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Apr 2017 · 936
hatred is just that
hatred is just that
a completely useless and shallow emotion that leads to empty anger and wasted energy

hatred is just that
its not a tool, its not even useful for DEALING with those of your enemies
but it does create enemies

hatred behaves much like friction does scientifically, that is, it is the killer of efficiency, it wastes your energy, it creates obstacles, and it stains your life with something so impure and unresponsive that you lose part of what it truly means to be HUMAN

hatred is just that
a lack of humanity, a variable that is not useful for survival at its most basic level, it kills love and creates the foundation of evil

hatred is just that
useless, something that wastes energy, creates obstacles, stains your life, takes away your humanity, kills love, endangers your survival, and lays down the foundation of evil- which in turn can make yourself into an obstacle for others who only love.

And love conquers all
so if you hate
what do you think is going to happen?
some negative emotions can be useful tools, jealousy and sadness can be used in life for some purposes, but hate is absolutely positively a self destructive emotion.
Apr 2017 · 861
fortune is knocking
fortune is knocking
should i answer the door?
I've been waiting my entire life...
but then there's nothing left to wait for
fortune is knocking
and i can hear it so clearly
but it doesn't matter what i do
if this ends my life so dearly
fortune is knocking
and the temptation is strong
I don't know how long I can wait
or whether i'm right or wrong
fortune stopped knocking
i should've taken my chance
to shine in glory at my name
in life- to take a stance
fortune is gone
my dear old friend has left
he never comes around any more
I think he might be dead
fortune is knocking
I have one last chance to go
but wait my life is ending now
I guess i'll never know
you shouldn't stop doing great things just because your afraid they might be your last, there is always a way to make it even further into the world, until you physically cannot move any more.
Apr 2017 · 405
So many
There are so many lives and so many stories
so many ways in which you could die for glory
so many kisses and so many stars
so many ways in life to discover who you are
there are so many accomplishments, and yet it remains to see
if you can truly love the life you live
or if your not the person you think you should be
life is a discovery, never stop looking for answers and exploring the world
Mar 2017 · 962
Poop slidin
**** slidin out ma ***
Squirts of liquid and spurts of gas
Constraining my face
To push it out and away
That lil **** hangin from ma hole
It's almost like it's got a soul
I shake it off quick
That ******* stick
And then it goes plop
Down in the **** ***
Wash it away, with tears and say
"Urrrrgea, that was a big one aye?"
Then flush it down
And watch it fade away
You find inspiration everywhere :)
Mar 2017 · 598
lifeless without love
I'm lifeless without love
i'm hopeless without help
i'm lonely on my own
i'm scared i'm not myself

there's no one beside me
its been half past 10 years
my glow is now fading
without her i cant hear

i cant hear my heartbeat
i cant hear my life
i cant hear my family
the're all out of sight

and then the big bang
that sprung me back from hell
her skin is so beautiful
and elegant as well

she saved me from death
not physically, but of the mind
and now i'm a poet
and for her- i will rhyme.

i'm alive with my love
she helped me to see
now i understand family
and what it means to me
She is the one who saved me
Apr 2016 · 627
These days of hardship bring forth the inner greatness of each individual as well as they stir up great evils among the borders of our society, her mom says no, and projects that word not only upon her self and the intruder to her daughter's life, but also on her daughter, which brings forth great toils in her family relations, fault is passed around, words unkind in nature are exposed between two feuding parties, and the world of two lovers is brought down upon their heads...and yet they stay strong, reassuring each other in a world where assurance is rare, rarer still, between two individuals blessed and cursed to be expelled from society only two find each other on the outskirts of life, and defend their love with the might of a thousand army's...this is devotion, true and pure, with not a second thought to spare, loyal to a fault, a loyalty that can not be broken by distance, time, or any third party demention that lies outside the reach of my own human capacity of intuition. She is as wise as the earth is old, as beautiful as the limits of perception may permit, she is an unsung hero in liberty, and the song of a hero in music as her voice shines through the light of a billion stars, and yet this self-graduated knowledge resides not in her heart, nor does it appear before her mind, but rather her humble state in reference to her angelicism conquors all sence of selfish desire in exchange for an understanding of what it feels to be truely happy, and in love, but her perfection will not go un-warranted in the minds of the many, for there is an individual in the world who aims to project the complexity of this lovely woman to the population of the society who cast her away in the beggining...his name is William, and he loves his beautiful angel more than the sum of the known intelligence in the universe could calculate or comprehend, he loves her as a bride, a soul mate, even a daughter at times, but most importantly, he loves her as the core component that leads his life away from a dark path...and into the light of true happiness, and for this, he is forever in her debt, I love you Annie
I love you annie
Mar 2016 · 572
I just cried like I've never cried before
I screemed and balled my eyes out and shouted curses to the heavens
As my mother held me close
And told me it's okay
I burned my eyelids with tears and busted my ear drums
Coming from a man who can't cry...
I cried like I was gonna die
I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard me, I miss my baby
Mar 2016 · 2.0k
Im fucking trash
Yea im ******* trash and i know it
Im a ******* ******* and i dont deserve to live
Everytime i get her trust back
I say one stupid thing
And its gone again
I dont know why i say it
Its stupid, for absolutly no reason
I lied to her face
Because i thought it would help
For some weird ******* reason
Why did i think that?
That is no way to keep her trust

Im ******* trash
And she deserves better
Why do i keep her chained to me
I love her so much
But i keep breaking her heart
And making her question her trust
Its stupid, why do i do that

The other night was amazing
We talked and cuddled and shared stories and it was magical
Things were looking so great
It was the best night of my life
And now its being followed by the worst day
A day where i make her feel horrable
Because of ANOTHER
stupid, inconsiderate thing
That i said

Im ******* trash
And i wish there was some way to make it up to her

And never let her down again
Im ******* trash
Mar 2016 · 755
In the end
In the end
We never really know
We dont know how we got here
And we dont know where we are going
In the end
Well at least for me, in the end
I found someone who understands me
Who truely knows what its like to be in my shoes
The end is all that really matters isnt it?
Because our whole life, we are always focusing on that point far away
Never stoping, never looking back
So is that one fixed point in our future all that matters?
Certainly not because even tho we look straight at it, the closer we get, the more tempted we are to look away, i dont want to see what lies beyond that point where my life draws to a close
And my mind is forever

In the end
We look back
And we see what we have always been looking for
We see the happiness
The so called meaning of life
The beauty of the world
And the beauty of love
In the end
It is a dream, a very pleasant dream for most
And for sorry to say...a nightmare
But it all comes to a close
Those who suffer can feel releif
At that final moment in their life
A moment that cannot be taken away
A moment that belongs to them,
And those who look back upon fond memories of days past can feel pride
Of what accomplishments their will has brought to the world

In the end
The end is really what you make of it
A dream, a nightmare, a tradgety or one final justice
The end is nothing more
Or less
Than that

And if it seems to be approaching too quick then by all means
Slow it, do everything you can to slow it
But never try to speed it up
Or stop it
You only get to understand and make certain of what it all means once
And after that
Lights out
So let it take its time
And when the day comes to meet it
Shake its hand and welcome it with open arms
As you would
And old friend


"He intends to understand all that he was and is to be, and so he will accept what comes to him with open arms; the willingness to find out what lies beyond will not be forsaken by any intuition brought forth by a power other than the power that lies within"

He intends
To end the end
In the end
Really some deep thought put into this
Mar 2016 · 602
Ernst Toch
listen here and listen close
I’ll tell you the story of a musical ghost
Ernst the composer, with a lifelong dream
of becoming a genius, a composition king

he was born on a day
like any other man, i'd say,
into a jewish family
where he studied the melody

a melody that protruded
from pianist hands
throughout the symphonies
from germany to england

He was known far and wide
in a land without pride
as a musical guide
where the ****’s reside

Great misfortune mounted upon
great toils, soiled by a life on the run
this was his fate, to be cast out, and away
like a broken, old picture frame

and upon a new dawn
to the westward and on
he sought to find a home
when there was nowhere to roam.

He packed up his bags
as he had little more than rags
to flee to the free
and away...from the **** regime

and made it to america…

so soon sorry
for he faintly did fair
the world was weary
yet his book he still shared

and he passed on his knowledge
of his music, sublime
his artistic ability
to tame tone and time

and from the day he was born
to the day he passed on
we’ll remember those teachings
and those beautiful songs

1887 to 1964
ernst we still remember you
and all that you lived for
Poem about Ernst Toch, a composer during world war 2
Mar 2016 · 374
left hand
Give me your left hand my love
And we’ll stowe away from here
And by the time your father comes
His grandchild, you will bear
And i will stand by you my love
Even when this day is done
And ill die with you my love
When our time has come
just a lil devotion poem lol xD
Mar 2016 · 765
We are music
We are the music we create
We are the music we create

We are the music we create
The two of us together
An unbroken fate

We are the music we create
We are the music we create

We are the music we create
Both happy and sad
Filled with love, not hate

We are the music we create
We are the music we create

We are the music we create
Sounding simple words
Through a melodious gate

We are the music we create
We are the music we create
We make wonderful songs together
I cant wait to play another
Mar 2016 · 785
Q and A
Yes :)
Its complicated
Actually...yes :)
And her?
I think so
What next?
Live like there is no tomorrow
And her?
Love me as best she can, for as long as she can
Plans for the future?
Still get married, move to canada, have kids, grow old together and die in each others arms
We figured things out, sorry for the scare guys
Mar 2016 · 398 what cost
The rythem has awoken
The rymes...yet to be spoken
When the thought returns to me
Under the blessing of my liberty

a shadow has returned
Upon my mind to make it burn
A love thats lost, once so soft
Has struke my heart in turn

A life i had forgoten...
Long ago upon a day
When nothing ever made me happy
Where nothing went my way

When a little light upon the dark
Stained my life, i had to start
To think that life
Is worth living

And ever since the stain has gone
Searched have i
To write a wrong
But yet not to an avail

My life is one big fail
Mar 2016 · 358
Thinking about suicide
It seams its all not real
The thoughts that infest my swollen mind...the sadness that they feel

A broken heart where none belongs
A tearful eye can see
That this pain has already killed inside, and as death is yet to be...

So much pain and so much hurt
Its all my fault, i acted first
And apeared before a saint
Who looked down on me with strain

Thinking about suicide
Thoughts have never been...
Not since i was 5 years old...
"It is a mortal sin"

When i made a solumn pact
On those thoughts, i would never act
Nothing is ever clear to see
Nothing is a fact
Mar 2016 · 348
Never understood
I never understood
Why a person would deliberatly harm theirself
Or why they would put up with an abusive relationship that is so extreme that it results in injuries
I never understood why someone would defy the undefyable rule of life, to end their life, which goes against every law of nature
Why would someone **** themself?

...but now i understand...
They would put up with the abuse because they think maybe, just maybe, if i hurt, then he or she doesnt have to...maybe if i take the pain, then my love can live in peace

They cut because it allows them to feel, when everything has gone wrong and the mind has gone numb from the constant heartache, the cut will still throb, and the scars will stay, and always remind you that it was worse at some must have been...

And then their is the unbreakable...broken law...suicide
Suicide is seen as a last resort
In a world where everything amd everyone is against you

And i finally understand
Why these forbidden lawless laws
Inhumanitarian to the very core...
Protrude far from simple imagination, and out into the world

Because hope is bitter sweet
And some people prefer sour
Just alot on my mind
Mar 2016 · 296
I saw the most peculiar thing this morning...
A bird with a worm in its mouth
Chasing around another bird,
trying to give it to her 0.0
And she kept flying away
They really are just like us...
A lil birdy drama that reminds me of something in my life right now
Mar 2016 · 637
Once upon a time
Once upon a time there lived a child
This child had a name, william as his mother has it written
Well this child, much like the winds of the arabian desert, was alone, in a vast land, drifting his way through life, without purpose, and at every corner, there was always someone there, who didnt care about him, who taunted and teased him as though he was a goldfish stuck in a tank, well this child, william, began to lose hope in the end, he turned to bad people who influenced him to do bad things and learn bad skills, william, naive as he was, thought that those people loved him, he was wrong, in only the short span of a year william grew from a lonely boy, to a bad man, at least thats how he saw himself, until one day...this boy drifted around the corner once more with a look of greed in his eyes and saw a beautiful angel, he teased the angel as he saw fit to do by denying her chance to kiss him, pulling away at the last second and making out her romantics to be nothing more than a teenage lust brought on by simple hormones and such of that nature, but...little did he know...this girl had suffered a similar fate at youth as one he had been accustomed to, and she looked at him with unwandering eyes and a sympathy that the boy had never seen before in his life, she showed him kindness that he had never experianced from anybody in his whole life, she, this beautiful angel, with the same hardships and characteristics as he, proposed ice cream, roller skating,  simple,fun things, that made him feel like a child...she looked at him and what she saw was not a bad person in disguise trying to rip apart the world one broken heart at a time, she saw a young child blossoming into a young man right before her very eyes, and she kissed him, and he kissed her...fireworks, a match made in heaven, the boy had never felt love as great as the love he expressed in her company...and he lost the bad guy that was a parasite on his life...and that caused trouble...when he tryed to break up with a girlfriend...a couple actually...there was no truly bad man left in him to break the hearts of 2 young ladys that were a blotch on his perfect white shirt of a life...and even through this difficult task...even through the lies that this young individual weaved, the betrayal, the immence regret...she, the beautiful angel, although heartbroken, stuck by his side, helped him to end it with 2 ladies he didnt have the heart to be rid of, and she held him in her arms, and they cried together, and they loved together...and all of that passed nearly from their memory...but he could never forget, and he will be making it up to her with his eternal love forever, but not because he feels obligated, but because he loves her and he always will, and now that she is going through something in her life, that he cannot help with, he can do nothing but feel helpless...and continue loving her, no matter what

Because she is the only one who has ever loved him for who he really is...for the man he was born as, and so that cuncludes this story, i cant say they lived happily ever after, because honestly, i dont know that they did or that they will, all i know is...he is going to try...i am...going to get her back...because she is the only girl who has ever or will ever understand me and truely love me
Once upon a time, i met an angel
Mar 2016 · 362
When i think of the memories
Tears stream down my face
"We are always going to remember this moment"
As we kiss by the road
Out past my drive way
On a biking trail that we once road across 3 miles in either direction
When i think of the memories
My heart decays just a lil on the inside
Knowing that i wont be able to cash in those memories again...for 2 years
4 times the length of the time that i was with my heart, my soul, my meant-to-be bride
Its going to be a long, lonely road...

Just like my childhood
Feeling heartbroken :(
Mar 2016 · 692
You make me feel
You make me feel
Like i could conquor the world
Like there is nothing that could stand in my way
You make me feel whole
And unchallenged
Even in the face
Of great toils
And great misfortune
You are there in my mind
Pushing me to drive through whatever stands in my path
You are my consience
You guide me through life
Much like the streams that flow from the north
Guide the salmon across the abyss
And into their home waters
You are the light of my life
Much like the light of the sun
That rises and sets in continuity
With the stars that protrude from the undefined infinite
When im not with you
I do not exist
Because me without you
Isnt really me
Me without you
Is a shell of a man
And not in the way that a shell of a turtle or armodilo is;usefull
More like the way the shell...
Of a full metal jacket-30.6 rifle round is;destructive and unjustified
Me without you is the world without the moon
Neither can be without the other
I cannot be without you
I dont know how i ever faired without my fair lady
I dont know how i ever lived
Without the love of my life
And if i ever lost you...
I dont know if i would be able
to live again

I love you
There isnt really anything else to it

And i wish with all my heart that you feel the same
I love you
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Sympathy for the devil
Sympathy for the devil
A phrase we all know
It means to be understanding
Of a man who cant tell

Who cant tell the difference
Between what is good and bad
Who cant desipher the code
And so they live bottled up and sad

It means to take righteous
And stuff it in a box
For its not strong enough,
Barely a bull, or an ox

We need something more
A tank would suffice
A super charged righteous
And even still...on thin ice

It takes a great man
To stand up and say
"Im just as bad as you"
The irony is plain...

How could a man with such talent...
For good...
be brought to lesser
By the very words he brewed

Sadly it is so
That great evil be marked
As the final word in all the world
When it was the good that provided the start

The start to say "sorry"
"I admit i did wrong
It is my fault too"
As they sing that apology song

Then the darkness takes over
The advantage clearly sought
They know of bad charecter,
Except their own-they know not

The devil replies with a smirk
And always strolls on
Steam rolling the righteous
The tank is now gone

My point is just this...
Please apretiate the man
Who can apear before great evil
And say "i will take a stand"

For this he is wise
And couragous as well
He knows he's not perfect
Which is what makes a perfect angel
Be righteous more than anything, u will get steamrolled, trampled, used, and abused, but all that will happen anyway, its better in the end to say "i would have done the same" and with a proud understanding, be set free of emotional obligation for revenge, anger, frustraition, or any other emotion that would harm your mental tranquility, it feels better...i learned this lesson...long ago
Feb 2016 · 320
One day
Run away with me
Please i beg of u
This life not worth living
U dont know what u put me through

Please marry me soon
I know not right now
If it were up to me i would
But theres alot of factors involved

U r my only
I cant take the pain
Of not being with u
Being to far away

my insides are burning
My mind is numb
Im always dead
Exept when im with my love

I am devoted to u forever
I will never let go
It hurts so,so much
I want u to know

I need to hold
To love and be held
If it hurts when i fall
As much as when i fell

Until my saving grace
Came and took me away
To a land where im free
A land WITHOUT pain

I need you so much
More than u know
So hug me tight now
And dont ever go


Life is too short to be stuck in one place, i need u more than i need my life, i cant exist without u, dead or alive, i have to be blessed with your eternal affection with leagality before our life is lost to another life that was never our desiny

I want u
I need u
I love u

And i feel so vulnerable
There is no "note" to be expressed on this page, nor will there be any tags, the entire raw truth lies within the poem, and will not be saturated with any additional thought, i meant everyword about it 100%, nothing more, nothing less
Feb 2016 · 2.9k
Financial Oppresion
synchronize debt
unfortunate occasion

apply a pinch of poverty
unreachable secession

integrate inconsistent economy
lack of intuition

and then you'll be america
it's financial oppresion
rough draft poem in science class xD
Feb 2016 · 433
If the world could change
If the world could change
If it could rearange
Dont u think by now
That we would have done the same?

If the world could change
And turn judgment into love
Then somehow somewhere
Could we find what lies above?

The answer is uncertain
The path...dark and scary
The destination unkown
And the wrath of life be very

And yet the faith that lies within
The faith that clearly shines
Is not of religion or beauty
but rather In mankind

You may have felt it growing
Im surly not alone...
Something big is coming
The horizon clearly shows
Something is coming, is it good or bad
Feb 2016 · 479
Silent Lamb
Silent and incomprehensable
Unestablished justification
And inconsistant affection

These are the toils that weigh
Upon the heart of my silent,
Beautiful, graceful,
Lovely lamb

And its all my fault
And i can express no greater emotion
Than greif toward such ill occasion
And love
Toward my perfect lamb
Its all my fault, she is perfect and i am inconsistantly lovable
Feb 2016 · 609
I love you
All at once
All at once,
I love you more than you will ever know
Feb 2016 · 566
An idea is very powerful
It never stays the same
It grows til it can grow no more
Then discharges like rain

An idea is not eternal
For some ideas expire
The ones that dont grow more still...
And spread like wild fires

An idea can change the world
For better, or for worse
A chain reaction follows them
Wherever they go first

The place where ideas show up last
Mostly get credit or blame
Good and evil are ideas too
Yet we use them all the same

So ideas give purpose to mankind
No matter what, the're free
They can be either good or bad
Like the nature of humanity
Ideas can change the world...
Express yourself
Feb 2016 · 805
Heart Burns
My heart burns and swells
At the mention of her name
She releases a great emotion inside
A great releif and pain

For every thing i say before her
Everything i mention
Brings about great toils
And may spark an intervention

I love her more than words dictate
I love her more than love
And i would hope her to love me too,
And our matter what

Sometimes i say some stupid things
And they bite me in the ****
She gets upset, and throws a threat
And she doesnt say she loves...

Its not her fault
I dont deserve
A beautiful angel...still,
I will sacrifice the earth...
And my entire will...

my heart can barely take the pain
And the grief of being alone
So i will do my best to show...
Annie, I am always wrong
I am not worthy of her love...she is perfect and kind and i always upset her...i should learn to shutup and love her with my silence
Feb 2016 · 2.3k
Hostile Environment
Hostile Envirnoment
A place unsuitable for life
Where love grows weak and weary
And will very likely die

Hostile Environment
Where peace does not exist
Where war is a disease
;A nasty brutish cyst

Hostile Environment
Where Nothing goes right
It needs to be saved
Or put out of sight

Hostile Environmemt
May be conquored at once
But u must have faith
In yourself...
You are strong
You can conquor anything if you beleive in yourself
Feb 2016 · 1.8k
Essay On Counting Sheep
"Count the sheep
To go to sleep"
Said my mom when i was little

"Count the sheep
Rather than weep"
And i listened
For that riddle

I listened for my mother
For my whole life
But for now

Now i must listen
When my heart
Subseeds to frown

And that riddle echos on
And my mind begins to spin
And without a doubt
I have to shout...
The sheep will soon run out

"Count the sheep
To go to sleep...
Until u count no more,
Then go to bed, and wait instead,
Until u know what you wait for."
One day you must say goodbye to the traditions of the past, you must also learn to recognise whats truely just.
Feb 2016 · 469
Just Over The Horizon
Just over the horizon
My beautiful angel sleeps
With tears of fear,
A heart thats torn,
And a mind thats filled with greif

Just over the horizon
She waits for me once more
And i promise ill see her soon again
And our love will forever soar

Wait for my love my darling
Dont give up
Feb 2016 · 682
"Anything you will not die for...
Is not worth living for."
I made this quote up in my head as i was falling to sleep, but it sounds too familiar...
Feb 2016 · 1.5k
A Rock And A Hard Place
A rock and a hard place
A choice to be made
2 evils to choose from
Im sorry
Be brave

A rock and a hard place...
Oppresive and Dark,
All on my own
Cast out on my mark

A rock and a hard place...
She says i love not
And it hurts me inside
Cuz Love is all i got

A rock and a hard place...
I cant please them both
My mother says no
But she begs me "dont go"...

"Dont go"...
As though i had a choice
To leave my true love now
Or to go without my voice

A rock and a hard place...
Im sorry i must...
To go without you is to go without love...

Why dont you see
How cruel this rock is to me
And how cruel this hard place
Is to be

A rock and a hard place
A choice to be made
2 evils to choose from
Im sorry
be brave
I am so sorry i dont know what to do...please forgive me, i love u so much...
Jan 2016 · 985
The Second World Storm
This is the story of a world at war
From ‘39 to ‘45
The second world storm

It all occurred with Germany
Japan was there, the world was scared
To storm the beach of Normandy

Power struggle with no regrets
Imperialist japan with minor fits
Lashing out to focus on three
“America, China, and the Soviet please”

This led to begin in a new world war
With 2K killed at pearl harbor
The holocaust powered even more
To be ****** to death, until  ‘44

June 9th, and yards to go
200 stretched from land to coast
10,000 men that made the march
Across the beach, into the marsh

A revenge that tastes so bitter and sweet
For the surprise attack, on the pearl harbor fleet
The event that took our country to war
It paid with bloodshed, 10,000 hearts torn

And when D-day ceased, and the smoke parted clear
We dropped upon 2 cities
Our own 2 tears
That revenged the fallen
And vanquished the feared

The axis fleet, now defeated and gone
They dispersed their union
For ****** was wrong

And what of Japan?
Well they restored their towns
From their cities destructed…
A full 2 miles around

And to this very day
We weep for the wept
That adopted our tears
And ended up dead

296 billion in debts
At least in today’s dollars and cents
For a country whose heart
Was torn to bits

60 million…
If that’s what it takes…
To conquer the axis…
Their lives, they gave…
...And the war, they won…
...And won from their grave…

And on opposing sides?
To win or to die
Japan, Germany, and Italy reside
With 16 million casualties

They pounded on Poland
The sacked the Soviet
They fought the French
And got all the way to Greece even

They never left the Netherlands
They were the bane of Belgium
They never gave up Norway
Or the liquidation of Luxemburg’s location

They caused a sort of havoc
Everywhere they went
They threatened the world
With everything they sent

They tried to take the Jewish and the handicapped
To hell
And ended up bringing on themselves
A hellish, brutish, world

This is the story of a world at war
From ‘39 to ‘45
The second world storm
This is about world war 2, if you like this, then you can check out my Salem witch trials poem, both are historically accurate
Jan 2016 · 426
pretty simple title right?
like THAT'S never been used before, right?
well it hasn't actually
because my love has a different definition
than any word YOU have ever read
MY love cant be described by words
which makes the title unreadable
the most i can do to describe it is this...
you see a word...
I see infinity
Jan 2016 · 312
Knows Not
she knows not
how much i love
how much I'd take a bullet
and lift my soul up above
so she can have another chance
to have love again
for another man
who wouldn't love like i loved

she knows not
that although i may not buy her pretty jewels
or spend money on her in full
that i love her still like the world
and i'm too stupid to spend my time and effort
on something that will fade
because our love will not
but a memory...a thought?
nice and pleasing
but will not keep her from leaving

she knows not
that she is my life
and i cant ever leave my life
unless i die
which will still not separate
the love i have
for my bride
I love her so much...i just want her too see that
because i would take a bullet for her
and give my life for her happiness
Jan 2016 · 868
she asks for me to stay
"and stay i will"
even when she refuses me
the same peace of mind

but blame falls not on her
when she threatens
to leave me bare
on the back of an untamed bull

it was my fault to mount
and endanger our love
so now i'll get back off
unless she mounts with me

and ride our lives out past the sunset
on a force that cant be controlled
our emotions
our vulnerable, untamed love
I fear she will leave me, but i will stay forever, until she wants my heart no more
Jan 2016 · 4.0k
Spark of Selfless
when she says she wants to cut
upon the wings of her own feathered emotions
i was ignorant

when she said suicide was the only way out
and she needed a rope to grasp
i was ignorant

when she said she needed me
and i turned my back on her

she was gone

...but no more...
Jan 2016 · 9.8k
Being Desirable
Being desirable messes with your mind
Think this through and i think you will find
It’s better to be bashful and shy
Then beautiful, bodacious, and that kind of guy
Cause that kind of guy goes away in time
And then you’ll be left with a story like mine.
never get ahead of yourself, always be righteous
Jan 2016 · 380
William Loves Annie
I saw her sitting there
On the porch beside the stairs
And although she didn't move
I could tell she saw me too
She saw my will, my courage, and strength
She saw the way that i would wait
She saw my flaws, i’d been through hell
But i knew her only all too well
I knew she had faced hardship at youth
I too knew she was hurt, felt blue
I knew she was too hurt to cry
And for that, i knew, she wished she could die
But i will stay, and be her family
For my name is william, and william loves annie
I love Annie very much and i don't ever want her to be sad
Jan 2016 · 2.6k
Papa Bobby
his name was papa bobby
or it was to his baby
but his baby was me
so i'll just call him daddy

he lived in a house
with a lover, a spouse
and he said he loved me
but then gone was my safety
for he saw some bad things
and that changed him, his being
and then he changed me
when he messed with my mommy

and though he no longer lives
and even though his memory fibs
i still remember my daddy
before the war made him a baddy
Everyone makes mistakes, and those mistakes should not dictate your charactor
Jan 2016 · 787
Every Lady
Every lady is a kindred spirit
Every lady deserves a chance
Every lady has thrown a fit
Every lady has taken a stand

There is no such thing as a *****
No such thing as a ***
They do what they must to be adored
They use what they know to put on a show

Forgive them if they hurt your pride
For they are none the wiser
One of them may be your bride
And another be a fighter

It is your job to evolve
It is your job to adapt
Every girl will eventually fall
You need to be there for that

They need your support
And they need your charisma
For sometimes they may fall short
Of being a source of wisdom

So every lady may be flawed
In one way or another
You need to treat them like a mom
And be there for them
Like a brother
I found this in one of my old poetry journals and had to put it on the site xD i hope u like it
Jan 2016 · 1.6k
Upon An Open High
upon an open high
where my liberal rights reside
this is where i live my life
with my lovely, lovely bride

upon an open high
where i know i will subside
until my final days collide
with my loved one, i will fly

upon an open high
a drug that doesn't sigh
a drug that always relieves my plight
a love that will fight into the night

upon an open high
and i will love her all my life
my open high, my loves delight
i wont let her out of sight
for my beautiful angel, Annie Coleman
Jan 2016 · 727
Trespass On Wet Land
Go across my gate
And i will know your name
And i will get my shotgun
And eliminate your vein

Trespass on my land
And you will not know your fate
Until you start to lose your mind
When you start to bleed and fade

My land is wet
With blood of the fallen
Done in by my hand
Start moving, stop stalling

Trespass on wet land
And you will fall as well
And join your fallen comrades
Join them down in hell

For my shotgun is war
And my finger, be politics
Your vanity, vengeance
My mind, corrupt government

This is how the world works
This, humanity at its core
All of us, in vengeance
We are damning ourselves more.
quit while your ahead, forgive your enemy, and be well
Jan 2016 · 1.0k
Somebody Calls
Somebody Calls
And it remains to see
If i know them, good or bad
Or if i can believe...

Somebody Calls
And i can almost know the voice
I could recognize it in my dreams
But only a subconscious choice...

Somebody Calls
And the gears can start to turn
The beautiful voice of an angel boasts
Of  tales where hero's burn

The voice turns dark
Its known to me now
As an angel of death
I can recognize the sound

An angel calls
And shows me a light
A light i would rather live without
A light as dark as night

An angel calls
And i want to run away
But the fear that swells within my heart
Cannot for certain say...

That i am not insane
i have fallen behind in my poetry, but my vision has returned, you will be hearing from me
Sep 2015 · 10.8k
Sibling Rivalry
Running for his life, he made his courage known
Turning to try to turn the tide, his strong stance surely shown
Frowning upon the enemy face, he waited for the fight
pounding, stomping around the corner, his foe came into sight
...Questioning the crying kid...
he hug'd his brother tight
Sep 2015 · 1.7k
Thought Provoking
Have you ever wondered why...

Why the sun rests in the sky
why the moon floats and fly's
and they never idle by...

Have you ever wondered why...

why death is hard to bite
why life itself is pushing
for friends and family to die...

Have you ever stopped to think...

though all that is unknown
your here and now is real...
stop thinking like your gone
its okay to be lost in thought, but also pay attention to what is going on around you, cherish the life that you have and recognize what is real in front of you
Sep 2015 · 683
Surrender (or not)
Surrender now for you are not well
you are outnumbered and surrounded by hell

If you don't give, then you will die
alone, and afraid, in the cold, cold night

but don't blame circumstance
for this is your chance

to show what you made of
(please take a stand)
they may ask for surrender, but what they really want is a fight, give em' hell
Sep 2015 · 359
The Widow's Brow
When the widow's brow breaks
and the sealed fate shakes
and the wind whispers tranquility no more

when the fathers soul fly's
free from earthly binds
and the children are left alone

the prayer of mother will stay strong
not all children have fathers, not all wives have husbands, but some still have hope
May 2015 · 3.0k
Passion Is
Passion is a burning flame
where adversity is but gasoline
my passion will burn, and wont soon expire
your oppression will only make my flame, a fire
and ill feed my passion with love and glory
and you'll be left alone, no one else to tell your story
there's no stopping my passion or my poems, and if you try, i'm only going to write more
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