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Poetic T May 2018
Directions swerve from visualizations of
reflections that are kept
                                          within the above.

                Dismay verses  acute desperation,
stray reflections deflect
                                          systematic dictation.

Where all shards of what lingers before us,
pair unto parts that collect for us to

But eventually  they show true form,
               cut deeply they delegate in uniform.
internal rhyme, stretch your thoughts to new avenues took me ages :)
saranade Nov 2016
The barrier of poison and ****
                    You're better than us
                   A metal chassis of rust
This and that and jist and just
                     An abyss full of fuss
                                   No love or lust
Cease to speak or discuss
                    A might or a must
                         The empty pie crust
Preference to throw or ******
                       Detest and disgust
                         To cry or get crushed
aniket nikhade Sep 2015
Let's think about it
Discuss it out
In a team of more than two
Always it has remained important to take views of all.

Let each and everyone get a moment or two
Once thought and decided upon something
Then it’s time to take a proper line of action.

Between probablity and priority
Between the two of them
Priority will get the upper hand
Priority will get an advantage

Hence always decide upon something definite
In one way or other,
Some sort of solution to the existing problem will definitely come out
While working as a team it has always remained important to put the right efforts in the right direction.
Johnny Hearts Aug 2014
For every cut that is done,
A part of me is relieved, A part of me is discussed
For every cut that is done,
My humanity is lessen, My humanity is broken
For every cut that is done,
my pain is lessen and yet still it grows

To die or to live? I don't know which is worse
Live and face the pain of mistakes, or be memory of the past
They only care when it's too late, in the future I know I won't last
To die is my answer, but for now I shall let it pass
AmberLynne Jul 2014
I'm sad,
and no, I don't want to talk it out
because there's nothing you can do about it.
It's a sad sad,
the kind that permeates,
stays and repeats things in my mind
until it confiscates every vestige of peace.
I'm sad,
and no, I'd rather not discuss it,
because there's nothing you can do to fix it.
Hannah Anderson May 2014
I think I love too easily.

I find it so simple to pick out the best traits in somebody.
I like to know what makes people tick and what makes their pupils dilate. I can fall in love with the way they talk about
their favorite shades of color
and the way they pick out groceries.

I am interested in the way people take their coffee
and if they prefer tea better.
and why

I find myself loving people for their laughter
and the crinkles beneath their eyes when they smile.
And I think it’s so cute whenever they suppress their grins
when they think of something funny or memorable.
I love the way people talk about life
and what’s on their mind;
it’s nice to know that there is more
more to discuss than the sounds on mattresses
and the type of plant they inhale.
You are beautiful.
I love the way people spill their hearts out when they’re happy
or when they’re sad.

Sometimes, when they don’t let me love them,
it makes me want to love them even more.

And even when they don’t love me back, I still continue to love.

— The End —