of knowing
That nothing is new
Under the sun

So speak to me
In your new tones
and tell me the story
that Changed it all
For you and for me
So that we care
Or wouldn't you dare?
Bring me so forth
To the altar of time

Where I have cheated
and stole, and pressed on
This flesh for love
Of my own time
In the mornings of light
You and I will see
Where the bodies they lay
And where they go on.
hailey visscher Mar 2017
I want to be where you are,
For you have a peculiar way of feeling so distant from me.
I am longing for another moment of triumphant belonging.
One that comes like a spurt of overflowing rapture
Within my weary heart.

I am released
From being drowned in deep waters
And suddenly, musical sounds break the muted,
Submerged silence
That for so long flooded my ears.

I see your face somewhere
In the glimmering iridescent halo of the sun.
My iniquities trickle from my eyelashes
And stream my cheeks.
They pool at my collarbones and rush down my arms
Once my chest heaves at the chance to breathe in
More of you.
Then off the tips of my fingers they fall; forgettable, insignificant.

Beached on the shores of my loneliness,
You meet me.
Seeing my shackles, a ***** to sin, I am exposed
In my unworthiness and tarnished in self-deceit.
But you loosen my chains, binding only
My broken heart.

The iron turns to sand and I can feel it
Slipping and singing laments into the wind.
Right there is where the temple of self-righteousness
In a heap of ruins lay my complacency and conceit.

You’ve been waiting to clothe me in the white
Of your salvation, and you wrap me
In a violet righteousness woven distinctly for me.
In the place of my shame, you fill that pit in my stomach
With a double portion of everlasting joy.

Beneath our feet
The earth brings forth sprouts of brilliant green.
Unimaginable colors spring up joyfully
Into a fruitful garden of immense splendor.
Individual flowers bloom for each prayer
Sown by your angels over my soul.

The moment is like a rare jewel or precious stone.
I want to collect it and hold it delicately in my hands.
I want to wear it on my fingers and wrists
For the chance to adorn others
With the sparkling gold and silver of your abundant grace.

Where there are jubilant fields lined with thick forestry,
I see emerald gems lodged half-revealed in the rock.
I see how the veins in my arms match the patterns
Of rivers carving through the land.
I notice the rhythm of my breathing
And the peaceful rise and fall of a gentle shoreline.

If I could see that the blue in the sky,
Green in the fields,
Gold in the sun,
And brown of the rich earth
Rests in the flecks of my eyes,

Perhaps I would realize that you have made me
To always be where you are.

Brent Kincaid Nov 2016
Religion can be somewhat stygian
Often is as a matter of fact.
It isn’t all fluffy clouds and saints.
Like in their published tracts.
Not all of the promises made
Will ever come true for you.
The miracles they talk about
Are they facts? Very danged few.

Wail and sing hosanas
Hail to the golden calf.
How to tell who’s bananas?
Separate wheat from chaff?
Give lots of money to churches
Buy many more holy chalices.
We are such a poor country
With far two few golden palaces.

Remember all Christians are holy
No matter the evil they may do.
They just confess it on Sunday
And then they are better than you.
And even though Muslims all came
From the same book up to a point,
They are all heathens and **** bound
No righteous forehead to anoint.

Wail and sing hosanas
Hail to the golden calf.
How to tell who’s bananas?
Separate wheat from chaff?
Give lots of money to churches
Buy many more holy chalices.
We are such a poor country
With far two few golden palaces.

Nobody gets to go to heaven
Unless they are from the right church.
Anyone not in that category will,
The day of atonement, be left in the lurch.
Remember their god is wrathful
And will drown all your children for sure.
So, unless you are “washed in the blood”
You’re going to ****. There’s no cure.

Wail and sing hosanas
Hail to the golden calf.
How to tell who’s bananas?
Separate wheat from chaff?
Give lots of money to churches
Buy many more holy chalices.
We are such a poor country
With far two few golden palaces.
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