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A M Ryder Apr 2022
What intrigues
The flint
To spark a thought?
Is it sadistic?
Is it sympathetic?
Do you ever
Know enough?
Lost in search for
The heart
Of the matter
Do you truly believe
In this world
You've created?
tree Jul 2021
i'm sure everyone has loved a song that they've heard somewhere,
but they don't know the name of it
or how to describe what it sounded like
and so you try to replicate it, but it is not the same
and so you try to listen to other music to forget about it,
but it's so stubborn that you don't notice the new notes.

i knew someone who was like one of those songs
oh that was a beautiful experience, he was beautiful, and his voice was like the song i couldn't get out of my head

i remember his face and his voice and him just enough to recognize him but not enough to find him, and
i know enough about him to know that he exists, but not where he does
the thought of him gives me butterflies and excites me, and i want to find him but i can't, i know some but not enough
and the thought that i have lost him forever destroys me every moment of my life

even though i don't know who you are or where you are or how you are, you are real and the way you made me feel is real and i know that you exist somewhere and someday somehow we will meet and i will bask in knowing that i wasn't wrong about your beauty

now i cover my ears because i know
if i do hear anything else
either i'll be consumed with my want for you
or i'll forget you altogether
' i don't even know your name,
all i remember is that smile on your face ' - shawn mendes

(based on a real experience but i have moved on i swear)
SinArrow19 Apr 2021
In the midst of the night
We met and fell apart
We recognize each other and fought
And here we are standing back to back

We are so in love and believing
Like there is no ending
And we have to face the beginning
Of the fights, the sweetness and caressing

Forget about the stars
Left the strokes
Come to the evening
Where 'us' is better than parting

Smile is captivating
When it's genuine
Eyes are amazing
When it shine

You're like peach flower
That blooms in Japan
Your scent is as fragrant as peach
And I am here beside you still fallin'
M Solav May 2020
In a tectonic motion
Mountains have formed
Ridges deepened
In the blink of an eye
In the breadth of a gasp

I recognize myself
Asking why they assume
That we find who we are
Within the singular grasp
Of a mere single soul

For I feed a thousand of them
And they feed themselves alone

Your so-called meditation
Must be taken elsewhere
You must see that it was
Never yours to begin

Watch the rearview mirror
As it enquires the wisdom
I am but a multiple
Left merrily unresolved
Written in May 2020.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Bhill Aug 2019
The clock ticks away
Watching minutes passing by
Learn how to control your time
Do things that give you joy
Take the time to realize
Realize to understand
Understand to recognize
Recognize to acknowledge
Acknowledge time has moments
Live for those moments

Brian Hill - 2019 #215
Take the time to respect time
Josh Jun 2019
I ask her how do I recognize her beauty?

Do I stare until you see me and then look away?

Do I stare until you see me and never look away?

Your flows and grace catch my eye from far away.

I carefully inspect your curves until your gone.

Should I not look your way?  It would be easier for me.  

I ask her how should I recognize her beauty.

She says, A simple smile will do.
Erian Rose Apr 2019
Every song
Every beat
Every one reminds me of you
But they're never true
The more I think
The more they flood
In raging waters of blue
But I no longer
Come to recognize you
Sharmila Juliet Apr 2019
Look at your hand
There is a sparkle of
Enhancing light
started to sprinkle from it.
There is a magical universe
Blazing from your hand.
Say it as magic or illusion.
You are the one who can do
These miraculous things.
Unveil the wonders
Your hand can do.
Recoganize yourself
There is the creater hiding
Within you. The one
Who can make every
Impossible things into possible.
Realize it. You are ruler of
What you want to become.
Believe in you.
pio son pie Feb 2019
were you the one who hadn't recognized,
expecting some worse revenge?
I might be
the worst of your worst thought of us.
this poem is initially for someone's doubtful think about his/her partner had thought about someone was not doing good. her/his dreadful thought can be harmful to our relationship. to reveal that the bad past shouldn't have existed and what for that happen until the future of our existence, love?
Letters from Lia Sep 2018
I think of the day where us exists
I think of the time you recognize me
I think of the ways I can make you happy
I think of the things we can do together
I think all of this everyday
And it makes me sad
"what are we?"
—My love, look at me, I'm waiting
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