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In the midst of the rise of Asian bullying during the COVID 19 pandemic,
Let us show them our sympathy.
Advocate against Asian hate.
Stand with their cause.
Give them warm greetings.
Treat them with more kindness and humanity.

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
Khoi Dec 2020

No mean no more STIGMA
Truth be told I cannot tell
why people, each and one another fail
to see the twinge, the strain of his neighbor,
by cause of conflicting beliefs and chosen leader
Tylor Oct 2020
I sometimes feel the need to be loved
To be taken care of, to be heard
To be free from my notions clouded with misery
Sometimes all I urge for is a stab of sympathy

So immersed in pain I am, it has almost ripped my soul
I have cried the tears of blood, silent screams have now torn me apart
I sometimes wish for the pain to glide out of the thick layers of my skin and evaporate
I am no longer left with the power to feel the emotions in my heart

Even if I can sense the pain evaporated, for now
I know above my head, it has formed clouds
The ones that in no time will rain on me
Harder than in the days gone by. Helping the stifled anxiety to arouse  

I am so lost into my mind, I can hear nothing but the winds whispering
Tickling my bruised body, inflicting agony. Obstructing ecstasy from quenching my thirst.
I can now feel a subtle hint of pain in all my bones
In between the chaos, my passions have succumbed to dust
Yolanda Oct 2020
I need to meditate
I need my space
I need some time to relieve my heart from all its heaviness.

As soon as I meditate
As soon as I get my space,
As soon as I get relieved from all the heavy burdens that strain my heart
The better

I will settle, when I've found a solution,
I will settle, when I've gotten my relief,
I will settle when my heart has found peace,
It has taken so much
And now is about to burst from all the heaviness,

My heart cannot talk,
My heart cannot scream,
And my heart cannot shout,
I will find a way to get my heart to rest.

It's never too late to relief my heart from all the heaviness,
I have a strong heart, a patient heart,
A passionate heart and a loving heart,
And the sooner the better to find me
And gain the confidence to free my heart.
Yolanda Oct 2020
My heart searches for the Love it has,
But every beat sounds like broken glasses falling into pieces.
Tears falling, nourished lips,
How beautiful will it be if it was a healing process?  
Hope buried deep down my soul, but thy heart is weak.

A heart of precious glass, broken into pieces.
Can it be formed again?
I cry out loud for help,
But nobody could hear me,
I lay down to heal,
But still, the pain keeps gaining,
Hope, hope I cry to you. Do you exist?
I try to find the reason why,
I try to find the majestic being I once was,
But the search is a living pain.

I convince myself not to limit the courage of love,
But the wages of a broken heart keeps on gaining.
Love + love = Beauty.
Why can I not get a reason? I ask?
The answers blared deep down in thy heart.

Dear broken heart ✉️, I can no longer dance to thy melody🎶💔.
Yolanda Oct 2020
In the morning the  sun gives farewell
to the moon and in the night time
the moon gives farewell
to the sun that's their routine.
Seranaea Jones Sep 2020
i felt a presence as i walked
past its shadow between
restless sunbeams and
lazy dark patches

too small to fill a stadium and
too light to resist a breeze,
it could not muster the most
muted sigh of thunder

still, it singled me out from acres
of trees and multi-laid squares
of rooftop hide-aways

and followed—

to send a message of being
to an insignificant recipient

through a small break within
divided thoughts, into a brief
opening underneath—

a single drop, into a
downpour of

"the cloud"
© 2008 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
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