It was the forbidden fruit
sticky sweet and dripping
down your greedy fingers
as you watched her
from the corner of your eye

Skin like glass
eyes like fire
a laugh that rings
a smile that touches the sky

She was magnanimous
an unwitting host to your innermost desires

You stole the fruit
and you knew the consequence
but in the end
what did it matter?

An eternity of suffering for your disobedience
or a lifetime of regret from pushing it away?

They said the fruit was poison
that it would steal your breath
and take your soul

But how was that any different from
what she did to you?
How was it any different than
meeting her eye?
I’ve seen good men die
And bad men cry
And everything far in-between.

I’ve seen hate born of love
And a black feathered dove,
You have no clue what I’ve seen.

But you say things like:
“I feel you brother,”
“trust me, things will be okay.”

But you have no clue what it like,
Behind my brown spherical eyes.
Please stop the stupid things you say.

I’ve seen people given hope,
necks tied with rope.
My world is crazier than it seems.

I’ve family members lay dead,
Funerals without one word said.
The world just sucks for me.

But you say it’ll all be okay,
As if you’re clairvoyant.

But you’re not.

You say prayer and hope,
Falling off a cliff? You don't need a rope.
“trust me, things will be okay.”

But it isn’t.

It never is,
Never will be.

You have no clue what I’ve seen.
Here's a good one. Enjoy if you want, hate if you want, don't read if you don't want. Just do whatever makes you happy, thats all which matters.
clever Jul 1
It is nights like these,
When I stand and look out at everything,
That I know neither moderation or mercy.
What am I to do when the stars painted on the ceiling tell me that I Control every game and every play made?
What am I to do when the neon lights on the slot machines tell me
That I am the house, and I always win?
Resistance is unbecoming,
And I can't just ignore what the they tell me.
So I slip my legs over the balcony railing,
Watching and waiting for my time.
All the while,
I feel no sympathy
And I regret no choices,
For, tonight, I do not care about mercy.
No one will be spared.
Semicolon Jun 20
There's more to suicide than what we think it is.
It's not just unanswered questions,
sometimes, it's unasked ones.
For all those out there who self harm, please don't do it. Please don't do it, for me. For your family, for your friends, for all those who care, for yourself. You're not alone in this, trust me❤
For all those out there who are battling self harm, I'm so proud of you, keep going. I love
you, and I'm always here for you if you need me❤
For all those out there who help people that self harm, you're doing a great job. You're beautiful and you're going amazing❤
For all those out there who know people that self harm, please help them out. Tell them they're brave. Tell them they're not alone. Tell them you care. Tell them you love them. Give them your hand, they need it❤

Robin Stacks Jun 19
I know how angry you must be.
I feel anger, too!
Right now, probably all you see
Is emptiness for you.

It isn’t fair. That’s for sure.
Are you painfully asking why
Of all to choose from, God, why her?
How could He let her die?

Soon, an answer will work for you
And its sense will calm your mind.
It may take a year, or a month or two,
But you’ll know when it’s defined.

After that, you may be surprised
When you look up and see
That the world had not exercised
One pause for sympathy!

It kept right on turning,
And it’s still right here.
And by then you will be learning
That you are, too, my dear.

By Robin Stacks
copyright 2017
stopdoopy Jun 7
I like to check on you
I don't know if you notice
what I'm doing
what I'm asking
what I mean
it thrills and scares me that you might
you broke me once
but I don't want you to think of me as damaged
I don't need the sympathy
I love you and you don't feel the same
but I need to know the truth
“Talk to me”, said the man with a broken heart
to a woman who lost her mind.
“Tell me of your missfortune and mistakes
and I will tell you mine”.
And as she could not recall
a  thought, an act or part
He turned to comfort her politely,
“It’ll be okay,
…just don’t let them take away your heart”

Then pointing her finger to his chest
she asked, how it is he’s not dead
A heart is such a fragile thing
And where it was he bled
though yet broken, it was not bleeding
so there wasn’t much he said
She just smiled at him reassuringly,
“It’ll be okay,
…just make sure you keep your head”
Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved
Indigo Apr 18
You are self aware that love is your way of saving a life.

Remember the ex who was suicidal
Then the one with father issues
The one with loneliness the size of the sky
The one with a thousand scars on his arm
That one who was an introvert
The one who was an addict
The one who had depression for breakfast
And the one who loved self harm

Who saves you when realize you don't know how to love?
All that was empathy
All that was sympathy

All these boys you wished to save
But never did
All these boys you wished to save
But left in the end
All these boys you wished to save
But killed instead.
This is not a poem in the true sense of the word, but rather expressing feelings and thoughts that haunt my head during this time of my life.. And that is the essence of poetry i believe.
Karisa Brown Mar 30
Profrality: the act of being profound in reality.
Karmellight ♦I just like the way it looks ♦
Parallel always there
Jack o lantern
Laughing clown
Whoops too triggered
Back up
To dafodilles
No they're bad too
Go to pink pink horizons
Now sleep
I'm the garden
You always weep
Now dream
Of peace
Breathe in fragrance
Of a different bread
One two three
I knelt to a tile floor,
of a busy mall,
I was working at a table,
I looked down and saw your head with
long black hair fall.
You put your head in my lap
you broke down and cried,
I remember you rejected me
but this is how I replied.
You had tears down your face
I held you in my arms,
I called you ‘Superman’,
you cried and later felt
my warmth.

My eyes opened wide,
the sun was out,
I was alone in my bed and my room was quiet,
It was just a dream, I felt a tear and a pout.
I was reminded that in reality you are gone and away,
I dreamed you were crying, and the dream said you would

You don’t have to, it’s fine, just live your life
how you need.
I will always remember your timeline,
and how I did wonder if you would come to me
with greed.
I called you ‘Superman’ in my dream,
though that must be the one thing that was real.
You have come so far,
that name I call you is truth no steal.

You may be gone but I still have immense respect for
you and your life.
You have come so far, you are a ‘Superman’,
continue with your dignity and drive.
I consoled you as you cried in a dream
I pray will someday prove my clairvoyance
and therefore come
Dreams tell us something about our feelings and reality. This dream I will never forget and tells that just because someone may choose to not let us in, doesn't make either of us bad, it's just not the right time.
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