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Melanie 2d
Flowers flourish like clock hands rotating in time
ACs perish in the scorching heat
Leaves fall from the trees like little parachutes
A tide of snow holds people hostage in their homes
Even though the seasons change, your vagrant heart beats the same

I always thought that you were sincere
But let me make this clear
Why did you have to knock me down to pick me up in pieces?

I'm running in circles
Chasing my own shadows
Trying to make sense of what you have done
You left my love unrequited
And now I'm all alone
Holding on to the distant memories of you instead of your hand
Oh, I'm ashamed that I once called you mine

Before you left me, you said
I'm going to be honest
I can't keep our promise
I'm the reason we're caving in
Don't want to further tarnish your heart

Although it pains me to say
I can't keep living this way
You're no longer the light that brightens my day
You meant more than the world could give
Your words pierce my skin like thorns on roses
I'm afraid that your wilted love will never bloom

I could never rid of the thought of you
Someday, along the line, I will find my way to be all right
My mind may not be fine, but I won't give up
I want you to be aware that I simply don't care
Your love was like a complex dare that I played
I wrote this poem last year at 17. I drew my inspiration from a song that I really love, which touched upon heartbreak.
Kenji 4d
I want to be alone... But not isolated.
want to be in a box, with another mind that's of mine.
I want to fade away into a trillion tiny pieces and forget about the world around me.
I want to make art and make it sound like a masterpiece.
I want to bury myself in my music and think about the fantasy of love, since I don't have it, I don't know what it feels like.
That deep connection fathoms me.
I feel lonely yet I cannot get out of it.
I feel emotional and need someone to hold, but, I don't have anyone.
Golds fake, and real love hurts, but it hurts more when I'm alone.
The only person I have to love is myself.
The only person I have to hold is myself.
The only person I tell is beautiful is, myself.
Promises are broken and love is betrayed.
I trust no one.
I need someone.
I don't know what feels true, but real love hurts.
I just want to hold you, like a hostage...
Billie Eilish inspiration_ Hostage
The saddest part about a shield,
Is that it's only ever going to be
A shield
Until it takes
One too many strikes.
Each dent, a battle.
Each scratch, a fight.
Each repair, a futile effort.
So the real question is,
ARE you a shield,
Or are you the captor,
Only keeping your hostage safe
The right

Caged inside of my ribs
She is the inner child in me
Holds my heart as hostage
In return, for her to be free
How do I satisfy her
A wild child, is she
True freedom and happiness
Cannot be given entirely
As she rattles my heart
Against my ribs so violently
Causing my chest to ache
Reminding me indefinitely
I have neglected her for too long
I pay the price regretfully
For as long as I am alive
She is trapped within me
Adept Dec 2018
i've been held hostage
in a home
that is overflowing
with a silent
yet deafening rage
Ammar Abraham Nov 2018
I was taken hostage
By my own mind
Till I lost it
Use to be blood In my veins
Now my heart pumps Pain
My Soul was a source of peace
Now it's a lost piece of me
Each breath gets heavier
It's an increasing burden
Without any barrier
I am handcuffed to myself
Lost the key
Now, I'm no where
And If you do care
Remember me
I may return someday
Ola Gia Aug 2018
Close me off, and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.
Beggar true, and free me from the bounds.
Hands are locked together, as they plead, whilst you sit.

Are you okay? Not too tired from when you hit
again, and again, my existence into the ground.
Close me off, and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.

I ache for the solace, and solace here you ripped
me away from the choir of all sound.
Hands are locked together, as they plead, whilst you sit.

Cling to me, and leave the bruises of your grip
for all to see, when soon I want to be found
Close me off, and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.

All those screams are left hanging, bury them quick.
Let them stay hidden, leave them underground.
Hands are locked together, as they please, whilst you sit.

Wave goodbye, and farewell. But first I must rip
the mask from the face that is mine, as it looks down.
Close me off and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.
Hands are locked together, as they plead, whilst you sit.
cat marie Aug 2018
i hate sitting a foot away from you and
not being able to look at you.
i hate not talking to you,
but i think the constant closeness
is lonelier than the silence.
i hate being tortured like this,
tortured by the fact that you are right there,
so close that i could reach over and touch your sleeve
but i can't have you.
i know how ridiculous it is,
to want the one person
that just keeps breaking me,
but i won't lie and say
that i haven't grown use to the countless ways
you have made me hurt.
you have taken everything away from me.
my happiness,
my motivation,
my heart.
you even managed to take my mind hostage.
everything reminds me of you.
i can't listen to music or write or read or dream
without you running through my thoughts.
it's not like you ever really left in the first place,
but whose fault is that?
of course it's mine
since you apparently can't be blamed for anything.
at this point, my memories don't even belong to me anymore,
they're yours.
everything that you've ever been a part of
has been shut away in this box labeled
in a feeble attempt to erase you
from the recesses of my mind.
but erasing you means erasing parts of me
that i can't live without.
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