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Vivek Raj Aug 2018
No matter what,
From this point on,
I must endure,
This pain called love,
For therein,
Lies your future.

No matter what,
Every moment,
I must thole,
This misery called life,
For therein,
Lies your happiness.

The farther you are away from me,
The more I will become a distant memory,
A catalyst,
This distance will be,
To help you forget me,
For it is the stepping stone,
To take you out of realization,
That I am truly gone.

No memory should include me,
For a butterfly effect there should be,
To allow you to unlearn,
Everything about us,
So, you can finally get to make do,
As you wished to be,
For your life,
And, the future of your love,
With what you always wanted to see.
Vivek Raj Aug 2018
A thought about me,
Crosses your mind everyday,
At the least,
For a moment,
Is what you say.

You are the only thought,
Crossing my mind,
Is what I live with,
Vivek Raj Aug 2018
You ask me,
Why I'm angry all the time?

It’s no simple task,
To put on,
A straight face,
When I’ve been,
By the people I hold close,
To my heart.

The biggest deathblow,
To me unknowingly,
Was you,
When you decided,
To leave me "angry".
Vivek Raj Aug 2018
.... And then, we fell in love again.

The feeling – an unexplainable joy,
Leaving me all coy,
That feeling - an unexplainable wholesome,
With way more merry to come.

But, wait...

..... And then, I woke up again.
Vivek Raj Aug 2018
Two things,
About you,
I find hard,
To let go,
And, will never forget.

Your smile,
And, this separation,
For an unknown while.
Vivek Raj Aug 2018
Tell me, honey,
Is it time?

To perish away in a hurry,
To become a memory?

Everyone I knew,
Has gone away.

Except you,
The most familiar face,
The only face I loved,
Like I never could ever anybody.

Is it time?
For you to turn into a memory?

I doubt though,
For you are,
Someone I can nor will ever let go.
Vivek Raj Aug 2018
I’ve been called,
And, what not!

In my defense,
The only explanation,
I have,
My separation,
From you,
Makes me,
All that’s what not,
You know about me.

In short,
Don’t hold me at bay,
For I can’t stand,
This misery another day.
Vivek Raj Aug 2018
So ready am I,
To lay down my life,
For you.

In the hopes of,
Catching a glimpse,
Of your radiant smile.

All the while,
You hate my way,
All the while,
You walk away.
Vivek Raj Aug 2018
She tried,
To my face.

When I told her,
Not to miss me,
She wouldn’t is what she said.

Unbeknownst to her,
She didn’t realize,
Her lie.

I went close,
Pulled up her chin,
And, told her,
She’d lied.

Then, came the query,
How I knew?

Her eyes,
I told,
Would give away the truth.

She then tried hiding,
Her shy and sheepish smile,
I came closer,
Pulled up her chin again,
And, told her,
I knew all along,
About this,
And, all her other lies,
She told me.

With the exception of one,
That being,
The inevitable truth,
Which she never tried,
To hide.

That truth being,
She loved me more,
Than, I’ve ever been loved,
And, our love,
Unlike any,
Would continue,
For lifetime a many.
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