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Nabil Falchou May 10
to see the light you must face the darkness
to feel happiness you must face the pain
to choose righteousness you must face the wrong
and to survive you must live
A poem from my book
Can you see how much
we need each other?!

All this “I am a rock
I am an island”
solipsistic claptrap
cos we need Joan and John
at the supermarket
and the folks at A&E
and the techies
streaming lifelines
while we figure how to be

Now, behind our keyboards
we might not be warriors,
but worriers who realise
how close we are to crashing

and yeah, some **** cash in
but let’s not forget
so when the panic lifts
we figure novel penance
and say our goodbyes

So hugs are currently virtual,
but our care for once
is real

Maybe that’s the virus deal

Maybe we’re done with
u ok ***?
so when we re-emerge
we can see clearly
**** sapiens
are one species
and switch on to each other,
sisters and brothers alike

Being nice is for life
Ylzm Jan 21
Without knowledge nor fear, with no mercy
Condemning the innocent with great power
Slaying the righteous as sacrifice to gods unknown
To appear godly but truly trading for this world's riches
Asserting their good, making good, evil, and evil, good
But righteous tears are indeed acceptable sacrifices
A constant fragrance filling the holy place
Stirring up wrath, the righteous shall be judged
And justice shall be true and its praise glorious
My thoughts are waterfalls of light and pure like the holy Word of God. One kiss of mine moistens thy soul in balms of bliss. The world can be overwhelmed by wars and worldly unrest
so long as evil traps its victims into its wiles, decade upon decade until the cycle of the devil repeats once more. But when the day has come the Lord God shall erase all devils from the world and the Eden shall be restored once again. Purity in thought is a high virtue, without it, all evils might haste to pollute the mind and bring its dross. Without purity in thought a man cannot be at peace with himself. Without God a man desires all the pleasures of the world and he shall never find peace if he chooses to give up the love of God. Desire not to behold the misleading freedom of the devil, but desire to behold the righteous freedom of the Lord. Follow not the desires of the flesh, follow the desires of the spirit and God shall see thy purity and he shall make you great in Heaven. Cling to the holy breath of the Lord with all thy heart. Pant after his divine truth and knowledge and he shall open doors where there are none.
Ylzm Nov 2019
Righteous' presence
     and innocents' innocence
Pleasant fragrance
     the Essence’s essence

Sparrows nest
     in cherub's presence
Leaping loyal dogs
     wagging effervescence
But cats sleep,
     without care, blatant nonchalance

Beauty’s transcendence
     and inviolable permanence
Musical cadence
     in timeless immanence

Elephants' endless patience
     and endurance
Hummingbirds whizzing
     winged iridescence
Orchids blooming
     riotous inflorescence

And monarchs live and die
     in glorious ignorance.
Psalm 150
I was Ahärôn
I spoke for you
I prepared
The temple
Grounds you

Moses as well
I ascended
Mount Horeb
And felt the
Fire you

As Miriam
I watched you
Drift away
Like a snake
I wait
Peter Priesthood
Dylan McFadden Aug 2019
Flopping, flipping,
Flattering lips
Are the company
Of fools

Or worse:
A bitter enemy,
Who conceals a heart
So cruel

But words of truth -
Even bold rebukes -  
Do accompany
The wise

They are a friend,
And will find favor in,
The men of
Righteous eyes

Dylan McFadden Jul 2019
I remember...

The night my Daddy gave me his t-shirt,
And I wore it to bed

It smelled like him,
It felt like him,
It clothed me totally,
And made me feel so small

And now, it was mine!
And I loved it so...

And Daddy said to me:
"One day, you'll grow up into Daddy's t-shirt..."

But the years came and went,
And Daddy's t-shirt still didn't fit...

...More and more so,
But never perfect

And even today,
As I've become a Daddy myself,
My Daddy's t-shirt wears quite large

But it's still mine.

And it still covers me.

And I remember what Daddy said,
And this I know with all my heart:

One day, it shall fit perfectly.

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