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Julie Grenness Sep 2019
I cast a wish into  the world,
A message from a good old girl,
As  I wish for good intentions,
From a pacifist, I mention,
Make the best of every situation,
Step back from their manipulation,
Nasty makes negativity,
Let's hear it for positivity,
I am okay here today,
Are you okay this way?
Yes, we're both good as gold,
It's a ****** to be growing old,
So let's pray for tranquil ways,
Peace means calm, hooray!
Feedback welcome.
Rose May 2018
Nature is, what you are not.
It’s fires swallow up forests;
so new life can bloom again,
while the ocean will take back beaches;
when land grows too greedy.
River waters rush and churn,
so only the strong can grow
with the power of evolution.
You burn so soft,
as not to wake the dark, but,
your fire will wither out,
for faint flames-
stand no chance against the wind.
You won’t move forward,
yet you won’t move back,
for fear of rocking the boat.
I say,
let the waters rise,
burn through the weak,
and I will rock this **** ship.
I say,
let's take a swim,
and let the water flip and carry us away;
for you won’t get far on the shore.
I sit and let the storms rage on,
for I’m a tornado of my own.
I just hope you’ll learn that peace,
doesn’t always get the job done.
Take a risk,
rock this **** canoe
and you’ll finally find how to breath.

Sincerely yours,
Raging Fire
Inspired by so many around me that can't seem to let loose and understand that at some point you have to take a stand.
Joe Cottonwood Nov 2017
“If you grow old, it is your own fault,”
I say to Terry as we climb
the mountain behind his cabin.
Terry is wearing a device that transmits his heartbeat
by cell phone to doctors at Stanford.
Terry has a flutter, nothing serious, probably.
Terry has a great heart, actually,
something serious, warm and wise.

We ascend this hill on Tuesdays every week
discussing poetry and plumbing, our twin passions:
the gathering of mountain water funneled into pipes,
delivered to homes,
the ordering of words funneled into pages
delivered nowhere, sadly.

We discuss friends fallen or falling,
the arc of marriages, parenthood, oddball relationships,
each a story and a puzzlement,
webs woven of love and rage.
That, and motorcycles, we talk,
pacifist veterans who walk still seeking sense
of an incomprehensible war that shaped our lives.
Objectors, conscientious, we realized too late,
not an easy path but better than following orders.
We walked away from war.
He, the Air Force; I, the draft.
Branded dishonorable.
So we hike, hearts pounding,
the simple friendship of two old men
seeking the hilltop
again and again.
First published in MOON Magazine June 2017
"You want to hit me, fight me, kick me or bite me.
You think you're tough, you aren't.
Come, try to fight me, you won't succeed!"

"Oh yeah, why?" He hissed.

"Because, my friend, I'm a pacifist".
Alexandria May 2015
I am a fighter,
unbreakable under their taunts.

I  am an optimist,
seeing that life is not a series of misfortunes.

I am pacifist,
looking for love rather than conflict.

Life is what you make of it,
don't make it bad,
in perception or action,
we can all change it,
Some people will never know
How good it feels to have a righteous soul
Some people will never understand
What it means to be the bigger man
Some people can't contemplate
How wonderful it is not to hate
But you and i are one and the same
And righteousness is the name of our game
tribute to all those who have turned the other cheek in their time
Always a gentlemen
Never a ****
Don't lie, Dont cheat
And don't ever hurt
Fight the temptation
Refuse that desire
Don't be the spark that causes the fire
Speak with ones actions
Fight with one's words
So your characters known
As a man to be heard
never forget yourself, and always let others in line first
Don't scorn them when they call for blood
For they don't know any better
Let them live their pitiful lives
With a dark and hateful center
Cherish them as you would a child
For they cannot be helped
Give them pity and give them peace
And be your righteous self

— The End —