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June will mark
Three years of your death
The years have been so cruel
Yet I know
You will always be beside me
I often dream of our childhood
The way you laughed so softly
Your smile always was so sweet
What a cruel life
I often think of
You were twenty three when you died
I am twenty four now
When you left I was twenty one
I often wonder if you're watching me
Praising or scolding each action you see
I miss you my brother
Rest in peace forever
No more tears or heartbreak for you
Just the soaked fabric I weep in sometimes
Peace will never be an option for me
My late brother
Goodbye for now
I hope we meet again
Kennedy Jan 29
nights are so heavy.
i am not afraid of the dark,
but the things that lurk within.
the memories of strange men,
who brought plenty of sleepless nights.
i can hear the screaming,
i feel myself being jostled awake,
only now, there is no crying sibling.
i dream.
i don't dream pleasant dreams.
there is no neverland,
no fairytale to soothe my aching mind.
there is the night and the fear it brings.
Eshana Jan 14
Sister quite contrary -
You wear my clothes in an outline,
I revolt.

A bolt that shuts your cupboard mind, filled with genes I will not consider.

Sips of cider, our eyes spin different scopes.

Sister quite contrary -
Tell me why your jeans sit so tight, your lips so pursed,
Your mind unlike mine.

Written by Eshan de Lange
Lupe M Dec 2020
You left me. How could you?
I relied on you the most.

You kept me grounded. Didn’t you know that?
I was strong because of you.

You were my confidant. Why aren’t you here?
I knew my secrets were safe with you.

We shared the same burdens.
But now that you are gone, I carry all of them.

I know I should not be mad.
It wasn’t your fault, but why couldn’t you live?

I miss you.
Beulin S S Sep 2020
Fighting for the biggest piece of cake...

Yet, the cake is on the plate;

From the morning to evening...

Cause, we are still arguing;

With measurements - I think

I should abduct the cake...

Or else my cake may dry;

But our siblings fight never ends...
siblings argument
Shane Leigh Sep 2020
Palm fronds are falling,
like feathers
I lean against the arching trunk
of this beautiful palm tree.
It’s an old tree,
leaves will fall,
it happens;
but they fall,
it’s beautiful
but they fall,
too quickly,
but they fall.
I look up to the light.
There’s a never-ending canopy.
Where did all these fronds come from?

Don’t you know it’s time to wake up sister?
It’s warm.
The night is coming.
But it’s warm.
It’s warm?
You were always the logical one.
Telling me it’s time to wake up.

It’s always time to wake up.  
But you’re here.
leaning against the trunk,
touching the roughness of the bark,
stretching my limbs like the roots.
You are the soft furs of the fronds,
the small spines
elongating from the rachis,
the parts that are destined to fall.

It’s time to wake up sister.

I am awake
Looking up to fronds,
reaching around the thin trunk –
the other side ...
it's empty.
I am awake,
the fronds keep falling.
I am awake.
This was another writing exercise for my class.
Any and ALL feedback is appreciated but, ultimately, I hope I did a good job lol and I hope you all enjoy it. (:
© Shane Leigh
Jarrod Aug 2020
The four-wheeled monster had never scared me.
As if those puny wheels could contain your tireless aura.
With sturdy Wings of a mighty dragon looking for its freedom.

Sweet brother,
your strength, wonderfully wild and majestic.
A Fairy tale like in the books I ponder upon.
No need to speak.
Your murmurs,
strong enough to level the mightiest mountain mammoths.

Sweet brother,
Your curious, yet loving eyes
they can pierce and swoon the scariest of monsters.
Aphrodite's son with the heart of a lioness and her cubs.

Sweet brother,
We notice your strife's and struggles
you bare them with your mighty arm.
why do you always smile.
even with all your scars and bruises.
You still carried the light of life.
As if you knew we needed you to keep our family together

That way you grin-laugh at me.
It makes me want to trek the tallest mountain just for you.
Whatever it takes.
The way you cry so passionately,
makes even the boldest of boulders shatter into pieces.

You've grown weak,
no need to care for me anymore,
give your frail hand.
Spare your energy,
rest your eyes,
and draw your final breaths.
it is time for us to return your love.

Sweet brother,
You are finally free from the shackles of the four-wheeled beast.
Let your wings carry you to the tallest peaks.
Your legacy and love will carry us forever in time-beyond.

Sweet dreams, Sweet brother.
Nylee Aug 2020
My love for my brother
is like an ocean
But when I see him,
I turn into tidal waves.

The only one I'd ever fight with and for
My brother is the sun, I am the moon
Together in this universe,
the constants for one another
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2020
I truthfully want to be close to you
A real friend who you talk to each day
Somehow fights erupt over nothing
Arguing gets in the way

You just want me to be healthy
And normal like you think you are
But I can see you're clearly not
Weakness visible from afar

Another year quickly passes by
Hung up on past mistakes
Old offenses should be forgiven
You don't have the strength it takes

I just want a clean slate in your eyes
A second chance to impress
But you can't peel off your predetermined labels
Convinced I'm incapable of progress

It is difficult to face the truth
Your pride I will never earn
So I may as well give up trying
To my bad habits reluctantly return

I accept you just as you are
Favorite pain-in-the-***
Thought we hated each other as kids
Was wrong to conclude so fast

Nothing can replace family
Though at times you drive me mad
We've always had each other for support
That's a lot more than some others had

You think you know what is best for me
Preaching about my decisions
I wish you could see you don't have all the answers
Put an end to derision

Someone needs to show you
How to make a change in the way
You brutally express your thoughts
Or I'll keep walking away

You are not as perfect as you believe
There's no difference between you and I
How can you stand there intoxicated
Lecturing me not to get high?

I yearn to share intimate details
Hidden deep in my brain
Halted by your lack of empathy
You wouldn't understand my pain

You insist on criticizing me
Each time you come around
Maybe you should fix a few things in your own life
Before you choose to put mine down
Another one about my well-meaning ******* brother
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