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Girl I wanna see you smile
I'll drive the rat rod several miles
Just pick up the phone and dial
Haven't seen you in a while

The Rat Rod is a metaphor
chichtheteach Feb 2021
We need to stay calm;/
so we are not harmed;/
We often will say;
Don’t stand in harm’s way;
But really we mean;
Do not be too keen;
'Cause what lies ahead;
May mess with your head.

A person who waits
To find out their fate
Will always think twice
Or possibly thrice.
Before you react;
Consider the facts;
You may be surprised;
When you look at both sides.
Keebo Nov 2020
Is it a battlefield for love?
Or a wicked game of lust?
Is it a good time and fulfilling?
Or is it a meaningless rush?

Do you have *** because of connection?
Or do you **** just for the attention?
Do you have *** to feel like a new person?
Or did somebody **** your innocences?

Do you see *** as a gift?
Or a symbol of nothingness?
Do you see *** as important?
Or escapism from human conversation?

How do I see ***?
It’s better than hanging from the ceiling
How do you see ***?
I’ll be waiting
Vera City May 2020
to keep
is to
strictly limit
the spectrum
acceptable opinion
very lively debate
that spectrum"
- Noam Chomsky
Proclaimed anarchist Noam Chomsky comments on social engineering
Antionicia Mar 2020
words drip from my lips like honey,
thick and sweet
they make my paper their own. I hold no claim
i have learned to be obedient to my words
what Word says goes, I obey.
Kahou Eru Jun 2019
The skilled user of words, the wizard conjurer that provoke your thoughts.          
I ought to be  sentenced to death.    
For an enlightened mind such as mine for the crime of influencing young minds
You see the Government hate visionaries like me, so they call the disciplinary, to disrupt revolutionaries, COINTELPRO, look them up if you don’t know, for all you conspiracy theorist, I am the head of realist ****, shot calling
You might as well call me Shon the abolitionist.
When it comes to such a wicked being such as me, they call to question my thought for knowledge and I tell them
As the practitioner of hard knocks, my quest for power is almost pestilent; people say knowledge is power  
But what they don’t tell you, is power comes from applying the knowledge
To acknowledge the most dangerous man in the room isn’t the man with the gun nor the thirst for power
But the man in the shrouded darkness waiting to pounce, call me Rockefeller and Rothschild.
I am almost out of time but please forgive me, my mind sits in an higher dimension
My mentality is overpriced that’s why the naïve mind is as common as head lice
As I am the sole provider to the zeitgeist.
shining diamonds May 2019
There a piece of me that's missing
I'm not sure how to begin
but there a piece of me missing
It's lost with no way to retrieve it
It's missing in the endless sea that is me
trying to be someone i'm not
I've gotten so lost
I feel like I've just tossed
my life right out of the window  
there's a piece of me missing
I can feel my heart break as I breathe
all the while the world keeps turning
and the piece of me keeps yearning
forever lost in the sea that is me
do we ever look deeper
deep enough to see
what's missing inside you and me
there's a piece of me missing
I can't but weep
let a little tear seap
to grieve the lost
of something so pure
that I feel has been thrown on the floor
there's a piece of me missing
as my heart beats louder
and memories become cloudier
there a piece of me missing
do you ever look inside
truly deeply inside
or are you scared of what you will find ?
Ed C Mar 2019
Its hard sometimes
to feel the lust.
To feel the genuine gaze of longing
from eyes that see passed flesh ripping pulls
and grasping fingers. Your nails
leave trails along thighs that disappear
into the hairs. Like rivers on a map
where streams are crossing
violently and parallel.
Think about it
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