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Just a scent all it takes

And am rendered powerless to your hold

I miss the days i harnessed control over my emotions

Now and then imagine a world without your chains but honestly
Prefer the restraints
I can't imagine a world outside your arms. The very idea of all that freedom scares me.
Big Virge Dec 2019
Do You  PREFER To Hear Words ...
That Leave You ... " STIRRED " ...
Or Prefer To Hear Verse That's A Lil' PERVERSE ... !?!  
I Prefer To Hear TRUTH But What About YOU ... ?!?  
Do You Feel That What's REAL Should be ... "concealed"  
This Seems To Be RIFE Within English Life ... !!!  
This CHOICE To Ignore When Men DIE On Floors ... !!!  
Lying And DYING In ... POOLS of Their Blood ... !!!!!!  
Some Coppers Prefer To ... Laugh At That Stuff ... !?!  
Some Choose NOT To Mention How Cops Get PROTECTION ... !?!  
And Walk Away FREE When They Should Be SENTENCED ... !!!!!  
I Prefer To Name Names Like ... " Christopher Alder " ...  
A Man Who Was LEFT To CHOKE While He Bled ...  
The Coppers In Question Maintained Their Defence ...  
Then QUICKLY RETIRED How ... " CON-Venient " ... !!?!!  
I Guess Some Prefer ...  
To KEEP A CLOSED Shop And NOT PUNISH Cops ... ?!!!?  
So Based On Such Plots I Think I'll Move On ... !!!    
Which Do You Prefer A Brunette or Blonde ... ?  
Black or White Or Do You Prefer A Choice Asian Type ... !?  
One With NICE EYES And **** Young Thighs ... !!!  
Be CAREFUL Though Guys If This Girl Is ... " THAI " ... !!!  
When You Go Down BELOW You May Get A SURPRISE ... !!!!!!!!  
I Prefer To Be CLEAR And AVOID ... " False Veneers " ...  
While Some CLEARLY PREFER ....  
To STEER And ADHERE To ... CONFUSING Your Ears ... !!!  
Which Do You Prefer To Sit And Concur ...  
With Those Who Use Words To KEEP Visions ... " Blurrrrred " ... !?!  
It's Merely A Question So DON'T Start OBSESSING ... !!!  
I'm Simply Suggesting That Lies NEED TO ... "Lessen" ...  
I Prefer To Make LOVE While Some Prefer WAR ... !!?!!  
SO MUCH Push And Shuv' AIN'T Helping The Cause ... !!!!!!!  
I Prefer NOT TO HATE Because of Your Race ... !!!  
And Will NEVER Displace My Right To Debate ... !!!!!  
Use of INTELLIGENCE Is A GOOD Preference ...  
ESPECIALLY When Allied To Good Common Sense ... !!!  
NOT SMART Mouthed RETORTS ... !!!  
Is What I PREFER .... !!!  
So PLEASE Take A ................................ Pause.  
Before You RESORT ... To Cutting Me Short ... !!!  
TRUST ME That's A Plan You NEED TO ABORT ... !!!!!  
I Prefer To PLAY Than Sit And Watch Sport ... !!!  
ESPECIALLY THOSE of The Bedroom Sort ... !!!!!  
Games Like Foreplay With **** Females ...  
Those Who ENJOY Playing With MY TOY ... !!!!!  
Stroking And ******* And Later On Hugging ...  
I'm Saying There's NOTHING That Beats A Nights LOVING ... !!!!!  
My Preference NOW Is Writing Things Down ...  
And Letting My Thoughts Become Rhythmic Sounds ... !!!!!  
As Soon As A Verse Comes Out of My Mouth ...  
Which Do You Prefer To Sing Or Write Songs ... ?  
Or NOT To Be Heard And Speak On Our Wrongs ... ?  
DON'T Get It CONFUSED ... !!!  
If That's What You CHOOSE Then Play To That Tune ... !!!  
But ... DON'T Then HURL ABUSE ...  
When People  Air Views That Leave You ANNOYED ... !!!  
If You Have A Point That You Want To Voice ...  
Then SPEAK ON Issues ...
Especially THOSE That Are Fed By The News ...  
Simple ACCEPTANCE Is ... NO Preference ... !!!  
I Prefer To SPEAK UP Why Choose To Play Dumb ... ?!?  
When Speaking Can HELP YOU To Bond With HUMANS ... !!!!  
Just Like The Bond Between ... " Son and His Mum " ... !!!  
I Would of Preferred To Have Stayed Next To Her ... !!!!!  
In Heaven or Hell ... Wherever She Dwells ...  
I MISS HER And SEND HER My Love As I Spell ...  
EVERY Last Letter of ... EVERY Last Word ... !!!  
"Mum, you are the better, for leaving this world !"  
Sometimes I'd Prefer NOT TO Be Here ... !!! ...  
That's TRUE ... When I'm Blue ... !!!  
But What About YOU ... ?  
Do You Look Through The News ... ?  
Then Sit Back And Stew While You Chew On Your Food ...  
And Wonder If You Are One of ... " Gods' Tools " ... ?  
Do You Think If You ... "FILLED" ... !!!  
Your Drink With Some PILLS ... ?!?  
And Slept With ... " THAT CHILL " ... !!!  
That You Would Be Missed Or Simply DISMISSED ....  
WITHOUT A ... " Last Kiss " ...  
What Would You PREFER To Be Buried Or Burned ... ?  
Or Left Like A ***** To Die On The Floor ... !!!  
After Suffering TRAUMA Like ... " Christopher Alder " ... !!!!!
I'm Back It Would Seem To Where  I Began ...  
Well Beginning Or END ... Or Stuck In Between ...  
Has My Poetry And Usage of Words Left You Feeling STIRRED ... ?
My Use of Verbs ....  
May Sometimes HURT And May DISTURB ... !!!  
But When I Observe How The World NOW TURNS ...    
Writing About Crimes Is What I ....  
.................. " Prefer " ..................
"Prefer" ... A Poem written by Big Virge 27/3/2006
rgz Sep 2019
I just got ignored
so I pray to the devil
cause he listens more
Im told I'm fake
Because I try to please everyone
But I cry and I laugh and I forgive
Does that make me fake?
I smile in the halls instead of frown like most
Because smiles spread quickly
Does that make me fake?
I prefer friends over enemies,
Because when I was younger I had neither.
Does that make me fake?
They tell me to be myself,
Because having pink hair makes me too different and I try too hard
So I fixed my hair.
If being fake means helping others,
I'm going to be fake for as long as I can and I refuse to fix myself.
Maybe not a poem but I had to get it out of my system. -L
Silence Sep 2015
What I prefer is a paradox
I prefer flowers,
but I am not the kind of girl that you give them to.
I prefer to come alive at night,
yet I'm afraid of the dark.
I prefer to have a blank mind,
but most of the time thy does not happen.
I prefer to talk
but I say nothing important.
I prefer having a wild heart
but I'm trapped in a cage.
I prefer being full of love
but I won't give it anymore.
I prefer blue eyes
yet I fell for brown.
I prefer my own company
yet I hate being alone.
I prefer being complicated
but I'm easy to figure out.
I prefer to walk,
but I want to be swept off my feet.
I prefer oxygen,
but he takes my breath away.
I prefer black
yet like yellow.
Silence is golden
but I prefer silver.
I prefer noise in a world that is deaf yet I remain

Hannah Anderson May 2014
I think I love too easily.

I find it so simple to pick out the best traits in somebody.
I like to know what makes people tick and what makes their pupils dilate. I can fall in love with the way they talk about
their favorite shades of color
and the way they pick out groceries.

I am interested in the way people take their coffee
and if they prefer tea better.
and why

I find myself loving people for their laughter
and the crinkles beneath their eyes when they smile.
And I think it’s so cute whenever they suppress their grins
when they think of something funny or memorable.
I love the way people talk about life
and what’s on their mind;
it’s nice to know that there is more
more to discuss than the sounds on mattresses
and the type of plant they inhale.
You are beautiful.
I love the way people spill their hearts out when they’re happy
or when they’re sad.

Sometimes, when they don’t let me love them,
it makes me want to love them even more.

And even when they don’t love me back, I still continue to love.
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
"Grow up tall,
little kid,"
said grandpa Joe.
And so I did.

The watermelon grow tall too.
The sunflowers look to the sky,
keeping their chins up,
raised real high.

So maybe it's silly,
watching grass grow,
but if you never try,
how could you ever know?

So maybe it's crazy,
chanting for the rain,
but if it never comes,
how could I grow the grain?

I'd prefer to stare at clouds,
than sleep forever like a rock,
skidding by life.
Why, that would just ****!

So, if you ask me to leave this here place,
you better shove it,
before you wake up
in an unknown space,
******* with lace,
with a disfigured face,
completely full of mace,
and a strange case
of something poisonous.

— The End —