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oh, i could lay down
against her bedroom door
and never wake
though the twisted river
of my mind is coursing still
rapt by summer’s golden fury
brought to a boil

and the sympathies she shared
all fold and duplicate
with the endless molten morning
and her second storey
glowing like damascus steel

i go to sleep with a smile
that was never mine to keep
Eleni Sep 3
Through the glass
And in the ringlet of
Sunlight He stood in,
There was tranquility.

To be tranquil
At one's own sorrows
Taxes and tenders
The flesh of living.

As notes and chords
Ascended into
The smokescreen
Of his honesty,

I somehow felt
Soothed and scared
Behind a closed door.
Emotionally longing for more.
Dredd Jul 13
It is hard to create new paths
when the old ways are ingrained.

To your heart.
To your soul.
To your brain.

Openness and Love Can mould that concrete into clay.
Towards understanding
and no pain.

Nothing should ever be a certain path.
You should always be ready for a new change.

And Only Then.
Will compassion elate.

Audrey L Jul 5
it's funny how i would always
expect you would show up in
a heartbeat,
knowing that you would
never expect me to be alive.
maria Jun 8
The sun is waking up like a small rose rises up,
she is beautiful.
Across her little cave there is a river, a blue and white and purple river.
She's a pretty sunbeam.

the only flower in the iceberg,
the bravest snowflake in the desert,
she doesn't know anything about it.

Running through her silly problems, silly for those they think this is all about sympathy,
she hits everything that comes between her and her future.

She's crying,
she's shouting that this is not fair,
that she can't take it anymore,
but she's giving life by her empty words.

Her scars know she's stunning,
her wavy hair tell her she's more than important,
her heavy legs shout that she is the strongest person they know,
she only mumbles she feels like a stone.

she is full of dust,
but she is fully loved.
She is sparkles and magic stars
but staring in the mirror she sees a ghost.
to every broken girl, woman in this world,
you're stunning

written  on June 8, 2018
Sarah Apr 27
I scream
But a world of deaf can not hear
A wail so loud piercing the night
Excruciating pain tearing at my heart
But a world of deaf can not hear
I bleed
But a world of blinds can not see
Crimson red, staining the bedsheets
Blood spattered across the streets
But a world of blinds can not see
I suffer
I’m battered and withered
But they choose not to see
They choose not to hear
My bleeding agony and silent screams
My bruised body and burning tears
I’m hurting
But a heartless world can not feel.
It’s for all those who are suffering, and the world choose to ignore them.
i look at you and feel a tug at my heart
your child-like eyes speak to me
i look at you and i know you are lost
sometimes i wonder if you see just how much you could be
if you trusted in something other than this
with all the tears in your eyes i wonder how you see
i look at you and i know you do not know who you are
every time you talk it comes out as a stutter
because inside you are always at war
but we cannot apologize for the actions of others
we cannot change their ways
and you cannot go back to the past
it is too far away.
i wrote this poem for my mother who i've misunderstood and within this year have regained respect and sympathy for. i have a hard time expressing how i feel towards people no matter how dear they are to me, so i had to let out these emotions through this little poem i wrote not long ago.
S Bharat Apr 11
In the Street

As I walk alone
in the street
I see the people
and greet.
Some are lovely,
some cheat.
No matter if they
retreat and hit,
I love them because
Who knows
whether or not
We'd again meet?

S. Bharat
Pen Can Write
Pen Can Draw
It Can Even Paint

Pen can fill Colours
In Shapes and Drawings
And in peoples Life too

Pen has Sympathy
Pen has Empathy
Pen has Emotions too

Pen can Heal
Make you feel
Calm and cool

Pen can save
It can control
The way we behave

Pen Can Fight
For your rights
And for others too

Pen can **** colours
From peoples life
And make it pretty hell

Pen can help you
****** poor's property
And make you very rich

Pen can throw
Culprit in Jail
Or can even grant him bail

Pen could be Cruel
Only needs some fuel
Then it could easily burn

Pen is Sharp
It can Cut and Wound
And Make you Bleed

But is it really the Pen
Or the Hand and Mind
Of one who uses the Pen

Pen is a Weapon
Pen is Lethal
So handle with care
Pen has immense capabilities and immense power.  So how it should be handled
Gods1son Mar 29
Smiling masked faces
With hearts seriously aching
Seeking ears to talk to
Shoulders to cry on
But quick to say "I'm okay"
Don't wanna be seen as weak
Rather weep alone behind solid high walls
Phone put on airplane mode
No texts and no calls
Steps out again with smiling mask on
Seriously seeking a heart that will listen
Watch out for someone like that around you
And be the listening heart that truly cares.
In a world where everyone is a busy bee, let's pay attention to the ones around us that are hurting and needs listening ears.
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