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labyrinth Sep 23
As largest corporations get richer
They recruit preacher after preacher

Who articulate long heroic stories
That hypnotize nations with glories

God, King, Country and bunch of other stuff
So, seeing the naked truth becomes very tough

While the hoo-ha keeps you entertained
An army of bad people very well trained

Are insidiously getting busy with
Economy but not like Adam Smith

A sudden crash in housing sector or stock exchange
And wealth changes hands real quick. So strange!

Thank God! You have lots of TV channels to follow
Or high-tech, comfy, memory foam that we call pillow

Time for watching more TV or taking a good nap
Over further deepened income distribution gap

Although witnessed by you almost on a daily basis
You’re far from knowing the meaning of financial crisis

System’s designed in a way, you will feel strong
Yet still be the weakest link, accept and play along

In this equation, you are a worthy variable
As long as you shut your mouth and act biddable

You’re the victim here dude, that the big guy abuses
Labyrinth warned you alright. Please! No more excuses

You’d better start reading this from the very beginning
To comprehend the repeating nature of the **** thing
Pending copyright process
Jordan Hudson Feb 23
Born for this life
Raised for this style
Others don't get it
Running by miles
Not about speed
Style by intent
Rice by you, nice by me
I'm not tryin' to be
Quick like you
I made it what I like
So negative
Don't you know
What style is
It's all about one's thoughts
What I bought
What I see as great
What you see as fake
It's an art form
As one can say
It would improve
Only if I could choose
The one I use
I am stuck with this
All the limits
Make me sick
So limited
So limited
I am stuck with this
Rice has me glued
Limited from you
I am stuck with it
My rice car is all I can afford right now
Jordan Hudson Nov 2018
Rocking the banner
Driving with manner
People stare, people glare
My car looks great everywhere
Making a difference
Sporty style
You can see it from the distance
Further than a mile
Decals upon the side
Logos and badges
TRD and VVT-i
Don't think so, put on your glasses
Then you'll see dents and scratches
Don't point them out or there will be matches and ashes
Just kidding but I'm not joking of pointing them out
The fixing of the flaws is what I'm all about
Dent here, dent there, scratches everywhere
I'll take care of it though
All it needs is a good repair
Its not like it needs to be towed
It's just the normal wear
But it isn't just a Scion you know
It isn't done, not just yet
Give it some time and patience
But having it in the first place is one goal met
Next goal up is getting my licence
Just have to wait a while to avoid debt
Views on views
Making me mentally confused
Financially *******
My card didn't go through
Card declined, parts I can't find, but the car is mine
I can't do everything, what did I do?
Or what I didn't do or what I could have done
But owning the cool car on the block is fun
But owing so much money on my card is a ton
I want to be done with this and just run
Help me God, what have I done
My car is expensive and hard to pay off
Nicole Rountree Aug 2018
It started off as a simple plan to rob a man to pay the Man
I thought it would only be once, but it turned into something that I could not stand.

I felt guilty because I knew it was wrong, but Paul kept harassing me to pay it all. Peter, not expecting to be taken again, but it happened again and again and again.

I knew it was wrong to Rob Peter to Pay Paul!

Was I a crook? Was I a thief?  All I knew was that I needed relief.
So, no matter what it would take, I would continue to Rob Peter to make all ends meet.

Paul, in turn, wasn’t a friendly man.  All he did was hold out his hand.  Give me! Pay me! It’s due today.  You see, Paul had consequences if you paid him late.

Stuck between a rock and a real hard place, I knew I had to do something before it was too late.

I put a gun to Peter’s head and took his money and turned and said, “I did it Paul! Now, here you go.  The money for the car note, groceries, lights, a new coat.”

He looked at me with no remorse in his eyes.  A look that I really despised. He said, “Great.  You did it.  Now, do it again.  Unless you do something different, you will be doing this again, again, and again—my friend.”
Infinity Jul 2018
Honey you must be
High risk, high return ;)
I've lent you my love
But you'll most likely be a bad debt
I'll have to write off
You've got a high risk of default

You're not a public offer
Won't give me the disclosures I need
Darling you're private debt
And the riskiest type

Babe, you're the riskiest investment
A structured product
Only the most accredited investor

Can afford your risk
Im only a retail consumer
Barely making ends meet

But you're a bad boy
And I'm nothing, if not risk-seeking
I thought I'd write a silly poem, it's not fully edited and there's a lot of finance terminology here so I hope it's understandable. This was inspired by cheesy/lame accounting pick up lines.
Maria Etre May 2018
In the currency of emotions
heart break and
heart gain
Skylar Turner May 2017
they tell you not to revolve your life around money


it costs at least $2000 a day for life support
way to go america
A tough
guy still
his place
relives Spanish
Inquisition and
gossamer upwind
only prorogue
yesterday with
those Oxfords
on shoes,
shirt and
Otis for
trusty returns
easily now
a ghost
ware of
his Aberdeen.
James Otis an Amercan Statesmen known for revenue impose in Massachusetes.
            "Where consumers go to borrow in aid of a common good."

...because all interest is given to social causes directed to by the publicly-elected board of directors. A true good for all mankind whom wish to participate.

A real bank.

A real social institution.

That doesn't,

Sea of money, green wave it crashes...
...take it peon, take all your lashes!
Homeowners, taxpayers, nation, investor,
my hands on it all, everything; for I am molester!

Ideology, philosophy and ego,
entering your hearts, your minds; the Sea Goat!
All of it for my class, the world is our pile... I choke off the spigot and wither you Gen-tile!

Money subjugation, adorn it with laurels...

Banker am I!

The man of no morals!
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