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aury Nov 25
You play the victim well
Beg for sympathy where you know you’ll get it
As if you aren’t the galvanizer of the **** that you live in
Present yourself as the sad boy
With the broken heart
Left alone with no one to love
As if you didn’t isolate yourself
The destructor of each and every single relationship
Like a tornado
Blowing through all that once was happy
I have no sympathy for you, lonely boy
Just a hope
That one day you’ll open your eyes
And end your pity party
you’re a sinner
and you always have been
no one receives love by demanding it            
and that’s my biggest fear
if i ask for something and i get it
no questions asked    
it’s not love
it’s sympathy

-something i’ve learnt recently
Gods1son Oct 20
The homeless man down the street
We all walk pass him
Treat him like he's discrete
Some will toss coins in his tin
No one ever looked in his eyes
At least, I did not
The general notion is, he messed up his own life
Maybe, he did not
Or maybe, he did
I think he deserves more than the coins
He sure needs something more
Just crumbs of love from passersby
Just an attention that he also exists!
Have you ever been guilty of this?
Flourished by change
Kingdoms felt great defeat
Simplicity of dreams carved well,
The Sympathy for many.
Dictating hope on many roads
Oh !
How well has poverty been.
Below cypress trees
Wealth grew to and from,
Golden rails around faith.
Gods1son Sep 21
I saw sadness on a stranger's face
And I shed a few tears!
I looked at this person's face in a wheelchair and I could literally feel that she was in a bad mood and I noticed tears roll down my cheeks!
The petals on your roses have long fell off.
I’ll be there to plant new seeds.
My flowers have decayed.
But yours will bloom.
I just hope we can share the same water
When even if I’m dying.
The stained red petals on your roses will bring me back to life.
Nomkhumbulwa Aug 10
"I Have No Sympathy"

Some of us want to escape,
To escape the constant pain;
Others...they do not...
They escape to avoid the blame.

I have read these things,
For I must know;
But as for having sympathy -
That is well and truly "no".

You did this to escape
The blame and shame you deserved;
You broke your family and us,
For we never got what we deserved.

You knew full well the fate you would meet
and instead of facing us -
You put a rope around your neck
....and jumped off a seat.

Your family deserve sympathy of course,
but you showed zero remorse,
You did this to them,
And you did this to us.

Some will continue to blame us
For your premature death;
But you are the one who took your life -
leaving us not "fixed" but with more strife.

If I am evil then so be it,
I have no sympathy, not even a bit;
So evil we may be seen,
You left us with more ****.

You knew full well
that justice would have been ours;
You knew full well,
that this had gone way too far.

Nobody knows how many you harmed
but with your death you did so much more;
You escaped justice,....
....selfish to the core.

None of us are ******,
yet we deal with ignorance;
A victim blaming culture
with no common sense.

You are dead and gone,
You've no need to worry;
But your victims left behind
- we wont forget in a hurry.

You knew you were guilty,
You know you have no choice;
So you left us to deal with
the mess you had caused.

I have many emotions,
but sympathy for you is not one;
We live with it daily....
....but as for you...you're gone.

"Suicide is not a sign of weakness"
so we hear people say;
Well I and others beg to differ -
you were too weak to let us have our say.

I have no sympathy,
and yes that may make me cruel.
But you hung yourself for a REASON,
And NONE of us ...are fools.
Apologies....this one should come with a Government Health Warning :(
Maria Etre Aug 9
doe(s) not always
conve(y) what
(M)ostly (pa)rts my mouth
(t)he (h)eart is
the most
articulate of
"If I Could Give You My Eyes" Series
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