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Amidst this fortress
Battle is gone
My Lightbeam
My shield

Love is so tender
Among this hell

Dreams of attaining

Love is more than just a feeling
This Virtue is a decision

To Love or be Loved
Not a question anymore
So I leave

And bid love goodbye
For You
Yup. :)
Megilan Sun
I know
You are the one
To bring me down
Yet I still stand
In this common ground
You will always be the One
Megilan Sun

A leader ponders
His quest
Asks one question
To the Tempest

An honorable feeling
A loved one's embrace

Or are we set in stone


What is Megilo?
A friend.      
A lover .  
A cave

A child?

And Yet

A lonely whisper
A tall tree
A giant

... Ice ....
Staring back at me


Tho the earth underneath may shatter
And the mountains may quake
Here in Megilo
We make no mistakes
Love is a Battlefield
Your Love

Your shield

Remember who You Are

You Are Enough

God is Strong with You

The Force is Strong with You


Serve Your People proudly!
Oh, its nothing :)
Vivek Raj Mar 29
A puzzle you are,
For a battle rages in my heart,
A battle about the impending war ahead of me,
A battle where the world's existence lies,
The battle of questions that are a double-edged sword,
A sword that could cut sharp or save the world,
The world that waits with pinned hopes,
A hope for a never-ending utopia,
For in your eyes lie that heaven on earth,
This earth that waits,
To be saved,
By you,
And, your eyes.

A mystery you are,
To uphold you as a messenger of my peace,
Unless you become the desperation of this world,
To be theirs,
For in your eyes,
Lies peace on earth,
And, also in my heart!
Bare bones
Lie weightless
In the Cold
poem taken from a longer poem i wrote with the same name
Such is Life

You are my treasure

Beckoning me from the Adlivun

Loved me once

Will you love me again

Come to me

By Nightfall

Tho no stars shine

I will treasure You

For the God of my Life
I love You

Returning to God is to Live
Vivek Raj Aug 2018
No matter what,
From this point on,
I must endure,
This pain called love,
For therein,
Lies your future.

No matter what,
Every moment,
I must thole,
This misery called life,
For therein,
Lies your happiness.

The farther you are away from me,
The more I will become a distant memory,
A catalyst,
This distance will be,
To help you forget me,
For it is the stepping stone,
To take you out of realization,
That I am truly gone.

No memory should include me,
For a butterfly effect there should be,
To allow you to unlearn,
Everything about us,
So, you can finally get to make do,
As you wished to be,
For your life,
And, the future of your love,
With what you always wanted to see.
Vivek Raj Aug 2018
A thought about me,
Crosses your mind everyday,
At the least,
For a moment,
Is what you say.

You are the only thought,
Crossing my mind,
Is what I live with,
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