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Zywa Sep 24
Blockages at work
outages and oxygen deficiency
waste in the blood

The management focuses
on the future and closes
doors and windows against
mosquitoes and moths

Bypasses and bitter pills
do not help, so just one more

We have meetings, hear each other
cackle, we croak our croak
play for time and hope and celebrate
the colleagues who say goodbye

I don't postpone it anymore
I will make my own way
create my own failure

My hands are still cleaning up
but my head is already absent
and I make beds in my heart
for those who are dear to me
Collection “Mosaic virus”
Suhayb Aug 11
Scientist declare there is no soul
They dissected the bodies and found no trace
A boy staggers through blood and bones
Charred flesh covering half his face

The pundits promise that we’re good,
As long as the numbers don’t decrease
The Dow Jones goes through the roof
A starved girl dies in the street

The politicians throw up their hands
There’s no choice but to spread democracy
Troops deployed on foreign lands
Their ****** disguised through bureaucracy

The sky erupts in golden stars
As people celebrate their freedom
Vacant eyes watch on behind prison bars
Awaiting trial for no crime or reason

A man lies at home alone
Closes his eyes without a sound
He used up all his insulin
Waiting for the trickle down

Waiting, like we all are
For another coin toss election
For more promises but no action
For our history of mistakes
To never end, to loop again

And again and again

Until He calls time

Our non existent souls


From our throats


We could go back

And maybe

Try again
Arcassin B Jul 16
By Arcassin B

Stupid to believe that everything will be alright,
stupid to believe that our people will stand and fight,
stupid to believe that the state will get better,
stupid I believe the most high carrie's us through weathers,
but whatever forget what my belief system is,
you don't have to tell me that I'm crazy or tell me
that I didn't pass high school just to show that whatever that
I tell you is a conspiracy,
even if i was a scholar you wouldn't believe in me,
I remember days where I didn't believe anything,
not the end of the world,
still don't believe in good love and wedding rings,
I believe in manifesting things,
so while you sit there collect depressing thoughts,
I let my mind sing,
my third eye ain't awake , I don't see nothing,
I'm probably blind like the rest, over nothing.

C F Tinney Jul 9
I dress up and smile
and treat you like I love you

You eat it up
and feel worth

but if I met you in the street
I would could ignore you

It's only because you meet me at my job
my 9-5
that I have to act like you are worth everything

When I come to your 9-5
you have to do the same

As though we are not men and women
we play this sacred game.

If I saw you in the street
I would ignore you

But when you come to my 9-5
I must adore you

Or risk getting my pay
so I can eat and live and be

This dance of men and women
this capitalistic ritual
that makes the world turn
and kills the inner being
of those who dance
for each other

It is a lie
Anais Vionet Jun 25
American citizens in “bread-lines” to get little boxes of food. How desperate do you have to be to join that line? The sad, generous, little boxes of nutrition. We are all human, we all need our next breath and our children’s next meal. We all need shelter.

It’s a carnival of pleasure to mock human need. Tell me my mistake.

Watch our President’s Daily Briefing. He doesn’t mention bread-lines. He chooses not to. How counterfeit is his competence. No “fire side chat”, no promise of hope. How mean is this fat, grubby, “rich” man who s*s on golden toilet seats and ignores starving Americans’ desperation.

The tyrant’s plea, as the collapse begins, is “I’m not responsible”. Tell me my mistake.

We have lost our immeasurable strength. We are become callous. We are robbed, of our better, more generous selves by narrow focus, by zero sum greed. Our collapse will be just, like verse set down in primitive times when the margin of error was clear and understood.

It’s a calm discrimination to choose carelessness. Tell me my mistake.

This unfolding viral nightmare is but one of the fires along the tree line. The encroaching environmental disaster, the loss of our political system’s integrity, the militarization of police racism.

Maybe China will do better - if I’m reading my score card correctly, it looks like they’re up next as the world’s great superpower.
about the corona virus response - and other things - like Trump
Carlo C Gomez May 28
And a little wind


And the coming blasphemy

By the numbers

The sign says
"Open for Business"

Opinions are mixed

As are the numbers

Let's give the world a spin now and see what burns
AD Mullin Apr 17
living with
dying with

inflicting ~ conflicting
scarred landscapes en-
trained and eroding

pain transporting
grain by grain
those mountains re-framing
and eventually flowing
in to base level and the
Ocean of love

life without scars is anomalous
like a Sun with no aurora

perfectly imperfect
just as life is:
a beautiful reminder
of mortality
mirrored in the fluid
dance of the eternal

heaven sent or heaven spent

its never misspent
in post-recompense
morphic resonance

hold space
think about direction
wonder why
get ready to fly
Written on Mount Shasta
November 2014
Agusto Ninoy May 19
The great irony
Is within us all, our economy
On why it bleeds?
If we're only buying what we need
Ayodeji Oje Apr 19
We see the wrongs
Yet swim along

We hear blunders
Yet not bothered

We feel the harm
Yet no alarm

We see scapegoats
Yet sell the votes

See what folded arms has done
Are we not undone?
This is the situation in some sub-saharan Africa States
Carlo C Gomez Apr 16

Where'd my
Stimulus check go?
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