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a small
millennium house
much younger than it looks

a worn brick frame
skirted by a quaint, welcoming
red mulch garden

lace and fine gilt bone china
tucked away in
innumerable glass-fronted
cherry cabinets
bathed in the peachy florida light
streaming in through
clustered windows
framed by luscious,
flowing cloth drapery

pears soap,
soft, satin water,
and ceramic figurines
of angels and saints,
hares and doves

biblical verse, hung on the walls
and photos of relatives
i’ve never met

cushy, paisley-patterned sofas,
always something on the stove

flower arrangements on the mantle
aside a baldwin upright

no, this is not home.
but regardless, i know that here,
i will
always be welcome
a quick bus-ride write... not my best but i still think it’s something ;)
Ilonka Mar 26
Shadows play pirouettes in my soul
and they reveal unwritten secrets,
the taste of love is lost in a whisper.

I'd like to be your tough wool jacket
that you wear in all the seasons,
you hang me on the half-broken hanger
only when you go to sleep in the middle of the night,
then I smile at you in the morning
when you take me out of the darkness.
I'd like to wear you like my favorite shirt
made of mulberry silk with fine lace buttons,
to feel you at my chest and dance with you
the dance of the common days,

I'd like like you to be the nectar of the Manuka flowers
from which I could feed for the whole year
then I would fly in search of the sunset,

I'd like to be your footprint
on the wet sand of the hot sea
that would take me away in distant worlds,
I'd like to…
Pyrrha Jan 16
He's cast himself into my memories like a curse, a hex
He's a demon sent to taunt me
A ghost meant to haunt me

I tear away only to be pulled back once again
Like the waves of the ocean are controlled by the moon
He takes control of my willpower pulling me back to him, and away from me

He ties lace around his words
Glitter falling off every syllable
Black glitter to trick your eyes

His lovely lace wraps around my throat
Consuming my thoughts
Trapping me in his silky spider web

Why is it so hard for me to leave
Something I know is not for me
When will I find my way back to me and finally

Madison Oct 2018
I put on a lace body suit today
that I haven't worn for anyone but you
I've proven to myself that I have officially moved on
No longer hung up on the past, no longer hung up on you.
sushii Sep 2018
building up
want you
want me
i don't get it
what is happening
hold my hand
and here we stand
taking on this land
so much love to be had
so much happiness that i am always glad
not enough sorrow to make you mad
no way our love will go bad
once in a while we are sad
you are lace-clad
with each layer you add
mindlessness will not stand
tie your hair back with a purple band
are you concealing yourself from this lucky young man?
and i thought i had you...

Rebekah Guindi Sep 2018
You spin my flaws into gold and make my compulsions into beautiful quilts -- each pattern complicated and strange

Seamstress, why do you spin even my most troublesome features into exquisite works?

For even my lies are crafted into lace.
trf Aug 2018
skipping stones along the shallow banks,
my toes numb from the cold mountain water,
flowing purposefully, free to escape
& moving with pride down the ranks.

I find my mind there, in this place,
where momentum is the only answer.
I turn my *** upstream, can't face the past,
but my prior storms of debris follow, biting back.

side arm throws & one eyed aims,
embraced by lies & I'm alone to blame,
in this place where time is free,
gold dust lace must find me.
Let's skips our stones and create minimal ripples.
Sam Kelly Jun 2018
I can't seem to get warm without you.
Lace your fingers between mine,
I can handle the heat.
Just don't let go.
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