Indigo 6d
You are self aware that love is your way of saving a life.

Remember the ex who was suicidal
Then the one with father issues
The one with loneliness the size of the sky
The one with a thousand scars on his arm
That one who was an introvert
The one who was an addict
The one who had depression for breakfast
And the one who loved self harm

Who saves you when realize you don't know how to love?
All that was empathy
All that was sympathy

All these boys you wished to save
But never did
All these boys you wished to save
But left in the end
All these boys you wished to save
But killed instead.
This is not a poem in the true sense of the word, but rather expressing feelings and thoughts that haunt my head during this time of my life.. And that is the essence of poetry i believe.
Karisa Brown Mar 30
Profrality: the act of being profound in reality.
Karmellight ♦I just like the way it looks ♦
Parallel always there
Jack o lantern
Laughing clown
Whoops too triggered
Back up
To dafodilles
No they're bad too
Go to pink pink horizons
Now sleep
I'm the garden
You always weep
Now dream
Of peace
Breathe in fragrance
Of a different bread
One two three
I knelt to a tile floor,
of a busy mall,
I was working at a table,
I looked down and saw your head with
long black hair fall.
You put your head in my lap
you broke down and cried,
I remember you rejected me
but this is how I replied.
You had tears down your face
I held you in my arms,
I called you ‘Superman’,
you cried and later felt
my warmth.

My eyes opened wide,
the sun was out,
I was alone in my bed and my room was quiet,
It was just a dream, I felt a tear and a pout.
I was reminded that in reality you are gone and away,
I dreamed you were crying, and the dream said you would

You don’t have to, it’s fine, just live your life
how you need.
I will always remember your timeline,
and how I did wonder if you would come to me
with greed.
I called you ‘Superman’ in my dream,
though that must be the one thing that was real.
You have come so far,
that name I call you is truth no steal.

You may be gone but I still have immense respect for
you and your life.
You have come so far, you are a ‘Superman’,
continue with your dignity and drive.
I consoled you as you cried in a dream
I pray will someday prove my clairvoyance
and therefore come
Dreams tell us something about our feelings and reality. This dream I will never forget and tells that just because someone may choose to not let us in, doesn't make either of us bad, it's just not the right time.
LNI Mar 11
How are we supposed to love if we don't even share the same definition?
It's farcical.
People say they love you, but they don’t.
They love how you make them feel.
They love you because you’re appealing or wealthy or something else.
Thus they're taking something from you.
They love how freely you live your life and how they lack any responsibility towards you.
They love you since you make them feel ecstatic and whole.
Thy love how you make them come and how you drink their juices.

But don't hurry to judge them as we've all taken away recklessly by the spiral band of morality.

But this isn't loving.
This is pilfering.
This is usurping upon my way of existing accomplished painfully.
This is seizing my ability to fight.
This is begging for my sympathy.
This isn't loving.
This is projecting on me something that I’m not.

Love was supposed to be lovely.
It was supposed to be about giving not taking.
It was supposed to be about accepting not judging and manipulating.
Love was supposed to be therapeutic not the sickness.
What have we done to love?
I’ve given up entirely to love.
I’m going for my love from now on.
I am love.
I must be love.
Hallerz Mar 2
You understand me
You understand my hurt
You understand my pain
But I do not want your sympathy
I do not want your kindness
I need to get over this on my own
To desire any results
One must take actions
I won't get anywhere with sympathy
I will move forward
Mystic Ink Feb 27
Effort was to born
Get life.

I realize
It’s more safer
Inside the womb.
Theme: a disturbed mind
Panda Feb 23
To Me
Was as Confusing
As being Forced
To Spew
Fake Apologies
For a long time I didn't understand empathy, life was survival of the fittest and empathy/sympathy had no place
Simpathi Feb 21
When a boy tells you his fears,
Hoping you'll understand,
But you can't even hear,
His voice screaming for your hand.

When a boy hides his face,
Covering it like his blanket,
He'll always hate it,
Like a muscle always aching.

When a boy shows you his hands,
All that he’s ever grasped,
But he's never held yours,
Too afraid it won't last.

When a boy shows you his eyes,
How they’ve seen hell,
He'll want you to try,
To know how you've helped.

When a boy gives you his heart,
Covered in all its shame,
You don't seem too far,
But close enough to fade.

When a boy opens up,
Speaking of fears,
He'll hope you'll love,
When he calls you “dear.”

When a boy gives you his pain,
And expects you to feel it,
He'll yearn for the rain,
Ask for the healing.

When a boy shows you his hands,
How they’ve been empty,
He'll never demand,
For you to be lending.

When a boy tells you his dreams,
Wanting you in them,
He'll want you to see,
You're his precious gem.
Maybe one day you'll understand... S.B. <3
Whisper Feb 15
People ask me what's wrong
And when I respond
With, "I won't say
because I want you to be okay,"

I'm given this sad, synthetically sympathetic smile.

I don't want you to try to understand what it's like for me.
I don't need your synthetic sympathy.

People say, "It's okay to be not okay,"
And its just more of your synthetic sympathy for me.

How long will it take for you to know
I will do whatever it takes to go back.
Back to being me without any synthetic sympathy.
DeePoet Feb 4
You deserved so much,
yet you went back to the person who hurt you..
I didn't think people still did that,
I thought they learned once and,
well...made sure it didn't happen again, but
I guess it doesn't work that way…
You deserve someone who loves our creator,
who loves your family, and you
Instead you went back.
To a sinner and a sin creator.
You fell for the trap,

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